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5 Reasons Why Leadership Development Programs Fail

A little secret that is quite there in leadership development, but nobody talks about it. It is that many leadership development programs fail. You have read this just right, that most programs fail to get their objectives.

This is even though 80 percent of the companies viewed leadership development as the higher priority in the recent 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report.

There are many reasons why leadership development programs fail, and some of them will be listed below. Most people forget what they have learned as soon as the program finishes. It is very extensive research that shows that all people forget 70% of the new information in 24 hours.

So the managers return to work after the training ends and nothing changes. They get stuck in the day-to-day activities and can not perform as expected.


So what are the reasons why leadership development programs fail? Let us find the main reasons below:

Identifying The Clear Point Of View Or Objective

Context is the main key. One size won’t fit all. Most organizations invest in the off-the-shelf programs or send their managers to academic leadership courses provided by well-respected universities without considering the five Ws, i.e., who, when, what, where, why.

Companies have to ask themselves what the desired result is and how it will relate to the specific organizational goals.

Right People And The Right Time

One of the main things that all of the people falling into the leadership programs should know that leadership development is not for all. A few employees in any organization are ready, and a few aren’t. Ultimately, the old saying ‘what you put in is what you will get out’ plays a major role in success.

Surveys and many interviews may help narrow down the focus for those that must be part of this kind of program when and why.

Application Is The Key

A leadership development course can use an endless amount of possible curriculum from emotional intelligence and developing the coaching styles to employee onboarding, project execution, and debriefing. And, of course, a lot more than that. That is the good news here. But there are only a few challenges also to avoid.

Without having any in-depth needs of analysis, the organizations may choose the wide cross-section of the learning modules, which sound great but do not necessarily complement each other or have a right on the jo applications.

Measure The Outcomes

All of the leadership development courses are worth the investment of time and the resources needed to be fun and highly engaging. Otherwise, it is only one more piece of work that people have taken on.

Participants need to look forward to it greatly. That being said, a few programs or the team-building experiences companies invest in are only that. Fun at the moment but has no actual or lasting impact on the organization or the individual. Team building and social interaction are highly important, but there should be some measurable elements in ita s well.

Be Okay In Being Uncomfortable

In SEAL training, arguably the most brutal of special operations training and selection programs in the world, the instructor will tell you to be okay in being uncomfortable. Being a successful leader is a lifelong journey.

We are all humans, and we all make mistakes, get distracted and behave quite inconsistently, and damage trust. But the best leader is the one that knows how to grow out of these things and always rise higher.



These were the reasons why leadership development programs fail. You may also be having similar issues in your organization, but the solutions are always there as well.


Psychological Tips – How To Read Anyone Instantly

We all fantasize about reading people from their eyes, their movements, and anything that they do. This is because it makes us feel like having the upper hand over them. Are you one of such people as well? So why not get to know 5 such psychological tips using which you will be able to read people within no time at all?

Let’s get started:

1. Be Objective And Have An Open Mind

The first thing you need to know about reading anyone instantly is to be observative and open-minded. Before you start reading people, you should first have a good practice of having an open mind. Do not let your emotional flows get in the way of your opinions and impression.

If you are going to judge people easily, it will make you misread people. Be objective in approaching each interaction and situation. 

2. Pay Attention To Appearance

Try noticing people’s appearance. What are they having as their outfits? Are they wearing their outfit for success that indicates their ambitions? Or are they only wearing T-shirts and jeans that give them comfort?

Do they have a pendant that has a cross sign or a sign of Buddha on it to show their spiritual values? All these signs will let you know how they feel in their head and the driving force they harbor in their hearts and mind?

3. Pay Attention To Their Posture

The posture that someone stays in talks a lot about his or her attitude. If they have their head high, then it means they are confident. If they are walking cower or indecisively, it might be a sign of low self-esteem. 

4. Watch Their Physical Movements

A lot more than words, people show their feeling by using movements. For example, we will lean towards the ones we like and stay away from those we don’t. If they are leaning in and if their hands are open and out, this is a good sign they connect with you. If you have seen that people are leaning away, they don’t want to connect up with you. 

5. Try Reading Facial Expressions

Mostly anything that people feel in their hearts is evident on their faces. Seldom does anyone fully get successful in keeping their feelings from showing on his or her face. If you observe deep frown lines taking shape, the person is worried or overthinking. While on the opposite, if the person has smile lines forming, he is happy and excited. 

All of us humans observe all these psychological tips. We only need to keep an open eye in observing people and getting to know their hearts absorbed in and how they are working on the daily grind.

You will easily spot the differences between when people are having a good day and when they feel sad through only a short analysis. 

RNI Films

Creative Spotlight: Music Artist Roosevelt on Why His Music is Raw, Vulnerable and Storytelling

Roosevelt has emerged from the streets of Kansas City with his own clothing brand Rich Apparels as well as his own sound musically that blends the urgency of modern day hip-hop with a smoother sound of alternative R&B.

With over 10,000 streams worldwide, sold out his first concert with over 250+ attendees, over 30 thousand supporters via twitter, Instagram, etc. Roosevelt has appeared in LA Fashion Week, KC Fashion Week, Omaha Fashion Week, appeared on VH1, BET, MTV and E! Network, Hot 103 Jamz, billboards, and countless magazines — Roosevelt is continuing to thrive in the R&B space as a young artist.

Q1: What inspired you to get started with music?

At such a young age, I would always hear my mom around the house singing, every morning. Music was a big part of my life growing up, and with my mom being raised and singing in the Church, my mom taught me at such an early age about music and the techniques of singing. From there, I began singing in front of family and friends, joining talent shows then began writing my music.

Q2: Most rewarding thing for you as an artist?

Great question! The most rewarding thing for me as an artist is supporters writing to me or coming up to me letting me know that my music has got them through a rough day or that my music has saved them. That brings me so much joy! At times, when writing this music, I sometimes feel I am alone in how I feel and my emotions when writing so when I write music and people tell me they relate, lets me know that I am not alone and through my art and vulnerability, it helps others.

Q3: If you could describe your style of music in three words, what would they be and why?

My music style in three words? This is tough! I would say Raw. Vulnerable. Storytelling. When I approach my music and writing a song, I like to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. I want to walk my listeners through a journey and story. Through my storytelling, I always want to approach it with vulnerability, rawness, and honesty. Every song I write is true stories.

I am a very private person so listening to my music, the listener will learn a lot about me and my past and/or current relationships.

Q4: Who are some of your musical influences?

So many! A few of my musical influences/inspirations would be Given, Ariana Grande, Bryson Tiller, Summer Walker, and Sam Smith. They’re all so different however, I respect their sound individually.

However, I find inspiration from old school music as well such as Usher, Brandy, Donell Jones, etc. When it comes to music, I have so many musical influences and inspirations that it is so difficult to choose just one!

Q5: Where do you see yourself musically in the next 12 months?

In the next 12 months musically, I see myself performing for a large venue and signed to a record label. I believe in prayer, manifestation, and staying consistent and persistent so that my short and long-term goals will happen.

Q6:  What are some of the obstacles you’ve had to endure and overcome as an independent artist?

This is a really good question. There are pros and cons to being an independent artist. A big pro is you have creative control over your sound, your direction, 100% ownership of your profits and music. Some cons are as an independent artist you have a limited number of networks, limited resources, and budgeting, etc.

Music videos and studio time is 100% funded by me however when you’re signed to a record label, you have that backing for music videos and studio time. I hope to sign to a record label that allows me to be creative and remain true to who I am but also provide me with knowledge on the music industry.

Q7:  What is your take on the current state of hip-hop music?

Everyone is doing their thing! I find myself still listening to the greats such as Drake, Chris Brown, Bryson Tiller, Nicki Minaj, 6lack, Kendrick Lamar and so many more because those were the ones I would listen to the most in my middle school and high school days and I still find inspiration from those artists. They create such timeless music so I have a high level of respect for them.

I am just happy that hip hop is still alive and continuing to be ground-breaking! Being an R&b/Hip-Hop artist, I want to ensure I am doing my part to keep the momentum with such amazing and talented artists.

Q8: What can your fans expect from you next?

Up next, my supporters can expect some visuals/music videos coming over the summer from my EP, concerts, appearances, and history being made! My EP “How Poetic” is on pre-order Friday, May 14th and available on iTunes, Spotify, and all other streaming services Friday, June 4th. I have some things in the works that I cannot wait to share. Stay tuned!

How is entrepreneurship different from business

How is Entrepreneurship Different From Business?

You may have also thought of this question when you may have heard both of these words alternatively: how is entrepreneurship different from business. It is no surprise that people call business entrepreneurship and vice versa as well. But what is the actual meaning behind these two terms? We will find out now. 

It may be quite hard to fully and clearly explain the difference between a business and an entrepreneur. Still, as it is something that most people think upon, the following information is relatable. 

For example, this means that a businessman doesn’t have his main focus on innovation but more on making sure that the company is making a profit. Entrepreneurship focuses on generating new value, and this value may be emotional, social, and financial. 

What counts at this moment is that value for an entrepreneur is not only the profit but may also be something a lot less tangible but considered more rewarding for a person running a business. 

While a business focuses more on the small improvements of the existing situation, the entrepreneur tries to imagine how things may be in the coming future and make this idea a reality. 

How is entrepreneurship different from business

The Main Focuses of a Businessman are on

  • Administration of business
  • A search of truth in the short form
  • Logical, utility, linear and incremental
  • Features
  • Facts, verbal and measure
  • Smaller rewards
  • Profit

While on The Opposite The Major Focus of Entrepreneur is:

  • Invention of business
  • A search of what is interesting, long term
  • Holistic, meaning, significance, and leap ahead
  • Benefits
  • Risk and uncertainty
  • Potentially higher rewards
  • Value

It is mostly a common assumption that the entrepreneur and businessmen are ideally the same, but both words refer to a wholly different individual having a distinct approach to business. In other words, the businessman follows the path engraved by some other individual with the unoriginal idea, whereas the entrepreneur thinks and also believed in making his path.

Now that you know How is entrepreneurship different from business, are you ready to start any of these two?


So this is How is entrepreneurship different from business. A business is a person who operates or initiates the business with the same old business idea. The businessman chooses to do the higher in demand or gives him most benefits or profit in return.

The firm faces stiff competition as most companies already exist in the market having a similar business idea. But the risk factor is a lot less as the existing companies have tried out the concept, so the failure chances are low. 

While an entrepreneur is a person who has the exclusive idea to start and establish a new venture and bring on a change in this world. An entrepreneur is a highly creative and innovative person, and he takes risks and endures unpredictability in business. The businesses started by entrepreneurs with new ideas and concepts for the first time are known as the start-up.

reasons why your business needs a website 1

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

Many businesses these days are running all of their operations online, and hence they know they have to have some online presence through which people would search them up. But in all this buzz, do you have to run a website? These are the top 7 reasons why your business needs a website. 

1. Acts As An Anchor For Marketing 

You have to put in all of your effort in marketing all of your customers must know that you exist and are selling the services or products. Your website is the place where you will centralize all of your business operations and information. Your marketing messages will also reach your website and will be there for you to manage.

All of your potential customers will learn about your Business hence a huge help through the use of a website for you. 

2. Promote And Sell The Products And Services 

Your website for the local business may act as a digital brochure, sharing all of the up-to-date information on your offering and the direct sales tool. Plus, you may update the information in real-time and no waiting or paying for all of the new print materials.

In addition to adding a simple product list of the many, add more to your site, and help yourself make sales. 

3. Connects With The New Customers

More often than not, people will turn to the internet whenever they encounter any problem. When you have the website for your small business, you are there whenever the customers search to find a solution to their problem. This is how a website helps you in being able to be searchable.

4. Helps Local Businesses In Completing With Bigger Brands 

One huge misconception about the websites is that they are only for national companies or worldwide corporations with an audience worldwide. But in reality, the websites are as good for small businesses as they are for the bigger ones. These can help small businesses in competing with the bigger brands. 

5. Builds Up Credibility

When your customers know that you have a website, they instantly start trusting you more and think of you as something professional. Your credibility builds up, and you have the right way of doing everything. 

6. Allows You To Control Your Online Presence

When you are running your website, you are in control of both the content that you are producing and also the platform that you are marinating. This ownership will give you two main benefits. You may control the brand story and the business information as well. Hence you feel being fully in control of everything that you are doing and posting online. 

7. Is Simple And Affordable To Set Up

The simplicity that comes in setting up something as important as a website is why you should get it. You have to have a website so that your audience can reach you up but also because it is only so easy to start and set up. 


These were a few reasons why your business needs a website, and they are proven to be beneficial. You can avail of all of these services and get the best out of your small business. 

how your finances affect your mental health

How Your Finances Affect Your Mental Health?

Money is very important for all of us as seldom do we find things in our lives that are not related to money in one way or the other. Though we have all heard and maybe have experienced the phrase that money can’t buy happiness, it starts affecting our lives for sure if we get less of it. But if you are wondering about How your finances affect your mental health, then the following read is for you. 

Our financial habits play a huge role in building up our mental health. This article will have a closer look at the money and mind connection and what you may do to ensure better mental health through financial stability. 

How financial stress affects mental health?

If you constantly think about how you will be making the end meet and how you’re going to settle your debt on the credit card, you will always start feeling down and in a negative space. And for sure, the opposite is true as well. If you don’t have all of these concerns, you will feel you have a lot better life and lifestyle.

These are the findings of an article published in CNBC; in this article, the author has said that statistically speaking, the household income is very strongly linked to both the emotional wellbeing and the personas evaluation of their quality of life.

As per its view, the higher the income may get leads to a significant reduction in the negative emotions.

It may also improve the overall mental wellbeing up to the point that an annual salary of R1 million. After this, the psychological benefits of the higher income are a lot less important. 

In a very simple language, money may make you happier only up to a significant point, and you won’t necessarily have the sunnier outlook on life only because you’re earning $30 million a year as opposed to the   $20 million.

But the bigger difference between the couple of thousand a year and the $1 million may make a huge difference to the mental state you have at this moment.

And we are not only referring to surface-level happiness; studies have shown that it is very likely that there is a very direct relationship between an increase in income and the reduced incidence of serious mental illnesses. 

The Security And Happiness Factor

Everyone wants to feel that they may give for their family. Anyone who has experienced financial insecurity knows that this kind of stress may trigger panic, anxiety, and depression. If you have a lot more debt on your head than you can pay off or don’t know how you will feed the whole family yours, it will affect the mental state you have. The only exception to this is the mortgage. 

The 2004 study published in Housing Studies has found that homeowners have a lot lower psychological distress levels than renters. Of course, the mortgage only lowers the total risk of mental health if you may make your mortgage payments without putting yourself under pressure. So how do you know How your finances affect your mental health?


You have to understand that financial and psychological stress can be highly empowering on your mental health. Being aware of the link between financial and psychological stress may help you better monitor your mental and financial wellbeing and set you on a path to have greater happiness and health. As with many things in your life, the ideal approach is the balanced and informed one.

If you take out a loan or sign up over a credit card, it is important that you do it for the right reasons and that you may meet your debt commitments without even stretching yourself in financial matters.

Approach your money affairs with a mature and thoughtful approach, and you will have a greater chance at lasting happiness and security.

augmented reality

How Augmented Reality Will Change The Tourism Industry Forever?

Augmented reality is no less than magic, and it is making us all surprised with its powers just alike. You may find many augmented reality-driven technology items that are enough to make your jaw dropped. The same is the effect of AR in the world of tourism.

It is also said that augmented reality will change the tourism industry forever. You may see many improvements and enhancements in the world of tourism only because of augmented reality.

AR is the digital technology that changes the persona perception of the physical surroundings they have around them viewed through any particular device. This technology has many similarities with virtual reality, but AR doesn’t replace the real-world surroundings, but it augments it by overlaying the digital parts.

Typically the augmented reality mostly experiences using a tablet smartphone or any such device.

How will augmented reality change the tourism industry forever?

1. Active Information Delivery

Through the past few years, Augmented Reality has become the talk of the town. It has gained a lot of popularity in the travel industry. This is mainly because it allows hotels and other businesses to enhance their environments around them to encourage the customers to visit.

Unlike the other purchases, travel tends to be highly researched, as the customers need a lot of information before they reach the destination. In addition, this requirement of information doesn’t stop when any customers arrive. AR may ensure that a lot of this information is available to the customers 24 by 7.

2. Interactive Hotel Elements:

To date, the most common utilization of AR in the tourism industry has done to introduce interactive elements in the environments of hotels. It is done to improve the overall experience. This allows hotels and resorts and all other businesses to let the customers have a lot of information.

3. Augmented Tourist Destinations

A few companies in the travel industry are now developing their augmented reality apps away from the hotel environments. These apps let tourists enhance their tourist attractions and locations. This may let users point over their smartphone on a building and landmark and learn a lot more about it in real-time.

4. Beacon Technology

Another one of the very interesting uses of AR links to beacon technology that works using Bluetooth. This particular technology is highly useful in the travel and tourism industry. It allows businesses and marketers to send push notifications or let certain functions enter any particular location.

These are the main ways AR will change the way people travel and are having their tourism trips. It will be of high benefit that one would have a lot of information on his hand and travel around places without any guide or tourist groups.


How Content Marketing Trends Will Change in 2021

Content marketing trends, content marketing trends 2021. Just with the outspread of the deadly disease of the pandemic, everything has revolutionized. The continuously evolving world has its marketing strategies for business holders. If you are also one of them, then the following post may help you. What will be the content marketing trends in the coming year?

Let us find out all of the content marketing trends 2021 so that you can get prepared beforehand. 

1. Competition Will Boost

You will see that content marketing trends in 2021 are all being shifted to a boost in competition. This year when the virus has made a bolster on all normal lifestyles we had earlier, all the businesses have shifted online. And the ones that didn’t shift started facing a downfall.

If you are not online, then you do not exist at all. These days many sales have already moved online, and there is no reason to have faith that it will change anything soon.

With more and more businesses investing in online marketing, the competition is growing crazy. These days we are all highly focused on investing more time and money in getting our content noticed. But you will always find that content writing is a lot about flexibility and creativity as it can win big over the huge budgets and bigger business you find online.

2. Content Is Going To Be The Part Of The Buyer Journey

With many people stuck in houses and are forced to use technology to stay in touch with the whole world, it is obvious that digital content is now becoming a lot more important part of the buyer’s journey. Today’s consumers are a lot more web-savvy and are using technology more often, regardless of age.

And they expect faster answers. Otherwise, they will have many options to buy from. Consumers always turn to technology to fulfill the immediate need. Google has claimed that over 90% of the users use devices for help and inspiration during in the middle of a task.

The new consumers are now well advised, with Google having the term micro-moments to describe consumers’ expectation of the immediate answer in any moments they wish to know, go for doing and buy.

3. Streaming Video Content Is Getting Greatly Popular

As the in-person meetings and the conferences are still the impossible ones, video streaming has become a lot more popular than it was in the last year. Just about all the brands you may have seen in the past year have hosted online conferences or virtual events to stay in constant touch with their audience and consumers.

Streaming videos have become an effective way of engaging niche influencers, generating leads, and creating an additional income method.

4. Multi-Channel Marketing Is A Lot More Important Than Ever

Finally, being everywhere is highly important in this time when people are always on the web. You have to be active at all the online platforms you have and the ones you think you may have potential consumers. Brands have always been keeping up with the trend and their consumers.


These are a few content marketing trends that you will be exploring and experiencing being a business owner in the coming year. 2021 will be greatly different for business owners.


Reasons Why SMM Marketing is a Must For Every Small Business

Many small businesses are very careful about the marketing strategies they are putting their time and energy into. You have a limited budget for marketing, and you must put it in the right places smartly. Marketing using social media SMM is one of the most advanced and versatile strategies that help small businesses reach their target and potential audiences to boost sales.

This is why 97% of marketers are using social media to reach the right customers. But why is Social Media Marketing so effective? Let us learn the reasons through the following points.

1. Most People Nowadays are on Social Media (SMM Platforms)

One of the top reasons for your small business to be in marketing using social media is that most people are on social media. Among these, most people are your most of the customers as well. As per research, 70 of the US population has at least one account active on social media platforms.

This number is rapidly increasing, and this is why you must use social media marketing as your strong tool.

2. Consumers Will Be More Receptive

Social media fills up the gap that there was between consumers and brands. This helps to make brands appear more realistic and human-like, and hence the consumers can perceive any message that is being sent to them using social media. 

3. Help Increase Brand Recognition

Another great benefit of marketing using social media is that it can assist in improving your visibility and, hence, increase your brand recognition. Your business profiles on social media present new and adverse opportunities to share your content and hence present the brand’s voice and its personality. 

4. Your Inbound Traffic Boosts

Your social media profile gives another way to have more inbound traffic to your website. This makes SMM just an excellent strategy to complement your search engine optimization techniques. Every piece of content you are posting on your    social media profiles is another opportunity to bring new visitors to your site. Once your visitors get to your site, you will get an opportunity to convert. 

5. Many Different Social Media Sites Allow You To Reach a Different Audience

A great benefit of using SMM for marketing is that you can target audiences based on your brand’s channels right now. Rather than only putting your marketing message in the world for everyone to view, you may reach your target market and work to drive in more qualified leads into your site. 

These are the top main benefits of using Social media to market the brand you are running. You get open to many open possibilities and opportunities to collab with your audience and other brands working in your market.

So are you ready to take your customers on a new ride to present the finest content and products to them in a personalized way?

Use social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to market yourself the most. 


7 Habits of Billionaire That Helps Them Be Such Successful Figures

You may have thought many times that what are those things that help millionaires be MILLIONAIRES! Well, we are going to talk just about that in the following passage. In short, the true answer to this question is that these people live their lives with passion and perseverance. Now we are going to discuss the 7 Habits of Billionaire that helps them be such successful figures.

Nothing is too easy unless you are put in the hard work needed to achieve it. Most of the billionaires have accepted this as the motto of their lives and are now reaping its benefits. 


So let us see the 7 Habits of a Billionaire:

1. Stay Fit And Exercise

All of the smart people know that they can’t do anything big in their lives if they feel physically unwell. This is because if your body feels bad on the outside, it will feel worse on the inside. External factors stimulate us to feel a certain way about ourselves and our lives.

We cannot pursue our dreams and work hard on them if we are constantly feeling tired and fatigued. Like the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, keeping your body healthy upscaling the exercising regimes is important for you to achieve success in the long run. 

2. Mindful Sleep

Well, none of us can ignore the fact that our bodies are not made to only work and work constantly. We are programmed to let our bodies work at certain parts of the day and then relax at the other. Sleeping at night is the best thing that you can give to your body.

A sound sleep elevates your mood and keeps you energized for the next day. When Elon Musk was suggested having a sound sleep in the time of his Tesla Sedan 3 development, he soon doubled his net worth after some time. 

3. Believing In Oneself

Self-belief is the most important ingredient that you must mix in your potion of success; without self-belief, you will not be able to put any of your ideas into work. Just as Bill Gates does, believe in your idea after putting your best thought process into constructing it. Once you have your idea formed, stick to it and never doubt it is a reality and a hit. 

4. Read a lot!

Reading is something that you will find many successful people doing very often. Reading helps one relax down, get out of the treadmill, give way to imagination and ideas, and allows one to explore the hidden parts of the brain. Warren Buffet is a reader to the core.

 Whenever he is asked about his success, he always suggests people read and find more knowledge that they can hold onto. 

5. Set a Routine

When you have set your goal of being a billionaire, you will have to set a routine. Though exploration is good but changing your plans every day, you aren’t going to reach anywhere.

This is why you need to list out all of your tasks and make a routine. Then follow this routine like your belief and never go away from it. Make sure you are making necessary updates when needed to reach your goal in no time. 

6. Meditate

Meditation is highly important when your life is driven by dreams and goals that keep you active every day. Your body needs to calm down and relax for a while so that it can tune into the universe it belongs to.

You can start your routine early at 5 in the morning and meditate at that time to find peace within your mind. 

7. Set Timeframe

Not indulging things in other things is the core of success. You can not find success when you are not giving your full potential to what you are doing. This happens when nothing in your life is aligned, and your energy is everywhere. Try honing your energy and assigning it to specific tasks at specific times. 

These were the 7 habits of billionaire that helps them be such successful figures.