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Reasons Every Entrepreneur Needs to Travel More

Top 5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Needs to Travel More

Travelling is fun, and many of us have many locations to visit on our to-do lists. But is it beneficial in some way to us? Traveling benefits those who set their feet out on the voyage, but it is a bit more good for those in the business world. Many successful business people love traveling.

They always keep changing the usual ways of life. They leave for new, unknown places and don’t do it only for recreation. Entrepreneurs also wish to see the world, observe how people live, and take note of things around them or themselves. So what are the top 5 reasons every Entrepreneur needs to travel more?

1. Travelling boosts creativity:

Routine can harm anyone, but it harms entrepreneurs even more. Businessmen and women need their creativity to run their businesses successfully. But living in a similar, four-walls place can kill creativity.

It is not easy to find inspiration for upcoming products if you have not changed your external conditions for years. If you see that you are not being able o solve your problems using the older methods you always used, then maybe it is time to pack your bag and step out for something fun. 

2. It broadens your horizons:

This is one of the main travel benefits of seeing the world differently. Your horizons expand, and you see things in a whole new way. You can experience a new way of life, moral norms, culture, and worldview while developing your creative thinking. You get to explore new places, meet local people, observe the peculiarities of their lives and learn many new valuable lessons to practice for yourself. 

3. Your communication skills improve:

Who doesn’t want to avail of travel benefits? This is another one of the benefits you will get if you often set your foot. Knowledge of many languages is very helpful in business. Traveling allows you to capture different languages that native speakers speak. If not the whole language, you still learn the common phrases.

However, you will face difficulties traveling to places where languages foreign to you are spoken, but you’ll learn. At first, you will grasp the methods of interacting with people using facial expressions and gestures. Soon you will learn how to listen to people through their gestures and not only words. That is one other valuable lesson to learn in life. 

4. You build profitable and useful acquaintances:

Meeting many people from different cultures and unique social backgrounds is a unique opportunity that you can develop emotional intelligence. It will build your interpersonal skills as well. You never know whom fate will bring up for you. Maybe you can find your new business partner on your next business travel. 

5. You get to avoid professional burnout:

This is one of the top reasons every Entrepreneur needs to travel more. Work can lead to many health issues if it turns into constant stress. Overload work can bring insomnia, more anxiety, and reduced productivity. You can get burnt out at work and feel tired and unable to get new ideas. Hence traveling can solve this for you. 

This is the list of top reasons every Entrepreneur needs to travel more. Where do you think you are going to travel next? What are your reasons for traveling often?

entrepreneur business ideas - boost your business

What Kind Of Business Can An Entrepreneur Do? Entrepreneur Business Ideas

You might have heard this word of an entrepreneur a lot around you. What does it mean, and what are the businesses an entrepreneur can do? Let us find out all about entrepreneur business ideas. 

What Is An Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is an individual that has identified a requirement in the entire marketplace and has also come up with the innovative business ideas that fill that need. Entrepreneurs are people willing to take many risks that might encounter their ideas and take this role as a leader of the organization or company.

They also assume full responsibility for their business idea’s execution, success, or failure. 

What Kind Of Business Can An Entrepreneur Do?

Entrepreneurs are people who design, develop, produce, market, and then sell businesses having an end foal of their financial profits. There are several entrepreneurs behind many businesses in the country, regardless of the size and scope of the company.

Entrepreneurs enjoy the ownership and the operation of everything from small shoe stores to huge tech startups. Currently, it is easy to say that being an entrepreneur with a creative and innovative idea for online use, along with someone who can use this power of the internet to fill the niche. 

The Following Are Different Types Of Entrepreneurs:

1. Business Entrepreneur

This is someone who has the idea or a product for the entire business world. It is also a new or unique idea that hasn’t been seen before or something that gives a very new twist or an improvement to the existing sector. 

2. Social Entrepreneur

This is someone who has innovative ideas that bring social change or even new solutions to existing social problems and dedicates their entire time to bring these ideas to fruition. This may also include different issues of poverty and inequality, for which an example may be creating a new charity that addresses these issues. 

3. Serial Entrepreneur

This has a lot of ideas and keeps starting up new companies or enterprises that implement these ideas. Most serial entrepreneurs will have a lot of success with their previous ventures, allowing them to start new ventures. 

4. Lifestyle Entrepreneur

This is someone who starts up their ideas based on a hobby, support, or the pastime they are passionate about. For this kind of venture, mostly huge startup costs are needed. Often the people that have been highly successful in the business world also have some of the money to invest in making their transitions smooth. 

What kind of business can an entrepreneur do?

Following are the business ideas that entrepreneurs can take part in:

  • Builder
    • Opportunist 
    • Innovator 
    • Specialist 

Successful Entrepreneurs can start up their business through any idea they feel they can carry out and bring in profit while solving some issue or problem the world encounters. Entrepreneur business ideas are worthy enough to be brought to reality if they are started with the right intuition and resource management.

claudienne hibber - veumagazine 1

Claudienne Hibbert-Smith, The Woman Who Has Taken Miami Real Estate Market By Storm

We had a the pleasure of speaking with Claudienne Hibbert-Smith, a practicing, licensed real estate professional. With current service offerings in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and all nearby areas in South Florida, she is now taking her brand globally in 2022 and beyond

Claudienne is a member of Exp Realty, through which she works day to day with buyers, sellers, renters, and investors to help them find their dream property with a lot of ease. 

Claudienne was a real estate agent from the age of 21 and made waves in the Miami real estate market. She bought her first duplex when she was in her early twenties and then started a path of investing in properties in her area. And after having a successful business added to her real estate portfolio, she is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with those around her. 

claudienne hibber - veumagazine

And to do so, she is sharing her journey on her Instagram platform (@claudiennehibbert), where she boasts seventy thousand followers. She regularly posts there about all of her pursuits in the real estate world, while also sharing her experiences and insights into this market. She lets her followers see inside her life while she works in the beautiful Miami area. 

Claudienne will also be working with Miami area entrepreneur Elena Cardone on a new project in 2022 and furthering her career in real estate and investments. 

What is more that, she is looking forward to continuing to spread her knowledge of real estate. She is investing so that she increases social mobility and entrepreneurship potential in the community she lives in.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Claudienne to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey to becoming one of the top real estate agents in Florida.

Watch the full interview below:

How Mohd Imran is Building a Digital Media Empire

“Do it Differently. Never Follow Someone else’s Path. Make your own. And Most of All, Do it all like no one else.”

– Mohd Imran

Serial entrepreneur, Mohd Imran, is the creator and CEO of BIZBoost and Btweeps, which has created meaningful and personalized Digital Media experiences, Globally, Human to Human, since 2009. Mohd, affectionately known as Imran, is also the Creator of BIZBoost Magazine & Co-Host and Creator of Digital Media Insights Podcast. 

With 10+ Years of experience running a successful digital business, we had the opportunity to speak with him and get some insight on his entrepreneurial background, what drives him, and more.

Tell us how you got started in your field 

Thank you for asking 🙂 I started my journey as a “Passion to Explore, Connect & Network” with people globally. It was 2009 when I started using Twitter, which soon became a never-ending path of exploration. I started investing my time in creating my own network of diverse communities where I gained a lot of knowledge, experience and exposure. I observed & embraced the core of Global Culture with the People who truly connect human to human. I loved the process inside out. Connecting the dots further on the path to progress, I created @BIZBoost as a Brand in 2010. When I started BIZBoost I knew it’s a Calling. It was THEN, & THIS is NOW, with over 11yrs of digital transformation constantly moving above & beyond.

What are some things you do to stay motivated as an entrepreneur?

What a great question!! It’s extremely important to stay motivated as a creator & innovator. The motivation doesn’t really come from anywhere outside, or else it would be just an influence from external forces. True Motivation comes from inside. To stay motivated, I track my daily flow & progress. Through this “Tracking” I manage to gain a better understanding about What’s Happening, What’s Coming & What’s Next! The ideal purpose of this ritual is to always stay consciously aware of the PRESENT. It’s a crucial part of everyday hustle. And when you have a better grip on your PRESENT, you can take a leap of faith anywhere UP.

Do you feel you are living out your purpose? Why?

Yes, Definitely! It’s a process practiced overtime. It’s always been in my base. Whatever i have to do, i ask myself if it has a connected “Purpose”, more often it must be meaningful, beyond my own realities & dimensions. When you have Purpose handy, you gain “Clarity” on your path, you gain the motivation to navigate your inner-drive in the most appropriate directions. In case you didn’t know, I’m a professional life purpose coach ( too. It’s rather easy for me because I have always worked on my purpose like a daily ritual. It’s my breather for everything I do in life. Being a creator is kind of a responsibility, because it’s not about me. I’m Process-Oriented & Purpose-Driven. I strongly believe in “Being of Service, Serving my Being.” 

Since creating your first business in 2009 you’ve created two additional businesses, one in 2016 and one in 2021. What in your first business inspired you to build on your impact? What sparked these new ideas?

Wow, That’s deep!! LEVEL UP!! That’s what it is all about. Constant & Never ending improvements. All of these developments & gear ups are Fueled by Purpose & Passion to Create Meaningful & Personalized Digital Media Growth Experiences for Everyone, Globally, Human to Human. While Creating BIZBoost as a Brand, Business, Platform & Solution in the early years of my ventures, I truly made sure this was LIMITLESS with INFINITE Possibilities & Opportunities to branch out, EXPAND & SCALE UP. That CORE THRILLS my creative soul everyday, channels my motivation & puts me on this purpose driven path to keep on keeping on… 

With your target content being entertainment, media, business, fashion, tech, and events, what area of content do you desire to see more of in your magazine?

I would like to see more of Art, Films, Health & Fitness, Meaningful Brands & Music. Each genre of content has its own value & place to connect with our global audience. We accept & embrace diversity of content with global standards.

What does your everyday work schedule consist of?

REAL-TIME Digital Media Remote Life.. 😉 A decent part of our flow goes into Brand Management, Targeting & Managing the Audience, Executing Growth Management Ops, Creating Predictable Growth Strategies for What’s Next, Social Listening, Content Flow & Analysis of What’s Happening. Everyday is a new story with everything evolving constantly. The Digital Media Industry moves pretty fast and it’s our responsibility to take care of it, be on top of things and on top of our minds. We have to keep up with What’s happening on different layers of the Internet to align & contribute to make it a better place to be. We work with multiple time zones so there is no FIXED time or routine of operations. Part of our job is to stay flexible, that includes staying connected even after dark 0000am. I’ve done meetings @ 0400am my time, so no worries 😉 No Clock work. Just art work. For the People.

How did you decide how you wanted to market yourself within your business?

We observed the digital media industry and created our own unique ways to market ourselves meaningfully. We don’t exactly promote or market ourselves. Most brands & businesses believe in “Aggressive Marketing” where they Practice & Preach to “Dominate the Market”. We are completely opposite of that. Instead we create brand stories & personalized digital media experiences to showcase in front of the world. Our Purpose of Existence is to Educate, Enlighten, Empower, Entertain and it is through these explorations, the people we work with and the digital journey to get there that takes shape in the things we Create and Embrace! Connecting you with your Ideal Audience, 1:1, Human to Human.

What advice would you give someone going into this field?

I would encourage them to take a leap of faith, create something awesome for themselves & for everyone. Digital Media is all about Creating Great Experience for the Viewers, Fans & Consumers. People don’t buy products or services, they buy great experiences. If you can tap into this art, you got something awesome for everyone since you stay flexible & create something new every time. Go for Community over Competition.

When starting this business, did you create an end goal? Have you reached this goal? How did you ensure it’d be achieved?

First, I’m not Goal-Oriented. In place of that, I have my “Vision” & “Targets” to achieve, where both evolve at each Level up, since it demands a fresh new approach at each step. And there is no end to it, just evolution.

Yes, I did reach most of my targets which I envisioned a few years back. It was all just a dream, which has been manifested in these diverse realities & with creative souls I’m connected with. It’s not just business to me, it’s what I love to do. I stood Consistent, Disciplined & Dedicated to make good things happen. My journey has always been about Creating and Building platforms for the People, Powered by Purpose & Passion. 

Are there any upcoming business plans/ideas that you would like to share?

BIZBoost as a Platform, BTweeps as a Tool (for Twitter), & BeingEMU as a Growth Companion. That’s PRESENT.

Now What’s Next: Consider these as Self-Affirmations that I plan to execute my new podcast shows DMI (Digital Media Insights) & LIDS (Lost in Digital Space). I started these just as a pilot project. I believe & confirm that these shows are going to represent the true core of BIZBoost ventures & the digital media industry soon.

Another Self-Affirmation i would like to add is about BIZBoost Talks LIVE sessions that we are conducting through BIZBoost Magazine ventures, for the people. It has just begun & we are already killin’ it!!

Lastly, as an avid writer and aspiring author, I affirm that I’m going to release a book on Life Purpose, including Thesis on Life, titled as /root which will come right off my everyday journals. I have an abundance of content that is ready to guide, direct, motivate & lift everyone!

What piece of advice would you leave for aspiring and current entrepreneurs?

For Aspiring Entrepreneurs, I would say, “Do it Differently. Never Follow Someone else’s Path. Make your own. And Most of All, Do it all like no one else.”

For Current Entrepreneurs, I would say, “You guys make the world go around, & upside down. BRAVO!! Never stop creating. You got this! Let’s connect sometime.”

To learn more about Mohd visit:

psychological hurdles of entrepreneurship

The 5 Biggest Psychological Hurdles of Entrepreneurship

Getting into entrepreneurship will tire every cell of your body, but the same thing will bring you so much joy and a sense of achievement. When you put your material assets into the business, you are also psychologically involved. Many of your emotions get drained when you have started your entrepreneurship venture. The top psychological hurdles of Entrepreneurship are given as follows:

psychological hurdles of entrepreneurship 01

1. Uncertainty:

Uncertainty is another name of our lives, but jobs feel more secure than business. It is in every corner of business, mainly in the initial years. You never know what your competitors may come up with and what will make your products or services useless for your consumer base.

You don’t know if the profitability model you have set will work in reality as perfectly s it shows on paper. The uncertainty may get a lot out of you if you keep letting it do so. But it would help if you also remembered that uncertainty is the same for all and many successful entrepreneurs are those that embrace it.

They have the mindset that there may not be any reward without getting into risks. If it isn’t enough to bring out your motivation, you should understand that the very worst scenario is never as bad as you think. 

2. Instability:

Beyond the uncertainty of your new business, you should also be ready for having some inherent instability in the starting month. You will have major and sudden surges of consumer interest followed by very long droughts.

You will also have random important expenses, major team members departing their ways, and windfalls that make them seem insignificant. Hence to abuse the cliché, it is a roller coaster ride, but even when you enjoy the whole variety, constant instability may get you. 

3. Responsibility:

Being a businessman means you’re investing yourself in this whole venture in different ways that you haven’t ever experienced. Every right or wrong decision you make, from picking your company’s name to closing the very first client contract, will affect your business bottom line.

psychological hurdles of entrepreneurship 02

Once your business grows, this whole responsibility also grows. Eventually, it is not only you over the hook, but also your partners, your investors, and your employees too. There is no easy way of overcoming this other than by reducing decision fatigue in daily routine life. It is understanding that bad decisions are not that bad after all. 

4. Balance:

It is easy to get sucked into your new venture, mainly when passionate about this industry. It is wholly your idea, and it is natural to wish to invest as much time as you actually can in it.

But unfortunately, that sometimes leads to doing 100-hour week work, long weekends, and several sleepless nights leaving you very little time for doing anything in your life. What is more harmful is that this imbalance mostly sets in without the businessmen ever realizing this. It would be best to prioritize your health and not be afraid to take some breaks. 

5. Loneliness:

The psychology of entrepreneurship often leads to loneliness. It is a huge problem in business than people realize it. Most entrepreneurs see as naturally isolated people who function contentedly as introverts when working on projects.

And then they turn into total extroverts when there is a need for it. Every businessman is pulling off a delicate art of balancing, always bottling up their stresses, fears, and worries whenever there is someone else.

One can never tell anyone in business how scared you are and hence jumps into loneliness. Psychology and entrepreneurship are linked together as you are not only investing your time in this work. You are putting your whole existence in it. 

These psychological hurdles of entrepreneurship will make you feel this world is hard to run in. But once you start seeing the results of your hard work, you will see how great it all is.

Deeply Rooted 07′ Clothing Covers the Dec 2021 Issue of VEU Magazine

Deeply Rooted 07′ Clothing is a conscious based clothing line, founded by Chicago, IL native Monique Atkins, while she was still in college at Jackson State University. Throughout the years, the company has evolved from just an online website, to its own flagship store loated in Chicago.The company also just signed on Tik Tok influencer Hxllywood, as their brand ambassador, to help tell the Deeply Rooted story and impact the masses. We did an exclusive interview with Monique to learn more about the company and the new collection just released, in our December 2021 magazine issue.

Read the full interview in the new issue below

How Serial Entrepreneur and Publicist Ivan Thomas is Teaching People to ‘Defy Gravity’

“When you’re an entrepreneur, you really have to be able to get out there and hustle, and recognize that every second of your day has to go towards building your business”

– Ivan Thomas

Over the last decade, Ivan Thomas has emerged as a powerful force within business, lifestyle and entertainment, elevating the public images of celebrities and big companies, as well as catapulting unknown entrepreneurs from obscurity into the spotlight.

He is often found on a red carpet somewhere, or at a TV or radio station with a client. However, the Atlanta-based celebrity publicist and rising mogul, known as “Mr. Defy Gravity”, or simply “Ivan the Great”, has now taken his talents into another lane – as an international motivational speaker, and author of the book Defy Gravity: Unleashing Your Greatness Within.

We recently spoke with Ivan to learn more about his muliple business ventures, and and how he is helping other people to Defy Gravity

Listen to the full interview below

future of entrepreneurship

The Future Of Entrepreneurship And 21st Century

For many years, being an entrepreneur has been a goal of many potential business owners. The lifestyle, flexibility of your working hours. An ability to set yourself running for your life is a call that many find hard to ignore, taking on a leap and setting out over their business ventures. What puts a huge fraction of entrepreneurs off is the inability to drive on what business they are the best to venture into in the very first place.

We will go through a thorough look into the future of entrepreneurship. We will also see what changes we are expecting in the coming years:

A rise of social enterprise:

In the past years, there has been a huge increase in the social awareness of consumers. A desire to contribute to businesses that use a percentage of the profits they raise to help deserving causes. This new change of habits has paved its way into a new kind of business venture. These businesses are also known as social enterprises and are driven by the purposes instead of by profit to improve others’ lives. They are most certainly being more and more common in the present vast business landscape. 

The main mission behind social enterprises is to create funds that can contribute to helping groups of people that aren’t fortunate enough. It is increasingly important to different demographics when picking which kinds of businesses they have to spend the money with. 

The importance of digital trends:

Any aspiring entrepreneur must keep a very close eye on changing the current trends appearing in their potential consumer base. These trends may then improve the market. It can make businesses to the target demographic, leading to a significant increase in sales and an overall brand’s growth. 

By looking closely at your target demographic use of social media, mobile applications, or search engines, you may effectively place ads where they will be highly effective in securing sales for your business. You must be highly specific when you are monitoring the trends for the benefit of your own business.

It is almost impossible to effectively scale a brand without a high knowledge of the way your users use the internet. This is mainly a prominent part of everybody’s daily life these days. 

The growth of platforms:

There has been a huge increase in businesses that operate using a platform model in the past few years. A platform is the business model in which a company relies. The model for constructing a huge and prominent user base to grow, acquire prominence, and maintain long-term success. One must adopt such a good and reliable platform for betterment of the future of entrepreneurship.

One of the examples of a successful platform business is the giant eBay that started in 1995 after the pioneer Pierre Omidyar decided to sell his broken laser printer online for $1.

It made $14.83/ in the 25 years after that, Omidyar has overgrown his website to a globally recognized brand having a net worth of more than $13 billion and 25 million users monthly. 

What does the future of business look like?

Every year, many people decide to take the leap of faith and launch their business. This is a fact that comes with positives and negatives to consider. It goes to show that being an entrepreneur is a more accessible career path than in the past. But it is also becoming greatly hard to achieve widespread recognition and success in highly saturated markets. 

In the 21st century the future of entrepreneurship will be highly driven by the skill and services to be delivered. The business 21st century is giving off the most positive vibes to people that aim for the best.

what makes entrepreneurs successful

What Makes Entrepreneurs Successful?

Any startup owner or an entrepreneur will tell you that success won’t come with dreaming only; it needs work. Though reaming is also an essential ingredient, you have to focus equally on the remaining part. Entrepreneurship might mean many things, but in the end, it is all about paving through your path.

what makes entrepreneurs successful 01

We are going to find out what makes entrepreneurs successful through the following list of traits and actions they take in their careers:

1. Take risks and don’t waste all of your time in avoiding failure:

We all heat failures, but they had a fear of them is what causes downfall. You must never be afraid of failing at anything, as when you fear failure, you fear change and taking risks as well.

Your constant fear of not succeeding at something will keep you from trying out your luck in different aspects of your entrepreneurial journey. You might also lose some big opportunities. 

2. Be persistent and create your fortune:

One important tool that you use to achieve success is your persistence. If you keep on striking at the same point with consistency, you can break mountains and rocks into half. The same is how it goes with your entrepreneurial journey. You can always start at any time of your career, but persistence will help you reach the goals that you wished for a few years ago.

You can change your fate and fortune and build the life you desire by always being confident and persistent on your goals in life. All you have to do is believe in yourself and look at the bigger picture whenever you fail and step back for a while. 

3. Find people you would serve:

If you have started your entrepreneurial journey, you should have a group of people you would be serving using your idea. Your idea must solve a problem, end up crisis, or at least change people’s lives in one way or the other. Having a market that you will be serving through your services and products will be the only thing that will keep you driving even when you don’t feel like it. 

4. Never stop learning:

It would help if you did not let your learning process stop and must always feel the right to keep increasing your knowledge about the area you are serving. People that stop learning in life are also the ones that stop improving and growing in the paths of their lives. And when you learn, don’t also forget to give it ahead too.

Let people have you like the most knowledgeable and rewarding person to be with, as only this is how you will help others without taking anything back. 

These are the main ways of what makes entrepreneurs successful. Keep in mind that these people who find success don’t believe in getting themselves everything they want; instead, they keep helping others. They believe in spreading positivity and kindness, and that’s how they become ideals for all they meet.

golden rules of goal setting

5 Ultimate Golden Rules of Goal Setting

We all want to be among those successful teams of people that always acquire their goals. But do we all make it? Well, let’s leave this question up to you and get started with those 5 golden rules of goal setting that you should always follow:

golden rules of goal setting 01

1. Always choose motivating goals:

When you are in the phase of goal setting, you shouldn’t make one that doesn’t even motivate you. It would help if you didn’t make something boring a result of your hustle as that will not drive you to keep working hard on your bad workdays. When your hustle’s outcome is not exciting to you, you won’t be putting 101% of your efforts towards your goal.

Hence it would help if you started with goals that are of most importance to you. It is easy to get overwhelmed by everything which needs to be done; hence you must start simple. We live in the snack-sized world where we can digest information in smaller bites and shut down when we receive a bulk. Hence break down your extreme goal into smaller, more motivating goals that collectively help you reach your final goal. 

2. Set SMART goals:

Duh, don’t we all set smarter goals? But this is SMART is the following:

  • Specific 
  • Measurable 
  • Attainable 
  • Relevant 
  • Time-bound

Specific goals will help you put all your focus into one thing and work daily towards your goal. You won’t be distracting your energy and resources into things you don’t look up to. Measurable goals will give you a determination to keep going and allow you to see how far you are from your goal.

Having attainable goals is one way of putting your hustle in the right way. it would help if you weren’t driving off to paths that lead to impossible and non-attainable goals as that will be very unproductive.

Always align your goals with a direction that you want in your career and life. Balancing the alignment in the long and short term will give you the focus that you need. And lastly, time-bound goals will be achieved in a faster way as compared to the ones that you have given yourself an indefinite time limit of. 

3. Write your goals down:

You can not achieve something if it is only in your brain where you can’t even see it in your actual physical world. To believe in something and to work for it, you should be able to see it through your eyes. Hence write down your goals. Make different To-Do lists of different time frames ie for a day, a week, a month, and years.

But setting a to-do list and writing your goals down will be a big acknowledgment you will make towards your dreams. This will help you in believing it till you make it a mantra. Use strong, affirmative, and strong words that enthrall you to achieve anything you set your mind to. 

4. Put a plan to action:

It is very easy to get focused on an outcome that you would forget the actual steps that you have to take to achieve the result. You may be running from A to Z but simply ignoring anything that comes in between. This will be harmful to your goal achievement; hence, always focus on the steps you will take to reach anywhere you want. 

5. Work the plan:

Having any plan in place when you set your goals will make you official. Working on this plan will make you successful. If you are taking the time to draw a good plan, then why not put it to action?

It is tempting always to keep changing your mindset or draw new plans when things are going awry, but variables are not an excuse for not sticking to the plan. Just keep trusting your instincts.

These are the golden rules of goal setting that you should always stick to if you wish to be successful one day. An entrepreneur’s goals need direction and determination to one day be a reality that everyone can see.