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DTLR Returns With 40th Anniversary Fashion Show After Three Year Hiatus

After a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic, lifestyle retailer DTLR is set to make a grand comeback with its highly anticipated fashion show, the 2023 Fall Fashion Showcase: EXCEL. Taking place on Sunday, June 11, 2023, this promises to be a celebration of fashion, music, and the brand’s remarkable 40-year journey in the industry.

DTLR has established itself as a prominent player in the fashion world, and this year’s theme, “EXCEL,” reflects the brand’s continued success and growth. The emphasis on the letters “XL” signifies the transition into bigger and better things, while also paying homage to the milestone of forty years in the industry. Notably, “XL” is also the Roman numeral for forty, further emphasizing the significance of this anniversary.

As part of the 40th-anniversary celebrations, DTLR will incorporate rubies, the appropriate gemstone for this milestone, into the show. These rich red gems perfectly align with DTLR’s iconic company colors that have represented the brand throughout its illustrious history.

The 2023 Fall Fashion Showcase: EXCEL will captivate attendees with a series of scenes, each paying tribute to renowned brands and select trends that have made an indelible impact over the decades. NIKE, JORDAN, NEW BALANCE, JAVI, and GOORIN are among the brands that will be honored during the event. These brands have not only shaped the fashion industry, but have also become synonymous with style, innovation, and cultural influence.

We had the chance to speak with the DTLR executives Apprelle Norton who is the Region Vision Manager of the South, along with David Storey who serves as the District Manager in Northern Florida and Savannah. Listen to their full interview below.

how do I start a business

How to Start a Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you wish to start your own business today, you will have to have a clear-cut design of your plan and how you will execute it. Following is the plan for starting a business step-wise to make it easy for you to execute it. Let us get started. 

how do I start a business 01

Refine your idea:

A clear-cut idea will let you implement your dreams into actionable plans. If you start thinking of having a new business plan, you might already have some idea of what you will sell.

But your idea to start a business should be a refined one that includes all details of where you will source your products from, what market you are going to target, how you will sell your products etc.

You have to define you’re ‘why’ of business so that even if you get tried out of all the duties, you will know why you first started. 

Have your business plan written:

After you have your idea and have made it clear cut, now you have to write your business plan. Write down the purpose of your business, who you are thinking to sell to, what will be your end goals and, how you will manage the finances, etc. All of these questions must be written down in your business plan. 

Check your finances:

To start your own business, you must consider how you will provide finances for your business processes. You need to have enough money for each of your business processes and how you will carry them on. Make sure you have enough finances to run your business for the coming six months. 

Build your team:

If you are not going to be your only employee, then building a team beforehand is your major goal. You have to hire people and get a great team to get the company set off from the ground. Start by having the mindset that your people will build your products.

Know who will be in your founding team and understand the gaps that there may be. Hence, you must start by having your core team that knows how to give feedback, handle responsibilities, divide their work roles, etc., and set your company on the right foot. 

Pick your vendors:

Continuing your business may be overwhelming, and hence you, along with your team, will have to bring in outsiders that will help continue your business. This is why a third-party vendor is needed.

Companies in all industries, from an HR to the business phone system, also exist to bring along with you and assist your business better. Look for vendors that can help you get the ideal products up into selling. 

Market your brand:

The steps to starting a small business include marketing. Marketing is the highest form of the business component. If you want to know how to run a business, you need to know how to market your brand well.

You can collaborate with your highly established brands in your industry to get more growth. Furthermore, reach out to all other companies and ask for some promotional exchanges to get free product samples or services. 

Last Word:

How to start a business includes many core elements of your strategy. You have to give your best to start your brand on a basis. If you also ask how do I start a business, you will have to follow the steps mentioned above to succeed.

rules of success by Elon Musk 01

Elon Musk -Top 5 Rules of Success

We all know how well thought is Elon Musk in the world of business and success. But how did Elon Musk get this much success, and what were his rules behind it. 

The Rules Of Success By Elon Musk Are Written Below:

rules of success by Elon Musk

1. Make requirements less dumb:

The very first step is to make your requirements less dumb. All of the needs are quite dumb, no matter who has given them to you. It is mainly dangerous when they come from people who are rather intelligent as you might not even question them.

Everyone can be wrong, and no matter who you are, all of you’re mistaken at some point. All designs can be wrong, and it’s only a matter of the extent of wrong it is. 

2. Try and then delete the part of the process:

The second step of the owner of Tesla, Elon Musk, is to try very hard and delete the part of the process. If parts aren’t being added into the design at least 10% of this time, not enough parts will be deleted.

The bias is very strongly towards let us add this part of a process step if we need it. Every required part and process should come from the name, not any department, as the department cant be asked why their requirement exists, but any person can. 

3. Simplify or then optimize:

Rules of success mainly involve simplification of things. Simplifying and then optimizing the design means that he might be optimizing something that must not be there. Elon Musk is also guilty of being in this position.

He likes being in a mental straight jacket which happens in most traditional schools where you are always required to have an answer to a question, regardless of whether the premise is there to make any sense at all or not. 

4. Accelerate cycle time:

This step is to boost cycle time. You are only moving too slow, and you should move faster. Elon Musk’s tips include you to move faster. But it would help if you did not go too fast unless you have worked on the rest of the three things first.

He also uses another example of how these steps must occur in one order. In the wrongheaded process, you must stop and shouldn’t accelerate. Don’t dig it too fast if you are already digging the grave. 

5. Automate:

The rules of success by Elon Musk include automation as well. This final step is to automate. Elon Musk’s success tips consider automation an important part of the entire success process. If any product reaches the end of any production line and has a higher acceptance rate, there isn’t any need to have in-process testing. Elon Musk and Tesla have also made this mistake.

Elon Musk’s companies have suffered that they have gone through automation, acceleration, simplification, and then deletion. 

Last Word:

Elon Musk’s tips include being proactive, having a set rule for achieving your success, and being a part of your path to success.

ways to expand your small business

5 Ways To Expand Your Small Business

Once you start your small business and find success in it, you feel ready to push your limits. You are prepared to take advantage of a growing business, tackle challenges, and expand the brand.

Hence we are here with ways to expand your small business that would let you see the growth happening in your generation of profits. It will help grow your business by having an ideal mindset and planning.

ways to expand your small business

1. Introduce New Loyalty Programs And Packages:

If you are thinking of having a business expansion, you are probably working on a huge base of clients already. This can give you the potential for creating or developing an already existing set of programs that would suit the more specialized requirements of present and all incoming customers, at the same time, not an actual and practical form of initial marketing point of view.

Such deals in perfectly established businesses may result in higher customer loyalty and satisfaction. This is when you can afford to put some time and resources into creating unique rewards, membership, and referral programs. This is the first step on the list of ways to grow your business.

2. Hiring:

Being a small business owner, you are already carrying a weight of responsibility on your shoulders and navigating various tasks. Hiring the new staff members will help you ease stress and let you direct the focus over critical detailing.

But while a better way to delegate tasks and boost productivity, delivering lessons to new hires about the ins and outs of the business requirements will create a process that will hinder productivity overall for some time. Hence, it is essential to weigh all of your options before starting the search carefully. You can boost your business by having new people in it.

3. A better location:

This is the first thing that most business owners think of when they hear the terms like business expansion, and it also is the riskiest. Boosting the business through brick-and-mortar locations needs a lot of thought and a well-planned procedure.

You will have to keep note of competition, be aware of the budget, and know about the intrinsic working of the model you have for your business.

Not only will you need to make secure finances and research the street and traffic on foot patterns, but staffing is also of the most consideration. Small business growth always comes with proper planning.

4. Develop and diversify your services:

Because of the ever-fluctuating kind of business market, you will always see changes in your current market. If you are thinking of an expansion, you have already been working in your current field for a little time, which means that you also understand the niche of your markets like no other.

It is also a smart move in which you can expand the target audiences and also secure all of your financial success.

5. Grow your business partnerships:

To construct connections and boost your base clientele, you should partner with other local businesses to tailor special deals and membership perks to similar customers. If you have your studio, you may also want to partner with the nearby smoothies shop to create a unique package for your health-minded consumer.

Last Words:

These are some top ways to expand the Small Business that you can use to be a better version of your business. Small business growth should be done with ideal planning.

essentials for starting a small business

What are the Essentials For Starting a Small Business?

Starting a small business is the most exciting part of the business journey. But to make sure that everything goes smoothly, you don’t only need a stellar idea/ well, an idea of your business is the basis of it, but to build a building over it, you need some other things as well. These are essentials for starting a small business.

essentials for starting a small business

Let us get started in which are these basic things you need to include in your business setup:

1. Define your selling point:

You require a unique selling point as you must always define what makes your business better and different from your competitors. Try summing it up in only two sentences, and keep it in mind. You will use it every time you pitch to investors and your potential customers.

2. Find your Business Mentor:

Whether it is just a business advisor or a whole financial guru, you should find someone who gives you honest feedback on your business. Contact a small business development center that can provide you with a mentor.

3. Create a Business Plan:

When you have a business plan, you will have to summarize your business just as it is now and map your vision for what and how it will be.

4. Register your web domains and trademarks:

You will need a website, so check for suitable domain names to get them registered. You need a website, and you just can’t run from it. Hence getting your domain registered is one top thing that will help you ahead.

5. Ensure that your business is going to be profitable:

Once you get your business idea to work, you need to be sure to bring you profit. Use your accounting software to run profit and loss forecasts. Ask the accountant or your financial advisor for this suggestion and his opinion.

6. Arrange your business insurance:

Even the slightest and smallest companies have to have insurance. You should talk to a broker and find ideal packages for you. This is one of the essentials for starting a small business.

7. Create social network accounts:

Different businesses would have different social media requirements. You may need a Facebook page or a LinkedIn profile, or sometimes you may only need a Twitter account. You can also ask your mentor to see what your business needs to do. Look at the companies that you see as an inspiration.

So, from this starting a business checklist, what do you learn, and what are the things you think you are going to add to your business setup. If you are unsure, you can also search for how to start a business and let yourself be apart from the rest of your competition.

Many people would skip the above-given list of things needed to do, leading them to destruction. But to carry out a successful business, you need to have these essential steps to start a new business to ensure success.

how to grow your business on instagram

How To Grow Your Business On Instagram In 2022

Instagram is where many of us log into every other hour daily. Going to this platform and seeing everything live from around the world is so much fun. But this platform can be great for your business as well. It can be a highly targetable visual marketing platform for your company and an ideal chance to build a loyal audience that grows as your business does. 

In fact, around 500 million Instagram users use this app every single day. This makes it a hub of highly engaged audiences. But like all social networks, there are many right ways to use this platform in clever ways. 

how to grow your business on instagram

But how to grow an Instagram account using some clever ways

These ways to help you grow your Instagram platform will be ideal for you. 

1. Use the Right Hashtags:

Your main goal is to regularly engage your current audience while also adding more followers on Instagram. Posting more interesting and highly engaging photos will satisfy the first requirement, but you will discover that your photos’ tagging is highly important to growing. Hashtagging also makes it easy for people to search for some major terms to look for your photos. 

2. Use Perfect Filters:

Keyword hashtags are not the very thing you must pay attention to. The Instagram community also responds to those certain photo filters a lot more favorably than others. Using these filters may have an impact on your engagement. Here are some filters on Instagram:

  • Normal 
  • Clarendon 
  • Juno 
  • Lark 
  • Ludwig 
  • Gingham 
  • Valencia 
  • X-Pro II
  • Lo-fi
  • Amaro 

3. Post on Right Times:

Beyond adding the right hashtags using the ideal filters to add many more followers on Instagram, you must consider the timing you post. A targeted approach includes analyzing what has and has not worked for you in previous times. The Instagram tools will offer you the analysis that will tell you when you should post and what times are right to publish. 

4. Steal your competitor’s followers:

One of the ideal ways to look for new followers is by looking out your nearest competitors’ accounts on Instagram and engaging with their audiences. These people have shown some interest in products you carry only by following your competitors. So how should you effectively steal all of your competitor’s followers?

By getting engaged with them. There are many ways to engage with all Instagram users, and the amount of work you put into it, the more followers and repeat the engagement you will get out of this. 

5. Get sponsored posts and product reviews:

All this posting after optimizing your post is great, but if you want to understand how to have more followers on Instagram at once, you have to take advantage of influencer marketing. It will bring forth your brand for a bigger audience. Unlike these tactics add more Instagram followers mentioned above, this one is not free mostly. But if you proceed with it in the right way, it will be of great value.

You will have to list the bigger accounts in your niche to get yourself started. For example, if you are on your expedition to sell beauty products, you will want to find huge accounts from beauty bloggers. This is one main way of how to grow your business on Instagram.

So now, as you are ready to grow your Instagram account, you will be able to get your business to the highest extremes and make huge profits.

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future of entrepreneurship

The Future Of Entrepreneurship And 21st Century

For many years, being an entrepreneur has been a goal of many potential business owners. The lifestyle, flexibility of your working hours. An ability to set yourself running for your life is a call that many find hard to ignore, taking on a leap and setting out over their business ventures. What puts a huge fraction of entrepreneurs off is the inability to drive on what business they are the best to venture into in the very first place.

We will go through a thorough look into the future of entrepreneurship. We will also see what changes we are expecting in the coming years:

A rise of social enterprise:

In the past years, there has been a huge increase in the social awareness of consumers. A desire to contribute to businesses that use a percentage of the profits they raise to help deserving causes. This new change of habits has paved its way into a new kind of business venture. These businesses are also known as social enterprises and are driven by the purposes instead of by profit to improve others’ lives. They are most certainly being more and more common in the present vast business landscape. 

The main mission behind social enterprises is to create funds that can contribute to helping groups of people that aren’t fortunate enough. It is increasingly important to different demographics when picking which kinds of businesses they have to spend the money with. 

The importance of digital trends:

Any aspiring entrepreneur must keep a very close eye on changing the current trends appearing in their potential consumer base. These trends may then improve the market. It can make businesses to the target demographic, leading to a significant increase in sales and an overall brand’s growth. 

By looking closely at your target demographic use of social media, mobile applications, or search engines, you may effectively place ads where they will be highly effective in securing sales for your business. You must be highly specific when you are monitoring the trends for the benefit of your own business.

It is almost impossible to effectively scale a brand without a high knowledge of the way your users use the internet. This is mainly a prominent part of everybody’s daily life these days. 

The growth of platforms:

There has been a huge increase in businesses that operate using a platform model in the past few years. A platform is the business model in which a company relies. The model for constructing a huge and prominent user base to grow, acquire prominence, and maintain long-term success. One must adopt such a good and reliable platform for betterment of the future of entrepreneurship.

One of the examples of a successful platform business is the giant eBay that started in 1995 after the pioneer Pierre Omidyar decided to sell his broken laser printer online for $1.

It made $14.83/ in the 25 years after that, Omidyar has overgrown his website to a globally recognized brand having a net worth of more than $13 billion and 25 million users monthly. 

What does the future of business look like?

Every year, many people decide to take the leap of faith and launch their business. This is a fact that comes with positives and negatives to consider. It goes to show that being an entrepreneur is a more accessible career path than in the past. But it is also becoming greatly hard to achieve widespread recognition and success in highly saturated markets. 

In the 21st century the future of entrepreneurship will be highly driven by the skill and services to be delivered. The business 21st century is giving off the most positive vibes to people that aim for the best.

Business Presentation - Benefits of Business Coaching

5 Benefits of Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Often, when you see startup owners heading towards carrying out all of their business duties. You would find them in states of being directionless. This happens to many as direction and coaching are something we all need. No matter how much experience you have, still cannot learn from someone. This is why the benefits of business coaching can not ignore that are listed as follows:


1. Building Confidence:

Starting something new mostly with all of your hopes and resources at stake makes you feel less confident. You happen to feel scared of what the outcomes may be, which may lead to you not taking the next step. But business is often all about being daring and taking risks straight ahead. So how can you become daring in such as situation?

Take a small business coach and ask him to train you with the ins and outs of a business, and you will see yourself growing, both in person and in business. All of this journey will help you be confident.

2. Allow you to deal with your Team Better:

All of us need a team, a group of talented people that will steer us all together towards a goal that we have given to them. But what if you are not even mentally capable enough to work with a team? And in businesses, mostly, you don’t have an option to keep working without a team over the long run.

To solve this situation, you can get a business coach who will train you to work with difficult people and how to get work from everyone in the team. 

3. Allow you to see your Positive Points Clearly:

It is often said that when you are too close to something, you develop a blind spot to it. You fail to spot it up close. The same is with your successful points in life. When you are too close to achieving your next big success. You may end up getting too far from it because you took the wrong steps that led you out of the race.

At such a point as well an entrepreneur coach may offer you a hand for help. You will find strategies and solutions from your coach that you in your position couldn’t think of.

4. Prioritize Risk:

If you feel like you are always too stressed out, then it is high time you get help. And help in this position is in the form of a coach that will lead you through the situation. Coaches are great at helping people figure issues out and decide what challenges are worth stressing over and what are merely fuss created in your head. 

5. Ask the Right Questions:

One of the benefits of business coaching is that a coach will help you ask questions that challenge you to think differently and critically about your business. When you have a coach from a different industry, they will bring up a new perspective and ask a higher level of questions. This will broaden your viewpoint, and you will see possibilities from a different angle. 

These are some of the benefits that business coaching may offer you. You must not let opportunities slide past you only because you didn’t have the right kind of coaching and teaching to grasp them when they approach you.

social media marketing for business

Why is Social Media Marketing Important For Your Business?

Do you wonder how social media marketing for business has replaced traditional marketing? As we all know, technology evolves day by day; it is obliged to upgrade yourself and strategies. 

Whether you have a small shop or you are running a large business, social media has the power to grow your business enormously. Moreover, social media platforms help you interact with your customers directly, increase your sales, and spread awareness regarding your product.

If you are willing to expand your business and improve products by customer response, social media is the right platform for you. This article will help you understand how social media can do wonders for you. So let’s go through it.

1. Grow Audience with a Small Budget

We must confess that social media advertising is the least expensive of marketing. The best thing about it is that you get the chance to interact and understand the gap directly and more accurately.

Moreover, it would help if you had little or no investment to grow. You can advertise your product using any complex tool and grow with a single page with regular posting and engaging with customers.

2. Learn about Competitor

Having thorough information regarding your competitors in the market helps you improve and produce unique products. Social media platforms provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the competitor. However, the best thing is that you get authentic and firsthand information.

After analyzing profiles and queries for customers, you can incorporate those questions and queries in your profile. If you answer the question in advance, there are more chances of growing the business.

3. Build a Relationship with Target Customers

Communication plays a significant role in every aspect of life as well as business. A business that connects more with its customers grows immensely at every level and scale. This is because when you build a good relationship with your customers, they trust your services and products and trust your name.

Customer retention is directly associated with business growth. Social media marketing for business not only benefits you but also facilitates the customers.

4. Get Attention and Acknowledgment

When people don’t know your name, how can they approach you? And the traditional market is a slow process that can take years to grow your business. Here is the answer to why social media marketing is important. Social media boosts your visibility among customers and helps you reach a large audience in minimum time.

5. Promote Services and Products

Staying active on all social media networks provides you the opportunity to promote your product and services on a large scale. It is an easy as well as a common way for an entrepreneur to create brand awareness. You can upload your professional pictures and events you organize at your place, which will give customers more exposure to the business.


Many aspects of the digital era answer why social media marketing is important nowadays. In this era of digital marketing, entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers have the opportunity to grow to the fullest with consistency and dedication. Your loyalty to your business is the real building block to success.

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how to cope with business loss 01

How To Cope With Business Loss?

If you expect life to be a smooth road of only good and no bad, then you may not be on the path of truth and reality. In reality, life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes the downfall is quite hard on us.

The same is with the business world. Business is just another name of a fluctuating stream of business health. Sometimes you are on the highs and are gaining a lot of profits, but other times you are on your lowest and need every bit of hope to collect yourself up.

All these realities of the business world can be quite hard to bear if you don’t already know the secret of getting rid of the glooming thoughts. You need to know that there are many times when you will feel low, but your thoughtfulness may save you from going down the drain with your business.

how to cope with business loss

So what are a few tips on how to cope with business loss? following are a few of these tips

1. Do not take any impulsive action

When human beings fall into a pit, it is natural to take impulsive actions out of fear or sudden shock. But in the business world, you need to be thoughtful and plan out all your actions even if you are at the lowest of your business career.

If you take impulsive actions when you have faced business losses, you will tend to make more false actions hence lose more and more. Hence, to save your money, time, and energy investment, you should always be prepared only to take the thought out and prepared actions that are planned well from action to result in a map.

2. Don’t shy away from professional help and emotional support

It gets hard for us to process all of our thoughts a few times after facing a sudden setback in business or personal life. Hence it is human to lose control of one’s feelings or thought process out of shock fear. This is why you should not think emotional support to be an alien thing in such a situation.

Instead, taking emotional support is an ideal thing to do in any walk of life in which you are facing troubles. Business losses can well be coped with if you have enough confidence to solve anything. Hence on How to cope with business loss, you should first seek emotional help and make yourself strong enough to tackle any setback.

3. Don’t spend too much for some time

Business losses mean huge financial loss and such a setback can mean that you will have to cut back on your personal or company expenses. Rebuilding your business after facing such a loss will need you to fill the left gap. This gap may be filled in either two ways, increasing the flow of cash in your business or reducing the cash flow out of it.

Track your business expenses and find small and impactful areas where you have to cut down on your spending. This may be eating out or entertainment or even your small expenses such as cable TV. Once your financial situation stabilizes itself, you can get back on your normal expenditure already.

4. Access the situation

Take stock of your current situation rationally and assess the magnitude of this loss. Then it would help if you understood what it would take to rebuild, plan for this rebuilding stage, and strategically go on it.

Mostly the situation isn’t as bad as we are making it out of fear or stress. Try to look at the situation in its entirety to ensure that you have all of your facts set in place. This will be an ideal starting point for the rebuilding stage.

These were a few points that suggest how to cope with business loss.

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