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psychological hurdles of entrepreneurship

The 5 Biggest Psychological Hurdles of Entrepreneurship

Getting into entrepreneurship will tire every cell of your body, but the same thing will bring you so much joy and a sense of achievement. When you put your material assets into the business, you are also psychologically involved. Many of your emotions get drained when you have started your entrepreneurship venture. The top psychological hurdles of Entrepreneurship are given as follows:

psychological hurdles of entrepreneurship 01

1. Uncertainty:

Uncertainty is another name of our lives, but jobs feel more secure than business. It is in every corner of business, mainly in the initial years. You never know what your competitors may come up with and what will make your products or services useless for your consumer base.

You don’t know if the profitability model you have set will work in reality as perfectly s it shows on paper. The uncertainty may get a lot out of you if you keep letting it do so. But it would help if you also remembered that uncertainty is the same for all and many successful entrepreneurs are those that embrace it.

They have the mindset that there may not be any reward without getting into risks. If it isn’t enough to bring out your motivation, you should understand that the very worst scenario is never as bad as you think. 

2. Instability:

Beyond the uncertainty of your new business, you should also be ready for having some inherent instability in the starting month. You will have major and sudden surges of consumer interest followed by very long droughts.

You will also have random important expenses, major team members departing their ways, and windfalls that make them seem insignificant. Hence to abuse the cliché, it is a roller coaster ride, but even when you enjoy the whole variety, constant instability may get you. 

3. Responsibility:

Being a businessman means you’re investing yourself in this whole venture in different ways that you haven’t ever experienced. Every right or wrong decision you make, from picking your company’s name to closing the very first client contract, will affect your business bottom line.

psychological hurdles of entrepreneurship 02

Once your business grows, this whole responsibility also grows. Eventually, it is not only you over the hook, but also your partners, your investors, and your employees too. There is no easy way of overcoming this other than by reducing decision fatigue in daily routine life. It is understanding that bad decisions are not that bad after all. 

4. Balance:

It is easy to get sucked into your new venture, mainly when passionate about this industry. It is wholly your idea, and it is natural to wish to invest as much time as you actually can in it.

But unfortunately, that sometimes leads to doing 100-hour week work, long weekends, and several sleepless nights leaving you very little time for doing anything in your life. What is more harmful is that this imbalance mostly sets in without the businessmen ever realizing this. It would be best to prioritize your health and not be afraid to take some breaks. 

5. Loneliness:

The psychology of entrepreneurship often leads to loneliness. It is a huge problem in business than people realize it. Most entrepreneurs see as naturally isolated people who function contentedly as introverts when working on projects.

And then they turn into total extroverts when there is a need for it. Every businessman is pulling off a delicate art of balancing, always bottling up their stresses, fears, and worries whenever there is someone else.

One can never tell anyone in business how scared you are and hence jumps into loneliness. Psychology and entrepreneurship are linked together as you are not only investing your time in this work. You are putting your whole existence in it. 

These psychological hurdles of entrepreneurship will make you feel this world is hard to run in. But once you start seeing the results of your hard work, you will see how great it all is.

Deeply Rooted 07′ Clothing Covers the Dec 2021 Issue of VEU Magazine

Deeply Rooted 07′ Clothing is a conscious based clothing line, founded by Chicago, IL native Monique Atkins, while she was still in college at Jackson State University. Throughout the years, the company has evolved from just an online website, to its own flagship store loated in Chicago.The company also just signed on Tik Tok influencer Hxllywood, as their brand ambassador, to help tell the Deeply Rooted story and impact the masses. We did an exclusive interview with Monique to learn more about the company and the new collection just released, in our December 2021 magazine issue.

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How Serial Entrepreneur and Publicist Ivan Thomas is Teaching People to ‘Defy Gravity’

“When you’re an entrepreneur, you really have to be able to get out there and hustle, and recognize that every second of your day has to go towards building your business”

– Ivan Thomas

Over the last decade, Ivan Thomas has emerged as a powerful force within business, lifestyle and entertainment, elevating the public images of celebrities and big companies, as well as catapulting unknown entrepreneurs from obscurity into the spotlight.

He is often found on a red carpet somewhere, or at a TV or radio station with a client. However, the Atlanta-based celebrity publicist and rising mogul, known as “Mr. Defy Gravity”, or simply “Ivan the Great”, has now taken his talents into another lane – as an international motivational speaker, and author of the book Defy Gravity: Unleashing Your Greatness Within.

We recently spoke with Ivan to learn more about his muliple business ventures, and and how he is helping other people to Defy Gravity

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future of entrepreneurship

The Future Of Entrepreneurship And 21st Century

For many years, being an entrepreneur has been a goal of many potential business owners. The lifestyle, flexibility of your working hours. An ability to set yourself running for your life is a call that many find hard to ignore, taking on a leap and setting out over their business ventures. What puts a huge fraction of entrepreneurs off is the inability to drive on what business they are the best to venture into in the very first place.

We will go through a thorough look into the future of entrepreneurship. We will also see what changes we are expecting in the coming years:

A rise of social enterprise:

In the past years, there has been a huge increase in the social awareness of consumers. A desire to contribute to businesses that use a percentage of the profits they raise to help deserving causes. This new change of habits has paved its way into a new kind of business venture. These businesses are also known as social enterprises and are driven by the purposes instead of by profit to improve others’ lives. They are most certainly being more and more common in the present vast business landscape. 

The main mission behind social enterprises is to create funds that can contribute to helping groups of people that aren’t fortunate enough. It is increasingly important to different demographics when picking which kinds of businesses they have to spend the money with. 

The importance of digital trends:

Any aspiring entrepreneur must keep a very close eye on changing the current trends appearing in their potential consumer base. These trends may then improve the market. It can make businesses to the target demographic, leading to a significant increase in sales and an overall brand’s growth. 

By looking closely at your target demographic use of social media, mobile applications, or search engines, you may effectively place ads where they will be highly effective in securing sales for your business. You must be highly specific when you are monitoring the trends for the benefit of your own business.

It is almost impossible to effectively scale a brand without a high knowledge of the way your users use the internet. This is mainly a prominent part of everybody’s daily life these days. 

The growth of platforms:

There has been a huge increase in businesses that operate using a platform model in the past few years. A platform is the business model in which a company relies. The model for constructing a huge and prominent user base to grow, acquire prominence, and maintain long-term success. One must adopt such a good and reliable platform for betterment of the future of entrepreneurship.

One of the examples of a successful platform business is the giant eBay that started in 1995 after the pioneer Pierre Omidyar decided to sell his broken laser printer online for $1.

It made $14.83/ in the 25 years after that, Omidyar has overgrown his website to a globally recognized brand having a net worth of more than $13 billion and 25 million users monthly. 

What does the future of business look like?

Every year, many people decide to take the leap of faith and launch their business. This is a fact that comes with positives and negatives to consider. It goes to show that being an entrepreneur is a more accessible career path than in the past. But it is also becoming greatly hard to achieve widespread recognition and success in highly saturated markets. 

In the 21st century the future of entrepreneurship will be highly driven by the skill and services to be delivered. The business 21st century is giving off the most positive vibes to people that aim for the best.

what makes entrepreneurs successful

What Makes Entrepreneurs Successful?

Any startup owner or an entrepreneur will tell you that success won’t come with dreaming only; it needs work. Though reaming is also an essential ingredient, you have to focus equally on the remaining part. Entrepreneurship might mean many things, but in the end, it is all about paving through your path.

what makes entrepreneurs successful 01

We are going to find out what makes entrepreneurs successful through the following list of traits and actions they take in their careers:

1. Take risks and don’t waste all of your time in avoiding failure:

We all heat failures, but they had a fear of them is what causes downfall. You must never be afraid of failing at anything, as when you fear failure, you fear change and taking risks as well.

Your constant fear of not succeeding at something will keep you from trying out your luck in different aspects of your entrepreneurial journey. You might also lose some big opportunities. 

2. Be persistent and create your fortune:

One important tool that you use to achieve success is your persistence. If you keep on striking at the same point with consistency, you can break mountains and rocks into half. The same is how it goes with your entrepreneurial journey. You can always start at any time of your career, but persistence will help you reach the goals that you wished for a few years ago.

You can change your fate and fortune and build the life you desire by always being confident and persistent on your goals in life. All you have to do is believe in yourself and look at the bigger picture whenever you fail and step back for a while. 

3. Find people you would serve:

If you have started your entrepreneurial journey, you should have a group of people you would be serving using your idea. Your idea must solve a problem, end up crisis, or at least change people’s lives in one way or the other. Having a market that you will be serving through your services and products will be the only thing that will keep you driving even when you don’t feel like it. 

4. Never stop learning:

It would help if you did not let your learning process stop and must always feel the right to keep increasing your knowledge about the area you are serving. People that stop learning in life are also the ones that stop improving and growing in the paths of their lives. And when you learn, don’t also forget to give it ahead too.

Let people have you like the most knowledgeable and rewarding person to be with, as only this is how you will help others without taking anything back. 

These are the main ways of what makes entrepreneurs successful. Keep in mind that these people who find success don’t believe in getting themselves everything they want; instead, they keep helping others. They believe in spreading positivity and kindness, and that’s how they become ideals for all they meet.

golden rules of goal setting

5 Ultimate Golden Rules of Goal Setting

We all want to be among those successful teams of people that always acquire their goals. But do we all make it? Well, let’s leave this question up to you and get started with those 5 golden rules of goal setting that you should always follow:

golden rules of goal setting 01

1. Always choose motivating goals:

When you are in the phase of goal setting, you shouldn’t make one that doesn’t even motivate you. It would help if you didn’t make something boring a result of your hustle as that will not drive you to keep working hard on your bad workdays. When your hustle’s outcome is not exciting to you, you won’t be putting 101% of your efforts towards your goal.

Hence it would help if you started with goals that are of most importance to you. It is easy to get overwhelmed by everything which needs to be done; hence you must start simple. We live in the snack-sized world where we can digest information in smaller bites and shut down when we receive a bulk. Hence break down your extreme goal into smaller, more motivating goals that collectively help you reach your final goal. 

2. Set SMART goals:

Duh, don’t we all set smarter goals? But this is SMART is the following:

  • Specific 
  • Measurable 
  • Attainable 
  • Relevant 
  • Time-bound

Specific goals will help you put all your focus into one thing and work daily towards your goal. You won’t be distracting your energy and resources into things you don’t look up to. Measurable goals will give you a determination to keep going and allow you to see how far you are from your goal.

Having attainable goals is one way of putting your hustle in the right way. it would help if you weren’t driving off to paths that lead to impossible and non-attainable goals as that will be very unproductive.

Always align your goals with a direction that you want in your career and life. Balancing the alignment in the long and short term will give you the focus that you need. And lastly, time-bound goals will be achieved in a faster way as compared to the ones that you have given yourself an indefinite time limit of. 

3. Write your goals down:

You can not achieve something if it is only in your brain where you can’t even see it in your actual physical world. To believe in something and to work for it, you should be able to see it through your eyes. Hence write down your goals. Make different To-Do lists of different time frames ie for a day, a week, a month, and years.

But setting a to-do list and writing your goals down will be a big acknowledgment you will make towards your dreams. This will help you in believing it till you make it a mantra. Use strong, affirmative, and strong words that enthrall you to achieve anything you set your mind to. 

4. Put a plan to action:

It is very easy to get focused on an outcome that you would forget the actual steps that you have to take to achieve the result. You may be running from A to Z but simply ignoring anything that comes in between. This will be harmful to your goal achievement; hence, always focus on the steps you will take to reach anywhere you want. 

5. Work the plan:

Having any plan in place when you set your goals will make you official. Working on this plan will make you successful. If you are taking the time to draw a good plan, then why not put it to action?

It is tempting always to keep changing your mindset or draw new plans when things are going awry, but variables are not an excuse for not sticking to the plan. Just keep trusting your instincts.

These are the golden rules of goal setting that you should always stick to if you wish to be successful one day. An entrepreneur’s goals need direction and determination to one day be a reality that everyone can see.

Business Presentation - Benefits of Business Coaching

5 Benefits of Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Often, when you see startup owners heading towards carrying out all of their business duties. You would find them in states of being directionless. This happens to many as direction and coaching are something we all need. No matter how much experience you have, still cannot learn from someone. This is why the benefits of business coaching can not ignore that are listed as follows:


1. Building Confidence:

Starting something new mostly with all of your hopes and resources at stake makes you feel less confident. You happen to feel scared of what the outcomes may be, which may lead to you not taking the next step. But business is often all about being daring and taking risks straight ahead. So how can you become daring in such as situation?

Take a small business coach and ask him to train you with the ins and outs of a business, and you will see yourself growing, both in person and in business. All of this journey will help you be confident.

2. Allow you to deal with your Team Better:

All of us need a team, a group of talented people that will steer us all together towards a goal that we have given to them. But what if you are not even mentally capable enough to work with a team? And in businesses, mostly, you don’t have an option to keep working without a team over the long run.

To solve this situation, you can get a business coach who will train you to work with difficult people and how to get work from everyone in the team. 

3. Allow you to see your Positive Points Clearly:

It is often said that when you are too close to something, you develop a blind spot to it. You fail to spot it up close. The same is with your successful points in life. When you are too close to achieving your next big success. You may end up getting too far from it because you took the wrong steps that led you out of the race.

At such a point as well an entrepreneur coach may offer you a hand for help. You will find strategies and solutions from your coach that you in your position couldn’t think of.

4. Prioritize Risk:

If you feel like you are always too stressed out, then it is high time you get help. And help in this position is in the form of a coach that will lead you through the situation. Coaches are great at helping people figure issues out and decide what challenges are worth stressing over and what are merely fuss created in your head. 

5. Ask the Right Questions:

One of the benefits of business coaching is that a coach will help you ask questions that challenge you to think differently and critically about your business. When you have a coach from a different industry, they will bring up a new perspective and ask a higher level of questions. This will broaden your viewpoint, and you will see possibilities from a different angle. 

These are some of the benefits that business coaching may offer you. You must not let opportunities slide past you only because you didn’t have the right kind of coaching and teaching to grasp them when they approach you.

Sharmeeka “Bawse Lady” Brooks gives the Blueprint on Going from Struggling Mom to Millionaire Influencer

“I made myself beautiful on social media because I didn’t feel beautiful.  I wanted people to call me beautiful, so that it could start to reflect to me that hey, you are beautiful. It was something that I was doing for my own personal subconscious. But when that didn’t work, I said, okay, beautiful isn’t working, because I still don’t feel beautiful. I’m still not achieving the goals. So I changed my name to Bawse Lady” – Sharmeeka “Bawse Lady” Brooks.

From the streets of Philadelphia all the way to Miami, FL, serial entrepreneur Sharmeeka “Bawse Lady” Brooks, is proof that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail, but how you pick yourself up and keep going. We spoke with Sharmeeka to learn more about her journey and how she was able to overcome low self-esteem and poverty, to building her million dollar empire, full of confidence and gratitude.

Listen to the full interview below. Follow her on Instagram @bawselady_

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How Entrepreneurs Become Visionary Leaders?

Recently, many people have started joining the world of entrepreneurship. The number of people joining the world of business is rapidly growing, and it has led many people into becoming financially independent and not run in the corporate job sector.

But becoming an entrepreneur is the initial stage that must lead to being a visionary leader. Self-belief and being persistent helps you in being an entrepreneur, but what is the tool or secret that leads you to the stage of being visionary leaders.

how entrepreneurs become visionary leaders

We will guide you on how entrepreneurs become visionary leaders, and you may be able to benefit from the tips as well:

1. Visionaries value an outsiders perspective

Visionary people know the value of the perspectives that outsiders have. They ought to expect it to be a valuable asset when it comes to questioning and examining issues that are likely to be taken for granted by people inside the team.

Using an outsider’s perspective on different things means you get to have a fresh take on existing practices that will pay a lot in increasing the scope of innovation. It is done by adding a new dynamic to the company’s growth and its vision.

2. The art of building ties

A lot may be said about someone depending on the process and way they build a relationship. Being a visionary, it is very important to invest enough time and effort to excel in relationship building. Having a limited amount of resources and time effectively stops many people from having infinite knowledge.

Not to say that one must build relationships only on certain expectations. But one may gain access to knowledge and an in-depth subject area expertise using interpersonal relationships. Visionaries will like having genuine connections with people as this widens for collaborations.

3. Building vision

Visionary leaders are always aware of building and maintaining a strong vision that is well-rooted to short-term goals. This is because it also actively fosters long-term development. But it is not enough that one only has a vision; it is also important to rope everyone into this process of vision building for this is the key to the execution of a certain vision. A team that dreams together is the one that grows together.

4. Effective communication

A visionary must take it on himself to build and practice clarity in communications. Clear communications are imperative when it comes to binding a whole team to come together. It helps in making sure that everyone is on a single page. A great idea or vision is also accompanied by effective communication that helps execute this vision.

5. Lead by example

A leader never orders his team to do something as long as he doesn’t show an example of him doing it. The attitude of knowing that you should show others how to do something rather than telling them how to do it is what builds a leader from only an entrepreneur.

All these are the main tools of how entrepreneurs become visionary leaders. You may also start practicing them to become one of the most effective leaders in the world and steer your way into success.

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Does owning a Business make you an Entrepreneur?

Simply because you own your own business (or aim to do so) will not make you an entrepreneur. This concept may surprise readers at first, but we assure you that it makes sense as we begin to open the layers.

What is the difference between being a business owner and being an entrepreneur? Nowadays, the terms are mainly used synonymously. However, slight variations in mindset and approach distinguish business owners and entrepreneurs.

Neither role is superior to the other; they are different from one another. The definition of a business owner is relatively simple. They clearly understand their target market, and they want to serve their customers while making a profit.

entrepreneur vs business owner

These experts own businesses, make money from them, and are in charge of the organization. People who choose to lead enterprises are most often motivated, passionate, and goal-oriented.

While entrepreneurs share many similarities, in simple terms, entrepreneurs are typically more concerned with their concept and the impact they hope to make companies themselves.

They are not linked to any particular method of doing things. They look for the next great project to work on once they’ve succeeded in improving their objective.

Furthermore, their business ideas may be riskier, but entrepreneurs must accept all of the benefits and drawbacks of their projects. Although, entrepreneurs typically have fewer resources and must find creative ways to raise resources to cover their creative projects.

How are Entrepreneurs and Business Owners different terms?

Even though both entrepreneurs and business owners are professionals at running organizations, they differ in meaningful ways. Let’s discover some of the most significant differences between these two types of business experts.

1. Frequently Take more Risks than Business Owners

Entrepreneurs are rarely comfortable with the current status of their business. Instead, they want to create better products, expand into new markets, and make a considerable impact as quickly as possible.

As a result, they take more risks than small business owners. Although entrepreneurs are admired for their willingness to take risks, the risk factors they take are far more defined than you might think.

They rarely take risks blindly. Entrepreneurs understand how to weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks, and they are willing to take risks if it means getting reasonably close to their targets.

Small Business Owners Are Less Technical Than Entrepreneurs:

Regardless of the type of company they own, small business owners are less analytical than entrepreneurs. Business owners commonly concentrate on the more practical aspects of running a business, such as predicting profits and calculating profit margins.

In contrast, becoming a successful entrepreneur typically involves technical skills and a desire to use knowledge to create value. As a result, many entrepreneurs develop into passionate leaders willing to share their knowledge and skills with others.

2. Focus on Growth and See Their Company as an Asset

Entrepreneurs are known for focusing on growth and viewing their company as an investment. Few entrepreneurs set out to start a business to keep it simple and manageable. Instead, most people are concerned with expanding their businesses to produce as much as possible while making the most money.

Entrepreneurs who pursue this growth mindset see their company as a valuable asset to nurture and sell. While some entrepreneurs want to sell their companies at a higher price, others prefer to own their businesses.

Those who enjoy the factor of ownership usually set up their businesses to run on their own.


To summarize, successful business people implement a tried-and-true concept, take calculated risks, and grow their company gradually. They run businesses to earn big and doing something they enjoy, gaining more independence, or making more money.

Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are motivated by a desire to embrace change. They have their untested ideas, and they are willing to take risks to pursue them. Entrepreneurs frequently want to make a significant impact by finding new ways to expand and overgrow.

Again, neither role is more important than the other. Business owners and entrepreneurs create change, capture life by the horns, and live life on their terms.

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