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DTLR Returns With 40th Anniversary Fashion Show After Three Year Hiatus

After a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic, lifestyle retailer DTLR is set to make a grand comeback with its highly anticipated fashion show, the 2023 Fall Fashion Showcase: EXCEL. Taking place on Sunday, June 11, 2023, this promises to be a celebration of fashion, music, and the brand’s remarkable 40-year journey in the industry.

DTLR has established itself as a prominent player in the fashion world, and this year’s theme, “EXCEL,” reflects the brand’s continued success and growth. The emphasis on the letters “XL” signifies the transition into bigger and better things, while also paying homage to the milestone of forty years in the industry. Notably, “XL” is also the Roman numeral for forty, further emphasizing the significance of this anniversary.

As part of the 40th-anniversary celebrations, DTLR will incorporate rubies, the appropriate gemstone for this milestone, into the show. These rich red gems perfectly align with DTLR’s iconic company colors that have represented the brand throughout its illustrious history.

The 2023 Fall Fashion Showcase: EXCEL will captivate attendees with a series of scenes, each paying tribute to renowned brands and select trends that have made an indelible impact over the decades. NIKE, JORDAN, NEW BALANCE, JAVI, and GOORIN are among the brands that will be honored during the event. These brands have not only shaped the fashion industry, but have also become synonymous with style, innovation, and cultural influence.

We had the chance to speak with the DTLR executives Apprelle Norton who is the Region Vision Manager of the South, along with David Storey who serves as the District Manager in Northern Florida and Savannah. Listen to their full interview below.

ways to be creative in life

How to Be Creative When You’re Not Naturally Creative 

Being creative and coming up with new attractive ideas for anything in your life is our wish. We all want to be creative as creativity can give a whole different perspective of life and make us feel like we live a life of dreams as we make things out of our inventions. You can be a creative person in the following ways. How to become creative and innovative so that you are living up to your dreams?

But what if you are not blessed with this power of creativity naturally? How can you harbor your feelings and make yourself much more creative than usual? Let us also find out ways to be creative in life:

How to Become Creative and Innovative:

1. Sign up for a course on creativity:

There is no better way to grow a new skill other than learning it from someone professionally. If you think you can understand better by being instructed by someone, you should enroll in these courses. 

Creative courses may be anything from creative writing to art, music, photo, and video to design. Regardless of the type you get, you will start learning new ways of thinking about general things in life. This is one of the top ways to be creative in life.

2. Keep growing ideas when you are working out:

If you think you have a creative block and cannot think of anything creative, you should work out physically. Research has revealed that exercise is connected to the ability to have more creative thinking. Exercising regularly can train your power of cognitive thought and a healthy way of creativity. 

3. Change your location:

Your creativity is rooted in your brain; you must keep it stimulated by new sounds, sights, smells, tastes, and experiences. Let yourself be exposed to a whole different point of view from a unique cultural experience. Keeping your senses in shape will let your brain have synapses and think from new perspectives. 

4. Don’t let your inner child die:

We all know kids are always about creating new things and playing around. This is the kid that we let suffer while we grow up. Creativity keeps on decreasing, and other stresses in life take their place. To keep that kid happy and alive, you should channel its mentality mainly when having a whole different direction of your work.

 Instead of only being self-conscious that your work isn’t that good, be willing to take more risks and push the creative limits. If you wonder how to be creative, let your inner child live.

5. Be in a coworking space:

Coworking spaces can bring up many new facets of creativity in you and embark your brain on a whole new venture. Your mental state affects by the external space of your work, and your creativity can boost just like that. A few studies have shown that if you customize your workspace, you can have higher levels of creativity and productivity

Your creative juice can be brought out by working in a place that is not intruding on your way of working. Creative people always look for new ideas to work on.

These are some top ways to be creative and live a more productive, joyful life. You will soon be a creative person once you let your mind be it. Search online for how to get creative ideas, and you will get tons of them at one click.

traits of creative people

5 Traits Of Creative People

Do you want to know the traits of creative people that contribute to success? And do you want to explore how you can escalate your creativity? Well, creativity is used in a variety of roles. It is not only applicable in the artistic field. No matter whatever field you work in, creativity is an essential prerequisite for success.

Creative people hold many traits which can help them solve problems in innovative ways. Here are some 5 common characteristics of creative individuals. So, let’s walk through them.

1. They are independent

Work independence allows creative people to achieve their freedom. Moreover, they become eligible to make their own decisions without any instructions or assistance. Often, this independent nature makes people feel comfortable taking on challenges themselves. They certainly take these challenges as opportunities to grow professionally and develop and polish their skills.

However, creative people enjoy collaborating with others, and they also work on tasks alone. For instance, an artist paints independently to focus on his process exclusively. This independence enables them to take as long as they need to make feasible and correct decisions.

2. Flexible

Flexibility is one of the top traits of creative people. They often have a strong sense of flexibility. This characteristic supports their keenness to endeavor new ideas and experiences.

Moreover, people with a strong sense of flexibility are also more adaptable to change, which expands their boundaries of creativity. For example, they may find it simple to adjust their temper and time when shifting from project to whole new project.

Flexibility also allows creative people to alter their mindsets about ideas and experiences, making them more willing to admit wrong.

3. They are Ambitious

Artistic and creative people are highly ambitious in their goals. They always look for the next project and have an eager hand. Moreover, nothing can discourage their willingness to try something new. Furthermore, they hunt and find what they are looking for.

Whether it is the smallest part of their day or the biggest event of their entire life, there is always something to extract to inspire their work.

4. Playful

Playing with ideas to find a feasible one is one of the striking traits of creative people. The sense of playfulness signifies that they enjoy the process instead of taking it too seriously. Sometimes the best ideas come accidentally or unconsciously.

That is why; they do not push themselves to get it right the first time. For instance, a designer certainly experiments with different colors and font styles while creating a logo. He jumps from one to another to end up with the best one instead of sticking to the first one.

5. Risk Takers

They are risk-takers. This is an exciting trait because highly creative individuals are more likely to believe in the worth of their ideas. They love taking risks. In fact, they would be very excited to get a project with high-risk potential instead of going through routine tasks they considered normal. 


So these were the 5 traits of creative people. As creativity comes in many forms, allowing all sorts of ideas to surface and inspire. However, when you sit in the community of creative people, you witness some common traits that you can develop to escalate your imagination. Some of them are mentioned above that you need to cherish and develop to get success.

For More: How to earn money online without skills?

earn money online without skills

How to earn money online without skills?

Do you want to discover if you can make money online with little or no experience? There are a few simple and enjoyable ways to earn money online without skills.

The excellent thing is that you are probably already doing the majority of these things in your daily life – searching, watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, and so on.

When browsing, you will come across both authentic and fake sites. We strongly advise you to avoid programs requiring you to make an initial investment to begin using their money-making formula.

Here, we’ll show you how to make money online in a way that’s both simple and legitimate.

Ways to Earn Money Online without Skills

1. Spend time working as a data entry operator

Data entry is one of the finest ways to make money online without paying anything. Beginners can start a career in data entry by doing simple tasks.

You could be asked to execute various duties as a data entry operator, such as entering a piece of data into a spreadsheet or converting pdf or picture files to Microsoft Word.

Data operators have a wide range of responsibilities. Data entry tasks on Freelancing websites start at a modest fee of $3-$4 based on the relative simplicity of the work.

However, as your experience and reputation improve, you will be able to locate better jobs that pay $10 or more.

2. Service of Article Writing

What you need to become an article writer is strong writing abilities and scouring the internet for relevant information.

It is the best way to make money online without having to pay anything.

Depending on the word count and quality, you will get paid $2-$100 for each piece. While creating a transaction, you’ll be given instructions on article quality, niche, word count, and so on.

3. Obtain employment as a virtual assistant

Do you have amazing communication skills? Then apply for a position as a virtual assistant and make money online.

You may find virtual assistants on various websites, including Virtalent, 24/7 Virtual Assistant, and Freelancer.

A virtual assistant’s work description might include a wide range of tasks, such as data entry, calendar scheduling, travel and hotel reservations, and any other activity that your customer needs assistance with.

4. Create Your Own YouTube Channel

You may be the next big YouTube sensation if you’re comfortable in front of the camera. In reality, reviewing items on YouTube may make you a lot of money.

YouTubers earn money online by reviewing items and promoting brands. You may start making money on YouTube right now if you have some good video editing abilities.

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Overall, it is worthwhile to try online employment if you may benefit from making more money. It’s never been easier or handier before.

So start to earn money online without skills right now, regardless of your talents or interests. It can be done from anywhere globally as long as you have access to high-speed internet and full-time work.

When your side hustle has developed to the point that it pays as much as your full-time employment, simply put, stop it and devote yourself to it full-time.

Entrepreneur weston hill

The Basics of The Tax Industry with Tax Professional and Entrepreneur Weston Hill

One of the very common questions before tax professionals and accountants is “What cost or expense is deductible?”. Most trade or business expenses are tax-deductible. This means they may be used to reduce your gross revenue to net income and hence reduce your taxable income.

A good rule of thumb is that the cost or the expenses will mostly be deductible if it has a solid business purpose. Here the word solid or legitimate is quite operative. 

Just because something might be deducted from your tax return does not mean that it is a good idea. Remember that in many cases, to have the deduction, you have to spend money. Hence, taxes remain a part of the decision to incur the cost or expense in business. 

The Issue Of Depreciation

Another very common but very complex issue is that of depreciation. On the basic level, this question becomes: when may I deduct certain costs or expenses? Mostly the cost or expenses will then be written off in this year in which the business pays for their item. It is called expensing the cost.

But if an asset has a quite useful like of over a year. It will then be considered a capital asset and will also require to be written off over the useful life. It is called the depreciating of an asset or, in a few cases, amortizing the asset. 

Dictation of IRS

You must also beware that the IRS dictates the useful like of even more assets by placing them into their classes. Capital assets don’t include the case of paper bought on December 23 by this business through the end of March.

Its cost must be expensed in the year it is bought. Furthermore, the depreciation of assets must not apply to small, insignificant purchases; none, including the IRS, expects you to depreciate the cost of the stapler then.

Most businesses will then set a dollar limit for items that will be expensed rather than capitalized or deprecated. For a smaller business, $100 to $300 is reasonable. 

No discussion of the capital assets and depreciation is complete without mentioning the useful tax tool called Section 179. Most people often don’t have a sound idea of tax deposits and why one should have them done. But due to many causes, one must be able to grow their part up using the laws of taxation and tax authority. 

What is included in a startup expense total

A short distance of startup and organizational expenses incurred due to new businesses may be helpful. Startup expenses may usually include but aren’t limited to: the cost of travel, education, trade shows or training seminars, building costs, and supplies or materials required to get the business started. 

Organizational fees include the costs linked to forming or creating business. Fees paid to get licenses, and accounting or legal fees for the formation of an entity. 

A new business owner that wants to attend a trade show may form her business before paying for a trip and trade show fee. That is mainly because she would have to write off $3,000 over 15 years if she incurred the expenses.  To know more about him and his expertise must listen this audio.

Entrepreneur Weston Hill

About Weston

Weston Hill is the owner of The Tax Bizz, which is a tax company that offers Tax Software, Mentorship, Tax Software Training, Tax Courses, 1 on 1 consulting, Marketing Training, and more.

To learn more about Weston, visit

Musician, Professor , Entrepreneur and True Idol—Meet Alain Merville

Husband, father and true pioneer in the music and business worlds—Alain Merville is a generational pioneer. Founder and CEO of YousicPlay, music professor at Berklee College of Music and director of operations for Sugar Babies Inc., gives us an insight on how he has gone from the student to master. 

Starting Piano at the age of 14, Alain fell in love with the concepts of music. After a year of private lesson’s from his mentor, Alain was invited to mold his talents on the road. Being the only key player and fresh into the music world, he witnessed firsthand the challenges that awaited him. Feeling he was not the best but possessing a great work ethic toward the endeavors he felt passionate about. Practicing nearly 8 hours a day developing himself until gaining interest in Berkeley College his senior year.

Coming into music at a later age rather than the “typical” age, Alain attended Berkelee College of Music, the number one contemporary music school in the world and had a most humbling experience. Exposing him to things he would have never been exposed to had he not ventured onward. Challenges are more so opportunities to him, while learning the business and education aspects of music, he embarked on a journey of connecting with individuals doing the things he wanted in life or had interest with. Berklee was the one place in the world at the time where he could be connected with people who were great in the areas he learned in. This is what he had to say on the cultural standpoint at Berklee, “From a musical standpoint there’s a heavy black culture, outside of politics which I typically don’t get involved in. Whereas most schools focus on certain styles or genres, Berkeley is a pot of different styles, from Hip-Hop, Choir, Jazz, and many more styles containing different ethnicities and cultures.”

When asked in an interview with Historically Black Since, “What is YousicPlay”, this is what Alain had to say, “So YousicPlay is a music e-learning platform where music students, and music enthusiasts can learn music from any level, from celebrities, influencers to elite level college instructors along with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that functions as your own virtual tutor. The vision was really providing musicians with a platform that gives you direct access to the best musical minds in the world. Also the benefit of an in-person experience, because in person, you get the benefit of immediate feedback from your instructor to let you know how well you’re doing. On the recorded courses, there’s no accountability to let you know how well you’re doing so we wanted to provide the best of both worlds. So that’s the vision behind the AI aspect of it, which communicates with you and lets you know how well you’re doing from from exercise to exercise.”

This is an amazing platform if you wish to level up your music skills!

To learn more about Alain and Yousic, visit him online at  and his social media pages – Instagram – @alainmerville and Instagram: – @yousicplay 

RNI Films

Creative Spotlight: Music Artist Roosevelt on Why His Music is Raw, Vulnerable and Storytelling

Roosevelt has emerged from the streets of Kansas City with his own clothing brand Rich Apparels as well as his own sound musically that blends the urgency of modern day hip-hop with a smoother sound of alternative R&B.

With over 10,000 streams worldwide, sold out his first concert with over 250+ attendees, over 30 thousand supporters via twitter, Instagram, etc. Roosevelt has appeared in LA Fashion Week, KC Fashion Week, Omaha Fashion Week, appeared on VH1, BET, MTV and E! Network, Hot 103 Jamz, billboards, and countless magazines — Roosevelt is continuing to thrive in the R&B space as a young artist.

Q1: What inspired you to get started with music?

At such a young age, I would always hear my mom around the house singing, every morning. Music was a big part of my life growing up, and with my mom being raised and singing in the Church, my mom taught me at such an early age about music and the techniques of singing. From there, I began singing in front of family and friends, joining talent shows then began writing my music.

Q2: Most rewarding thing for you as an artist?

Great question! The most rewarding thing for me as an artist is supporters writing to me or coming up to me letting me know that my music has got them through a rough day or that my music has saved them. That brings me so much joy! At times, when writing this music, I sometimes feel I am alone in how I feel and my emotions when writing so when I write music and people tell me they relate, lets me know that I am not alone and through my art and vulnerability, it helps others.

Q3: If you could describe your style of music in three words, what would they be and why?

My music style in three words? This is tough! I would say Raw. Vulnerable. Storytelling. When I approach my music and writing a song, I like to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. I want to walk my listeners through a journey and story. Through my storytelling, I always want to approach it with vulnerability, rawness, and honesty. Every song I write is true stories.

I am a very private person so listening to my music, the listener will learn a lot about me and my past and/or current relationships.

Q4: Who are some of your musical influences?

So many! A few of my musical influences/inspirations would be Given, Ariana Grande, Bryson Tiller, Summer Walker, and Sam Smith. They’re all so different however, I respect their sound individually.

However, I find inspiration from old school music as well such as Usher, Brandy, Donell Jones, etc. When it comes to music, I have so many musical influences and inspirations that it is so difficult to choose just one!

Q5: Where do you see yourself musically in the next 12 months?

In the next 12 months musically, I see myself performing for a large venue and signed to a record label. I believe in prayer, manifestation, and staying consistent and persistent so that my short and long-term goals will happen.

Q6:  What are some of the obstacles you’ve had to endure and overcome as an independent artist?

This is a really good question. There are pros and cons to being an independent artist. A big pro is you have creative control over your sound, your direction, 100% ownership of your profits and music. Some cons are as an independent artist you have a limited number of networks, limited resources, and budgeting, etc.

Music videos and studio time is 100% funded by me however when you’re signed to a record label, you have that backing for music videos and studio time. I hope to sign to a record label that allows me to be creative and remain true to who I am but also provide me with knowledge on the music industry.

Q7:  What is your take on the current state of hip-hop music?

Everyone is doing their thing! I find myself still listening to the greats such as Drake, Chris Brown, Bryson Tiller, Nicki Minaj, 6lack, Kendrick Lamar and so many more because those were the ones I would listen to the most in my middle school and high school days and I still find inspiration from those artists. They create such timeless music so I have a high level of respect for them.

I am just happy that hip hop is still alive and continuing to be ground-breaking! Being an R&b/Hip-Hop artist, I want to ensure I am doing my part to keep the momentum with such amazing and talented artists.

Q8: What can your fans expect from you next?

Up next, my supporters can expect some visuals/music videos coming over the summer from my EP, concerts, appearances, and history being made! My EP “How Poetic” is on pre-order Friday, May 14th and available on iTunes, Spotify, and all other streaming services Friday, June 4th. I have some things in the works that I cannot wait to share. Stay tuned!

augmented reality

How Augmented Reality Will Change The Tourism Industry Forever?

Augmented reality is no less than magic, and it is making us all surprised with its powers just alike. You may find many augmented reality-driven technology items that are enough to make your jaw dropped. The same is the effect of AR in the world of tourism.

It is also said that augmented reality will change the tourism industry forever. You may see many improvements and enhancements in the world of tourism only because of augmented reality.

AR is the digital technology that changes the persona perception of the physical surroundings they have around them viewed through any particular device. This technology has many similarities with virtual reality, but AR doesn’t replace the real-world surroundings, but it augments it by overlaying the digital parts.

Typically the augmented reality mostly experiences using a tablet smartphone or any such device.

How will augmented reality change the tourism industry forever?

1. Active Information Delivery

Through the past few years, Augmented Reality has become the talk of the town. It has gained a lot of popularity in the travel industry. This is mainly because it allows hotels and other businesses to enhance their environments around them to encourage the customers to visit.

Unlike the other purchases, travel tends to be highly researched, as the customers need a lot of information before they reach the destination. In addition, this requirement of information doesn’t stop when any customers arrive. AR may ensure that a lot of this information is available to the customers 24 by 7.

2. Interactive Hotel Elements:

To date, the most common utilization of AR in the tourism industry has done to introduce interactive elements in the environments of hotels. It is done to improve the overall experience. This allows hotels and resorts and all other businesses to let the customers have a lot of information.

3. Augmented Tourist Destinations

A few companies in the travel industry are now developing their augmented reality apps away from the hotel environments. These apps let tourists enhance their tourist attractions and locations. This may let users point over their smartphone on a building and landmark and learn a lot more about it in real-time.

4. Beacon Technology

Another one of the very interesting uses of AR links to beacon technology that works using Bluetooth. This particular technology is highly useful in the travel and tourism industry. It allows businesses and marketers to send push notifications or let certain functions enter any particular location.

These are the main ways AR will change the way people travel and are having their tourism trips. It will be of high benefit that one would have a lot of information on his hand and travel around places without any guide or tourist groups.

Former Corporate Publicist Ifueko Igbinovia, Speaks on Starting Over and Rebranding with New Youtube Channel

Born and raised in New Jersey, Ifueko Igbinovia was determined to compose a platform that assisted creatives in being organic and allows them to embrace their eccentricity. Commencing her YouTube channel in March 2018 as a innovatie content creator, Ifueko wanted her message of individuality to be apparent through her platform. Previously, Ifueko worked for Universal Motown Records where she ventured into the entertainment world studying public relations for a vast quantity of celebrities. While at Universal, Ifueko converted into a radio personality for Clubzone FM.

Ifueko has interviewed vast celebrities Yemi Alade, Jim Jones, celebrity stylist Ty Hunter, Safaree, Mack Wilds, Musiq SoulChild, NBA Player Eric Williams, Love & Hip hop Mariah Lynn, rapper Maino, actor River Mason Eromosele, Safaree of Love & Hip Hop, among others. As a seasoned celebrity publicist and journalist she began acquiring her own clients and thriving  in brand and media building. Ifueko builds solid influential relationships through the entertainment industry. Being completely transparent and relatable she built her viewership through her talent. Ifueko’s background sets the tone for who she is today and with her eccentric and witty personality.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Ifueko about her new journey as a Youtuber and talk show host. Listen to the full interview below<

Instagram: @Fueko_xoxo


Thinking About Writing A Book? Here’s Why You Should Publish It Yourself.

Are you thinking of writing a book? Book writing is a great hobby and also a great way to let your knowledge and learning reach the masses. Most entrepreneurs are using their time to let their knowledge be moved onto a book’s compiled form. Most are headed towards eBook writing. But what if you are doing book writing and have the option of self-publishing? Following are a few reasons why you should pick to publish the book yourself.


You Are Guaranteed To Have Your Book Published

With traditional publishing, you will mostly find a literary agent to show you and your work. But finding the agent representation may be a long and tiring journey. Some writers have spent a year or two sending out the query letters, and it still hasn’t become possible to have an agent.

Many traditional publishers will only have a look at the manuscript if it comes in through the agents, so literary agents are a valuable resource and also contact when going to the traditional publishing route. 

The main issue with this kind of approach is that nothing in the way is guaranteed. You may be one of those who spend years trying to find an agent, or you may land an agent that would later reject you. But when you are self-publishing, you are in control. Your consumers will be the end judges of your book.

You, Will, Have Control Over Your Book

Writers do not consider the topic of all the rights when comparing the self-publishing route and traditional publishing. With the traditional publisher, it is common for you to get your publishing rights to the company, meaning that you will lose control of your publishing rights and creative control.

If you reach the point where the agent pitches the book, you have to a publisher, and the said publisher accepts your manuscript for the process of publication, the publisher will have the rights to your book.

This will ultimately have the final say on your published book’s content, but self-publishing is a wholly opposite thing. Through self-publishing, the author has publishing rights and all of the creative controls. 

You, Will, Enjoy Higher Royalty Rates

When you are book writing and are thinking of publishing it yourself, you are the rightful owner of getting the royalty rates. You are in full control to own the earnings made through your book and won’t have to pay anything to publishers or the publishing agents. An author may self-publish online and reach a wider audience if online retailers use a distributor such as Ingram. 

These are why you should think of self-publishing when you are ebook writing in the current time. You can avail the increased benefits of book writing this way.