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Elon Musk -Top 5 Rules of Success

We all know how well thought is Elon Musk in the world of business and success. But how did Elon Musk get this much success, and what were his rules behind it. 

The Rules Of Success By Elon Musk Are Written Below:

rules of success by Elon Musk

1. Make requirements less dumb:

The very first step is to make your requirements less dumb. All of the needs are quite dumb, no matter who has given them to you. It is mainly dangerous when they come from people who are rather intelligent as you might not even question them.

Everyone can be wrong, and no matter who you are, all of you’re mistaken at some point. All designs can be wrong, and it’s only a matter of the extent of wrong it is. 

2. Try and then delete the part of the process:

The second step of the owner of Tesla, Elon Musk, is to try very hard and delete the part of the process. If parts aren’t being added into the design at least 10% of this time, not enough parts will be deleted.

The bias is very strongly towards let us add this part of a process step if we need it. Every required part and process should come from the name, not any department, as the department cant be asked why their requirement exists, but any person can. 

3. Simplify or then optimize:

Rules of success mainly involve simplification of things. Simplifying and then optimizing the design means that he might be optimizing something that must not be there. Elon Musk is also guilty of being in this position.

He likes being in a mental straight jacket which happens in most traditional schools where you are always required to have an answer to a question, regardless of whether the premise is there to make any sense at all or not. 

4. Accelerate cycle time:

This step is to boost cycle time. You are only moving too slow, and you should move faster. Elon Musk’s tips include you to move faster. But it would help if you did not go too fast unless you have worked on the rest of the three things first.

He also uses another example of how these steps must occur in one order. In the wrongheaded process, you must stop and shouldn’t accelerate. Don’t dig it too fast if you are already digging the grave. 

5. Automate:

The rules of success by Elon Musk include automation as well. This final step is to automate. Elon Musk’s success tips consider automation an important part of the entire success process. If any product reaches the end of any production line and has a higher acceptance rate, there isn’t any need to have in-process testing. Elon Musk and Tesla have also made this mistake.

Elon Musk’s companies have suffered that they have gone through automation, acceleration, simplification, and then deletion. 

Last Word:

Elon Musk’s tips include being proactive, having a set rule for achieving your success, and being a part of your path to success.

Kwame and LaTicia Kilpatrick Speak on Their New Beginnings, New Ministry and New Love 

Some of us want to see the whole plan before we take one step. Just in faith, take a step. Move in that direction. Don’t be scared, just step on out.

Kwame M. Kilpatrick

With the release of his new book ”Off The Grid: The Journey Back to Destiny,” Kwame Kilpatrick proves that, your past doesn’t determine your future. After serving more than seven years in prison before his release in January 2021, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is determined not to let his past mistakes define him. Along with his wife Laticia, whom he credits for being his rock through hard times, they have started a new ministry and other ventures to inspire others.

Listen to our full interview with Kwame and Laticia Kilpatrick below.
Interviewed by Yimara McCartney-Ross

Releasing Baggage and Healing with TV Host, Comedian and Author Kiana Dancie

“At the end of the day, you have to make a decision about how broken you are going to remain”

-Kiana dancie

Television personality, Comedian, and now Author Kiana Dancie, wants women and men around the world to know the power of releasing the baggage of your past and moving forward with your life. Having experienced her own share of trauma and setbacks, the “Bye Bye Bags” author knows the power of letting go of what was, and focusing on the what is. Listen to our full interview with her below, as she discussed all this and more.

About Kiana

Having always been the life of the party with a dynamic personality with a glowing smile, The Kiana Dancie has shared several dynamic and colorful life experiences on her sold out “Single in the City” comedy tour across the country. She is a powerhouse comedian, speaker, media personality, actress & entrepreneur on and off stage. Kiana was featured on the hit TV ONE show “Whose Got Jokes? with Bill Bellamy where she destroyed the stage. She starred on Bounce TV’s second season of “Off the Chain” where the host, Rodney Perry introduced her as a beast! She’s a former co-host of TV ONE’s nationally syndicated talk show, “Sister Circle Live.” After taping an amazing set on Kevin Hart LOL stage at the Montreal Comedy Festival, she was casted in two movies: “One Crazy Christmas” a BET & SHOWTIME Feature and “SEXTUPLETS” with Maron Wayans for Netflix. Her new book “Bye Bags Bags – Laughing To Lighten The Load” discusses healing yourself whole, is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Iyanla Vanzant Brings You Luxury and Affirmations in Latest Bath Bar Addition to Her MasterPeace Skincare Line

 “As a descendant of Native Americans, I just am so aware of how denigrated and how diminished and how devalued Native American culture is, in this society. The legacy of my history as a descendant of Native Americans, is another part of why I really wanted to bring MasterPeace to the forefront. No matter where you study Native American culture or history, you will see that they for the most part, were very peaceful people, They fought to protect themselves and they fight for their culture.”

-Iyanla Vanzant

For the past few years, New York Times bestselling author and spiritual life coach, Iyanla Vanzant, has been continuing her late daughters legacy, of crafting all natural body products that impact the mind, body and soul. As a new addition to the MasterPeace Body Therapy LIne, she introduces her Luxury Bath Bars, which all come with an affirmation from the spiritual coach herself. With ingredients such as shea butter, purifyingcharcoal, and natural botanical extracts, these luxury body bars are said  to “help you clear away toxic energy and help restore your body to balance.”

The entire MasterPeace Body Therapy line consists of body washes, body butters and scrubs, that are are made with pure plant extracts and natural mineral ingredients. These products, along with the new Luxuxy Bath Bars are sure to help you take your self care and bathing routines to a new level. When asked about her own defintion of self-care, Vanzant stated,  “Self care, to me is the conscious awareness of Mind Body Spirit, moment to moment to moment to moment to moment, and then taking the actions or engaging in the practices that support you, and having the highest energetic vibration possible.”

The MasterPeace Collection is available online at:

About Iyanla:
Iyanla Vanzant is the premier African American teacher, writer and
speaker, on the subjects of spirituality, personal development and
loving relationships. The author of 15 titles, which include five New
York Times best sellers, Iyanla has touched the minds and hearts of
more than 8 million readers in 23 languages. She is also the founder
and Executive Director of the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual
Development conducts workshops and classes around the United
States, throughout Africa and the United Kingdom sharing her brand
of practical spiritual and personal growth tools and skills.

As the relationship expert, spiritual healer and star of the #1 rated
OWN show and three-time NAACP award winning, Iyanla, Fix My
Life, she has helped countless individuals and families on their paths
to healing. Authoring books and producing television is not all that
Iyanla has been able to master or accomplish. She is also a master
herbalist—a craft she learned from her Native American grandmother.
It is this gift and knowledge that she relied on to create and launch,
MasterPeace, her line of exquisite bath and body products.

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Why Inspiring Others is The Secret Of Success?

We all human beings are looking out for ways to be successful at all times. It is always a great thing to wake up and feel successful. This is why man has always been after the secret of success, and here we will point out one main secret of success that many of you might be ignoring.

It is to inspire others. Inspiring others is something that very few of us heed, but it is a secret of success as it has already given great men to the world. Let’s find out how you can benefit from it as well.

the secret of success

1. They grow; hence you grow

When you put your best at work while inspiring others, you are helping them be their best selves. When people get inspired by others, they try to imitate their actions. If you are a hardworking, passionate, and success-seeking person and are also trying to be an inspiring human being, you are making people around you act like you.

Seeing improvements in people that you are inspiring will help you grow as well. Seeing them being the best at their work will help you be your best self too; hence you keep finding success.

2. You can change their lives

Being able to inspire others is such a feeling of bliss that it brings moral happiness. Helping people enough to let them change their lives is the most rewarding form of inspiring others. You can make someone love themselves, find their path to success, and even change their lives by being an inspiring person to them.

3. You make the world a better place

Inspiring others is the greatest of feelings, and it also helps people in finding their success. Seeing people being inspired by you and changing their own lives for good is the right way to feel successful in oneself.

You might find many people who started dreaming again only because of you. This is one of the most rewarding of all feelings as it keeps you on track to being successful in life.

4. You grow personally

Supporting people’s needs is one of the most interesting things as it allows you to see yourself as someone who is helping people improve. You can see the change in people’s dreams and help them see themselves as better beings.

This process also helps you in growing personally. You will see improvements in your hobbies and the way you look at yourself.

All of these little factors make inspiring others the secret of success in anyone’s life. You will always find yourself in a better state by being a source of inspiration for others. It will help you to be a better person yourself as well and will create a strong aura of positivity around you too.

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What To Do If You Don’t Want To Work Anymore?

We all are always thinking about the next big thing that will make us excited about life. Mostly we find something to work on, but sometimes everything makes us bored. No matter we love our job or not, we may get tired of it. Such a situation may feel very exhausting, but there is a way out of everything. So if you are asking what to do if you don’t want to work anymore, then the following few suggestions are your answer. 

what to do if you don’t want to work anymore

Reward Yourself:

You are getting burned out in working too hard, maybe why you don’t want to work anymore. You have to find out a way to be able to get through your day. If you have finished working on that task that you dread, let yourself treat hot chocolate with your coworker. If you have finished a massive project, let yourself take a personal day out and do something fun. Stay on top of your inbox for a week, and then take some time out for dinner. 

Change Your Mind:

Sometimes it is a straightforward matter of faking it until you make it. You may change the way your brain is processing everything. You may make your attitude a bit more positive only by trying. Start by reanalyzing your job not only to keep it to the bane of your existence. Then, restart your thinking, and you are already halfway through to make your life a bit easier. 

Think About The Future:

It may be rough or only a boring path in your life. But consider having a conversation with the boss about moving ahead, perhaps taking more exciting work or shifting to other departments. Start setting more meetings now that will help you realize your best future. If you are thinking of what to do if you don’t want to work anymore, this can be your best bet. On the other hand, if you are tired of working, maybe seeing a bright future solves your confusion and makes you feel happy about it. 

Rethink Your Relationship With Money:

Money is not the only stuff. It is possibility, freedom and is also travel and fun. If you don’t want to work anywhere, then maybe shifting out to a new place for some time may soothe your mind. You may feel a new wave of life in yourself and see the beauty in life. Having a vacation planned or going for a movie night may be your best way to feel free of pressure and work anxiety.

Dot Settle For Tedious Work:

If you settle for tedious work now, you will soon be searching for what to do if you don’t want to work anymore shortly. This is why once you get the chance to pick a career for yourself, make sure you pick the right option that appeals to you. Money is nothing when you feel bored while making it. 

Hence to gather your mental peace and avoid searching for what to do if you don’t want to work anymore, you must keep your job options all that appeal to you. 

Soul Singer and Entrepreneur Casmè Host Sold Out Concert in New Orleans

On May 31st, 2021, New Orleans, LA based music artist and entrepreneur, Casmè hosted a sold out “Soul Sistas” concert along with artist Tamara Jade at Cafe Istanbul  in New Orleans. The two ladies and  The Voice alum, connected while filming the show last season, and have stayed in touch ever since. 

The event started off with performances from other local artists who opened the show, then led to Tamara Jade who tore the house down with her original pieces, and soulful medley. Casmè closed the night off with original music from her catalog that spans over 20 years. One of the highlights of the evening was the Second Line dance that Casmè led to her song “Nola Step.” For those who aren’t familiar with Second Line, this is a popular New Orleans dance that is done in celebration of something.

 The New Orleans Powerhouse is known to captivate audiences with her bubbly personality, sultry voice and energy, that can light up the darkest rooms. When asked for her thoughts on the event Casmè stated:

“It was a sold out sensation! I could not have asked for a better event!”

This event was full of good energy and food, as guest were able to chose from two black owned restaurants that were setup outside of the event.  

After the excitement and great feedback from this recent event, it’s given her more fuel. Making her very excited for the future to come in her live singing career. Her next live concert will be held at Café Istanbul on June 30th.

About Casmè 

Traveling the world as an entertainer and philanthropist, this star striking vocalist recently released her newest collection of work titled, “GUMBO”. Which includes over 40 records from all genres of music including Soul, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, Folk & Pop. For the past six years, CASMÈ has been Ranked #1 on Major Music Platform ReverbNation, as well as the Winner of many talent competitions including ESSENCE Fest & NOMS 2019 “New Orleans Music Showcase”,  Arthel Neville’s “Sing Like a Star” and more. 

She is a former singer for many major artists such as BoB, Trina Braxton, American Idol’s Kimberly Locke, Keith Urban, Carl Thomas, Aaron Hall, Lil G(Silk), Tony Toni Tone’ and more whom have all influenced her musical style.

Through her rigorous work effort and vast talent, she has landed many major opportunities to perform locally and worldwide including Essence Fest, Jazz Fest, News With A Twist, Jazz In The Park, WWLTV Morning Show, Walmart’s Music Commercial “The Receipt”, Steve Harvey Morning Show, 106&Park, Wendy Williams, Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, The View and more. 

To learn more about CASMÈ and “GUMBO”, visit her online at and her social media page – Instagram – @iamcasme

Gil and Renee Beavers

Meet Gil and Renee Beavers, the Power Couple Inspiring Singles and Couples Around the World

Gil & Renée are the hosts and creators of the Rich Relationships Podcast,  Book and coming soon the refuge. They have a couple of desires to provide the tools, principles, and community needed to grow and change. Their passion is to aid individuals in building, repairing, and restoring relationships that matter.

Rich Relationships with Gil & Renée is launching their self-paced “Rich Relationships Refuge,” which is a safe place for single and couples to change and grow. This group course is community-centered and private.

Gil & Renée have been featured on CBS, NBC, TBN, Atlanta Live, HOT 108 FM,  the Huffington Post, and  LV & Sheen Magazine.

Listen to the full interview below to learn more about this power couple

Gil and Renee Beavers

Click the link below to learn more about the new course

Their Instagram has a growing following of over 28K. Follow them to get the latest updates!

Kali Gipson – A Successful Entrepreneur & Influencer of 2021

Kali Gipson is an entrepreneur and influencer who knows the value of feeling and looking great. Kali has over 11k Instagram followers. She owns Pressbar, a one-of-a-kind silk press and micro link salon specializing in natural hair and hair extensions.

Each client receives a celebrity VIP experience when they visit the Pressbar brand.Hair and accessories are also sold, including signature wrap caps, detangle brushes, and a hair care line will be coming soon. When you walk into a Pressbar salon you will soak in the positive energy by being greeted with compassion and professionalism by the staff called bartenders who cater to all the customers.

In a safe, fun environment that gets you in and out, you are sure to come back and refer others as well. Pressbar is one of the hottest attractions in Atlanta!

Kali Gipson owns 3 Pressbar salons and Dream Salon Suites. She began her career as a child braiding hair and was inspired to become an entrepreneur by her father who was one as well.

 In 2006 she opened her first salon, in 2019 she moved to Atlanta to grow her businesses. Kali prides herself on great etiquette, customer service, and affordable prices. Listen to the Full Audio interview Below:

Kali Gipson – A Successful Entrepreneur & influencer of 2021


Profile Link: pressbarsalon & businesscoachkali


7 Habits of Billionaire That Helps Them Be Such Successful Figures

You may have thought many times that what are those things that help millionaires be MILLIONAIRES! Well, we are going to talk just about that in the following passage. In short, the true answer to this question is that these people live their lives with passion and perseverance. Now we are going to discuss the 7 Habits of Billionaire that helps them be such successful figures.

Nothing is too easy unless you are put in the hard work needed to achieve it. Most of the billionaires have accepted this as the motto of their lives and are now reaping its benefits. 


So let us see the 7 Habits of a Billionaire:

1. Stay Fit And Exercise

All of the smart people know that they can’t do anything big in their lives if they feel physically unwell. This is because if your body feels bad on the outside, it will feel worse on the inside. External factors stimulate us to feel a certain way about ourselves and our lives.

We cannot pursue our dreams and work hard on them if we are constantly feeling tired and fatigued. Like the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, keeping your body healthy upscaling the exercising regimes is important for you to achieve success in the long run. 

2. Mindful Sleep

Well, none of us can ignore the fact that our bodies are not made to only work and work constantly. We are programmed to let our bodies work at certain parts of the day and then relax at the other. Sleeping at night is the best thing that you can give to your body.

A sound sleep elevates your mood and keeps you energized for the next day. When Elon Musk was suggested having a sound sleep in the time of his Tesla Sedan 3 development, he soon doubled his net worth after some time. 

3. Believing In Oneself

Self-belief is the most important ingredient that you must mix in your potion of success; without self-belief, you will not be able to put any of your ideas into work. Just as Bill Gates does, believe in your idea after putting your best thought process into constructing it. Once you have your idea formed, stick to it and never doubt it is a reality and a hit. 

4. Read a lot!

Reading is something that you will find many successful people doing very often. Reading helps one relax down, get out of the treadmill, give way to imagination and ideas, and allows one to explore the hidden parts of the brain. Warren Buffet is a reader to the core.

 Whenever he is asked about his success, he always suggests people read and find more knowledge that they can hold onto. 

5. Set a Routine

When you have set your goal of being a billionaire, you will have to set a routine. Though exploration is good but changing your plans every day, you aren’t going to reach anywhere.

This is why you need to list out all of your tasks and make a routine. Then follow this routine like your belief and never go away from it. Make sure you are making necessary updates when needed to reach your goal in no time. 

6. Meditate

Meditation is highly important when your life is driven by dreams and goals that keep you active every day. Your body needs to calm down and relax for a while so that it can tune into the universe it belongs to.

You can start your routine early at 5 in the morning and meditate at that time to find peace within your mind. 

7. Set Timeframe

Not indulging things in other things is the core of success. You can not find success when you are not giving your full potential to what you are doing. This happens when nothing in your life is aligned, and your energy is everywhere. Try honing your energy and assigning it to specific tasks at specific times. 

These were the 7 habits of billionaire that helps them be such successful figures.