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Kid Entrepreneur: 5 Practical Reasons To Encourage Your Kid To Be One

All parents wish to get their kids started on their entrepreneurial journey as quickly as possible. This would be a great thing to have kids who know money management and have an idea of generating money. If you find your kids playing around running a shop or are finding them starting a new clothing line in your bedroom, then probably you have an Entrepreneur in the making. There are many reasons for entrepreneurship.

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But why should you strive to have them started on their entrepreneurship journey so early? These are some reasons for entrepreneurship learning to make your kid’s life more accessible in the future. 

1. Your kids will learn how to set and achieve goals:

Setting goals and achieving them can be a great way to boost self-affirmation, but what if you fail at them? This is what Kid Entrepreneur must be taught early in life how to set goals and make plans to achieve them.

Goals can give you a clear direction in life; they can be your motivator and also provide a sense of achievement once you meet them. You can set small goals for your kids every day and tell them how to achieve them.

2. It gives kids a sense of financial literacy:

Have you ever thought of any better way to explain to your kids about money that it doesn’t happen to grow on trees? Your kid will learn that money should be earned by their entrepreneurship venture, and it doesn’t come free.

They will learn that it takes time, products, supplies, wages, and marketing, which will give you money, and they will also use this knowledge in their coming life. This is How to become Kid Entrepreneur.

3. It will let your kids learn skills of problem-solving:

Like life, the road of initiating a business will always be full of ups and downs. Being a highly successful entrepreneur comes with overcoming all the obstacles and looking for solutions.

And it can’t get any better if your kid learns of all of these skills in the early part of life. Give them space to make as many mistakes as possible, but let them learn this crucial skill of solving problems. This is one main reason of reasons for entrepreneurship learning. 

4. Encourage kids to work in teams:

Learning how one can function being a team member might be hard. If we get honest, children can be self-centered and selfish. They are likely this way because they have only a limited view of the world. Learning to collaborate with other people working on the same goal is where your kids will learn how to harbor crucial skills to find business success. 

5. Boosts Confidence:

Work brings you confidence and solid self-recognition no matter what age you are. There can’t be any better way to bring your kid into the spectrum of hard work than for them to be successful in what they have fixed in their mind to achieve.

Ask your kids about anything about their school, and you won’t hear a thing, but if you talk about something they like, they won’t stop talking. And this is why you must let your kid do what they love doing and show them how it can be turned into a business. 

These are the reasons for entrepreneurship learning. Growing a kid entrepreneur is a daunting task hence you should know the ins and outs. Know the reasons to encourage your kid to start his journey of money-making so that you can always be confident about it yourself. 

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5 Steps to Helping Your Child Become a Successful Kidpreneur

We all want our kids to grow up into highly successful beings that know every inch of their life of how to turn them into success. Teaching your kids how to become successful kidpreneur is highly important to make them achieve the lifestyle they dream of and feed their family the best way possible.

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1. Teach your kids about setting their goals:

Without setting defined goals, your kid will have very little focus on future events, and it may benefit them. Hence, you need to help them jot down their goals, their pros and cons, and what they need to get there instead of just wishing.

Even a very simple everyday goal can be beneficial as they will put the entire focus of their mind to it and find the top way to reach it. It would help if you tried acting as a guide and not giving them their answers right away. Instead, ask them what work they can do and what skills they have to become an entrepreneur

2. Have cognitive skills:

You have to teach your kids about finding their way out of the problems they have and how they should rely on others’ help. Their cognitive skills have to grow if you want them to e successful one day. And for your kids in school, these cognitive skills will help them with demanding tasks too.

Having the ability to think on a higher level, your kid will see problems and approach them from different angles and make them a lot more successful when solving. 

3. Show them the business world:

Your kid must see and understand what a business does and not only dream of being a great mogul one day. You can introduce them to some elements of business that are easy to absorb at your kid’s age and see if they have the necessities to reach there. A business plan is an important document that every business must have. Your kid must see one to understand the reality of how difficult it is. 

4. Work on your child’s social skills:

Nobody can be a great entrepreneur if they cannot sweet-talk and attract clients and partners. Help your kids in finding their potential in presenting themselves and also selling their ideas. Even in school, kids have to say what they feel and be on their feet if they wish to succeed.

Kids may be shy and may have a hard time finally coming out of their hiding. But if you assist them in dining their real strengths, they may become great at expressing ideas. 

5. Tell them about money:

Make sure you explain to your kids that no matter what they wish to do in their life. They will have to have strong financial support. And to get there, they have to understand how finances work. Mix and match into your kid’s daily plays and help them understand finances better. 

This is how to Become a Successful Kidpreneur for your kids at this age and also be a successful entrepreneur when they grow up. These Steps to Helping Your Child be a big businessman one day will prove a huge asset.

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Nine Year Old Earns €24m As The Highest Paid YouTuber

Youtube is a place where many people are posting videos every day/some do it for fun, while some want to create their whole career. But most of these people are aged enough to start their careers professionally.

On the other hand, a nine-year-old boy has established his successful YouTubing career. He made €24 million in a year from “unboxing” and reviewing games and toys on Youtube. Moreover, he holds the title of the highest paid YouTuber for the third year consistently.

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Ryan Kaji Youngster Highest Paid Youtuber:

Ryan Kaji from Texas made $29.5 million from his Youtube channel named Ryan’s World. He is also estimated $200m from the branded toys of Ryans World and clothing, including Marks and Spenser PJs. Ryan has also signed a multimillion-dollar deal for his TV series on Nickelodeon that has been kept undisclosed. 

He is described as a child influencer and started making his Youtube videos back in 2015 after watching the other toy review channels. He then asked this question about how I am not on YouTube when all the other kids are? And this was the question that led him into creating his very first youtube video. 

His family changed his actual surname Guan to his on-screen name Kaji. He now runs 9 youtube channels. Ryan’s World is the most popular having 41.7 million subscribers and 12.2 billion views. His most popular video is the Huge Surprise Toys Challenge which has over 2 billion views making it one of the 60 highest views videos ever. 

But the YouTuber Ryan Kaji and his family are now facing certain US Federal Trade Commission investigation threats over some allegations that video sponsors aren’t perfectly disclosed.

Nearly 9% of Ryan Toys Review videos have one paid product recommendation aimed at preschoolers. That is a group of people that are too young to differentiate between the review and a commercial. It was a complaint from the consumer watchdog Truth in Advertising. They say these advertisements mostly depict unhealthy foods as well.

Being a child influencer, Ryan World toy is being courted by many companies to play with the latest toys so that their children may see them. But now, the child influencer himself has become a brand that is then being into Target, Walmart, and Amazon as its influence and own force.  It is though, pretty shocking.

The highest paid YouTuber is now also becoming the top child influencer who has started his own business. In Ryans Family, they can have content and products constantly. They are opening up the new toy each day and are paling playing with these toys every day; hence this constant consumerism is being embedded in these messages for kids. 

This huge platform is gaining a lot of attention and publicity that Ryan has gathered many child viewers and elders. He keeps on bringing new and modern toys that attract new consumers towards them; or the toys that Ryan owns himself.

Apart from this, many kids also expect their family to look like the Ryan Family and highest paid YouTuber who has a very bright future ahead. Check out more Kidpreneurs.

How To Make Money As A Kid

How To Make Money As A Kid In 2021

Being a kid in 2021 is already so abundant of possibilities, and the opportunities that are focusing on one path seem hard. But that is where your self-control and decision-making come to action. You may always have many options to pick from, but wise are those that pick quickly and smartly. So how to make money as a kid? Let’s explore.


Writing on a blog is, to date, the most valuable and effort returning process. All you need to do is write blogs on subjects that the world wishes to read and explore beyond that. You can write on anything as long as it grabs your audience’s attention. Your money will mainly depend on how large an audience you have on your blog.

And you will be earning through affiliate marketing, ads, and sponsored posts mainly. You can start from anywhere and at any time. There isn’t any age limit in this, and you neither have to worry about what to write as long as you have the audience read your content.

Take Online Surveys

Surveying the products and services of people are quite an easy thing to do. There are many people and companies out there trying to get honest responses from actual customers. These surveys are particularly designed to help them understand the demographics a lot better. There are also survey sites that are geared for 12 years olds and even younger.

Create Your YouTube Channel

Over the past few years, YouTube has grown greatly, and many people, including kids, dream of hitting it big on this platform. If you have some followers on YouTube, just as an audience on blogs, you can start making money.

Apart from channel ad videos that run during your video, you can also go for making some side cash by promoting products by yourself. You need to be 13 years of age to make a YouTube channel.

Sell Used Items Online

We all have some unwanted items from our daily lives that play no role in our routine. These items can be sold, and someone who needs it may buy them. You can sell your toys and clothes that are in good shape and can be put out there for sale. Platforms like eBay are ideal for getting your useless items out there in public to find someone who wants them.


Babysitting is just so easy and fun if you actually can handle babies. So this was the answer to how to make money as a kid. So, are you a kid and are looking for ways for kids to make money? The options mentioned above can help you through!

Online earning is most popular these days as it won’t demand you leave your house and go to work. These methods are the real ways for money earning and you may benefit from them greatly.

So, which of these options in making money as a kid appeals to you the most? 

One of the Worlds Youngest Self-Made Millionaires, Isabella Barrett, is Inspiring Teens Around the World

Isabella Barrett is a successful reality TV star who launched to fame after appearing in Toddlers & Tiaras and went on to become one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the USA by the time she was 9 years old. Now a teenager, she owns 5 brands and has dressed many of today’s top teen celebrities. Her fashion brand, House of Barretti, has appeared in New York Fashion Week twice, and has since branched out to include hair and skincare products. Most recently, Isabella has been filming for Amazon’s newest docu-series, Next Big Thing NYC, which follows eight teens on their quest to superstardom. Isabella is also part of the Young Entrepreneurs Association and has her first book coming out this year, titled Teen’s Guide to Business.

House of Barretti was founded by Barrett at the age of 9 in a mission to create luxury suits and custom apparel for the sophisticated teen and young adult. With luxury fabrics, a modern fit, and couture trims, House of Barretti has modernized the look and feel of the traditional suit. Its top-quality silk lining and active-length short and skirt options give a custom feel to the collection perfect for any teen or young adult looking to dress to impress in style and comfort. By 14, she had launched five businesses of her own

We had the opportunity to speak with Isabella and learn more about her journey . Listen to the full audio interview below