5 Ultimate Golden Rules of Goal Setting

golden rules of goal setting

5 Ultimate Golden Rules of Goal Setting

We all want to be among those successful teams of people that always acquire their goals. But do we all make it? Well, let’s leave this question up to you and get started with those 5 golden rules of goal setting that you should always follow:

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1. Always choose motivating goals:

When you are in the phase of goal setting, you shouldn’t make one that doesn’t even motivate you. It would help if you didn’t make something boring a result of your hustle as that will not drive you to keep working hard on your bad workdays. When your hustle’s outcome is not exciting to you, you won’t be putting 101% of your efforts towards your goal.

Hence it would help if you started with goals that are of most importance to you. It is easy to get overwhelmed by everything which needs to be done; hence you must start simple. We live in the snack-sized world where we can digest information in smaller bites and shut down when we receive a bulk. Hence break down your extreme goal into smaller, more motivating goals that collectively help you reach your final goal. 

2. Set SMART goals:

Duh, don’t we all set smarter goals? But this is SMART is the following:

  • Specific 
  • Measurable 
  • Attainable 
  • Relevant 
  • Time-bound

Specific goals will help you put all your focus into one thing and work daily towards your goal. You won’t be distracting your energy and resources into things you don’t look up to. Measurable goals will give you a determination to keep going and allow you to see how far you are from your goal.

Having attainable goals is one way of putting your hustle in the right way. it would help if you weren’t driving off to paths that lead to impossible and non-attainable goals as that will be very unproductive.

Always align your goals with a direction that you want in your career and life. Balancing the alignment in the long and short term will give you the focus that you need. And lastly, time-bound goals will be achieved in a faster way as compared to the ones that you have given yourself an indefinite time limit of. 

3. Write your goals down:

You can not achieve something if it is only in your brain where you can’t even see it in your actual physical world. To believe in something and to work for it, you should be able to see it through your eyes. Hence write down your goals. Make different To-Do lists of different time frames ie for a day, a week, a month, and years.

But setting a to-do list and writing your goals down will be a big acknowledgment you will make towards your dreams. This will help you in believing it till you make it a mantra. Use strong, affirmative, and strong words that enthrall you to achieve anything you set your mind to. 

4. Put a plan to action:

It is very easy to get focused on an outcome that you would forget the actual steps that you have to take to achieve the result. You may be running from A to Z but simply ignoring anything that comes in between. This will be harmful to your goal achievement; hence, always focus on the steps you will take to reach anywhere you want. 

5. Work the plan:

Having any plan in place when you set your goals will make you official. Working on this plan will make you successful. If you are taking the time to draw a good plan, then why not put it to action?

It is tempting always to keep changing your mindset or draw new plans when things are going awry, but variables are not an excuse for not sticking to the plan. Just keep trusting your instincts.

These are the golden rules of goal setting that you should always stick to if you wish to be successful one day. An entrepreneur’s goals need direction and determination to one day be a reality that everyone can see.