How To Make Money As A Kid In 2021

How To Make Money As A Kid

How To Make Money As A Kid In 2021

Being a kid in 2021 is already so abundant of possibilities, and the opportunities that are focusing on one path seem hard. But that is where your self-control and decision-making come to action. You may always have many options to pick from, but wise are those that pick quickly and smartly. So how to make money as a kid? Let’s explore.


Writing on a blog is, to date, the most valuable and effort returning process. All you need to do is write blogs on subjects that the world wishes to read and explore beyond that. You can write on anything as long as it grabs your audience’s attention. Your money will mainly depend on how large an audience you have on your blog.

And you will be earning through affiliate marketing, ads, and sponsored posts mainly. You can start from anywhere and at any time. There isn’t any age limit in this, and you neither have to worry about what to write as long as you have the audience read your content.

Take Online Surveys

Surveying the products and services of people are quite an easy thing to do. There are many people and companies out there trying to get honest responses from actual customers. These surveys are particularly designed to help them understand the demographics a lot better. There are also survey sites that are geared for 12 years olds and even younger.

Create Your YouTube Channel

Over the past few years, YouTube has grown greatly, and many people, including kids, dream of hitting it big on this platform. If you have some followers on YouTube, just as an audience on blogs, you can start making money.

Apart from channel ad videos that run during your video, you can also go for making some side cash by promoting products by yourself. You need to be 13 years of age to make a YouTube channel.

Sell Used Items Online

We all have some unwanted items from our daily lives that play no role in our routine. These items can be sold, and someone who needs it may buy them. You can sell your toys and clothes that are in good shape and can be put out there for sale. Platforms like eBay are ideal for getting your useless items out there in public to find someone who wants them.


Babysitting is just so easy and fun if you actually can handle babies. So this was the answer to how to make money as a kid. So, are you a kid and are looking for ways for kids to make money? The options mentioned above can help you through!

Online earning is most popular these days as it won’t demand you leave your house and go to work. These methods are the real ways for money earning and you may benefit from them greatly.

So, which of these options in making money as a kid appeals to you the most?