Kali Gipson – A Successful Entrepreneur & Influencer of 2021

Kali Gipson – A Successful Entrepreneur & Influencer of 2021

Kali Gipson is an entrepreneur and influencer who knows the value of feeling and looking great. Kali has over 11k Instagram followers. She owns Pressbar, a one-of-a-kind silk press and micro link salon specializing in natural hair and hair extensions.

Each client receives a celebrity VIP experience when they visit the Pressbar brand.Hair and accessories are also sold, including signature wrap caps, detangle brushes, and a hair care line will be coming soon. When you walk into a Pressbar salon you will soak in the positive energy by being greeted with compassion and professionalism by the staff called bartenders who cater to all the customers.

In a safe, fun environment that gets you in and out, you are sure to come back and refer others as well. Pressbar is one of the hottest attractions in Atlanta!

Kali Gipson owns 3 Pressbar salons and Dream Salon Suites. She began her career as a child braiding hair and was inspired to become an entrepreneur by her father who was one as well.

 In 2006 she opened her first salon, in 2019 she moved to Atlanta to grow her businesses. Kali prides herself on great etiquette, customer service, and affordable prices. Listen to the Full Audio interview Below:

Kali Gipson – A Successful Entrepreneur & influencer of 2021


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