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social media marketing platforms 2022

Most Popular Social Media Marketing Platforms 2022

You have already heard so much about social media marketing platforms 2022 and previous years that it is already a norm. Millions of people use this platform to connect with their loved ones and the world. Facebook, Snap chat, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger are among the top platforms. Though the very recent entry TikTok is also on the rise, it still comes later than Instagram.

This might be surprising, but when 80% of the customers also engage with brands over social media, not all social media platforms are made for this use case. Here are the top best social media apps.

1. Facebook:

This platform has over 2.27 billion active monthly users, making it the number one choice for all SMM platforms in 2022. With Facebook Ads Manager, you may also create ads that target your users based on different factors such as location, age, relationship, gender, level of education, job title, interests, device usage, purchase behavior, etc.

facebook - social media marketing platforms 2022

Facebook lets you create Custom Audiences from the lists of phone numbers that you have collected to reach your current customers. You will also use Facebook Pixel to target the customers that have visited your business website once. It has also been the most popular social media platform since 2022.

2. Twitter:

Twitter now has an average of 186 million of its daily active users. It is also the fastest-paced platform, and most users visit it to have new information. It also makes it a better marketing platform for companies that often post their original content.

twitter - social media marketing platforms 2022

It also makes it very easy for those users to share their links to new blogs and pages, and if you keep doing it regularly, you will also send users your content directly. You can run a devised social media marketing strategy on Twitter.

3. Instagram:

Facebook now owns Instagram. It boasts over a million monthly active users. It also has similar options for advertising, such as Facebook. Instagram is also a visual platform that allows you to present your businesses’ personality. It is also not a text-heavy platform, and it also doesn’t allow any links in the posts.

instagram - social media marketing platforms 2022

You also get access to many tools which you can use to boost the creative experience of the audience you have. Instagram is an ideal platform for your business if you need to reach your customers through photos and videos.

4. YouTube:

YouTube has more than 2 billion users. It is an ideal platform for highlighting your company culture and creating demonstrations and tutorials. If your company can create such content, you can make YouTube a great place to connect to your users. 


Apart from all of the views you can get on this platform, you can host videos to get embedded on your site.

5. Snapchat:

It is an ideal platform to send some real-time updates about your business. Snapchat lets you send videos and photos which stay active over the platform for 24 hours. It also makes it better for businesses that need to promote their timely events, such as conferences or product launches. It is one of the best social media apps.


Last Word:

These are some of the top Social Media Marketing platforms in 2022 that can help you boost your business and find targeted customers from all links. You can enjoy a healthy rate of sales increase on your business once you use social media for your marketing.


Daily Habits Of The Most Successful Leaders

Being highly successful doesn’t mean that you will only have to dream of it every day. But it is a set of ideally compiled rules and regulations that you practice in your life that slowly take you to success.

Some people that have already practiced these rules believe that they have found success only due to these practices. So what are these daily habits of the most successful leaders? Let us find out what successful leaders practice in their everyday life.

1. Make Sure To Read Every Day:

All successful leaders know and fully trust the unforgettable and undeniable advantage of reading every day. Reading can make you smarter, improve your mental clarity, increase your knowledge, reduce stress, improve your memory and activate reasoning skills that can help you focus on core issues of your life. It can bring peace and enlightenment to your life.

Reading is one such activity that relaxes your mind while also stimulating it. To become a great leader, you should be willing to walk on the door of learning. And learning that comes from reading will increase your chances to succeed in life. Find some leadership books and read them every day.

2. Focus On More Challenging Tasks:

Exceptional leaders are always living and thriving in challenges. The more you challenge yourself, the greater your confidence in doing it again. Challenge won’t only help you grow your skills, but it can also help increase the belief that you hold for yourself to achieve all of your aims. Daily Habits of Successful Leaders can help you improve your overall life.

3. Never Forget Your Health:

Most outstanding leaders make it their daily habit to take complete care of themselves over these four emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental levels. They know that the body’s overall health is the foundation from where all of the other most incredible things can happen. If you are not well physically, how will the levels of health above physical level be good?

 If you are not well at your foundation, you cannot function on stories of the complete performance that you want. For this exercise, every day, don’t ignore your body’s signs, have enough sleep, and always take your supplements that would help sustain your energy, focus, and endurance in the day.

4. Take Inspiration From People You Adore:

Exceptional leaders are always overachievers and are most critical of themselves whenever they make mistakes. To not fall into this trap, all successful leaders make sure they have some superiors they can look up to and admire to get in touch with them when needed.

We all need some help from people we consider to be higher than us. The key to effective leadership is always to consider yourself humble and grounded.

5. Always Plan Your Coming Day:

Preparing for the coming day and planning according to it is a habit that all effective leaders have. How can you succeed when you aren’t even sure where you will put your energy when living your day? You might also get things accomplished without a plan, but you may often focus on things that don’t make a more considerable difference in your bigger picture.

Last Word:

These are the daily habits of the most successful leaders. You can bring these in use and make sure you are leading well in your life to make your dreams come true. The importance of leadership in your life will become obvious when you consistently practice these habits.

claudienne hibber - veumagazine 1

Claudienne Hibbert-Smith, The Woman Who Has Taken Miami Real Estate Market By Storm

We had a the pleasure of speaking with Claudienne Hibbert-Smith, a practicing, licensed real estate professional. With current service offerings in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and all nearby areas in South Florida, she is now taking her brand globally in 2022 and beyond

Claudienne is a member of Exp Realty, through which she works day to day with buyers, sellers, renters, and investors to help them find their dream property with a lot of ease. 

Claudienne was a real estate agent from the age of 21 and made waves in the Miami real estate market. She bought her first duplex when she was in her early twenties and then started a path of investing in properties in her area. And after having a successful business added to her real estate portfolio, she is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with those around her. 

claudienne hibber - veumagazine

And to do so, she is sharing her journey on her Instagram platform (@claudiennehibbert), where she boasts seventy thousand followers. She regularly posts there about all of her pursuits in the real estate world, while also sharing her experiences and insights into this market. She lets her followers see inside her life while she works in the beautiful Miami area. 

Claudienne will also be working with Miami area entrepreneur Elena Cardone on a new project in 2022 and furthering her career in real estate and investments. 

What is more that, she is looking forward to continuing to spread her knowledge of real estate. She is investing so that she increases social mobility and entrepreneurship potential in the community she lives in.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Claudienne to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey to becoming one of the top real estate agents in Florida.

Watch the full interview below:

psychological hurdles of entrepreneurship

The 5 Biggest Psychological Hurdles of Entrepreneurship

Getting into entrepreneurship will tire every cell of your body, but the same thing will bring you so much joy and a sense of achievement. When you put your material assets into the business, you are also psychologically involved. Many of your emotions get drained when you have started your entrepreneurship venture. The top psychological hurdles of Entrepreneurship are given as follows:

psychological hurdles of entrepreneurship 01

1. Uncertainty:

Uncertainty is another name of our lives, but jobs feel more secure than business. It is in every corner of business, mainly in the initial years. You never know what your competitors may come up with and what will make your products or services useless for your consumer base.

You don’t know if the profitability model you have set will work in reality as perfectly s it shows on paper. The uncertainty may get a lot out of you if you keep letting it do so. But it would help if you also remembered that uncertainty is the same for all and many successful entrepreneurs are those that embrace it.

They have the mindset that there may not be any reward without getting into risks. If it isn’t enough to bring out your motivation, you should understand that the very worst scenario is never as bad as you think. 

2. Instability:

Beyond the uncertainty of your new business, you should also be ready for having some inherent instability in the starting month. You will have major and sudden surges of consumer interest followed by very long droughts.

You will also have random important expenses, major team members departing their ways, and windfalls that make them seem insignificant. Hence to abuse the cliché, it is a roller coaster ride, but even when you enjoy the whole variety, constant instability may get you. 

3. Responsibility:

Being a businessman means you’re investing yourself in this whole venture in different ways that you haven’t ever experienced. Every right or wrong decision you make, from picking your company’s name to closing the very first client contract, will affect your business bottom line.

psychological hurdles of entrepreneurship 02

Once your business grows, this whole responsibility also grows. Eventually, it is not only you over the hook, but also your partners, your investors, and your employees too. There is no easy way of overcoming this other than by reducing decision fatigue in daily routine life. It is understanding that bad decisions are not that bad after all. 

4. Balance:

It is easy to get sucked into your new venture, mainly when passionate about this industry. It is wholly your idea, and it is natural to wish to invest as much time as you actually can in it.

But unfortunately, that sometimes leads to doing 100-hour week work, long weekends, and several sleepless nights leaving you very little time for doing anything in your life. What is more harmful is that this imbalance mostly sets in without the businessmen ever realizing this. It would be best to prioritize your health and not be afraid to take some breaks. 

5. Loneliness:

The psychology of entrepreneurship often leads to loneliness. It is a huge problem in business than people realize it. Most entrepreneurs see as naturally isolated people who function contentedly as introverts when working on projects.

And then they turn into total extroverts when there is a need for it. Every businessman is pulling off a delicate art of balancing, always bottling up their stresses, fears, and worries whenever there is someone else.

One can never tell anyone in business how scared you are and hence jumps into loneliness. Psychology and entrepreneurship are linked together as you are not only investing your time in this work. You are putting your whole existence in it. 

These psychological hurdles of entrepreneurship will make you feel this world is hard to run in. But once you start seeing the results of your hard work, you will see how great it all is.

essentials for starting a small business

What are the Essentials For Starting a Small Business?

Starting a small business is the most exciting part of the business journey. But to make sure that everything goes smoothly, you don’t only need a stellar idea/ well, an idea of your business is the basis of it, but to build a building over it, you need some other things as well. These are essentials for starting a small business.

essentials for starting a small business

Let us get started in which are these basic things you need to include in your business setup:

1. Define your selling point:

You require a unique selling point as you must always define what makes your business better and different from your competitors. Try summing it up in only two sentences, and keep it in mind. You will use it every time you pitch to investors and your potential customers.

2. Find your Business Mentor:

Whether it is just a business advisor or a whole financial guru, you should find someone who gives you honest feedback on your business. Contact a small business development center that can provide you with a mentor.

3. Create a Business Plan:

When you have a business plan, you will have to summarize your business just as it is now and map your vision for what and how it will be.

4. Register your web domains and trademarks:

You will need a website, so check for suitable domain names to get them registered. You need a website, and you just can’t run from it. Hence getting your domain registered is one top thing that will help you ahead.

5. Ensure that your business is going to be profitable:

Once you get your business idea to work, you need to be sure to bring you profit. Use your accounting software to run profit and loss forecasts. Ask the accountant or your financial advisor for this suggestion and his opinion.

6. Arrange your business insurance:

Even the slightest and smallest companies have to have insurance. You should talk to a broker and find ideal packages for you. This is one of the essentials for starting a small business.

7. Create social network accounts:

Different businesses would have different social media requirements. You may need a Facebook page or a LinkedIn profile, or sometimes you may only need a Twitter account. You can also ask your mentor to see what your business needs to do. Look at the companies that you see as an inspiration.

So, from this starting a business checklist, what do you learn, and what are the things you think you are going to add to your business setup. If you are unsure, you can also search for how to start a business and let yourself be apart from the rest of your competition.

Many people would skip the above-given list of things needed to do, leading them to destruction. But to carry out a successful business, you need to have these essential steps to start a new business to ensure success.

how to grow your business on instagram

How To Grow Your Business On Instagram In 2022

Instagram is where many of us log into every other hour daily. Going to this platform and seeing everything live from around the world is so much fun. But this platform can be great for your business as well. It can be a highly targetable visual marketing platform for your company and an ideal chance to build a loyal audience that grows as your business does. 

In fact, around 500 million Instagram users use this app every single day. This makes it a hub of highly engaged audiences. But like all social networks, there are many right ways to use this platform in clever ways. 

how to grow your business on instagram

But how to grow an Instagram account using some clever ways

These ways to help you grow your Instagram platform will be ideal for you. 

1. Use the Right Hashtags:

Your main goal is to regularly engage your current audience while also adding more followers on Instagram. Posting more interesting and highly engaging photos will satisfy the first requirement, but you will discover that your photos’ tagging is highly important to growing. Hashtagging also makes it easy for people to search for some major terms to look for your photos. 

2. Use Perfect Filters:

Keyword hashtags are not the very thing you must pay attention to. The Instagram community also responds to those certain photo filters a lot more favorably than others. Using these filters may have an impact on your engagement. Here are some filters on Instagram:

  • Normal 
  • Clarendon 
  • Juno 
  • Lark 
  • Ludwig 
  • Gingham 
  • Valencia 
  • X-Pro II
  • Lo-fi
  • Amaro 

3. Post on Right Times:

Beyond adding the right hashtags using the ideal filters to add many more followers on Instagram, you must consider the timing you post. A targeted approach includes analyzing what has and has not worked for you in previous times. The Instagram tools will offer you the analysis that will tell you when you should post and what times are right to publish. 

4. Steal your competitor’s followers:

One of the ideal ways to look for new followers is by looking out your nearest competitors’ accounts on Instagram and engaging with their audiences. These people have shown some interest in products you carry only by following your competitors. So how should you effectively steal all of your competitor’s followers?

By getting engaged with them. There are many ways to engage with all Instagram users, and the amount of work you put into it, the more followers and repeat the engagement you will get out of this. 

5. Get sponsored posts and product reviews:

All this posting after optimizing your post is great, but if you want to understand how to have more followers on Instagram at once, you have to take advantage of influencer marketing. It will bring forth your brand for a bigger audience. Unlike these tactics add more Instagram followers mentioned above, this one is not free mostly. But if you proceed with it in the right way, it will be of great value.

You will have to list the bigger accounts in your niche to get yourself started. For example, if you are on your expedition to sell beauty products, you will want to find huge accounts from beauty bloggers. This is one main way of how to grow your business on Instagram.

So now, as you are ready to grow your Instagram account, you will be able to get your business to the highest extremes and make huge profits.

You can also check why social media is important for your business?

future of entrepreneurship

The Future Of Entrepreneurship And 21st Century

For many years, being an entrepreneur has been a goal of many potential business owners. The lifestyle, flexibility of your working hours. An ability to set yourself running for your life is a call that many find hard to ignore, taking on a leap and setting out over their business ventures. What puts a huge fraction of entrepreneurs off is the inability to drive on what business they are the best to venture into in the very first place.

We will go through a thorough look into the future of entrepreneurship. We will also see what changes we are expecting in the coming years:

A rise of social enterprise:

In the past years, there has been a huge increase in the social awareness of consumers. A desire to contribute to businesses that use a percentage of the profits they raise to help deserving causes. This new change of habits has paved its way into a new kind of business venture. These businesses are also known as social enterprises and are driven by the purposes instead of by profit to improve others’ lives. They are most certainly being more and more common in the present vast business landscape. 

The main mission behind social enterprises is to create funds that can contribute to helping groups of people that aren’t fortunate enough. It is increasingly important to different demographics when picking which kinds of businesses they have to spend the money with. 

The importance of digital trends:

Any aspiring entrepreneur must keep a very close eye on changing the current trends appearing in their potential consumer base. These trends may then improve the market. It can make businesses to the target demographic, leading to a significant increase in sales and an overall brand’s growth. 

By looking closely at your target demographic use of social media, mobile applications, or search engines, you may effectively place ads where they will be highly effective in securing sales for your business. You must be highly specific when you are monitoring the trends for the benefit of your own business.

It is almost impossible to effectively scale a brand without a high knowledge of the way your users use the internet. This is mainly a prominent part of everybody’s daily life these days. 

The growth of platforms:

There has been a huge increase in businesses that operate using a platform model in the past few years. A platform is the business model in which a company relies. The model for constructing a huge and prominent user base to grow, acquire prominence, and maintain long-term success. One must adopt such a good and reliable platform for betterment of the future of entrepreneurship.

One of the examples of a successful platform business is the giant eBay that started in 1995 after the pioneer Pierre Omidyar decided to sell his broken laser printer online for $1.

It made $14.83/ in the 25 years after that, Omidyar has overgrown his website to a globally recognized brand having a net worth of more than $13 billion and 25 million users monthly. 

What does the future of business look like?

Every year, many people decide to take the leap of faith and launch their business. This is a fact that comes with positives and negatives to consider. It goes to show that being an entrepreneur is a more accessible career path than in the past. But it is also becoming greatly hard to achieve widespread recognition and success in highly saturated markets. 

In the 21st century the future of entrepreneurship will be highly driven by the skill and services to be delivered. The business 21st century is giving off the most positive vibes to people that aim for the best.

become successful kidpreneur

5 Steps to Helping Your Child Become a Successful Kidpreneur

We all want our kids to grow up into highly successful beings that know every inch of their life of how to turn them into success. Teaching your kids how to become successful kidpreneur is highly important to make them achieve the lifestyle they dream of and feed their family the best way possible.

become successful kidpreneur 1

1. Teach your kids about setting their goals:

Without setting defined goals, your kid will have very little focus on future events, and it may benefit them. Hence, you need to help them jot down their goals, their pros and cons, and what they need to get there instead of just wishing.

Even a very simple everyday goal can be beneficial as they will put the entire focus of their mind to it and find the top way to reach it. It would help if you tried acting as a guide and not giving them their answers right away. Instead, ask them what work they can do and what skills they have to become an entrepreneur

2. Have cognitive skills:

You have to teach your kids about finding their way out of the problems they have and how they should rely on others’ help. Their cognitive skills have to grow if you want them to e successful one day. And for your kids in school, these cognitive skills will help them with demanding tasks too.

Having the ability to think on a higher level, your kid will see problems and approach them from different angles and make them a lot more successful when solving. 

3. Show them the business world:

Your kid must see and understand what a business does and not only dream of being a great mogul one day. You can introduce them to some elements of business that are easy to absorb at your kid’s age and see if they have the necessities to reach there. A business plan is an important document that every business must have. Your kid must see one to understand the reality of how difficult it is. 

4. Work on your child’s social skills:

Nobody can be a great entrepreneur if they cannot sweet-talk and attract clients and partners. Help your kids in finding their potential in presenting themselves and also selling their ideas. Even in school, kids have to say what they feel and be on their feet if they wish to succeed.

Kids may be shy and may have a hard time finally coming out of their hiding. But if you assist them in dining their real strengths, they may become great at expressing ideas. 

5. Tell them about money:

Make sure you explain to your kids that no matter what they wish to do in their life. They will have to have strong financial support. And to get there, they have to understand how finances work. Mix and match into your kid’s daily plays and help them understand finances better. 

This is how to Become a Successful Kidpreneur for your kids at this age and also be a successful entrepreneur when they grow up. These Steps to Helping Your Child be a big businessman one day will prove a huge asset.

what makes entrepreneurs successful

What Makes Entrepreneurs Successful?

Any startup owner or an entrepreneur will tell you that success won’t come with dreaming only; it needs work. Though reaming is also an essential ingredient, you have to focus equally on the remaining part. Entrepreneurship might mean many things, but in the end, it is all about paving through your path.

what makes entrepreneurs successful 01

We are going to find out what makes entrepreneurs successful through the following list of traits and actions they take in their careers:

1. Take risks and don’t waste all of your time in avoiding failure:

We all heat failures, but they had a fear of them is what causes downfall. You must never be afraid of failing at anything, as when you fear failure, you fear change and taking risks as well.

Your constant fear of not succeeding at something will keep you from trying out your luck in different aspects of your entrepreneurial journey. You might also lose some big opportunities. 

2. Be persistent and create your fortune:

One important tool that you use to achieve success is your persistence. If you keep on striking at the same point with consistency, you can break mountains and rocks into half. The same is how it goes with your entrepreneurial journey. You can always start at any time of your career, but persistence will help you reach the goals that you wished for a few years ago.

You can change your fate and fortune and build the life you desire by always being confident and persistent on your goals in life. All you have to do is believe in yourself and look at the bigger picture whenever you fail and step back for a while. 

3. Find people you would serve:

If you have started your entrepreneurial journey, you should have a group of people you would be serving using your idea. Your idea must solve a problem, end up crisis, or at least change people’s lives in one way or the other. Having a market that you will be serving through your services and products will be the only thing that will keep you driving even when you don’t feel like it. 

4. Never stop learning:

It would help if you did not let your learning process stop and must always feel the right to keep increasing your knowledge about the area you are serving. People that stop learning in life are also the ones that stop improving and growing in the paths of their lives. And when you learn, don’t also forget to give it ahead too.

Let people have you like the most knowledgeable and rewarding person to be with, as only this is how you will help others without taking anything back. 

These are the main ways of what makes entrepreneurs successful. Keep in mind that these people who find success don’t believe in getting themselves everything they want; instead, they keep helping others. They believe in spreading positivity and kindness, and that’s how they become ideals for all they meet.

Tips To Manage Your Time Effectively

Top 5 Tips To Manage Your Time Effectively

Even you ask the freest person of this world about time, he would say he has less of it. Time is the most precious asset we have at present, as once a bit of it is gone, and it won’t be coming back. Even the seconds that are going by right now aren’t going to be available ever again.

Tips To Manage Your Time Effectively 01

So, you need to start thinking smartly and use every minute of your whole day wisely. It is hard always to stay focused and manage time effectively, and this is why we offer you the top 5 tips to manage your time effectively. 

1. Set reminders for everything you have to do in a day:

The initial key to working smarter and not harder in time management is knowing all of your deadlines and setting all reminders. It would be best if you set reminders around fifteen minutes before the set deadline. This way, you will get enough time to prepare for the meeting or the task that is up next. 

2. Create an everyday planner:

Make a whole list of all of the tasks that you need to acquire that day and not all of the upcoming meetings and deadlines as you get to know them. While you complete the list, make sure you tick off all of the tasks you have completed. This way, you will stay aware of everything you have done and everything that is left pending. 

3. Give every task a time limit:

Over your daily list of tasks to do, write down how much time you think each of the tasks will take. If you don’t finish, stop when the time you fixed ends, and come back to it once its new cycle comes.

Sometimes moving over to different roles and responsibilities and then coming back to the leftover gives your mind a whole fresh start and a new perspective. 

4. Have a set routine:

While you are at work, you have to create a routine that makes the most sense of your position. Why is this essential? For starters, if a chaotic day comes in, you will still work through any issue while sticking to your routine.

By sticking to the routine, you are in, you won’t be able to delay things or procrastinate in any way possible. And most importantly, your mental stability will be maintained, and stress levels will reduce. 

These are some tips to manage your time effectively that will be your way to work smarter and not harder. Many people want to work, but their time management isn’t good enough to achieve the goals they want to reach. If you wish to find success in life, you should change yourself and prepare for it.

No big success comes without any effort put into it. Work hard and pay your best efforts into making your dreams a reality, and you will see all of your tiring days and sleepless nights paying you back.