How To Manage Your Finances As A Teenager

manage your finances

How To Manage Your Finances As A Teenager

Do you feel worn out of money before the end of the month? It is because you don’t know how to manage your finances. In teenagers, people are more likely to indulge in expensive and unnecessary activities. It isn’t easy to manage the expenses when surrounded by friends who like outings and shopping.

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In the article, you will get complete guidance on why and how to do personal financial planning.

Reason to save money as a teenager

Having the habit of saving money helps you at every stage of life. As a teenager, by saving money, you can become financially independent. Moreover, you can make decisions for yourself. This habit makes a teenager more sensible and a goal achiever.

Steps for personal financial planning

Here are the five steps that you can follow to manage your finances.

1.Start a saving account.

Saving a savings account will encourage achieving the target that has been set it. Moreover, it will reduce the temptation of spending money. Contributing to your account regularly will develop better spending habits in you.

2.Separate savings from spending

Whether you like to put money in the bank or cash in a bag, you need to put your savings aside. If you put them in one place, you will be tempted to spend on unnecessary items like clothes, trips, etc. Saving for emergencies or for anything you want to buy for a long time.

To avoid the clash, you can have two accounts. One for the savings and the other for the money you spend daily. This way, the goal won’t be conflicted.

3.Set up a budget plan

After putting the savings aside, making a financial budget plan will help to spend periodically. You can determine an amount you have to spend in 5 days to complete the month. A thoughtful spending plan won’t let you on your uppers.

4.Track your finances

Be your financial advisor and keep track of your spending. If you keep the book of your purchases, it will help you save money. Aside from a budget plan, making a record of purchases will make sure that you are spending. Moreover, you know whether you are crossing your budget or not.

5.Get a summer job

If you are old enough and can spare time from your studies, you should look for a part-time job for some extra savings. Part-time jobs not only make you financially independent but make you confident, patient and help you attain good communication skills.

A part-time job will also make you busy and save you from doing unnecessary shopping in your free time. Moreover, job experience can open the way to a better job with a high salary in the future.


Personal financial planning is essential at every stage of life. Moreover, it saves you from profusion. Developing this habit in your teenage makes you financially independent. You can save money by making a good spending plan and surrounding yourself with something less extravagant.