Should You Put Your Money into PR or Marketing?


Should You Put Your Money into PR or Marketing?

Are you running an online business or a business otherwise? You may be putting off your best time and money into marketing. As marketing is the big ingredient that goes into business success, many people pay off a lot of attention to sending PRs. But what is a PR? 

PR, i.e., Public Relations, is all about creating brand awareness. In other words, it is a campaign such as a marketing ad which is the story behind the actual ad. It engages and turns potential customers into long-term relationships through brand engagement and brand awareness. 

pr vs marketing

So should you be sending PR for Marketing?

There are, at the same time, pros and cons to the world of marketing. If you have the budget, both of these can work together. If you don’t currently have the budget, it is always better to spend your money on PR first, as you need to create the brand story first before spending money on marketing. And if you don’t have a compelling story to market, then going into marketing won’t help you at all. 

PRs can help you build up your brand, position your journey in the right way as the expert and a leader, influencer in the field you are in, and then follow that up using highly aggressive marketing tactics. This can help you get your message in front of the right set of people and have them do something with it. Your potential audience may click on the link you have given in the PRs or opt-in. 

Experts also suggest that PRs are free, while marketing is something you will pay for. In a way, a client pays for a PR while the exposure is free, which may sometimes complicate a PR firm’s ability to place a hard number for the returns of your spending.

Surely someone may learn about the product you are offering through the article as well. They might also buy the product causing immediate gratification. But if it is the digital article, we are also boosting SEO that increases the traffic to your website and, over the long run, will give more returns as people will search keywords, your brand’s credibility, and a lot more. 

Whereas marketing has a time frame over it. It is almost quantifiable. If a well-established company starts thinking of marketing, then it will be known through a quick boost. Marketing is a lot more helpful for bigger companies, whereas PR is when a company doesn’t have the right amount of money for going for marketing campaigns.


Marketing is the quick spend for direct results, which are easily measured. At the same time, PR is the investment for a mix of both short and long-term successes.

So being a business owner, which one do you think you must opt for? Marketing or PR?