Meet Author Ebony Davis

Meet Author Ebony Davis

Author Ebony Davis is a single mother of a boy named Prince, who recently published a book, “Gift of Pain”. Helping single mothers recover mentally and emotionally from an abandoned pregnancy.

An abandoned pregnancy occurs when the child’s father has decided to not be a part of the pregnancy with the mother. Ebony’s sister encouraged her to write and publish her first book. While Ebony began writing her story is when she discovered the process and power to heal. Leaning on the expertise and encouragement of her sister, Ebony was able to persevere and seal her deep wounds.
The book, “Gift of Pain: Persevere Through an Abandoned Pregnancy”, is a story about a young woman who once had aspirations and planned to attend law school until she became pregnant. Who became a single mother months before entering graduate school. 

This book provides readers with an inside look in the unfiltered good, bad, and ugly surrounding the vulnerable experiences of an abandoned pregnancy. With an opportunity to be inspired no matter the circumstances when faced with emotional distress. There is always a gift in everything that we’ve experienced.  
It can be challenging to re-live some of the memories that were suppressed, certain incidents that had taken place. There were times that Ebony had to simply set the pen and paper down, walking away. Until she remembered who she was writing the book for, to help individuals overcome. 

Being a huge fan of Desiree Lee, Ashley K. Pittman, James Cornelius, Latrice Ryan, and Celicia; They have all played an intricate part in Ebony’s life, providing her with inspiration, wisdom, and tools to help other to improve life decisions. 

Author Ebony Davis is currently in the process of launching a health and fitness apparel for women. Soon, spots will be made available in December 2020 to participate in the mentorship program. She is also excited to open the doors to the non-profit organization.
It is important for Ms. Davis to influence authors and individuals to commit to the process of healing. “When you do it with love, inevitably will create a recipe for success. Remain grounded and rooted in the word of God and keep it close to your heart.” -Author Ebony Davis