Learning the Power of Your Influence with Nedra Buckmire

Learning the Power of Your Influence with Nedra Buckmire

Give us a little bit of your background, and what inspired you to write your story

I have been an administrator for many years and still function in this capacity. I am also a speaker, mentor, certified life coach and author. My passion is helping others unleash dormant dreams by teaching them how to release their inherent excellence. When an individual can see with eyes of renewed hope and ultimately realize what they’ve desired brings me great joy. One of the central reasons that inspired me to write Harness The Power of Your Influence was to let every reader know influence is a force, yet it’s not forceful. Being able to intentionally channel one’s force to effect change in a person’s behavior, character, development, or overall outlook is immensely rewarding. The impact of shaping, empowering or lifting someone’s life because of deliberate interactions can certainly rewrite a person’s future.

What is your book Harness The Power of Your Influence all about, and what can readers expect from reading it?

The book’s central focus communicates the significance of comprehending the power one’s influence can wield. When a person is keenly aware they are influencing even when they are not being intentional, it brings a heightened awareness in this area. Readers can expect to understand at the basic level what is influence, their sphere of influence, how to embrace their influence and ultimately how to harness the power of their influence. When influence occurs, the impact should produce measurable results in the lives of those touched.

What has been one of the most challenging things throughout your writing process?

One of the most challenging things experienced within my writing process, which I am still in, has been replenishing my creative energy once I completed my master’s degree. I felt depleted and mentally exhausted from the countless research, papers and writing. Thankfully, I’ve completed my degree, a Master of Science in Psychology, and am working towards completing the book.

Who are some of your literary inspirations and why?

When I look at my library, I have tons of books on leadership several of which are written by John C. Maxwell, Dr. Samuel R. Chand among other others. As a leader in a nonprofit organization, I endeavor to stay connected and grow while remaining relevant in the field of leadership.  These books provide guidance and knowledge which can be utilized as resources to aid me as I impart to those I lead. Other literary works within my library are books that deal with the total person—spirit, soul and body. Some of those authors relating to those areas are Dr. Myles Munroe and Dr. Cindy Trimm. These books deal with aspects of life as we seek to become or remain whole in our spirit, soul and body. Understanding these areas that commonly hinder people’s ability to release dormant dreams and desires, can help me help others find resolve. These literary works have educated as I help lift others that may be stuck with unrealized expectations.

What other projects are you working on along with your book?

Right now, I’m finalizing a mentoring program for the Ravens Hope International organization. Ravens Hope International is teaching and training organization founded by Karen Robinson. I am part of this organization. The program was founded in Houston and is based in Cambodia. It exists to provide spiritual growth, leadership development, life skills, internships and mission opportunities to women ages 18-30. The mentoring program is entitled Maximizing Excellence. Many of the women in Cambodia lack education due to a myriad of factors.  The mentoring program provides further development in specified areas requested by the graduates of the Ravens Hope International instructional program. In addition to this program, I am continually creating content for my empowerment encounters and coaching programs.

Leave us with some final words of encouragement to your readers and aspiring authors

The journey of writing can be laborious and yet immensely satisfying. No matter where you currently are in your journey, keep going. The vision of your book has a story to tell, a truth to reveal and an answer to someone’s dilemma hidden within your words—make sure you tell them.  Your literary work can influence masses but it must first be released. I encourage you to inspire hope, ignite passions and rewrite futures as you impact others with your literary excellence. Harness your power and release your greatness! 

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