How to Protect Your Mutual Funds From a Financial Crisis

How to Protect Your Mutual Funds From a Financial Crisis

Many investors are still recovering from the 2008 stock market crash. The economy was growing very fast before the coronavirus pandemic. Investors were already looking for methods to protect their investment portfolios. They want to protect their portfolio from the next financial crisis which might come after the coronavirus pandemic. Mutual funds have very limited exposure to the global market. There are various methods to protect your mutual funds from the next financial crisis. In this article, we are going to talk about the key strategies that you can use for protecting your mutual funds.1. Go for Bond Funds 

Bonds are considered to be the safest investment. You will always get some interest payments every year. If you want to protect your mutual funds from the economic turmoil, then you should invest in government-issued bonds. These bonds are safer when compared to corporate bonds. The stock market might crash due to the pandemic. But, the U.S government is never going to declare bankruptcy.

You can also protect your funds from an America crash. Investors should look for bond funds that are issued by stable foreign governments. The U.S economy will also have some effect on other nation’s economies. However, it can’t completely destroy the economy of other first-world counties. 

2. Avoid Leveraged Funds 

The leveraged funds were the main reason behind the 2008 crisis. You can use these funds for generating some quick profits. However, these funds are also riskier when compared to other bonds. If you want to remove unnecessary risk, then you should get rid of leverage funds.

3. Reduce Risk

Money market funds are the most stable type of mutual funds. These funds are short-term debts that are issued by the government. Sometimes large corporations can also issue short-term debts. Thus, the risk of default is very low on these funds. You will get only limited returns on these funds. Money market funds are not going to help you in building serious wealth. However, you don’t need to worry about losing this money.

4. Check foreign bonds

You should also invest in good foreign corporate stocks. There are many good foreign bonds that will help you in earning good returns. This will also help you in limiting your risk. The foreign stocks will actually gain value if the American market crashes. Thus, you can limit your risk by investing in both American government bonds and foreign government bonds.

5. Spread the Risk 

The best thing about mutual funds is that it will increase the degree of diversification. You don’t need to worry about diversifying your funds. However, you should even protect your fund investments by investing in different types of funds. You should invest in both long-term and short-term bonds.

  6. Noncyclical Funds 

Most people think that the stock market is the riskiest investment. You can lose all of your investment during a global recession. However, there are still some stocks that you can invest in during a recession. These stocks are known as noncyclical stocks. They are more stable when compared to other stocks because the companies are providing essential goods and services. The best example of this is the utility sector. People will always need electricity, water, and gas. Also, you can consider tobacco and alcohol as an important commodity as they remain strong during an economic recession. Customers will spend money on these products even if the economy is down.


We might face a financial crisis after this coronavirus pandemic. However, the U.S. economy won’t stay down for a long time. The USA market has always thrived after a recession. You should use the tips mentioned in this article for protecting your mutual funds. Also, the best way to protect our mutual funds is by letting the economic storm pass.