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Santia Deck Becomes the First Woman Athlete to Own a Sneaker Company

Santia is known for breaking records that are typically reserved for men athletes only. She recently signed a multi-million dollar contract with WFLA or Women’s Football League Association. This is the biggest contract that WFLA has signed with a female athlete. Her talk show, Queen of Abs is also available on iSHE TV, iHolyfield TV, and NPOWERED. Deck is using all the available platforms for inspiring young women. She has overcome many challenges in her life like scoliosis and bullying. Deck is an inspiration for all young women. Aside from that, she just launched her own sneaker company, and is the first women athlete to achieve this feat.

Deck new sneaker company is TRONUS and it has already received an amazing response. WFLA has done years of planning for this moment. Santia has already represented many shoe brands in the past. She has been the brand ambassador of various amazing shoe brands. Santia has finally achieved her goal of owning a sneaker company. Her team has brought on Jamine Sills. Jamine Sills is an amazing footwear designer and he is now working as a creative consultant for Santia Deck. The project got delayed as Santia wanted some non-negotiable things in her shoe. She wanted her shoes to be both fashion-forward and unique. The shoe should have a lightweight feel. She wanted a shoe that her fans can collect and show off. Deck wanted to make sure that her first attempt is successful. Thus, she and her team spent a lot of time learning about the shoe industry. Their project has evolved into a big shoe empire now.

Deck has been teasing TRONUS to her fans. She has already uploaded many original concepts on her social media accounts. The fans were flooding with her requests before even she launched the official website. Thus, her shoes were already hit. TRONUS is now offering free registration to their users.  You can get VIP access on TRONUS. This will ensure that you will get priority. Thus, you can buy the shoes before they are available on the general website. There are also many other perks that TRONUS is offering to the VIP members. TRONUS has gained 10 times the VIP members that they have first anticipated. They had a rough figure in their mind after they saw the response of fans on the Santia Instagram page. However, fans have completely blown away that figure. The team is worried now as they think that their entire first limited edition shoe will be sold to VIP members only. They won’t have enough shoes for the general public. The best thing about this is that they have still advertised their product. Thus, Deck is very happy with these initial numbers. Multiple resellers now want to sell these shoes. One reseller is even ready to buy the entire stock of TRONUS. However, Deck and her team have already declined this offer. They know the value of their brand.

There are many other business-savvy women like Rihanna and Serena Williams that have already collaborated with big brands. They are already working with big brands like Puma and Nike. Santia Deck is also trying to expand their brand in the same direction. They want to build a big brand. Deck also wants to compete with these big players. She wants to create a big brand like Nike and Puma.

This Entrepreneur, Wife and Mother of Nine, is Inspiring The World Spiritually and Financially

Tawanna Worlds is the owner of MWR Financial, a Servant of GOD, a wife, a mother of nine beautiful children, a grandmother of four, a minister of the gospel and a entrepreneur. Tawanna was born and raised in Fresno, CA she moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2006 and lived there until the end of 2016. Her and her family now lives in Dallas, TX as she is on assignment for that region. Her and her husband Marcus Worlds oversee a non profit organization that services underprivileged and impoverished youth and young adults in their local community. She is an evangelist and has a burning desire to see souls saved, delivered, healed and walking in the complete freedom that Christ has called us to.

Tawanna operates in the prophetic ministry of dance and many have been blessed by the anointing of GOD upon her life. Tawanna has overcome many obstacles in life, and a lot of the things she never thought she would achieve, has actually became manifested in her life, and have been stepping stones leading the way into her destiny. Her future plans are to keep writing books, keep leading the saints of GOD behind the veil through prophetic dance, Keep preaching and making disciples of all men, Keep letting her light shine, and keep advancing the KINGDOM here on earth! Tawanna inspires the minds of many to become all that they can truly be, and to forever be humble and grateful for all things that we have been entrusted with.

What inspired you to start with MWR Financial?

The opportunity to make wealth real in my life as well as for my family.

What are some of your goals for the future of MWR Financial?

Leave an inheritance for my children’s children as commanded.

What helped you get where you are today and what steps did you take?

GOD gets all the Glory in my life.  It is by prayer and obedience that has gotten me where I am in life today and where I’m going in life.

What has been the best feedback received after you started with MWR Financial?

That the company has changed many people’s lives and financial forecasts.

What is one thing you think customers should know about your business that they may not be aware of?

That the experts guarantee your success if you follow the plan.

What must be seen or experienced in person to really appreciate it?

When you’ve been poor, in lack or without for so long, you can appreciate with much gratitude just having more then what you’ve ever had.

After refusing to give it a shot, what is something that eventually won you over?

I never refused the opportunity, when I heard what the experts could do and saw proof of that. I was willing to take the risk and I haven’t been disappointed. 

What should every woman try at least once in her life?

Investing in themselves that their future selves will thank them for.

Name one interesting talent you have or something we don’t know about you?

I love to dance.

What is your favorite and most treasured memory?

Getting married and having children.

What is something about life that people don’t appreciate as much as they should?

Life itself and how to be grateful that we still have life when many don’t. 

How can everyone keep in contact with you on social media?, and Instagram @thedebtslayers.

Eight Ways Your Business Can Survive the COVID-19 Recession

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our lives and left us with much uncertainty in the world. The coronavirus has already thrown the world into a recession. In this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you in preparing your company for the post-coronavirus recession. 

1. Assess your financial situation

If you want your company to survive, then you should use a performance monitoring system for understanding the financial health of your business. Companies should use effective methods for monitoring cash flow, costs, and revenue. This will help you in surviving in the post-coronavirus recession.

2. Assess your data 

You should first focus on understanding the current financial position of your company. After that, you should focus on understanding your market trends, operational challenges, and market trends. This data will contain all the things that you need to do. Every company should work on creating their own data strategy. This data strategy will help you in identifying important data. 

3. Create multiple revenue streams 

The best way to survive a recession is by creating more revenue streams. Your organization will be more resilient if you have multiple revenue streams. Coronavirus has already forced many organizations to look for new channels. For example, schools are using virtual learning for teaching their students. Restaurants are also offering delivery and take-out to their customers. Companies that were already using a digital framework can provide better user experience to their users. You should focus on creating a multichannel sales strategy. If you have a multichannel sales strategy, then your customers can interact with your business in multiple ways. 

4. Review Supply Chains 

The resiliency of your supply chain is the most important thing during the high-uncertainty environment. Every company should try to reinforce their supply chains. This will help you in recovering from the economic damage done by Coronavirus pandemic. Many sectors will go through a structural transformation due to this coronavirus pandemic. This will impact their existing supply partners and they can finally collaborate with new partners.

5. Flexible Workforce 

Companies are using freelancers and temporary workers for scaling up and down according to their needs. This is helping them in withstanding the economic downturn. A flexible workforce will help you in making your company more responsive and agile. Thus, your company can quickly get back on track. 

6. Automation 

Automation can help you in saving a lot of money. Thus, many companies invest in automation during challenging times. The human workforce becomes very expensive during a recession. Companies are now focusing on digitization and automation. You should focus on becoming fully automated as it will help you in preparing for the next pandemic or economic recession. 

7. Review Processes 

This is a perfect time to evaluate your processes and operations. You should try to remove the inefficiencies from your business processes as it will help you in trimming down your costs. Focus your efforts on improving the efficiency of your time-consuming business processes. You should put your time in identifying inefficiencies in your business process. This will ultimately help you in improving your business processes.

8. Build Strong Customer Experience 

According to a report of HBR, more than 1/5th of the companies didn’t survive the last economic recession. Economic recession can hit your company very hard. It is always a good idea to build strong relationships with your customers. You should use multiple online channels for getting closer to your customers. Many companies are using the latest technologies like Big Data for predicting their customer behaviors. You can survive this economic recession by working closely with your customers. Make sure that you are responding to their needs during this tough period. Customer experience will always act as a competitive differentiator for companies. Thus, you should focus on providing a good customer experience. 

Why a Digital Presence Isn’t Enough

Written by William T Batten

An embarrassing story from my early marketing time:

When I started out in the content marketing business, I had… well, I’d bought into the hype. I’d learned that businesses are desperate for good marketers (which is true) and content marketers can make great livings in their spare time.

Also true.

So I built my website, optimised it for search engines and patted myself on the back. Then I wrote a few articles showing off my knowledge and skills.

And… that was about it. I was on Twitter and Facebook a little, but not much.

But even if I’d grinded social media, it wouldn’t have changed much. That’s a common timesink for entrepreneurs, both established and aspiring.

Either way, I wasn’t thinking about it too deeply. The hype was seductive enough that I thought I’d plonk myself on the internet and people would find me.

I know I’m not alone with that. Many entrepreneurs do the same thing.

But as we all learn quickly enough, a digital presence isn’t enough.

You need something more if you want people to find you.

And if you want readers to become clients.

That takes being a digital authority.

Think about it from a potential client’s perspective. They want help with something, and they’re looking for someone to help them.

Could you be the one?

Probably, but so could dozens of others. If you’re a coach with little more than a website, you’re interchangeable with every other coach… plus hypnotherapists, wellness consultants, astrologers, reiki practitioners, performance optimisers and anyone else your client thinks could help them.

If you’re a digital authority, though, those others fade into the background. People choose you because they can see you’re different.

They see you know what you’re talking about and have the power to solve their problems.

Here’s how to cultivate digital authority:

Frequent Contact
Amateurs write whenever they ‘get inspired’.

Professionals show off their knowledge in weekly informative-but-probably-unengaging blog posts.

Digital authorities, though?

They constantly entertain and inform their market.

To the untrained eye, they’re pitching them.

Offering goodies and delights to sell.

Which… well, they are.

But they’re also ensuring they’re never far from their prospect’s minds.

Think about it – you and folks you know have problems. And you’ve met professionals who could help you solve them.

But one of the obstacles that stops you reaching out is… you’ve forgotten them.

Maybe you met the professional at a party two years ago.

Maybe you saw their ad, once, last fortnight.

I’m not saying you’ll never remember some old chance encounter – but it’s far less likely than someone you regularly read and enjoy.

This is how expertise becomes authority – by coming to mind when you look for a solution.

Anyone can talk a good game.

That’s what experts and snake oil salesfolk have in common.

What separates them – and what authorities do – is the experts can demonstrate their skills.

Demonstrations are the finest form of proof. If you can have your reader experience what you can do – even just a taste – it’s even better than word of mouth.

It’s easy for me to demonstrate my marketing skills – by publishing every day, I prove I can write a lot and write well.

As for my hypnosis skills…

If my writing isn’t enough to inspire even a little change – which, for most folks, it is – I give away eight hypnotic audios to anyone who wants them. All they need to do is sign up to my email list.

Speaking of…

Valuable Gifts for Subscribers
Amateurs give away stuff for free, but professionals know the value of information. That’s why so many sites offer bonuses to anyone who signs up to their email list.

Everything that doesn’t cost money on my websites serves some purpose. The articles promote my offers, while the bonus reports and hypnotic audios get folks on my lists.

The great thing about this is it lets prospects experience you firsthand. If they like what they see, they’ll be back for more. If not, they were never right for you in the first place.

Anyone who’s a published author has instant authority. There’s a lot of prestige that comes with that.

Even though these days, it’s absurdly easy.

Take 50-ish pages of useful solutions around a common theme, bundle it into an eBook and sell it – either as a PDF/epub file on your site or through Amazon’s self-publishing platform.

No need to impress publishers these days.

Although publishing a book is easy, it still takes commitment. Apart from the prestige, it shows you know enough to fill a book and are dedicated enough to write it.

High-price Offers
This one is my favourite.

Not just because it immediately builds authority… but it can earn you a lot of money too.

Having some high-end product or service instantly makes you an authority. While everyone else sticks to eBooks and low-ball products, you show you’re elite by charging elite prices.

The only thing to watch for:

Your offer has to be worth what you charge.

You could easily slap a thousand dollar price tag on a whitepaper… just make sure it delivers ten times that in value.

And, of course, your marketing must make that value clear.

Inflating your fees makes you look ridiculous and can destroy your reputation.

But charging a lot and delivering even more?

Why, only the top 5% of any field can do that.

So show that’s where you belong by creating and selling something at the high end.

Some prospects will buy it, while making your more affordable offers look… well, affordable.

Of course, it’s all well and good for me to say all this.

I like writing, so of course my advice involves writing a lot more. Everything from the frequent contact, to creating and selling gifts and elite products…

It takes work.

More than that, it takes time.

But there’s no rule that says it must be your time.

If you’d like to outsource any of this, it pays to go with a freelancer who understands your industry. If you offer hypnosis, meditation, mind training, energy work or anything else that involves going deep inside, then I get you.

And I get your prospective clients.

You can hire me for a range of content marketing services here:

How To Handle Criticism In Business

Written by Jon Allo

When it comes to business and being a success in business, you’ll have to get use to some form of criticism. After all, the right type of criticism can be very helpful and make you better than you thought you could be.

But, sometimes the wrong type of criticism can actually make things worse so it’s important to understand the different types of critics. You need to know who you should listen to and who you should ignore.

  1. Friendly

People who offer friendly criticism are often your supporters. These people care about you and want you to succeed. They often use criticism to build up the person, not tear them down. They want you to make it in the world and sometimes their ideas are good and sometimes not. You’re more likely to listen to this type of criticism since it comes from known supporters, but remember to ensure that the advice given is fact based.

  1. Indifferent

People who offer indifferent criticism typically don’t really so much care about hurting your feelings as much as they care about bringing about the truth and facts surrounding an issue. They may be natural objectors who simply like being a sounding board to bring out the different aspects of a situation. They aren’t personal at all; they’re objective. It’s important to listen to this type of criticism and also pay attention as before to the facts of the situation.

  1. Hostile

Today, these types of critics are referred to as trolls. This type of criticism has no objective reason, or supportive reason. Instead it is designed to demean, attack, control and undermine. You can recognize this type of critic because they are on attack and trying to tear you down. Oddly, you can still benefit from this type of criticism but mostly these are the people you should ignore.

To evaluate criticism, consider the following:

How true is it? – List out the facts of the situation so that you can determine what is really true.

How can I change it? – If some good points have been made, can you make a change?

Do I care? – If it’s something from a hostile source, do you really care at all what they think?

How can I make this a positive? – Now, how can you take the facts of the criticism and turn it around into a positive?

In each case you should always listen to the criticism with open eyes and ears without being defensive. Each has its own good and bad points, and while you can ignore the person giving the hostile advice due to their rudeness, do listen to what they say so that you can determine if there is any level of truth. After all, regardless of the reason for the critic to give you advice, as long as there is truth you can profit from it.

Being a business owner and entrepreneur can be overwhelming and exhausting. So how do some people seem to thrive and achieve their goals and dreams while others struggle? The answer is mindset. To start taking steps today to embrace a success mindset get a copy of my free checklist, Cultivating A Business Mindset at

Five Reasons Why Entrepreneurial Ventures Fail

How new ventures fail while others succeed is not a matter of fate or luck, but it is caused by the very things that can be controlled. Some entrepreneurs have managed to lead several successful ventures while others failed at the first step. You may have a brilliant idea, but that does not guarantee success. Success is not based on big ideas only but how the concepts are executed. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, avoid these factors that can make your venture brutal.

1. Lack of focus

Any venture minus focus equals failure. Entrepreneurs focus is the steering wheel that directs your goals and objectives. The focus will help you adjust with the dynamics of business and overcome the challenges that come along with entrepreneurship.

2. Improper planning

Most of the new startups fail due to inadequate preparation. Before venturing in any business, you need to plan your venture very well, or else you end up regretting. Draw your short term goals and grid them on your long-term objectives. The fact is that every strong structure is made out of a plan. Visualize on where you want to go and how to reach there. The rule is simple,” failing to plan planning to fail”.

3. Wrong location

Location is a contributing factor when it comes to your ventures market. Locating your business in the wrong place will reduce customer accessibility. For instance, if you venture in a trade involving fast-moving products, you must locate it in a busy area. The right location also reduces costs associated with long-distance travelled by customers to access your products.

4. Wrong partnerships

As much as entrepreneurship requires teamwork, wrong partners may be a source of failure. As an entrepreneur, scrutinize your circle and cut any link that is discouraging, and inhibiting progress. Toxic partners will only mess you up and reduce your brilliant ideas to nothing.

5. Financial mix-up

Entrepreneurship requires well-managed cash flows. Don’t forget that cash flow and profits are two different things that should not be compromised. The season why beginners fail is because they just get excited by the inflow of cash without negative cash flows awareness. Make sure your business records a positive cash flow or else you will soon become bankrupt.

Four Reasons Why Your Business May be Losing Customers

Formulating an idea is not good enough to make you succeed in entrepreneurship. Technology is changing everything on the face of the earth. Customers’ needs are getting are sophisticated every day as technology advances. Marketing is the catalyst that facilitates product awareness. However, every entrepreneur must know that customers have got tastes and preferences. With every new venture made in the business world, there is a risk of customers switching to unique choices. To get hold of your customers, you need to catch up with the dynamics of technology. Here are four reasons why your business may be losing customers

1. Boredom

Customers get bored with the same product throughout the year. Modifying your product will rejuvenate your customer’s desires. Take advantage of digital marketing to break the boredom. Don’t be a boring master; make your customers miss your service by creating a deep relationship with every customer. Know that customers are not people but personalities. What might excite one customer may bore the other one. Personalize the relationship to fit each customer’s satisfaction.

2. Declining product quality

No customer will sacrifice quality products for loyalty. Despite winning your customers. You need to retain them by upgrading the quality of your products subsequently. Every new venture is trying to win customers, and this presents a risk of customers switching behavior.

3. Lack of differentiation

Customers will always go for unique products in the market. If you sell similar products with your competitors, then you risk losing the market. A distinction is a strategy that is unchallenged in the entrepreneurship field. Product differentiation will mark you different from your competitors.

4. Customer conflict

“Customer is always right” This slogan has stared up the war between entrepreneurs and customers. As an entrepreneur, you must consider how you treat your customers.  After all, customers gave got alternative sources, and they won’t stick where they are unsatisfied. However, this slogan can mislead you. Some customers are just toxic and want to make your venture a social amenity. Critical thinking will help clear the misunderstandings and create a mutual relationship.

Five Ways to Stay Positive as an Entrepreneur

A positive lifestyle is all about optimistic thoughts and taking constructive actions. It means to focus on solutions but not on troubles. The power of positivity can earn you extra miles in life. Positive people live a healthy and happy life since they concentrate on what they want and how to achieve it.

Positivity is more than smiling and showing an unbeatable outlook. It goes far to encompass long-lasting life skills. Staying positive in the current corrupted world may seem impossible. The biggest question is how to stay happy and positive in this world full of troubles, challenges, and misfortunes. The solution to this question is that, you have to concentrate on what satisfies your life.

1. Count your achievements

Rather than regretting how many times you have failed, think of how much you have achieved. You will find thousands of reasons to be happy. Results are life motivating factors that keep us growing.

2. Visualize positively

Your mind is the processor of everything you do. As a man thinks, so he is. It is true to say that what you create in your mind is what you can achieve. Always think big and create heroic personality within you. Create your glory and let things flow the way you plan them. Forget the failure, losses, suffering, and take a positive meditation.

3. Live in the present

One of the drawbacks of a positive lifestyle is dwelling in the past. Let go of yesterday for it will never come back. Take each day the way it dawns and hopes for better tomorrow. The fact remains that we can never change the past, but you can use the present to better the future.

4. Accept what you cannot change

The reason as t why people don’t progress s because of trying to change the world into their conformity. Just the same way we don’t resemble each other our status doesn’t match. Live in your capability and leave the rest of the world alone.

5. Drive your life

You are the director of your life, and no one should alter your life. Plan your life, actualize your vision, and stick to your decisions. Make your happiness your priority.

Seven Attributes of Successful Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs lead a positive lifestyle not because they earn much, but because they find joy in what they do. Regrets happen as a result of trying to justify perfection in doing things. It is not the case with entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs put attitude in their work and learn from their mistakes. There is no room for complains in the entrepreneurship field since every mistake is a teacher for perfection. If you aspire to be an entrepreneur, then you must develop an unbeatable attitude and make it a lifestyle.

1. Creativity

Creativity enables entrepreneurs to see opportunities where ordinary people see troubles and distress. This attribute allows entrepreneurs to take high risks but profitable ventures.

2. Determination

An inner force drives entrepreneurs. They see defeat as an n opportunity and not a failure. Entrepreneurs are determined to achieve their goals, no matter what comes their way. I f you are willing to venture into entrepreneurship when you must try, try and try and never think of quitting.

3. Extraordinary Passion 

Entrepreneur’s number one characteristic is that they love what they do. That is why there is no one size business in entrepreneurship. Everyone specializes in what they love doing. They make their job a lifestyle. You may wonder why entrepreneurs put extra energy in their work, yet no one is monitoring them. The fact is that they take their job like ordinary life.

4. Discipline

Entrepreneurship is a personal pursuit, and no one is there to monitor what you do. Therefore you need you to be disciplined.  A self-appraisal will help you stick to your goals and objectives.

5. Self-motivation

When you are self-motivated, you push yourself to achieve your goals and objectives. No one is answerable for your failure apart from you. Even if you don’t receive immediate payback, you need to keep moving.

6. Flexibility

Entrepreneurship is not a static business approach. You need to be flexible enough to take move with the dynamics of technology in every field. You also need a flexible mind for complex problem-solving.

7. Take full responsibility

As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to entertain excuses or shift blames when thing turn another way. Take full responsibility for everything you do. County it on you both success and losses.

Five Drivers of Success in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a journey. Every day presents an opportunity to learn and to create new ideas. The life of an entrepreneur is craziest. For example; working at weird hours and having fun at work. But what gives entrepreneurs the energy? This question is just answered by the definition of an entrepreneur that is a risk-taker. Quitting is not the means to end problems, but the means to create problems. With that being said, checkout our list of the five drivers of success in entrepreneurship

1. Open mind

Entrepreneurs’ number one driver is an open mind. Therefore, an entrepreneur should be ready to embrace new ideas, to accept the dynamics of technology, and to take his customers views positively.

2. Value your work.

The aim of entrepreneurship is not prioritized on profit-making, but rather on satisfaction. Delivering the best to the customers creates loyalty and long-lasting customer relationship. If you wish to be a great entrepreneur, don’t dwell on becoming rich. Richness automatically comes when you have the right spirit of doing things.

3. Think beyond today

Entrepreneurship is a journey and not a destination. Think beyond what it is today by initiating new ideas. Technology is driving the field of entrepreneurship. Communication technology is developing at a crazy speed. The world is now a small village where information takes seconds to go round the world. Make new techniques for doing things. No one is limited to live in the past or present. You can stretch out and reach far beyond today.

4. Embrace results rather than reasons

What matters for an entrepreneur is delivery. The joy is an entrepreneur should be in the results. No excuse for failure in the entrepreneurship world. Dwelling on reasons will only tell you why you are a failure and should quit. Reasons demoralize and give thousands of excuses as to why you should not take any risk. 

5. Challenge yourself

Entrepreneurship is a personal pursuit, and no one is going to mind your business. Until you challenge yourself, you will always think you have made it. Try new difficult things more so the ones people fear to try. Let your slogan be, “I need a bigger challenge.”