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Top 7 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important for Your Business

Marketing is somewhat of the most important part of any business. Either a start-up or a successful business, marketing can affect in numerous ways. Many marketing strategies are rolled out each year, and businesses make a lot out of them. One of them is content marketing. Content doesn’t just  fill your web pages on your business website, but it also builds trust among you and your clients. It’s a famous verse in the enterprise world that it doesn’t matter what you are selling, but how you are seeling it.

The following are some of the top reasons why you should do content marketing for your business.

1. Builds brand awareness:

The content you use for your business builds brand awareness. If done right, content marketing can prove to be a doorway to get maximum traffic every month. Through the content, you let your probable clients know that you exist and that you are seeling the best services or products as per niche specified. If you are wondering what type of content would bring the most leads and will make the most sales, then video content it is. It helps your client know exactly what you are selling. 

2. Helps you make links:

Other websites will only want to link with you if you have great content at your site that is also bringing in traffic. The joint venture of you with other websites having similar content can benefit both of the websites. Other sites linking to you, aka backlinking can prove to bring other benefits like higher page rank. Websites with higher DA and PA when a link back to you can resultantly increase traffic to your site as it will build the credibility of your website.

3. Awesome digital marketing:

Digital marketing is based on good content. You can not expect good results from digital marketing if the content you are using to do so is of low quality. Digital marketing is done through SEO and SMM, where high quality is written, and visual content is used to promote the business and gain an audience eventually. Excellent text content on a website makes it a better-ranking site.

4. Text content is evergreen:

Evergreen content means traffic that never stops flowing towards you. Written content, except only a few, is evergreen and can always be used for brand recognition. You need not make any efforts to make written content useful for more traffic other than just slight updates in it to keep it fresh. But you can also repost the same content and get the same rewards.

 5. Makes your audience learn:

Content is written only to tell your side of the story to the audience. You use content either in text or audio form to tell your customers what you are all about. Your company needs to have educated clients who can advantage of your services and products just as you taught them to through your content. This is why your content must be a perfect representation of what your business is.

6. Makes your ties with customers strong:

Your content must be believable. Nobody will visit your site if you are making impossible vows. Your content should represent only what you can do and must be written most finely. This content, when shared with the audience, will make a stronger bond with them.

7. Generate sales and leads:

And then the purpose of marketing your business fulfills here. Your business will end up getting the spotlight after doing the perfect content marketing. You start generating leads. And if your content is powerful enough, it starts giving your business some boosting sales.

6 Inexpensive Branding Strategies for Your Business

Most small business owners think that only big companies like Google can do branding. However, the truth is that every business owner should think about branding their business. Larger companies will have access to a larger budget for branding. But, you don’t need a large budget for creating an effective branding strategy. There are various things that you can do for grabbing your customer’s attention. In this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you in creating your branding strategy.

1. Plan a Strong Brand Name 

Your brand name will eventually become your business identity. Many business owners don’t think about their brand names in the starting. This can hurt your business in the long run. You should brainstorm through hundreds of ideas. This will help you in finding the perfect name for your project. Make sure that your brand name is not boring, long, or too short. You should stay away from dull descriptions and acronyms. If you think that some name is funny, then you should immediately drop it. Also, you don’t need to get too creative during this process. Branding is a simple process of broadcasting your project to the world. You should look for a simple brand name that can define your project.

2. Social Media 

Social media is the best platform for small businesses. You can use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for promoting your business. The best thing about these sites is that they are completely free. You can promote your business in ads, chats, and groups. However, make sure that you are posting consistently on your social media account. This will help you in attracting more customers.

3. Encourage Feedback

Feedback is very important for your business as it will help you in improving your services. You should always ask for feedback from your customers. Also, many companies get scared of negative feedback. Negative feedbacks will eventually help you in improving your products. If you are using a video for promoting your brand, then you should check the comments of your video. Your customers will help you in removing inefficiencies from your business operations.

4. Content Marketing 

Content marketing is both a powerful and cheap tool. Thus, it is perfect for small businesses. Content marketing will help you in projecting yourself as an authority. This will help you in building respect and loyalty. It will give a strong brand voice to your business. You can use your website blog for connecting with your audience.

5. Excellent Customer Service

There are millions of online businesses running right now. The key differentiator between these businesses is customer service. You can build your brand reputation by providing quality customer service. The word-of-mouth marketing is still the most effective marketing strategy in the market. Make sure that you are keeping your customers happy. You should pay attention to your customer’s feedback. Try to resolve their complaints quickly. This will ensure that you can attract more people to your brand.

6. Partnerships 

The easiest way to build your brand is by working with other like-minded entrepreneurs. You can use this technique for building your trust by proxy. If your customers are getting referred by some other brand that they already trust, then they will also trust your brand. However, you should look for businesses that have a non-competitive but similar audience. For example, companies that are offering protein bars can partner up with local race event hosts. They can also partner up with a workout blog. This will help you in attracting the right audience.


You can use these tips for creating an inexpensive branding strategy. These are some of the best branding strategies that won’t cost you a fortune. Thus, both small and medium-sized companies can use these strategies. These strategies will help you in gaining a competitive advantage.

How To Build Your Email List Using Podcasting

Written By Robert Thibodeau

In order to succeed in business, you need clients.

In order to succeed in podcasting, you need listeners.

If you use your podcast to further your business, you need a way to turn those listeners into clients! (That is pretty obvious, right?)!

In order to accomplish this, you need a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is simply a landing page that generates interest in what you are offering a potential listener to take some action. The action we are talking about here is for a person to be willing to share their name and email address with you in exchange for information.

You have probably heard the phrase, “The money is in the list.” Believe me when I say, it’s true!

It is been proven that email marketing yields an average of 4000%+ return on investment (ROI) for businesses in the USA! That means for every $1 spend in promoting email marketing, a business would generate $4000 in revenue. (DISCLAIMER: Those are averages! Some businesses earn MORE and many will earn LESS)!

But, in order to sell you products or services, you need to move listeners to take action to join your email list. You do that, you need to convince them it is in their best interests to do so.

One way is for you to make them an offer that moves them to visit your website. Usually, this will involve free information or resources that could be valuable to the other person. You cannot straight sell a visitor to your website! You need to convince them of your value to them, FIRST!

Less than 5% of the people who initially visit your website are ready to buy at that moment in time. Instead of focusing only on the 5% who are ready with credit card in hand, focus also on the 95% who are looking around and checking you out!

The 5% will buy.

But if you can establish a relationship with the other 95% that benefits them, some of those will also come back and become buyers as well.

That is what a lead magnet will do for you!

Just make sure your lead magnet will fulfill these 5 things:

  1. Make one specific promise that fixes one specific problems for one specific type of person.
  2. Gives the prospective client sufficient information of how this will work for them.
  3. Ensure the offer is perceived as “high value” in the eyes of the prospect.
  4. It provides almost instant gratification for the person who will sign up to receive it.
  5. Contains clear instructions on “What to do next.” (i.e. “Receive your report here.”).

When you design your lead magnet with those five parts in mind, you will begin to see your email list start to grow on a continuous basis.

About the Writer

Robert Thibodeau has been in online media since 2010. Between his online radio programs and his podcasts, he has accumulated about 4,000 episodes and conducted 600+ interviews in that time. He has helped many people to launch their own podcasts (many of which have earned numerous podcasting awards). He has a complete podcast training program, taking you from “Concept to Launch and Into Monetization.” You can read more information on his training program at You can also download his Podcast Creation Checklist for FREE under the Services tab on his website. He has also created a Christian podcast hosting and marketing platform at

Seven Digital Marketing Techniques For Your Business

Marketing is more than just advertising your products. Market competitiveness can be hectic if you don’t have a strategy to win and retain customers. Technology has become a critical component of marketing. Customers in the current markets want a more personalized awareness. If you’re going to win customers, you need to use marketing strategies that create brand awareness and better customer interaction. Keep reading for the seven techniques to help your business grow

1Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is a driving force in developing marketing technology. You don’t need to do cumbersome tasks as long as you know about Artificial Intelligence. Blueshift revealed in his study that 55% of marketers use Artificial Intelligence in their products brand awareness. Using artificial intelligence can significantly improve customer service through personalization.

2. Video presentations

Technology advancement has made it possible for marketers to present their products in person without traveling. Platforms like YouTube, Face book, Instagram, Netflix, and Amazon prime video has made this possible. It is now a one tap, and you get all you want about a particular product.

3. Smart speakers

In the current era, these devices have become more available and affordable with the advancement in technology. Now marketers can reach their target customers with much ease in a personalized form.

4. Forbes Agency council

Forbes Agency refers to an invitation program for use in advertising agencies, public relations, and media strategy.

5. Integrated marketing programs

Integration of online advertising with social and mobile advertising can make a significant move in the market growth. An integrated marketing program will eliminate redundancies and improve the efficiency of marketing techniques.

6. Chatbots

One way of bringing your customers closer is by use of chatbots. They create a platform where customers can directly chat with marketers. Customers can ask questions and get answers immediately without the use of natural persons. Amazingly, you can integrate chatbots in your business website to be greeting visitors when they access the site.

7. Voice search

With the advancement in communication technology, voice searches have made it easy to order products by use of a verbal command. Voice search is easier and faster than traditional management.