Day: March 3, 2022

How Mohd Imran is Building a Digital Media Empire

“Do it Differently. Never Follow Someone else’s Path. Make your own. And Most of All, Do it all like no one else.”

– Mohd Imran

Serial entrepreneur, Mohd Imran, is the creator and CEO of BIZBoost and Btweeps, which has created meaningful and personalized Digital Media experiences, Globally, Human to Human, since 2009. Mohd, affectionately known as Imran, is also the Creator of BIZBoost Magazine & Co-Host and Creator of Digital Media Insights Podcast. 

With 10+ Years of experience running a successful digital business, we had the opportunity to speak with him and get some insight on his entrepreneurial background, what drives him, and more.

Tell us how you got started in your field 

Thank you for asking 🙂 I started my journey as a “Passion to Explore, Connect & Network” with people globally. It was 2009 when I started using Twitter, which soon became a never-ending path of exploration. I started investing my time in creating my own network of diverse communities where I gained a lot of knowledge, experience and exposure. I observed & embraced the core of Global Culture with the People who truly connect human to human. I loved the process inside out. Connecting the dots further on the path to progress, I created @BIZBoost as a Brand in 2010. When I started BIZBoost I knew it’s a Calling. It was THEN, & THIS is NOW, with over 11yrs of digital transformation constantly moving above & beyond.

What are some things you do to stay motivated as an entrepreneur?

What a great question!! It’s extremely important to stay motivated as a creator & innovator. The motivation doesn’t really come from anywhere outside, or else it would be just an influence from external forces. True Motivation comes from inside. To stay motivated, I track my daily flow & progress. Through this “Tracking” I manage to gain a better understanding about What’s Happening, What’s Coming & What’s Next! The ideal purpose of this ritual is to always stay consciously aware of the PRESENT. It’s a crucial part of everyday hustle. And when you have a better grip on your PRESENT, you can take a leap of faith anywhere UP.

Do you feel you are living out your purpose? Why?

Yes, Definitely! It’s a process practiced overtime. It’s always been in my base. Whatever i have to do, i ask myself if it has a connected “Purpose”, more often it must be meaningful, beyond my own realities & dimensions. When you have Purpose handy, you gain “Clarity” on your path, you gain the motivation to navigate your inner-drive in the most appropriate directions. In case you didn’t know, I’m a professional life purpose coach ( too. It’s rather easy for me because I have always worked on my purpose like a daily ritual. It’s my breather for everything I do in life. Being a creator is kind of a responsibility, because it’s not about me. I’m Process-Oriented & Purpose-Driven. I strongly believe in “Being of Service, Serving my Being.” 

Since creating your first business in 2009 you’ve created two additional businesses, one in 2016 and one in 2021. What in your first business inspired you to build on your impact? What sparked these new ideas?

Wow, That’s deep!! LEVEL UP!! That’s what it is all about. Constant & Never ending improvements. All of these developments & gear ups are Fueled by Purpose & Passion to Create Meaningful & Personalized Digital Media Growth Experiences for Everyone, Globally, Human to Human. While Creating BIZBoost as a Brand, Business, Platform & Solution in the early years of my ventures, I truly made sure this was LIMITLESS with INFINITE Possibilities & Opportunities to branch out, EXPAND & SCALE UP. That CORE THRILLS my creative soul everyday, channels my motivation & puts me on this purpose driven path to keep on keeping on… 

With your target content being entertainment, media, business, fashion, tech, and events, what area of content do you desire to see more of in your magazine?

I would like to see more of Art, Films, Health & Fitness, Meaningful Brands & Music. Each genre of content has its own value & place to connect with our global audience. We accept & embrace diversity of content with global standards.

What does your everyday work schedule consist of?

REAL-TIME Digital Media Remote Life.. 😉 A decent part of our flow goes into Brand Management, Targeting & Managing the Audience, Executing Growth Management Ops, Creating Predictable Growth Strategies for What’s Next, Social Listening, Content Flow & Analysis of What’s Happening. Everyday is a new story with everything evolving constantly. The Digital Media Industry moves pretty fast and it’s our responsibility to take care of it, be on top of things and on top of our minds. We have to keep up with What’s happening on different layers of the Internet to align & contribute to make it a better place to be. We work with multiple time zones so there is no FIXED time or routine of operations. Part of our job is to stay flexible, that includes staying connected even after dark 0000am. I’ve done meetings @ 0400am my time, so no worries 😉 No Clock work. Just art work. For the People.

How did you decide how you wanted to market yourself within your business?

We observed the digital media industry and created our own unique ways to market ourselves meaningfully. We don’t exactly promote or market ourselves. Most brands & businesses believe in “Aggressive Marketing” where they Practice & Preach to “Dominate the Market”. We are completely opposite of that. Instead we create brand stories & personalized digital media experiences to showcase in front of the world. Our Purpose of Existence is to Educate, Enlighten, Empower, Entertain and it is through these explorations, the people we work with and the digital journey to get there that takes shape in the things we Create and Embrace! Connecting you with your Ideal Audience, 1:1, Human to Human.

What advice would you give someone going into this field?

I would encourage them to take a leap of faith, create something awesome for themselves & for everyone. Digital Media is all about Creating Great Experience for the Viewers, Fans & Consumers. People don’t buy products or services, they buy great experiences. If you can tap into this art, you got something awesome for everyone since you stay flexible & create something new every time. Go for Community over Competition.

When starting this business, did you create an end goal? Have you reached this goal? How did you ensure it’d be achieved?

First, I’m not Goal-Oriented. In place of that, I have my “Vision” & “Targets” to achieve, where both evolve at each Level up, since it demands a fresh new approach at each step. And there is no end to it, just evolution.

Yes, I did reach most of my targets which I envisioned a few years back. It was all just a dream, which has been manifested in these diverse realities & with creative souls I’m connected with. It’s not just business to me, it’s what I love to do. I stood Consistent, Disciplined & Dedicated to make good things happen. My journey has always been about Creating and Building platforms for the People, Powered by Purpose & Passion. 

Are there any upcoming business plans/ideas that you would like to share?

BIZBoost as a Platform, BTweeps as a Tool (for Twitter), & BeingEMU as a Growth Companion. That’s PRESENT.

Now What’s Next: Consider these as Self-Affirmations that I plan to execute my new podcast shows DMI (Digital Media Insights) & LIDS (Lost in Digital Space). I started these just as a pilot project. I believe & confirm that these shows are going to represent the true core of BIZBoost ventures & the digital media industry soon.

Another Self-Affirmation i would like to add is about BIZBoost Talks LIVE sessions that we are conducting through BIZBoost Magazine ventures, for the people. It has just begun & we are already killin’ it!!

Lastly, as an avid writer and aspiring author, I affirm that I’m going to release a book on Life Purpose, including Thesis on Life, titled as /root which will come right off my everyday journals. I have an abundance of content that is ready to guide, direct, motivate & lift everyone!

What piece of advice would you leave for aspiring and current entrepreneurs?

For Aspiring Entrepreneurs, I would say, “Do it Differently. Never Follow Someone else’s Path. Make your own. And Most of All, Do it all like no one else.”

For Current Entrepreneurs, I would say, “You guys make the world go around, & upside down. BRAVO!! Never stop creating. You got this! Let’s connect sometime.”

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