Day: November 11, 2021

Sharmeeka “Bawse Lady” Brooks gives the Blueprint on Going from Struggling Mom to Millionaire Influencer

“I made myself beautiful on social media because I didn’t feel beautiful.  I wanted people to call me beautiful, so that it could start to reflect to me that hey, you are beautiful. It was something that I was doing for my own personal subconscious. But when that didn’t work, I said, okay, beautiful isn’t working, because I still don’t feel beautiful. I’m still not achieving the goals. So I changed my name to Bawse Lady” – Sharmeeka “Bawse Lady” Brooks.

From the streets of Philadelphia all the way to Miami, FL, serial entrepreneur Sharmeeka “Bawse Lady” Brooks, is proof that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail, but how you pick yourself up and keep going. We spoke with Sharmeeka to learn more about her journey and how she was able to overcome low self-esteem and poverty, to building her million dollar empire, full of confidence and gratitude.

Listen to the full interview below. Follow her on Instagram @bawselady_