Day: June 29, 2020

6 Inexpensive Branding Strategies for Your Business

Most small business owners think that only big companies like Google can do branding. However, the truth is that every business owner should think about branding their business. Larger companies will have access to a larger budget for branding. But, you don’t need a large budget for creating an effective branding strategy. There are various things that you can do for grabbing your customer’s attention. In this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you in creating your branding strategy.

1. Plan a Strong Brand Name 

Your brand name will eventually become your business identity. Many business owners don’t think about their brand names in the starting. This can hurt your business in the long run. You should brainstorm through hundreds of ideas. This will help you in finding the perfect name for your project. Make sure that your brand name is not boring, long, or too short. You should stay away from dull descriptions and acronyms. If you think that some name is funny, then you should immediately drop it. Also, you don’t need to get too creative during this process. Branding is a simple process of broadcasting your project to the world. You should look for a simple brand name that can define your project.

2. Social Media 

Social media is the best platform for small businesses. You can use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for promoting your business. The best thing about these sites is that they are completely free. You can promote your business in ads, chats, and groups. However, make sure that you are posting consistently on your social media account. This will help you in attracting more customers.

3. Encourage Feedback

Feedback is very important for your business as it will help you in improving your services. You should always ask for feedback from your customers. Also, many companies get scared of negative feedback. Negative feedbacks will eventually help you in improving your products. If you are using a video for promoting your brand, then you should check the comments of your video. Your customers will help you in removing inefficiencies from your business operations.

4. Content Marketing 

Content marketing is both a powerful and cheap tool. Thus, it is perfect for small businesses. Content marketing will help you in projecting yourself as an authority. This will help you in building respect and loyalty. It will give a strong brand voice to your business. You can use your website blog for connecting with your audience.

5. Excellent Customer Service

There are millions of online businesses running right now. The key differentiator between these businesses is customer service. You can build your brand reputation by providing quality customer service. The word-of-mouth marketing is still the most effective marketing strategy in the market. Make sure that you are keeping your customers happy. You should pay attention to your customer’s feedback. Try to resolve their complaints quickly. This will ensure that you can attract more people to your brand.

6. Partnerships 

The easiest way to build your brand is by working with other like-minded entrepreneurs. You can use this technique for building your trust by proxy. If your customers are getting referred by some other brand that they already trust, then they will also trust your brand. However, you should look for businesses that have a non-competitive but similar audience. For example, companies that are offering protein bars can partner up with local race event hosts. They can also partner up with a workout blog. This will help you in attracting the right audience.


You can use these tips for creating an inexpensive branding strategy. These are some of the best branding strategies that won’t cost you a fortune. Thus, both small and medium-sized companies can use these strategies. These strategies will help you in gaining a competitive advantage.