The Stars of 2017: Women Who Had an Amazing Year

Photo from SZA Facebook

Written by Aysha Chaudhry

1. Issa Rae – By now, Issa Rae’s name has become synonymous with self-made; the HBO star built her rapport on YouTube and now has every major studio knocking on her door. The second season of her hit show, Insecure, premiered this summer and has already been renewed for a third season. She’s poised to star in and produce some major productions in 2018 and we can’t wait to see what comes next for her.

2. SZA – Named the best album of 2017 by Time, SZA’s debut album, Ctrl, gave us the platinum-selling hits “The Weekend” and “Love Galore.” She has a tour with Bryson Tiller under her belt this year and has five (yes five!) nominations for the 2018 Grammy Awards. Looks like this girl is unstoppable!

3. Gal Gadot – Gal Gadot had a unique challenge set out before her when she starred as Wonder Woman. In movie category dominated by alpha-male characters (how many superheroes do we see that are actually women?), she had to not only deliver a performance strong enough to carry a movie with a $100+ million production budget, but she was automatically expected to be a role model for young women. Wonder Woman became the highest-rated superhero movie on Rotten Tomatoes and was an international commercial success. Well done, Gal.

4. Rihanna – We all know Rihanna delivers on everything she ventures into but her Fenty Beauty line, which launched this year, was groundbreaking on so many levels. After battling body shamers and naysayers who said that diverse foundation colors don’t sell, she released a 40-shade makeup line at Sephora and sold out almost immediately. It’s estimated that RiRi made $72 million from Fenty Beauty in one month. If that isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is.

How Fenty Beauty Inspired A New Makeup Trend

Written By Aysha Chaudhry

Rihanna’s beauty line Fenty Beauty has already caused major waves in the makeup industry with its inclusive foundation shades for women of all colors. The feedback and demand were so positive for the 40 different foundations that many other makeup lines scrambled to market their shades to women of color as well.

But now the cosmetic line is setting trends in a new way. Spring 2018 fashion show makeup was all about draping, where the same color is used for the eyeshadow and highlighter and they melt into one another. These shows’ artists definitely took a page out of the Fenty x Puma fashion show, where this look was first made prominent this year. Makeup artists used Fenty products to prepare the models for the runway and were given some artistic freedom and they ended up giving draping new life in the form of bright, colorful purples, pinks and greens.

Draping started in the 80s as a predecessor to modern contouring, but with the vibrancy of the colors in the Rihanna’s beauty line-up and with the impact her brand has made since launching in September, it’s safe to say that the makeup for the singer’s fashion show served as inspiration for other makeup artists in this year’s Fashion Week.

Rihanna Shows Her Dedication To The Education of Girls in Malawi

Music artist Rihanna has definitely gained a reputation for being a humanitarian. In her latest partnership with Chinese bike-sharing company Ofo,  the Clara Lionel Foundation, which is named after her grandparents, has created a campaign called 1 Km Action. Through this campaign, they will raise funds that will go towards scholarships to help hundreds of girls attend secondary schools in Malawi.

Qualifying girls will also receive bikes to ensure they have transportation to and from school. Of the approximate 4.6 million students across Malawi,  according to the foundation, only 8% of students complete secondary school due to poor transport links

“I’m so happy about the Clara Lionel Foundation’s new partnership with Ofo because it will help so many young people around the world receive a quality education. “It will also help the young girls of Malawi get to school safely, cutting down those very long walks they make to and from school all alone,” Rihanna said.