Modern Muslim Women’s Fashion on Display at San Francisco Museum

Those that are always curious to know what the fashions around the world are like can benefit from seeing what is being offered inside one San Francisco fashion museum. One of the biggest pieces of the fashion that is worn by these women is the head covering that they put on. Covering almost everything but their eyes, it is something that is thought of as restricting, but it does not have to be for those women that prefer to wear it.

This new exhibition shows that these women can express themselves with the right fashion, while also being able to conform to the standards that they want to uphold.

Dolce and Gabbana have some of the most beautiful scarves and when a woman wants to pair one of these with her outfit, she can do this to cover her hair and face. Adding a beautiful hood to a dress is also easily done. Going with lighter colors, yellows, roses, champagnes, can also bring more light to their outfit. There is no restriction on what she is able to do when customizing the outfit, she puts on. She can still feel beautiful, which is what the display aims to show those that come out to see it.

Being shown as the “Contemporary Muslim Fashions” it is going to show off around 80 different ensembles that come from 60 designers. They have put together something really special for those that want to either come see the ways they can show off their fashion, or just those interested in learning more.

Some of the designers are from the countries where these fashions are actually worn, which makes them more ideal for those that want to wear something beautiful, but also that follows the law and rules of their religion.

Muslim women should feel beautiful and not targeted. With many options being put on display, they have something to look forward too.


Stella McCartney Is Back At It and Right Back to Her Roots

Written by Samantha Skinner

Presenting her first runway show of the year after having complete control of her design house, she is back being who she is and what she is known for. This is all very good for the fashion world, or those that don’t mind going fur-free.

After buying out 50 percent of the stake that was once held by the luxury giant, Kering, she is now the only owner of her design house and label and is ready to make a change in the world of fashion, runway by runway.

Going back to her roots and sparking her independence as a designer, she has been showing off those moves that were once being held back. She can now freely let everyone know how she feels and one of the biggest issues on the table currently is the use of animal hides and furs in fashion.

She feels like they are so close and so many designers have banned with her on this. However, not everyone has taken the full leap and this is where she is going to come in and hopefully change their minds and make them move forward.

As the runway was bold, fresh and washed away those colors that might have been dragging everyone else down, she was able to make a change in the way that she strutted those models down.

Being able to be a designer is something that empowers her. Now that she has complete control over everything that is done in the powerhouse of the company. Being able to make decisions, but also getting other designers to go along with her can prove to be one of the best moves she has done.

Everyone is interested to see where this designer house is going to go. Off or on label, the activists for animal rights are happy to have her onboard.

How To Clean Your Closet and Make Money with Poshmark and Mercari

Written by Aysha Chaudhry

As the New Year approaches, a lot of us are tempted to re-vamp things in our life that we’ve grown tired of. That may include our beauty routine, our exercise regimen, and even our wardrobe. However, it can be difficult when our wallets are tight, especially right after all of the spending that comes with the holidays.

A great way to make some spare money and to free up space in your closet simulateneously is to use a re-sale app like Poshmark or Mercari. These apps allow you to buy and sell gently-used clothing for great prices. So those high heels you bought for last year’s holiday party and haven’t worn since? Sell ‘em.

A tip for getting the best bang for your buck: While the buyer pays for shipping, you are responsible for extra costs for the shipping materials, etc. If you are planning on selling a lot of items, consider buying silver shipping bags in bulk (Amazon has some great options) so that you aren’t paying so much when you get to the post office.

Is The Fashion Industry Losing Diversity?

With a lot of diversity in the world, you would think that there would be more diversity in the fashion world? This is not the case! With so many people not being able to branch out on their own, it seems like the same trends are being used time and time again, with less and less designers being able to come up with something unique and fresh for the seasons ahead.

While CreationZ from a Dove is throwing out those fresh styles each and every season, you don’t see this from other designers out there. Some of them are just not putting out what they used too, which is disappointing a lot of their fans in the process.


Here are some of the more popular brands that seem to be having a problem in this department as the times change and they do not know what to throw out there.

Dolce & Gabbana

Though they’re known for some of the most eclectic styles out there, they might not be screaming what you want them to be screaming. Once a powerhouse of true fashion, bright colors and great accessories, now they are taking on a more somber look, which is unbecoming of them. Even if the times call for this, in their true fashion, they need to continue to be a trend setter in the world of fashion. This is letting down many fans of theirs.


Louis Vuitton

In the world of handbags and luxury accessories, this is where you’re going to find good ol’ Louie hanging out. With many accessories, it is no wonder that he would come out with a new watch but what does this mean for the fashion world? Much like a bat cave right on your wrist, is this something that means that the company is turning more towards technology, rather than the other items that he once was producing? This is something that so many people are wondering, as they want to know where they can get their luxury bags.


Of course, there are so many others that are looking to branch out in the fashion industry, including adding more technology and going with a different look. Being a designer in this day and age brings on a lot of not only competition, but also the ability to adapt to the changing market and world ahead.


As for so many out there wondering why the need for change?

This is simply because of the change in people’s attitudes towards fashion. When someone says they like something, the designers are constantly listening and working on something that is going to make it big within the world. It has to be a design that everyone wants to wear and purchase. Do to this, each of the designers has to be prepared to think up new designs all the time.


This just seems exhausting to many of us, but for now, we can only wait and see what the future holds for the designers out there and what they’re going to bring to the runway next.

The Story Behind Why You Shouldn’t Wear White After Labor Day

It’s the color of purity. Of angels. Of simplicity. It’s also a color that many fashionistas wouldn’t dare touch after that first Monday of September: white.

But what’s the story behind this faux pas?


It roots back to the late 1800s and early 1900s, or post Civil War era. Around this time, millionaires grew in number, but it wasn’t always easy to tell the people who had old money from those who were newly thrust into riches or gained their wealth through not so noble (or legal) means.


The respectable ultra-rich or high society women wanted to distinguish themselves from those who were new to money or whose millions weren’t obtained through reputable means. And they decided to do this through specific dress code rules that only they would know about, quickly setting them apart from everyone else in social gatherings.


One of the dress codes, for example, might have been to wear a certain sleeve length to an opera. Then anyone who showed up in an extravagant dress but didn’t have the right sleeve length wouldn’t be looked at twice.


The no wearing white after Labor Day rule is one of those rules that these women created to immediately distinguish themselves from the rest of the flock.

Sounds snobby, huh? Luckily, we live in a different era. And the no white after Labor Day rule is just a remnant of one of those century-old rules that women folk played by once upon a time.


So the next time someone tells you no white after Labor Day, you can confidently clear your throat, smile and tell them the 1800s are so over.

5 Ways to Compliment Your Waistline

Image from

Written by Salina Jivani

Everyone wants a slimmer waist. And while joining the gym and keeping an eye on your calories is a great way to keep yourself in shape, they’re not a practical solution when you’re looking for something to instantaneously help you look your slender best—say when you’re asked out on an impromptu date or have agreed to make a sudden next-day presentation in front of tons of people.

Luckily, there are ways you can immediately make your waist appear slimmer. Just follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to shaving extra inches off your frame with no diet or exercise!

High-waisted clothes

Your waist is the tiniest part of your torso, so opting for clothes that highlight this part of your body give you a more slender appearance. Make sure you place the waistline of your pants, skirts, shorts, etc., above your belly button to maximize on the waist portion of your body.


Loose or baggy clothes can make you look like you have no curves or figure, or that you’re drowning in your own clothing. Add a belt to give definition to your form and highlight your hips or waist. Doing so will instantly give you a slimming effect.

Vertical stripes

Anything that has vertical stripes will automatically make you appear longer and slimmer. So opt for vertical stripes in tops, blouses, and even dresses to give you an extra slender look.

Wrap dress

Unlike most dresses, which either hug your figure or cling to the contours of your body, elaborating every inch of extra flab, wrap dresses are loose, comfortable and form friendly. And because they’re not fitted or clingy, they’re extremely awesome when it comes to successfully helping you bury some of those extra rolls around your hips.

Peplum tops

This goes back to our trick about highlighting your waist as the most slender part of your body. Since peplum tops, by design, automatically close around your waist, they already emphasize its smaller circumference, but then flatter it further by flaring out at the bottom, creating a complementary contrast that makes it appear even smaller.

In addition to these tricks, don’t forget to go black to add that extra barrier of slimness to your frame and hips. Employing these tips will always help you look lean and trim, which will help you feel your best!

Traveling Down 2016’s Fashion Memory Lane

Written by Salina Jivani


It’s the month of snow, chilly weather and holiday cheer. It’s also the last month of 2016—a year, just like any other, that will never return. But, luckily, that fate may not apply to every style that made it big this year’s fashion books.

As we inch forward into the last days of December, we thought we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least take a moment to reflect back on the most smashing trends of the year. Ones that may see the light of 2017 and still some that may be left behind only to be picked up in the future, like so many others trends of times past.

So without further adieu, here we go:

Chokers: Oh boy, did chokers make their presence known or what this year? And isn’t it amazing how incredibly stylish and sexy they make your neck look, whether you have one like a swan’s or a tree stump’s? This is one look we definitely still see around as the year comes to a close…and seems like this is one that might actually stick it through the new year.

Leopard print: Leopards, leopards everywhere. There was a time when animal print was so faux pas, style icons anywhere wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. Yet this year carried forward a trend from 2015 where leopard print tops, skirts, shoes, socks, even undergarments were snatched up like trees in a wildfire. We’ve got to admit after having had this print completely out-of-sight, out-of-mind for so long, it was a welcome treat to our eyes and a special addition to our wardrobes.

One-arm tops: We’ve seen them everywhere this year, yet they’ve never failed to look utterly exquisite, sexy and chic all at once. One-arm tops made a reappearance this year and—dare we say—they’ve never looked better. The trend surfaced in the warm summer months with one-arm shoulder straps and asymmetrical dresses, only to be carried forward into the chillier season in the form of one-arm blouses and sweaters.

We’re excited to see what exciting vogue and fashion statements are yet to be made in 2017. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long to find out, with the new year eagerly awaiting just around the corner. Or perhaps Santa will lend a helping hand and seek the aid of his fashion elves to deliver us the perfect outfits for the new year…a girl can always hope!

(Pictured chokers from CreationZ From A Dove  available online at

Get Ready for the 2nd Annual Georgia Peach Fashion Week


peach fashion weekApril 5,2015 – ATLANTA, GA – The 2nd annual Georgia Peach Fashion Week: Building Fashion Forward, the most anticipated and elite fashion event in the Southeast, is less than 3 days away with a host of media, celebrities, buyers, and fashionistas set to attend.  Georgia Peach Fashion Week will be held at the esteemed Infinite Energy Center at the Forum (Gwinnett Center), 6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy. Duluth, GA 30096 from April 6th-9th.  See below for full updated schedule.

April 5th: Opening Reception at Boogalou Restaurant & Lounge, 239 Ponce de Leon Ave., Atlanta, GA 30308 from 7pm-10pm.

April 6th: Youth Day Community Event benefiting Twin of a Kind Foundation from 10am-5pmsponsored by Walmart Store #1314 and SkinnyPop Popcorn featuring a Pretty Girl Retreat, Man Cave, and Mommy/Daddy & Me Walk-off hosted by Tony “T-Rep” Button. Performances by Dai Time, Prissy Hoody, and Bamzy Baby with guest speakers Robin Dyke (Bravo’s Mother Funders), Mrs. Georgia – Nova Kopp, Twany Harris, Officer D. Phillips of Lawrenceville Police Department, and Kimmani Kouture. Red carpet hosted by Olivia Lynch, Ms. Georgia, and Joe Dyke and media partner Wild Child Magazine. Designers include Kimanni Kouture, Neriah Hairen Collection, B&B Threads, Hill Knight, and Geek Junky. Vendors include Chick-fil-A Sugarloaf Corporate Center, Atlanta Technical Institute, Candice Hines Scarves, Wade Walker Park YMCA Stone Mountain, A Lady Name Pearl, LLC, HOTT Theatre for Children, Kimanni Kouture, Jump with Jahkiyla Foundation, B&B Threads, SkinnyPop Popcorn, Twin of a Kind Foundation, SugarSpice, Allstate Insurance: Quincy Hudson in Flowery Branch, GA, Je’Quita Johnson the author, and more.

April 7th: La’Curve Couture, fashion show for the curvy women, presented by Nelson PR Productions from 6pm-11pm hosted by actor, dancer, and choreographer Darrin Henson (Soul Food, Stomp the Yard) and Tunisha Brown (EIC of Impact Magazine, Cocktails & Conversations).  Performances by Stan Jay and R&B sensation Mardy Price.  Designers include So Anxious Clothing, Rieces Pieces, Kami Shade, and Drip Swimwear.  Vendors include Loudé Cosmetics, WEN by Chaz Dean, Natural Goddess/Natural Adonis, Twin of a Kind, KGX, SkinnyPop, and more.

April 8th: Runway fashion show benefitting the Alma G. Davis Foundation from 6pm-11pmhosted by Ramona Rizzo (VH1’s Mob Wives) and Patricia Thompson (WE Tv’s Cutting it in the ATL) with guest speaker socialite and philanthropist Bo Talley and performances by Ms. Proper and Robin S.  Designers include Yoro Creations, NP the Clothing, G3 Concepts, Karlie Redd, Perfect Panache, Dana Lynn Couture, and Alexander Pezo.  Vendors include Lash Brat, Belles & Beaux, WEN by Chaz Dean, Natural Goddess/Natural Adonis, KGX, SkinnyPop, Twin of a Kind, Karlie Redd, and more.

April 9th: Closing night runway fashion show event from 6pm-11pm hosted by Towanda Braxton (Braxton Family Values) with special guest models Evelyn “Ms. E” Braxton (Braxton Family Values, Tamar & Vince) and Bo Talley.  Performances by Kalliope Ray and Grammy-nominated artist Anthony David.  Designers include Allure Kids Kouture, Featured RAW Designers, and Norahs Khan Designs. Vendors include Karins Uniq Kreations & Gifts, Dejah Group, LLC, Belles & Beaux, Karlie Redd, WEN by Chaz Dean, Natural Goddess/Natural Adonis, KGX, SkinnyPop, Twin of a Kind, and more.

April 9th: After Party to immediately follow at Bar Chix, 3547 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Duluth, GA 30096

GPFW would like to give a special thanks to their sponsors; WEN Hair & Body Care by Chaz Dean, Natural Hair Goddess/ Natural Adonis, Walmart, Selfie Cookies,  SkinnyPop Popcorn, BAi, Makeup by Neece, Crown Brush, Aesthetica, Paul Mitchell the school Atlanta, and Dr. Kelvin Hamner M.D. of Phoenix Medial Office at College Park.

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