Reasons Why You Should Be Listening To Classical Music

Written by Misha V. Stefanuk

Why do we like really expensive cars? Mainly, the cars are a status symbol, they represent us to the world. When we drive a two seater convertible that is compatible on price to a home mortgage, it makes us feel accomplished. Makes us feel secure.

But there is more to the music we listen to, it’s not just to show off our intellectual and emotional maturity, it does affect our minds and souls.

When we listen to Beethoven, most of us are lost, and yet, the overall effect of music is usually uplifting. Makes us feel stronger, and makes us feel smarter and more serious.

Also, the fifty violins and twenty cellos playing together make us feel that we got our money’s worth, if that many people got together, it must be serious.

Now, life presents a bunch of challenges, job loss, deaths, loss of love among with new jobs, new babies and new loves. Those things are serious, and having a less important sound track could diminish and devalue our experiences.

And while sometimes we want to be goofy and easy going, we, humans, totally possess the ability to be serious and complicated.

And time and time again, Mozart comes around with flying colors, and the bride walks down the isle with Mendelssohn, Wagner and Pachelbell.

Once in a while, we should take time and money and go sit through a symphony concert or an opera, you would be surprised how different your thinking will be after this experience.

Classical music is music for grown ups, music for people looking for answers, music for entrepreneurs and sergeants, people who decide to make an important contribution to life.

Have at it! It’s worth your time.

Misha published over 25 books on music and piano, three best-sellers: Jazz Piano Chords, Jazz Piano for Young Beginner and Jazz Piano Scales and Modes. He also wrote music for over a hundred TV shows, including music used on One Life To Live, All My Children, Passions, First Monday, Constantine, Good Morning America and more. Misha’s funny and entertaining personality ensures the success of his students in learning music: from beginners to advanced professionals, and his pedagogical music provides a great tool for teaching music reading and helping students to progress from methods to playing music they enjoy.


Entrepreneur Spotlight: Grammy Nominated Music Producer James Worthy

image.jpegFor those who don’t you, give us a little but of your background

My name is James Worthy and I’m a record producer, songwriter, actor, and CEO. Been in the industry roughly going on 7 years now. Worked with pretty much any artist you can think of.

 When did you first realize that you wanted to get into music production?

Just being around music and different genre’s it made me interested in finding out how music was actually crafted. Once I studied it, I fell in love with it.

 How did you go about building up your clientele and getting celebrity clients?

Networking, relationships, creativity, and humbleness. There is enough success for everyone. I’m well respected because I never let the fame take over me.

 What have been some of the biggest obstacles on your musical journey so far?

People not believing and understanding the type of music I make. Even coming into the industry early on it was tough to break in, because of stereotype’s of what you should be doing verses what you feel is right.

What can someone expect from a James Worthy production/ beat?

Expect creativity, soul, and melody.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences ?

Michael Jackson, A Tribe Called Quest, Kanye West, Quincy Jones.

What sets you apart From other producers in your field ?

I make what I feel instead of what is  needed. I do all genre’s of music so my mind is worldly enough to experiment.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

Inspiring others, a grammy nomination, and doing what I love.

 Where do you see yourself being or doing in the next year?

Having another #1 record, winning a grammy, working with many new talents, and expanding into other entertainment ventures.