“Woman What Are You Worth?”

Written by Alesia Watley


We have approached that time of year where love is in the air.  It’s cold outside, so we are cuddling with our “boo thangs,” and posting pictures of that feeling that he gives you, but what about those of us that don’t get that February 14th love? Instead you get that 13th or 15th phone call. Let me stop you there and pull the focus back.  As women, we look for how much a man values us through posting our status on social media, the gifts, the dinners, or even meeting his family. Reality check is needed girlfriend! Numero Uno (that’s some Spanish I learned,)  a man shouldn’t show his love for you 1 day when there is 365 days in a year. Number two you would rather a man open his heart and his mind to you than just his wallet as if you can be bought. Finally, number 3 as a woman you wear a crown that should never be tilted for anyone or anything. If a man finds you worth pursuing and worth his time, you will not have to pursue, chase, beg, or bribe him to see your worth. Ladies you are the prize and should make that man work for your glory. Make him respect your temple, because  you only get one, and most of all, respect yourself and hold yourself to a higher standard. If he is the right man for you he will strap up his boots and rise to your standards. Moral of the stories ladies, when you learn what your true worth is you will stop giving discounts!!!

This has been psych in heels delivering real talk to a real audience!!!!

Marriage and Media

Written by Alesia Watley



Often you will hear the baby boomer generation say phrases such as “Don’t ask don’t tell”, “If you seek you shall find”, or even “As long as he is taking care of home I can’t worry about the rest”. Do you see how the dynamics of relationships have changed over the course of time? I have wondered that if social media was present or even prevalent in that era , would the women of yester years feel the way that women today feel? I do frequent my timeline on the ever popular Instagram and I have noticed that it’s all about the” show bae and I doing this,  and show him buying me that”, only to be short lived or deleted because there is another female or the ever popular acronym “THOT” #Thathoeoverthere , that shares the same stories and similar pictures as you do with the same guy.


Let me ask you this. Would there be the battle of affection if certain aspects of one’s relationship didn’t make it to a social platform for others to judge and make a mockery out of? Have we learned nothing from our daily doses of reality show television that, the more you reveal the less you conceal? With my own 4 eyes, (two natural eyes and a pair of glasses that is,) I have seen social media ravage through marriages like Hurricane Katrina mixed with a Tsunami; I’m talking natural disaster of epic proportions. Discretion I have learned over the years is the key; the less they know the less of a platform of “accurate” information they can feed off of. Marriage is sacred, symbolic, and most of all where I come from , it’s supposed to last as long as the both of your natural lives.  It really gets messy with the creation of “Side Chicks,” and yes you know what I’m talking about. A side chick is the woman that has tailor made herself to be your husbands answer to all of his so-called woes and what he feels he is lacking at home. Ladies and gentleman I took a poll of answers from a group of men and women and they explained that the credentials of a side chick are as follows:
Occupation: Bartender, Beautician, Trap Queen, Booster, Stripper, Waitress
Hair: Usually varies in colored sequence, 20”-30”
NAILS: Stiletto or Coffin shaped and usually includes a few rhinestones and a junk nail
Items she is never seen without: Louis Vuitton Doctor Bag or Gucci Tote, Mac matte lipstick or balm, Food stamp card, Victoria Secret Pink jogging suit, a selfie a day that she uploads on Instagram that usually includes her lips protruded to resemble a duck, in her phone your husband’s name is probably saved under “Zaddy”, “Him”, or My little Secret”. I’m just as amused as you are remember the descriptions come from a group of our peers. Let’s ask ourselves this,  “Are we really mad at the side chicks and social media, or are we mad at ourselves that we allow these entities to have a leg up on our inner most thoughts and most personal moments with our love ones?


Food for Thought: Pandora’s Box never opens itself. When we create a stimulus that attracts another person’s attention, the settlement of that desire is to explore it. When we begin to protect our inner most relationships and thoughts , we can began to worry less about an outside force wreaking havoc on what we worked hard to build.

This has been Psych in Heels dishing real life and real facts for real people!!!!!