5 Toxic Personalities to Avoid Like the Flu

Written by Salina Jivani

You’re walking down the street, trying to find that restaurant you’re supposed to meet your friend at, and you see several people around you. Ever notice how you have a tendency to feel more inclined to approach one person versus another? No, it’s not in your head—people give out different vibes. And some people don’t emit such great ones.

You may notice that your best friend just gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling while your evil aunt from Tennessee really is just plain evil. Here are five personality types you should definitely keep away from to avoid the negativity and feeling of ill will from permeating your life.

The green giant of envy

Jealousy is an intrinsic human trait we all experience every now and again, but overly envious people just don’t seem to catch a break from it. You know this person because they’re constantly eyeing what others have, upset that they can’t flaunt something equivalent or better. And they’re never content with anything they get—no matter how great it may be, because they always spot greener pastures elsewhere in someone else’s backyard. Keeping company with envious people may rub off on you and, eventually, you might find yourself exhibiting some of the same traits as them. So steer clear of such individuals and don’t look back.

The manipulator

We’ve all known someone who’s super nice to us…with the caveat that they need some favor or another in return…just innocently or out of thin air. But you know better than that. Manipulators are very calculated—they know exactly what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. And their list of favors is never ending. The moment you stop acquiescing to their requests, they’ll drop you faster than a dead bug on a fly swatter.

The damsel in distress

A great and true friend is someone who’s there during times of difficulty, but if you find yourself being a great friend a little too often, it might be because your pal is a self-perpetrated victim. These people always want to whine and complain about life’s curveballs, but they never want to do anything to help themselves past them, instead opting to make other people feel sorry at their completely “helpless” situation. Instead of trying to prod them to take action, it’s probably just easier to walk away because once a person is set in his ways…well, you know how that story goes.

The egotist

You’ve probably come across someone who constantly sees everything you do as an opportunity to one up you. Being in company of someone like that is like tiptoeing on eggshells, always having to weigh your thoughts and what you say aloud, wondering how it will be received and possibly rebutted or outdone. People who constantly need to feel superior to others usually have many deep-rooted confidence problems. You don’t want to be the butt of their frustrations or unresolved issues, so it’s better just to avoid their kind of personality altogether.

The moody

Everyone has ups and downs, so we understand that life is more like a roller coaster than a skating rink. However, moody people have no true reason for their sudden shift in temperament other than they simply feel like going from one extreme to the other. In other words, there’s often no rhyme, reason or logic behind their temperament. And people with this kind of personality are dangerous and extremely draining because you don’t know what can set them off and you don’t know how to stop a happy moment from becoming a terrible one. To prevent yourself from feeling exhausted and using too much mental energy on these people, it’s better to just dump them.

Remember that while toxic people do exist, not everyone is toxic. There are plenty of beautiful people out there who have minor flaws (but don’t we all?!) so when possible, try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt instead of automatically trying to shove them into one of the above categories. Otherwise, the world can fast become a boring place.

3 Nifty Uber Features you Didn’t Know About

Written by Salina Jivani

At one point, grabbing a cab or a ride with a random stranger in the middle of the night used to be the making of horror stories. However, today with advents the likes of Uber, all it takes is a split decision and a few clicks and the next thing you know, you’re flying down 85, windows rolled down, jamming to your favorite music with a complete stranger driving you. And you have not a worry in the world about being abducted or dumped on the side of the road in your most expensive heels.

However, while you’re off enjoying the freedom and convenience Uber offers, we bet you didn’t know these three slick tricks about your favorite app.

Split your fare with friends

In this age of electronics, Venmo and plastic, cash is so passé. But the very convenience of technology comes with its own set of drawbacks, such as having to endure the embarrassment of reminding your pal they owe you a few measly bucks for that ride to the hotel you hitched together at his Bachelor party. Enter Uber’s “split my fare” feature! With this function, you can easily and conveniently split the cost of your ride without any embarrassing reminders or the nuance of having to keep track of exactly how much you spent on which fare with which friend. Simply go to your trip information (near the driver’s info) click on the amount that’s due, and press “split fare.” You’ll have to choose the person you want to split with from your contacts. Note, however, that you can only split the fare while a trip is still in progress—you won’t be able to split after it’s over.

Keep track of your ride costs for business trips

Typically, companies require you to maintain receipts and records to validate your spending during a business trip so they can reimburse you. Uber makes this super easy to do by allowing you to create separate ride profiles for business and personal trips. When creating your business profile, simply use your work email and pick how frequently you want Uber to send you travel reports. Then click the house shaped button in the top right of the screen to quickly switch from one profile to the other.

Schedule a pickup in advance

Sometimes, waiting for a ride can be time consuming, say when you’re at the airport and have to be at an important meeting within minutes after you land. Other times, waiting can be outright dangerous, like at nighttime in large cities that have a frighteningly high crime rate. In either case, scheduling an Uber pickup in advance could save you time and prevent risk. To do this, just click on the calendar button to the right of the “Where to?”. Rides can be scheduled up to 30 days out, so schedule away!

While these are three really cool features of Uber, they’re not nearly close to everything this amazing app can boast about. Play around or visit Uber’s official site for more cool tips and ways to maximize your experience.

Free Cell Phone Service from Republic Wireless

Looking to try and new cell phone company? If you are an iPhone lover, are you willing to give it for an Android to have free phone service? If so, then Republic Wireless may just be for you.

The company recently announced that on its website that new customers can now receive 6 months of free service, along with a free SIM card, as long as you meet certain requirements.

According to the Republic Wireless website, you must:

1. First, make sure your existing phone is compatible with our service.

2. Order your FREE SIM kit. Act fast while supplies last.* Discount will be taken at checkout. All you pay for is shipping and taxes.

3. Activate your phone by June 6th, 2017, and pay for your first month of service—then enjoy up to $30 off your bill for the next 6 months.


Republic Wireless is a North Carolina based cell phone company that prides itself on  using “WiFi first, with cellular as the backup network. “

Visit their website  to see if your phone qualifies for this promotion.

5 Tips for Planning a Breathtaking Destination Wedding

Written by Salina Jivani

The sun’s blazing, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming. Yep, it’s officially wedding season. And if you’re tying the knot during this breathtaking time of year, it’s understandable that you might be tempted to flee off to a distant (or not so distant) location to soak up the sun and enjoy the bounty of nature around you. And since your wedding is a milestone you’ll forever remember, it only makes sense to do it in a place that will make the moment all the more memorable, beautiful and perfect in your mind and in pictures. But while you’re busy contemplating putting together the best destination wedding ever, be sure to heed some simple tips to make sure your big day’s everything you’re hoping for and more.

Pick a realistic venue

It sounds dreamy and oh so romantic to get married in a centuries-old castle in Scotland or a remote island. But those venues probably aren’t realistic choices when it comes to coordinating vendors—like your caterer. Make sure the place you pick is a practical choice for you, your guests as well as the people you’re counting on and hiring to make your wedding the spectacular affair you’re hoping for. When selecting a venue, think about your decorator, entertainers, photographer/videographer, florist and any other vendors that’ll be contributing to the day’s celebrations.

Add a touch of the local

What’s the point of traveling hundreds or thousands of miles away from home if your venue’s going to look like any other one at…home? Pick up cues from the locale around you. If you’re on a beach, maybe add beach elements, like shells, to your décor. If you’re in the country, consider weaving in some local music into the evening’s song list. If you’re in a foreign land, consider adding a flavor of the local cuisine or incorporating a cultural wedding tradition. Adding a touch of the locale will help enhance your wedding and allow people to enjoy the feeling of being away from home.

Steer clear of busy times

Keep in mind that many places have busy periods or seasons during which special events, activities or celebrations take place—be sure to not book your wedding during these times. Doing so could result in pricier travel for both you and your guests as well as limit the availability of vendors and accommodations.

Figure out your vendors

Perhaps one of the most challenging parts about planning a destination wedding is picking out reputable, affordable vendors. Plan on spending a good amount of time doing research to select vendors who are reliable and whom you can count on. Read reviews and do your homework. Even better, if you have any family or friends who are familiar to the area, ask them for suggestions or recommendations.

Think about your guests

Your wedding is supposed to be all about you…or is it? Often in the midst of excitement, it’s easy to lose sight of the people without whom your special day would be incomplete—the guests! Remember, people who attend your wedding have spent time and money—likely hundreds of miles away from their own homes—just to be there for you during this priceless milestone in your life. Show them you appreciate their presence by considering them as you map out details that will affect them—like accommodations, cuisine, travel dates and, yes, even venue. Do they have religious or personal beliefs that would limit what they’re able to eat? Are there certain allergies you should consider? Is anyone physically handicapped? It’s understood you won’t be able to accommodate everyone in every single aspect of your planning, but rely on common sense to help you focus on significant nuances that could cause severe inconvenience to your guests. After all, a wedding without loved ones is really no wedding at all.

It’s easy to get frazzled in the midst of mindless details and planning as you strive to implement an unforgettable, mesmerizing destination wedding, but remember to steal moments to enjoy all the hard work and effort you’ve put forth into your special day. In other words, while you’re busy making amazing wedding-day memories in your paradise location, make sure you take time to take a break from stress and stop to smell the roses.

5 Mother’s Day Gifts She Secretly Wants

Written by Salina Jivani

If you’re like most people, you shop for gifts all the time thanks to a non-stop stream of invitations to birthday parties, surprise bashes, anniversaries, baby showers, graduations, heck, even divorce parties. And while you may or may not be a great gift giver, one present you most definitely should put a whole lot of heart and love into is the gift you give to a mother—whether it’s yours or your child’s—on Mother’s Day.

And while we realize every woman has her own personality stuffed with likes and dislikes, we’re pretty confident the below choices are near fool proof for women of any taste and style.

A custom throw

What woman doesn’t like to curl up on the couch every now and again to a great movie or her favorite TV show? And what better way to stay snug during those times than with a thoughtful, customized throw? Add a memorable family picture or a meaningful message for a super special Mother’s Day keepsake.

Places to try: Things Remembered and Walmart

Face products

Every woman cherishes youthful-looking, healthy skin and appreciates products that can help her preserve it. Which is why you’re playing on level field if you opt to invest in excellent quality skincare gift sets for Mom. But be mindful that some women are sensitive to certain products or notice that particular brands work best with their skin, so if you’re not sure which line of products Mom favors, try taking a peek around her bathroom or vanity and it’s likely you’ll snag yourself a few clues. You can even try a simple, subtle “Your skin’s looking great; what are you using nowadays?” to spark up a conversation about what she wears or maybe what she’s hoping to buy. Be creative and you’ll be able to wheedle it out and then help her put her best face forward.

Suggested brands: Clinique, Este Lauder, La Prarie, Dior.

Hair products

Like great skin, every woman envies fantastic, beautiful locks. Luckily, the hair care industry is filled to the brim with options for people of all ages and hair types. Visit a local salon or a beauty shop and you’ll likely get an expert’s spiel on exactly what would work for Mom’s hair. But remember to grab a gift receipt—just in case.

Suggested lines: Moroccan Oil, Nioxin (for fine or scanty hair), Kendra (for heat protection)

A great bag

Clutches and handbags are a bit tricky because every woman has different taste. But they’re also one of your safer bets since every Mom carries one. Again with this, some quick sleuthing will likely clue you in to which styles, sizes and shades are a safe bet. If you’ve got some cash to splurge and can afford to add a designer tag to the handbag, count yourself in for some extra brownie points. And if selecting the right clutch or handbag feels like too risky an undertaking, try going for a wallet, instead.

Brands to try: Coach, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade

Gift card

If all else fails, you can always count on the magic of gift cards—but make sure you’re not lame about it! Be thoughtful by placing the voucher in a nice card with a thoughtful, handwritten message or tucking it in with a homemade arrangement of her favorite chocolates or fruits.

Places to try: Kroger has a great variety of gift cards to select from

Remember that while gifts are important and welcomed, nothing overpowers the love and thought with which they’re delivered. Make the day special with breakfast in bed, plenty of love and good behavior and your gift will most certainly be the cherry on top of an already fantastic and memorable day.

How To Instantly Become a Wine Connoisseur

Written by Ariel Wallace

Have you ever watched a movie and became marveled how the actors interact with wine.The color, smell, ambience of wine in a glass. Ever wanted to explore wine a little more, here’s a few short cuts to becoming a overnight Wine Connoisseur.

Develop A Wine Palate: Learn from the best and acquire a favorite wine of your own. Red or White find a wine that best suites your choice of taste. Getting past your wine flavors is the first part. Consider joining a wine tasting group.

Trying an Unfamiliar Wine: Branching away from your comfort zone of wine and going with an Oblique taste. Leaning toward savory instead of a sweet wine. Building a list of different wines is a sure way to pronouncing an A-Z Winery list.

Writers and Wineries: Wineries and Writers go hand in hand. You can find alot of articles from Wine Experts stating they’re opinion on blogs and wine reviews. Try reading a book that sets the mold for your understanding. A great book for starters is “The World Atlas Of Wine”. Which is an informative read to share over a glass of Wine.

Wine Expert: You’ve finally made it to the finish line. You can look at the wine list and pick out a wine in confidence. Pairing wine and food is something that is now natural for you. Congratulations you are now a wine Connoisseur!

5 Strange Things That Could be Diminishing Your Lifespan

Written by Salina Jivani

In middle school, my classmates and I used to secretly launch silly games and websites on our browsers when the computer lab teacher wasn’t looking. One that used to be pretty popular was a death clock that predicted the date and time of your death, counting down years, hours, even seconds. Sounds pretty morose, even perverse, as I’m writing about it now. But hey, it was middle school. We were only getting warmed up with the crazies!

The good news is the death clock was actually pretty generous and didn’t predict anyone would clonk out before the age of sixty.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work nearly as favorably and it certainly doesn’t dance to the tune of the death clock, granting everyone plenty of time to live out life.

As most of us know, promoting longevity requires effort and healthy practices like staying away from drugs, exercising and eating healthy. But here are five weird habits we bet you (and that death clock) never thought would shave off years from your longevity calendar.

You don’t laugh enough

We’ve all heard that we need a healthy dose of laughter in our lives. It’s why concepts like laughter therapy exist! But did you know your sense of humor can impact how long you live? In fact, studies prove that women who have a healthy sense of humor are 43% less likely to die from illnesses, infections and other ailments than those who don’t. And men have a 74% reduced risk of passing away from those same ailments.

You’re not getting any action in the sack

Everyone needs a little lovin’. But men in particular who haven’t had sex in a long time or have vowed celibacy can push their mortality rates up double of those who do get some sack action at least once a week. (A great way to bribe your woman into having some fun with you, especially when she needs some prodding!)

You don’t drink

No, that’s not a typo. You’re probably used to hearing quite the opposite, but recent research proves that, given you’re drinking responsibly, a regular helping of alcohol can actually combat diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia and heart disease. Another surprising fact: a study in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research found that mortality rates are actually higher in non-drinkers than those who drink heavily. Quite a shocker, yeah?

You don’t get along with others

Relationships are an important part of your wellbeing, because they affect your mood and stress levels, which have an impact on your body. So your relationships with people you spend a lot of time with—namely your family and co-workers—has a huge impact on your health. Studies show that those who get along pleasantly with their coworkers had a higher life expectancy because of lower stress, which promoted healthy cholesterol and blood pressure ranges.

You eat food that’s been sitting around

You’re in desperate need of bread and you’ve got exactly two slices remaining—just enough to make a sandwich for lunch. Problem is, one of the slices is slightly molded all the way in the corner. You look around, tear off that edge and toss it in the trash. And no one’s the wiser, right?

Well, not quite.

According to studies, eating food that’s even slightly spoilt or has been hanging around your refrigerator shelves just a bit too long can actually cause you to lose your lifespan. When scientists performed experiments on yeast, fruit flies and mice, they found that those that consumed a diet of ingredients derived from older components lived an average of 10% less longer than those that consumed fresher components.

In humans, when we eat foods that are old, we end up accelerating the aging of our cells, which ends up hindering life expectancy.

So while you’re out there piling on leafy greens and vegetables in your grocery cart, don’t neglect to toss out the items in your fridge that are past their due dates!

5 Reasons Women Gravitate Toward Older Men

Written by Salina Jivani

When I was younger, around 13, I crushed on guys three or four years older than me. At that time, the age gap seemed extensive—particularly to the guys. They didn’t want to be caught dead dating someone their sister’s age. No way, no how.

Fast forward a few decades and those very men are now getting married to women who are five, ten years their junior.

What happened to the ick factor, now? In truth, a lot.

First, those girls are no longer “babies.” They’ve developed into attractive, young women who have lithe bodies and respectable professions.

But really, what is it that these young women see in older men? Think George and Amal Clooney, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Why do women date and marry older men when they have a sea of hotter, younger hunks vying for their attention?

Seems the older male population, think 40s and older, are perceived as being able to offer a higher quality relationship than many of their younger counterparts.

Here are just a few of the reasons younger women are so easily swept off their feet by older men.

They’re more confident

When we’re young, we have our share of insecurities. But as we age, we learn to deal with or overcome those insecurities. Men who are older have experienced relationships and blunders, have often learned from their mistakes and have come to terms with their shortcomings and weaknesses. In other words, they’re much more comfortable and confident in themselves. And for a woman, being around someone who is confident and sure of themselves is both alluring and intoxicating. Plus, men who are self-assured are more fun to be around because they’re not busy being on the defense or trying too hard to prove their worth to you—instead, they know how to relax and enjoy themselves around you, meaning they’re much better company.

 They Have Money

Because men who are older have had time to gain a firm footing in their careers and business ventures, they’re typically at a much more financially stable point in their lives than men who are in their mid-twenties and thirties. This means older men can spend their money freely—without having to count pennies when they take you out to dinner or on a spontaneous getaway. Plus, by this point, they’re better at managing their funds, meaning they don’t have to worry about returning home to a depleted bank account.

They have time

Older men have already gone through the hassle of trying to prove themselves to their superiors, which means they don’t have to spend weekends or late nights whiling away at the office in an attempt to please their managers or prove their commitment to their jobs. Also, because they’re more senior in their professions, they usually have a good amount of paid time off, or if they’re a business owner, they have someone who can cover for them while they’re out, so they can jet off with you to an exotic getaway—worry free.

They’re more sophisticated

While younger men are busy still gaining their bearing in the world, older men have already done so, meaning they’re more seasoned when it comes to being suave, having sophisticated tastes (in food, wine and dine) and knowing how to handle situations in a mature, cool and refined manner.

Women love keeping company with sophistication, and that’s exactly what they get when they’re with a man who carries himself well and demonstrates a firm command of life in general, whether that means knowing which wine best complements your favorite steak or knowing how to handle an inattentive waiter. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he can afford to go all out and splurge on an extravagant dinner without wincing when the check arrives.

They’re better communicators

Because older men have had more time to experience and get things right, whether that be understanding the dos and don’ts of a relationship, knowing how to talk to people in different situations or learning how to cool an irate woman, they’re better at communicating. In short, over the years, they’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Plus, they’ve also had more time to develop and hone their listening skills, which makes them a dream come true for women.

In the end, everyone wants a partner who loves, respects and cares for them. Age, as they say, is just a number…and one, as we’ve seen, that can work in your favor sometimes.

6 Fun (and relaxing) Staycation Ideas

Written by Salina Jivani

If you’re like most people, your fingers do a mad dash to book airplane tickets and plan excursions for you next vacation just seconds after your manager emails you, approving your requested time off.

But the next thing you know, all that build up and anticipation and excitement is peaking because you’re jetting toward your vacation destination… and then you’re jetting back, and vacation’s over. To make things worse, you realize you’re more tired than refreshed. Meaning you literally need a vacation from your vacation.

If you’ve ever had a vacation like this, you might be tempted to do a ‘staycation,’ instead, the next time around. But does the idea of being off with absolutely nothing to do sound more like a punishment than a treat?

If so, consider these ideas to get you thinking about how to cover that time in the most relaxing, fun way possible.

Watch a movie

Many of us can’t remember the last time we curled up to a good movie. Take some time out to make a list of all the ones you’ve been wanting to watch, and make sure you check the web or ask your friends (who have similar preferences, of course) for recommendations. Escaping into the alternative universe of Hollywood may be exactly what your mind needs to reboot and de-stress.

Pamper yourself

Guilty of spending too much time in front of the computer? Or sitting in one place for hours at a time? A day at the spa can leave you feeling rejuvenated. Throw in a deep tissue massage for good measure and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a new body—one without your usual aches and pains.

Not into the spa scene? Try indulging in a mani/pedi, a new haircut, scalp massages or even a facial. Just focus on anything that will help you relax and feel good.

Check out sites like Groupon and Living Social for unbeatable deals that will help you enjoy the pampering, guilt free!

Get some exercise

Sometimes all you need to get those endorphins going and happy sentiments flowing is a good workout. Anything from a sweat inducing routine at your local gym to a leisurely stroll in the park is great for your body—and your mood. Plus, a nice workout can help you rest easier and better at night, rejuvenating not only your body, but also your mind.

Read a good book

Many people don’t get the chance to read for pure pleasure once they start working or begin juggling a career alongside a family. Carve time out to pay a visit to your local library or your neighborhood bookstore and always read reviews or ask for recommendations. Doing this will save you from having to sift through mediocre reads and keep you hooked on the exhilarating ones. However, beware: If you find the right book, you could find yourself up until the wee hours of dawn, which may cause you to sleep in past your normal time. But hey, it’s not like you’ve got work the next day, right?!

Learn something new

We all have something we’d love to learn or master one day. A good stretch of off days might be the perfect time to do so. Maybe you want to discover golfing, or yoga, or knitting, or coding, or swimming. YouTube is a gold mine of information for self-learners and if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, try Google!

Hit your bucket list

Got a bucket list? There’s no better time to chop away at it! Have you been dying (no pun intended!) to go bungee jumping, or parasailing? Maybe ziplining or water rafting? Or did you want to hike a mountain or camp out in the wilderness? Now’s the time to do it! But in the process, make sure you avoid bucket list overkill. After all, the point is to return to work feeling relaxed and well rested.

The biggest thing to remember here is that staycations should be all about you. We all need a break from time to time, meaning you shouldn’t feel compelled to stuff your time “off” with errands and chores just because you’re not on a vacation on some remote island. Take time to enjoy, unwind and reconnect with people you care about and you’ll feel a lot more content about how you spent your staycation.

5 Things you Should Always Buy From the Dollar Store

Written by Salina Jivani

My supermarket bills are often astounding, even when I haven’t purchased but six items. At times, I even hover near the sliding exit doors in shock, glancing at my receipt to make sure the cashier didn’t accidentally charge me three times for each item—which is the only logic that would justify why I’m paying over $40 for six things.

Luckily, after many years of couponing and bargain hunting, I’ve found stores that actually sell products at a fraction of the price than what I’d pay at my neighborhood supermarket.

One of these places is the dollar store.

While people generally equate dollar store products to poor quality, I’m pleased to tell you that’s not always true. In fact, large retailers often purchase the same items as those found in your general dollar store and augment the pricing at dramatic rates when they themselves only pay pennies on the dollar. Basically, this means that you’re getting similar quality products at both places, but just paying more for it at your local convenience store.

So if you’re a big proponent of the saying “A penny saved is a penny earned,” give the dollar store a shot when searching these five items, and watch as those pennies (and dollars) you save add up!

Party décor

We were throwing a surprise party for one of my friends one year when I walked out of Party City with my mouth hanging open. For a few measly plates, napkins, balloons and cups, our total was coming out to be over $50!

Luckily, the dollar store was directly across the street, so when my friend suggested we price compare, I was only too eager to give it a shot—and we ended up paying over 50% less without even trying!

Bottom line: If you’re throwing a party on a budget, start at the dollar store! They’ve got an assortment of tablecloths, utensils, decorations, even goody bags for $1! And don’t forget to look for balloons while you’re at it. (We saved about $3 a pop on balloons alone!)

Hair accessories

My little girls go through hairbands like confetti at the Mardi Gras. At Walmart, we used to spend several dollars on just a few hairbands that would seemingly disappear within minutes after we got through the checkout line.

Then one day, I discovered the SAME exact hairbands at the dollar store. Now we buy them in bulk—and on the rare occasion they don’t get lost, they’re very durable and long lasting!

If you’ve got little kids or are looking for a good deal on hair accessories, the dollar store has many more good quality products you should consider buying, like hair brushes, claw clips, hairpins, headbands, and even bows.

Greeting cards

Every time I throw a birthday party for my kids, I cringe at having to throw away birthday cards (because really, how many can you keep?!). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a branded one, like Hallmark, for anything less than $4. Luckily, most stores nowadays have a column or row of 99 cent cards, but if you’re looking for something cheaper, most dollar stores sell some pretty cool cards at two for only $1!

Stock up on them and you’ll end up saving many trips to the dollar store along with tons of money.

Picture frames

Photo frames can be a complete and total rip off when you buy them at large retailers.

Pay a visit to your local dollar store and you’ll likely see an entire isle dedicated to just frames. And often times, they look and feel no different than the ones you might find at places like Target and Walmart.

Dishes and decorative trinkets

I don’t like purchasing prepackaged dinnerware sets because you don’t get to pick what you want. For example, I rarely use saucers. If I could, I’d replace them with dinner-size plates.

The neat thing about the dollar store is that you can hand pick a whole set of dinnerware of your choice and pay only half the price. For example, browse Walmart’s website and you’ll see plain white circular plates at 12 for $24. At the dollar store, you can get similar ones at 24 for $24!

Are you big into festive dinnerware? The dollar store often has an exceptional selection that can rival even the best varieties at large retailers throughout the year and during every season. Plus, the purchases won’t hack away at your pocketbook.

The next time you’ve got some free time, browse through your local dollar store to see what they carry. To maximize your savings, create a list of goods that are cheaper there than at your neighborhood supermarket, or wherever you typically shop. Then either stock up on those items or make a regular visit to the dollar store to avoid overspending on those very items during future supermarket shopping excursions.