Vintage Is The New ‘In’ Look for This Summer

Written by Samantha Skinner

Vintage looks have always been around and from time to time you will notice that different time periods will come out. This is true for this year, as well. Not only have you seen many of the vintage appeals that are found in the dresses, with their light cotton that flows effortlessly, but also in many of the other cute items that you find hanging on the racks. Most often you will find some pretty decent finds in thrift stores and vintage shops that provide these types of clothes that are coming back. What era is coming back though? So many are asking this question because they do not want to go too far behind, but they want to make sure that they’re at just the right spot for the job.

The vintage look is in and with it comes so much more…

Flowing dresses from the 70’s when flower children were in session. You can find many of these sundresses around and with the same patterns that were on them so many years ago. However, they are still just as cute and still just as in style. If you’re looking for something to wear this summer, these dresses are calling your name.

Pair them with a cute pair of flats or sandals.

Wearing flowers is showing all the power. The 70’s is definitely making a comeback in a lot of the summer clothes that you see everyone in. Not only are the flowers a symbol of the power, of the peace and of so much more but they provide the wearer with something cute to wear around. Floral patterns are back in so if you don’t currently have something in your closet that has this pattern, now is the time to get it. Wear floral jumpers, shorts, shirts – just about anything!

Through the look of the past, you’re gaining the future ahead. So many outfits that once were worn by your grandparents are now coming back. Bell bottoms came back, didn’t they? Now the free flowing, lightweight fabrics of the same era are coming back once again. You can find almost everything in floral print, in lightweight material and the comfortable appeal that follows.

Vintage is the new in and if you have a chance to check out what all is next, then make sure to look into what is hiding in the vintage closet. You might be surprised to see what they have hanging up. If you want to wear something that really makes you stand out, then vintage is the way to go. Not only are you going to look awesome, but you will also be someone that can pull of the look because it is coming back. It is summer, wear something cute, but also something comfortable.

Happy sunny days!

Choosing a Spring Dress That is Perfect For You!

Written by Samantha Skinner

Shopping for a spring dress might seem simple. You know what you like and what you don’t, but what if you could find something that completely made you stand out? What if you could find something that fit you in all the right places and also made you feel confident to wear it, as well?

We have so many tips and tricks when it comes to fashion so when you go to choose something from the shelves, consider these tips and also consider what it is that you like. Even though those runways are blazing with hot new fashions, always make sure to choose something you are comfortable wearing!

The Skinny on Stripes

If you feel that you have a little more to love, then stripes are going to be your best friend. Not only are you going to be able to feel good in what you’re wearing, but you’re able to know you have what it takes to rock that look, as well. This is something that not everyone is able to do. However, throw it on, see if it is for you and rock it!

The Neckline Matters

If you are a bit on the busty side, then you want to stay away from extremely plunging necklines. You might lose…yourself in them. You want to wear something that is flattering so go with a neckline that is higher up, but also curve skimming and not clingy in that area. This will help not only make your bust seem more proportioned, but it shapes the body better.

For Those Curvy Mama’s Out There!

If you’re curvy then you want to wear something that is going to really make your waist stand out. Choosing a comfortable spandex-made dress that has a belt around the waist or another type of tie can really help out those curves and get you the looks that you want and need. Unlike some of the other options out there, being curvy is not something you have to hide with a bag – wear a belt and make it look classy!

Small Bust – No Problem

When you have a smaller bust, you don’t have to worry about a higher neckline as much. You can easily go with something that plunges and gives the illusion of a bit more. You want something that cinches cutely at the waist, but also flows freely towards the bottom. This is going to give the illusion of having more curves.

If you want a cute spring dress, then try on something that is ideal for your body type. You don’t have to worry about not being able to wear something worth wearing, and that looks cute! The choice of dress you go with is going to look good since you picked it out!


Spring Has Sprung! The Top Must-Have Fashion Trends 2018

Written by Samantha Skinner

Spring time is upon us and with it comes many different fashion trends that follow. When it comes to this, you want to make sure that you’re also the best dressed one showing up to the party, as well.

Here are some of the best and top must-have fashion trends for the year so you can stay one step further when it comes to being fashionable and chic.

The 80’s are Coming Back
You probably didn’t see that one coming, but the 80’s are making a comeback when it comes to the spring fashion trends you’re likely to see. Think wide shoulders, suede and cinched waists that follow. The 80’s had some pretty cool things with it, so you can expect to come up with something unique and original with many of the fashions.

Sneakers, Sneakers, Sneakers
We all love a good game and now you can wear your sneakers with just about anything that you’re wearing for the day. You can benefit from a good look with the sneakers and your jeans, or sneakers and that skirt and be daring when you pair them with a cute tennis dress.

Large Belts
Large belts are also in fashion and with them comes the need to wear them with bright colors and beautifully large buckles. They can be paired with a long shirt, jeans, a dress or anything else that you can think of.

Pencil Skirts
Pencil skirts are back by popular demand this spring, though they really didn’t lose out on anything before. They’re still just as beautiful as ever when it comes to wearing them out to a party or to a business meeting, you can have both.

Sportswear is something that is not only comfortable, but also fashionable. It is turning into a fashion statement come spring time. The jumpers, track suits and more are there to use when it comes to putting them on and heading out for a good time when the weather warms up a bit more.

Denim, Denim and Even More Denim
If you thought that denim was in back then, just look at it now! This season many of the denim made jeans, dresses, skirts and more are going to have denim on denim with them. This is a big leap of faith since we are unsure of how the world is going to take this denim craze once again.

Of course, you could also go with something personalized, something specifically designed for you and one of a kind with Creationz From a Dove, so you will stand out this spring and look beautiful.

Happy Spring!

How To Clean Your Closet and Make Money with Poshmark and Mercari

Written by Aysha Chaudhry

As the New Year approaches, a lot of us are tempted to re-vamp things in our life that we’ve grown tired of. That may include our beauty routine, our exercise regimen, and even our wardrobe. However, it can be difficult when our wallets are tight, especially right after all of the spending that comes with the holidays.

A great way to make some spare money and to free up space in your closet simulateneously is to use a re-sale app like Poshmark or Mercari. These apps allow you to buy and sell gently-used clothing for great prices. So those high heels you bought for last year’s holiday party and haven’t worn since? Sell ‘em.

A tip for getting the best bang for your buck: While the buyer pays for shipping, you are responsible for extra costs for the shipping materials, etc. If you are planning on selling a lot of items, consider buying silver shipping bags in bulk (Amazon has some great options) so that you aren’t paying so much when you get to the post office.

10 Fashion Hacks For The Busy Lady

Written by Samantha Skinner

If you’re busy all the time and you perhaps have had a fashion malfunction or just want to seem like your life is put together a bit more than it is then you will need to find some fashion hacks that can help boost your confidence and perhaps your wardrobe a bit. Here are some of the most used (and loved!) fashion hacks out there for the busy lady…

Vaseline will get a stuck zipper unstuck. You just have to rub a bit on the zipper and voila! you have unstuck it when it glides effortlessly.

Warm water and vinegar are able to effortlessly remove water and other stains that are commonly found on leather.

Moleskin can be found useful when the underwire of your bra is sticking out and becoming too painful to deal with. No worries! You now do not have to throw out the bra!

Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and warm water mixed together can help remove yellow staining on shirts that might have been left behind from deodorant or sweat.

Use a piece of fashion tape to keep a lapel down and not flapping around, though we do admire that Michael Jackson look.

Delicate sweaters can stay in the best shape possible when you wash them with baby shampoo instead of detergent.

When packing your coat or jacket, reduce the chances of wrinkles happening by turning it inside out and then folding and packing it.

Run deodorant over the soles of your feet to stop them from blistering in shoes that might rub or seem too small.

Use a safety pin to thread a string in a hoodie or other jacket that has come undone and out of the shirt entirely.

Spray lemon juice on whites before you wash them to keep them looking white and to remove any stains that might have happened during the time they were worn.

Whether you’re looking for a way to fix something, prevent something or just keep clothes looking their best, these hacks can provide you with a little bit of everything. No women has to worry about replacing clothes because they were unable to get the memo on how to keep them white or sharp.

Be a busy lady doing what you do best but never sacrifice your fashion sense when it comes to grabbing some fashion tips that are going to help keep you looking sharp – always!

Tips For Getting Holiday Fashion for Less

Written by Samantha Skinner

If you’re looking to look good this holiday season but not spend too much to buy something you’re only going to wear once, then check out some of these ideas to help you get in the holiday mood.

Not only can you find some of the cutest holiday wear out there for less, but you can also wear some of these pieces again and again once you find them. Think cold weather apparel and not necessarily ugly-Christmas-sweater, because no one wears that past the Christmas party.

Check Out Online Outlets
These are great for finding fashions for less. Not only that, but they also provide coupon codes and other essentials that are going to save you even more cash when it comes to purchasing the perfect outfit. Consider the type of clothing item you’re looking for though, because if you want something extremely holiday-like then you may have to search ahead of the holiday hustle and bustle.

Shop Right After the Holidays
Planning ahead for the next holiday season is a great idea. While some might not want to do this because they may gain or lose weight, if you have a pretty constant weight then going to the clearance rack since the holidays are over gives you nothing to lose. With some unbeatable prices, you want to be prepared.

Mix and Match in Your Current Closet
If you have black pants and a red shirt, then you can rock those for the holiday season. You don’t have to purchase something specifically for the holidays when they come up. Being creative with your own wardrobe can help you mix and match and plan for any holiday that might come up. Plus, this is a great way to clean out the closet, as well.

Consider Borrowing
If your friend has it, you should have it too. This is a sharing is caring program and you want to make sure that you both are getting the most use out of the closet full of clothes that you both have. Just ask your friend to borrow some of her holiday-related attire and you can rock it for this holiday season.

Of course, if you want something that is going to pop out a bit more, then splurge and buy something that you actually want and love. There is nothing wrong with spending a little bit more money on something to treat yourself during the holidays. It is the season for giving, so give yourself the gift of a great wardrobe!

Happy holidays!

Our Favorite 90s Fashion Brands Are Back and Better Than Ever

Written By Aysha Chaudhry

2017 has definitely been the year of 90s nostalgia, and all of our favorite 90s brands are back in style. Time to dig through our parents’ closets and dust off those old vintage sneakers, crew neck sweaters and high waisted jeans.

1. Champion – The low-cost athletic wear company owned by Hanesbrands has been huge strides over its days at Wal-Mart. After being worn on a number of celebrities, Champion can now be found at stores like Urban Outfitters and in high-end designer capsules. Champion is the epitome of “the 90s are back.”

2. Tommy Hilfiger– A huge staple of the hip-hop community back in the 90s and maybe most notably worn by Aaliyah, this young brand is back on its way to the top. Thanks to collaborations with models like Gigi Hadid, Tommy Hilfiger is in front of today’s millennial and teen audiences.

3. FILA – Dubbed “Forever I Love Atlanta” by our favorite Southern city, the coolness factor of this athletic brand has been down for some time now. With the revival of the 90s nostalgia, it makes sense that influencers like Kourtney Kardashian and A$AP Rocky are wearing the FILA logo once again.

Is The Fashion Industry Losing Diversity?

With a lot of diversity in the world, you would think that there would be more diversity in the fashion world? This is not the case! With so many people not being able to branch out on their own, it seems like the same trends are being used time and time again, with less and less designers being able to come up with something unique and fresh for the seasons ahead.

While CreationZ from a Dove is throwing out those fresh styles each and every season, you don’t see this from other designers out there. Some of them are just not putting out what they used too, which is disappointing a lot of their fans in the process.


Here are some of the more popular brands that seem to be having a problem in this department as the times change and they do not know what to throw out there.

Dolce & Gabbana

Though they’re known for some of the most eclectic styles out there, they might not be screaming what you want them to be screaming. Once a powerhouse of true fashion, bright colors and great accessories, now they are taking on a more somber look, which is unbecoming of them. Even if the times call for this, in their true fashion, they need to continue to be a trend setter in the world of fashion. This is letting down many fans of theirs.


Louis Vuitton

In the world of handbags and luxury accessories, this is where you’re going to find good ol’ Louie hanging out. With many accessories, it is no wonder that he would come out with a new watch but what does this mean for the fashion world? Much like a bat cave right on your wrist, is this something that means that the company is turning more towards technology, rather than the other items that he once was producing? This is something that so many people are wondering, as they want to know where they can get their luxury bags.


Of course, there are so many others that are looking to branch out in the fashion industry, including adding more technology and going with a different look. Being a designer in this day and age brings on a lot of not only competition, but also the ability to adapt to the changing market and world ahead.


As for so many out there wondering why the need for change?

This is simply because of the change in people’s attitudes towards fashion. When someone says they like something, the designers are constantly listening and working on something that is going to make it big within the world. It has to be a design that everyone wants to wear and purchase. Do to this, each of the designers has to be prepared to think up new designs all the time.


This just seems exhausting to many of us, but for now, we can only wait and see what the future holds for the designers out there and what they’re going to bring to the runway next.

Are We Just Recycling Old Trends and Making Them New Again?

Written by Samantha Skinner

When it comes to the trends we all know and love, many people do not think about where they came from. Sure, someone improved upon them for the times but were they once something that was in fashion and then went out of fashion, only to come back again?

With so many fashions being recycled, it is not tough to think about how they might have gone had they never been reused in the world today. They might have been forgotten. Also, who is to say that some of the previous fashions that we have not reused will not come back in the future?

Here is a glimpse inside some of the looks that have been redone throughout the years…

Bell Bottoms
Though we call them flares, they have made a comeback to the fashion world. They have graced many different runways and are currently something that you do not see all too often, as they have already ran their course through the past years.

Straight, Tight Pants
Mostly known now as skinny jeans, they’re a look at has made a comeback to the world today. For those in the 80’s, you know how difficult it was to get into the pants you wanted to wear and then zip them up, guys and girls alike, well these are now back in action and I am sure many people are jumping off of their home’s roofs to fit inside the jeans.

Natural Curls
Once we thought that the smooth, sleek look of hair was it for the decade, we were wrong. Natural, full bodied curls are now something to be proud of. Blow them out and wear them proud, the frizzier, the better according to the fashion industry. If you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em.

Top Knots
Once a big part of the 60’s the top knot was something that many women did. Now, it is a part of everyday life. When a girl wants to have that sleek, put together look but doesn’t have time to actually do her hair, throwing it up in a cute top knot works just the same, no matter what hair type you have.

The Cat Eye
Eyeliner that makes the eyes look more pointy at the ends of them are currently a big hit throughout the fashion scene. However, this came about mostly in the 50’s and was worn by many women during the time period. However, we can also thank the Egyptians for introducing us to it, as well since all of the pictures depict royalty having this look.

When it comes to recycled fashion in the world today, it is just what happens. Something goes out of style but down the road, years or even decades later, it will come back up again. What do you like to wear that comes from a different time period that is now a fashion hit in the world today? Of course, stay to your original style and you’ll be just fine!

3 Items in Your Closet You Should Never Toss

Written by Salina Jivani

Your wardrobe’s overflowing with a tsunami of clothes, scarves, shoes and apparel—in other words, you’re a typical woman. And sure, we all have to clean house when the latest fashion strikes (goodbye bell bottoms), but luckily, there are some constants in life—including in your closet. Here are three things you shouldn’t ever toss from your wardrobe, regardless of the latest trends.


Your comfiest pair of jeans

Denim can be so uncomfortable, until you break into them. And it takes a few months (and many washes) before your jeans feel truly comfortable on you. Luckily, jeans are also something that’ll never become a fad, so keep them clean and safely tucked away in your closet!

That collection of t-shirts

T-shirts are sooo comfy…and while you may have some that are a bit (out)dated, rest assured that there are still plenty of other uses for them, like throwing them on with a pair of jeans when you want to dress down, or wearing them to bed with some comfy boxer briefs. Worst case scenario? Lend them to your friends when they pop in for a sleepover (so just in case they don’t return them, you’re not left missing your favorite PJs!).


Things you want to hand down to your daughter (or anything else that holds sentimental value)

Your wedding gown, that ruby bracelet that’s been handed down for generations from your mom’s side or even that brooch that’s been a family heirloom—it goes without saying that anything you plan on passing on to your future daughter should be stored safely and thoughtfully (and hopefully not in your closet, if it’s a valuable).


Of course every woman’s got her own “forever” list, so if you really love that pair of something or another and just can’t seem to part with it, don’t! Keep it aside and likely, it’ll swing back in the fashion charts sooner or later.