How Women are Identifying their PowHER in Politics

Written By:  Shantera L. Chatman, MBA

Several women have thrown their hats into the ring to run in the Democratic presidential primary, hoping to become the nominee for 2020. Waging an election campaign is difficult for anyone, but women who want to run in the current climate will have a difficult time having their voices heard. The media, the political infrastructure, and the culture all have the potential to interfere with a candidate’s message. A lazy focus on clothes, hairstyles, ethnicity, or national origin distract from discussions about the preferred policies, professional experience, and track records of these women. Women who care about how our country is run, and by whom, should demand that ALL candidates for office be respected as serious contenders, and be allowed to make their cases without the media, the party system, and the culture distorting their voices.

As activists, we must hold ourselves accountable for the protection of these women’s voices (at least as much as we can).  Anyone who wants these women’s voices to be heard more clearly should do the following:

  1. Make a list of important issues and examine the candidates’ positions considering those issues
  2. Focus on one candidate at a time and hear them all out before comparing
  3. Seek out longer-form interviews and discussions instead of sound bites
  4. Declutter social media accounts that serve only to work up emotions rather than inform 
  5. Engage with lazy reporting and redirect the conversation by contacting reporters via social media who play into the old narratives. Call them out on undermining these candidates’ messages.

Shantera L. Chatman, MBA is a the Founder & Executive Director, The Chatman Women’s Foundation Managing Partner, C+A Global Group. She is also an Author & Coach

Women Who Dominate- This Woman Makes a Living Helping Other People Look Good

Cashe Royal is a Celebrity Stylist out of  Atlanta,GA,  by way of Miami, FL. Cashe is the heart of fashion and style and breathes sprinkles of glitter, luxury and anything couture. Cashe is an all-around fashion guru, who  entered the styling world as an outlet for her creative muses.

Cashe is also a philanthropist by heart. She is an educator with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. Cashe was the youngest board member on the Mayor of Opa locka Women’s Initiative. She is also an Eastern Star, and serves as a Pastors Aide at her beloved church.

When you meet Cashe, you are in the presence of Royalty. Her style is impeccable and is sort out by many. She is also a slayer herself when it comes to the camera.

She is a natural around the camera with an extensive training background in Dance from Miami Magnet Schools. This training has afforded her with the opportunity to appear in music videos as a video model with the likes of Cash Money, P. Diddy, R Kelly, and DJ Khaled. She has touched both sides of the camera by styling numerous productions, plays and fashion shows. Cashe Royal has experience in styling throughout the entertainment business, and  is the Brand Ambassador for Prestigious Hair and Diamond Kisses lipstick Company. Her client list includes some of your favorite celebrities including: Shay Johnson, Reality Star/LHHATL, Flavor of Love, Natalie LaRose’, Platinum Artist, Johnnie Blaze, Reality Star/Recording Artist, BBOD, Reality Star Group/Recording Artists, Pretty Ricky, Platinum Recording Artist, Natalie Nunn, Bad Girls Club, Alexis Sky, Reality Star/LHHH, and Taylor Girls, RCA Recording Artist just to name a few.

We sat down with the style guru to get a glimpse into her life, and learn more.

How did you get into the fashion world and becoming a wardrobe stylist ?

I’ve always been into Fashion and I used to model so it brought me closer to getting into the styling business. I have been in music videos,  fashion shows, magazines etc. So fashion and clothing has always been in my future.

 How did you go about really branding yourself and gaining a celebrity clientele?
About 3 years ago I decided to become a noted fashion stylist and take my brand to the next level. I reached out to the many contacts that I had already established relationships with in the industry and began to venture out with my skills.
 What is one of the most challenging parts of being a wardrobe stylist ? 
The most challenging part about being a wardrobe stylist is getting your client comfortable with you and allowing you to be a creative being through them.
A lot of people think being a stylist is something simple that anyone can do.  Talk about some of the misconceptions people have about becoming a wardrobe stylist 
 The most misconception is that it’s not really work. A  lot of people think that we as fashion stylist play dress up, when in actuality we are the creative geniuses behind your entire look!
What does your daily routine consist of in the life of a stylist ?
 My daily routine is to get up and say my prayers to the most high and stay current with fashion and style.
 What are 3 things people don’t know about you ?
The 3 things people don’t know about me is that I wanted to be an Alvin Ailey Dancer, I’m a couch potato,  and I love to sight see!!!
 You have an event coming up this month. Tell us about that
 My event is on October 15th  in Douglasville, Georgia at Uniq Lounge from 5pm till 8pm.  Its called Fall Into Fashion “Sip N Shop” and will have have vendors who will be selling a number of items.  MTV’s Wild N Out  B. Simone hosting along with Kelsey Nykole  and Press Play performing. There will also be Giveaways, along a chance to enter our raffles for some amazing prizes for supporting our vendors.  Free food and wine will be present as well.
What advice do you have for upcoming stylist and entrepreneurs in general? 
My advice will be to never never never give up believe in your talent and skills and what you have to offer!

Women Who Dominate- This Woman Opened Her Salon for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Crown Salon in Houston, Texas along with Mielle Organics, treated several teachers, and victims of Hurricane Harvey to a day of beauty. Like a lot of people, the majority of the ladies were either rescued by boat or helicopter and had to evacuate their homes quickly due to the water rising. The ladies lost everything and were left with nothing but the shirt on their backs. After providing them all with hotel rooms, Crown Salons wanted to bring a sense of normalcy back into their lives and treated them to a day of beauty, complete with hair styling, eye brow threading, facials, a full face of makeup and gift bags! We spoke with the owner of Crown Salon Kristen Lafell to get more insight into her company and what this meant for her.

How important was it for you all to provide your services to the hurricane victims? The importance of giving back to you

Giving back to me is apart of who I am. Whether it is giving back monetarily, It’s the reason I partially started my own business catering to women.

What was the most rewarding part about giving back to the ladies ?

The fact that the women felt beautiful and full of life after the dark storm was the most rewarding. That we could spark a fire in them for a least the moment.

Lets talk a little bit on entrepreneurship. What inspired you to start your company?

I have always been an advocate for women- women’s rights, women’s points of views, and how they are viewed to society. Crown Salon stands for everything “female”. I wanted to open a salon because I believed it could be a place where women can come and forget about reality and all the stigmas that are said about women,  hair and beauty. At Crown, women can be who they want to be and open up to stylist and other women. It is like a community at Crown for women. We support each other and lift each other while getting a little extra “maintenance”.

What have been some of the biggest obstacles you have had to overcome along your journey ? I don’t really focus too much on the obstacles, but we have had a few hiccups. Like starting any business, you really don’t know what you are getting into until you are in.

What impact would you like for Crown Salon to leave not just in Houston, but across the nation?

I want Crown to become a lifestyle for women. Here every woman is treated as the Queen they are and I want women across the country to know they are Queens and nothing less.

What have you learned through the process of working with the ladies about the importance of being thankful for what you have ? A few years back I had a near death experience and since then I have viewed life one day at a time and valued the invaluable such as family, friends, and life. Working with the ladies has refocused me to value people and life and not material things.

Words of advice/ encouragement for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Trust in yourself and be confident in your ideas. Listen to others because whether negative or positive it will drive you in the right direction and push you even harder.

Women Who Dominate- This Woman Makes a Living Bringing Old Pictures to Life

Interview by Maria Rochelle
 I’m so excited today to share with you an interview
 with Marina Amaral who specializes in photo
colorization. She combines two of my favorite things:
 history and photography. She takes a black and white
photo which has usually has some historic interest
and puts her special touch and transforms the picture
 to color. She also goes in detail of who is in the
picture and gives you some information on them.
Read more about her in this interview.
How long have you’ve been restoring and colorizing
black and white photos?
I started two years ago, in 2015.
What is the first one you ever did?
I think it was a portrait of a Confederate soldier of
the American Civil War. Now I look at it and I think
it’s terrible, but I felt really proud when I managed
to finish it.
What do you love about colorizing black and white
I love to look at a photo in color for the first time
and feel that I’m giving myself and the viewer the
opportunity to see that particular event or person in
color for the first time ever. It’s almost a magical
With all your pictures,they all seem to be tied to
history.I’ve enjoyed looking at many of them. I see
them and I think “it’s now” instead of say 1925 when
the actual photo was taken. How does it make you feel
as an artist to show the photos in a different light,
 which colors can do to any photograph and do you see
yourself as an artist? I think you are and that you
create beautiful magic with your skills.
Thank you! This practice of colorization of black and
white photos involves lots of different things –
research, historical knowledge, ability to use the
software, but it also involves and requires an
artistic sensibility, which is something that makes
all the difference, in my opinion. I had never seen
myself as an artist before, but now I realize that
not everything depends on the technique. You need to
have this sensibility to be able to look at the black
and white photo and create in your mind the image
that you want to reproduce. So when I look at the
photo for the first time, I immediately begin to
visualize the lightning, the atmosphere that I’d like
to create, the details and the colors that I want to
Your first book is called “Colour of Time,” which you
collaborated with bestselling historian Dan Jones on.
I actually read about you through Dan Jones’ twitter
feed and became fascinated with your work through
him. How did you and Dan come up with the idea and
how did you decide to pick which photographs?
Dan and I met and he invited me to develop this
project a little over a year ago. He already had the
concept on his mind, which was something that I loved
since the beginning. We are trying to tell a story
not only through the texts, but also through the
photographs. So they are not being randomly chosen.
What can the readers expect to see with the book?
We’re going to talk about the history of every nation
of the world from 1850s to 1950s, which means that we
 are covering a hundred years of world history on this
first book. We are talking not only about events that
have taken place in Europe and the United States, but
are also exploring facts that are little known but
which are highly important in the history of places
such as China, Japan, Canada, Mexico, etc. We have
200 exclusive colorized photos and Dan’s narrative
anchoring each image in its chronological context.
It’s a format that has never been explored before. We
have high expectations, and hopefully, people will
appreciate the effort that we’re putting on it. I can
guarantee it will be a fantastic book!
Do you have a favorite period in history?
I love the medieval era.
Is there a photograph that you would like to restore
and colorize that you haven’t had a chance to do?
I’d like to do something with the photographs of the
Brazilian Expeditionary Force in World War II, but
unfortunately it is very hard to have access to them
in high resolution.
Do you have a favorite one and if so why?
My favorite is the one of Czeslawa Kwoka, the young
girl that was murdered in Auschwitz, for a number of
reasons. I wanted to give her the chance to present
herself, to “say” her name and to tell her story.
Judging by the messages that I receive almost every
day, I think I managed to do that and I feel very
glad and proud of it.
Tell me three fun facts about you.
 I can tell you three random facts about me.
I was hit by a truck when I was 12.
I’m self-taught and I don’t get along very well
when I need to take regular classes
I’ve never watched Titanic.
I share motivational quotes and inspiring quotes with
my readers. Do yo have one you can share?
The greatest failure is not to try.
If you could change one thing in history, what would
that be?
The Holocaust

This Serial Entrepreneur is Turning Her Failures Into a Million Dollar Real Estate Empire

Atlanta, Ga resident and serial entrepreneur Snoop, is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the business world. She enrolled in college at the age of 16, and graduated at 20 from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Economics. After a short lived corporate career working for American Express, she went full force into her entrepreneurial endeavors, and hasn’t looked back since. Snoop is the owner of multiple successful businesses including The Hookah Hideaway, and Escobar Tapas Lounge, both located in Downtown Atlanta, Ga. She is also working on her new dating app Girl Talk App, and working on opening a third location. We sat down to talk to the business mogul and find out what she is a women who dominates.

Was entrepreneurship something you always wanted to do?

I always knew I wanted to have my own business, even as a child. Growing up, I never really had a career path, but I knew that I wanted to be a business woman and have my own. Having my own businesses seemed like a dream at the time, but that is exactly what I am doing right now, so dreams come true I guess!

What did you learn from opening up your first business, that carried over into your next ones? What did you learn along the way?

When you open up your first business you really don’t know what you are doing. Everything is a 100%, or probably more so like a 150% risk. It’s always 100% risk when you open up a business, but when it’s your first one and you don’t know what you’re doing, its even more of a risk. I didn’t know anything when I opened up my first business. I didn’t have a business plan, I didn’t have a marketing plan, I didn’t have funds allocated to start a business. I just did it off of emotion. The things that I didn’t have in place for my business then, I have in place now.

The Hookah Hideaway Menu Items
Photo Credit- Facebook

How did you balance and take everything you learned in your past in order to grow into the person you are today?

That’s actually one of the things I will be talking about on my new website   Every successful person has a story, or any person period. We all have things that we have been through, and situations that we were born into that we have no control over.  It’s the people that overcome those things that end up being the most successful in life. I think a lot of times we don’t learn as much from  failures as we can. It’s only when people win that they really look at what they did, or this is what got us this “w,” but you really can learn more from your failures. I have this wall in my office of all the businesses that I have ever opened and been apart of. There were ten of them that I have done in the past eleven years, and over 50% were not successful. So always remember that  you have to try. You have to put your best foot forward or nothing will ever happen. You won’t be successful or unsuccessful, you’ll be stagnant.

Escobar Lounge
Photo Credit- Facebook

Entrepreneurship is hard and definitely not for everyone. When you first started your business, was your family and friends supportive of your dreams?

Not as supportive as I would have like them to be, but for the same reasons as most parents. My mom is very traditional and old fashioned.Graduating from a school like Vanderbilt, it was expected of me to  get a nice paying job with benefits and things of that nature. It’s so funny because I actually remember when she really started believing in my entrepreneurial spirit. She would just start giving me little bits of information, so now if I ever wanted to go work for someone, it would be unbelievable!

What inspired you to start the Girl Talk App?

I was inspired to create the “Girl Talk” app because I am a lesbian, and for most lesbian women its a little harder to find mates. I thought that it  was a great business opportunity, being that there is nothing out there like it.


When making your transition from American Express to being a full  time entrepreneur, how did you find the faith to really believe in yourself, and know that you can do it?

Well, I’m an Aries, so I’ve always had kind of a daredevil personality. In my younger days I was really impulsive, so I really didn’t have any fear. I just felt like if it didn’t work out I can always go get a job anyway, because I have a degree. I just always pretty much  believed in myself.

How did your business partnership with rapper 2 Chainz come about?

The full story will be on my website that’s coming out shortly after Labor Day, but we ended up meeting because I was looking for another location here in Atlanta. I had Hookah Hideaway for about two years at the time, and wanted to open up another spot. When I first moved to Atlanta, I lived in some lofts that was right around the corner from here, and I would always walk to Peters St, so I just thought it was a dope little area and wanted to own something over here. My realtor ended up hooking us up, and we ended up really clicking. Its a very interesting story of how we met and when I found out that we were opening up Escobar  together, but I want to save all that juice for the website

What are some of the most important things you have learned over your ten year entrepreneurial journey, and what advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

I would say the most important thing that I’ve learned is how to handle stress. In the business world you go through really high stress situations. I learned how to not let a bad situation ruin my day. So that probably is one of the biggest things, being able to have peace and to have a life outside of business. My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to NOT GIVE UP.

To learn more about Snoop follow her on Instagram and Snapchat @whoissnoop