This Fitness Trainer Makes a Living Helping Other People Feel Good

Interview by Abner Jackson III

Ty Kalandyk is a lifestyle trainer that’s definitely not your every day run of the mill trainer. Ty has built his business around getting his clients lasting results. He’s managed to do that by creating a lifestyle change mindset with his clients. He definitely has a passion for bringing out the best in others.

Tell readers how did you become a lifestyle trainer and how long have you been one for?

I decided to commit to learning how to live a balanced active lifestyle myself. I wanted a lifestyle I could sustain not just some fad diet. After getting results myself I decided to teach others to do the same. That was seven years ago

What are the pros and cons of being a lifestyle trainer?

Hands down the biggest benefits to my job is seeing people completely transform their lives. The cons would be wanting to help everyone but realizing ultimately the balls in their court at the end of the day.

Tell us about the  Herbalife website, what products do you sell and what are your best sellers?

Herbalife is a great nutritional supplement that works tremendously well when mixed with a balanced diet and proper exercise. I deal with a wide variety of products that include inner and outer care for your body. The best sellers are Formula 1 meal replacement shakes because they work great with people’s busy schedules. Also Prolessa because it’s designed to target that annoying mid-section belly fat

How do you keep people motivated to eat healthy, on a diet, losing weight, etc?

Keeping people motivated and working towards their results is what really sets Herbalife apart. We have a host of online platforms customers can participate in to keep them accountable, provide information and also support. We also have hubs set up around the world where people can connect in person through free workouts, challenges, and local lounges.

What would be your dream job?

I stopped the search for my dream job 7 years ago. I’m extremely passionate about helping people become their best. Being a lifestyle trainer was the job that I had long searched for.

Thank you again for your time and letting our readers get to know you. Please let everyone know how you can be reached ( Twitter, IG, FB, websites, etc)?

I offer tons of free workouts, motivation and tips on my social media page You can find me on IG @tykalandyk, facebook Ty Kalandyk or goherbalife,com/synergy


Find Out Why This Man is Known as The Top Networker in Hollywood

Interview by Maria Rochelle

Erman Baradi from Virginia Beach to Los Angeles. He’s made the move to sunny LA to continue his work in the film industry. Learn more about this incredible guy who is truly next up in Hollywood.

You’ve been called “Top Networker” by The Huffington Post and “Next In Hollywood” by NXUP Magazine. How does that make you feel?

No shame – I’m going to pull the Asian American card! I’m trying to represent! I think it’s cool I am getting that recognition. For me, it’s affirmation that I’m in the right industry. In 2011, I was let go from the first and only office job I ever had. Even then I picked my own hours. Still, I knew then I would pursue an entertainment career full on. Other people are watching what I’m doing, so I’m grateful that other people gave me those titles. I am sure there others like me, but I’m not complaining. I’ll take the titles! I haven’t even sold a script yet or made a big Hollywood movie, so it means a lot so have eyeballs on me already. Who knows, maybe Erman Baradi, Forbes 30 Under 30 is next.

How did you start networking and what advice can you give to someone who doesn’t have much experience? What does it mean as well?

Well, I’m from Virginia so for me in my 20’s it was about connecting to an industry on the other side of the country. I had to strategize. It wasn’t going to be a situation where I move to LA with $20 and get a food service job and wait for something to happen. I knew I would live with my parents for a while to cut costs. I would travel back and forth to build sky mileage and lay a foundation before making the full move. I did my first Hollywood internship to slap it on my resume. Then, I went to work on my social media and branding myself. Then, I started doing interviews first to network with talents, managers, agents, and publicists. Got a writing gig without prior interview experience so I spent my last $5 on a Rolling Stone and figured it out. Companies started hiring me for events. Then, when I ventured into panel events I used those contacts to get guest speakers. From there, I no longer had to work on referrals but directly contact industry reps. My advice would be to do something big that separates yourself from others vying for the same work you are. People work remotely nowadays. You can do anything with the internet.

From the networking, you started event producing. What is your favorite thing about it?

I would say the purpose of it all is to see other lives be impacted. We’ve received testimonials of people who’ve landed meetings or reps after attending our events, and some who found collaborators on projects. Sometimes, I think back to the beginning and wonder what if I never took the plunge into events and even interviews. What if I never took the internship that started it all. Groups of people would have never met.

I think this is like our third interview, and each time you have something new and exciting going on. From producing events and now producing a film. How did that all start?

From event producer to film producer, I love it. My MixKnowledgy and The Film Empire partner Brandon Waites is a good tag team partner. We’re both hustlers and networkers. Admittedly, it can be hard having a partner. It’s been proven that I can do things alone. So imagine going from 100% to 50% on something I can do solo. But, it is always beneficial to to have that second voice to see something that you may not see. We are both about the bigger picture, our end goals. Sometimes one of us can meet someone and the other can help the relationship flourish. I randomly connected with screenwriter Jeff Howard on Twitter for one of our contests, and Brandon was able to help segue that relationship into a filmmaking relationship. At this point in time we can’t talk too much about it, but we are grateful Jeff has been so supportive and faithful of our team.

What as a producer do you do for those who don’t know what a producer does in Hollywood?

I am still a “new guy” so I’m still learning admittedly. But something I can tell you is it deals with a lot of putting out fires. We have to keep the cast and crew motivated and make sure there are as less headaches as possible. The director has to be able to work without huge problems getting in the way. It’s funny watching a movie with friends who simply enjoy movies and are not interested in the business. They don’t know how much crap these people have to go through to get the movie made.

What’s next for you? Any more events?

We just had our summer party and panel in DTLA at The Reserve nightclub on July 28th! It marked over 250 speakers all together in the last few years. We have speakers from THIS IS US, WESTWORLD, INSECURE, and a ton more. Visit We also have our ongoing filmmaking and screenwriting mentorship contests! We just named the winner of our first filmmaking mentor contest, so those meetings are taking place at the end of this month. Great mentor lineups! Our first mentor winner Daniel Mentz of “Slipaway” had invaluable meetings across the board. You can check out our contests at I have a music panel on Studio City on September 28th( are collaborating with Tesla and UCLA’s Bruin Entertainment Network for a women in TV and film lineup om October 4th, which includes speakers from LA LA LAND, THE DEFENDERS, MARCOS, 13 REASONS WHY, HBO, Legendary, and more! October 14th I launch my side project highlighting Asian American success stories called Innovasian ( On October 21st I have a music panel on Virginia (projectmuse757.eventbrite). We have a free Q&A with SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING cinematographer Salvatore Totino on November 7th in LA ( I have something in the works in NYC on November 9th to be announced. Then celebrating my birthday at The Reserve in DTLA on November 17th ( Plenty more to come! I hope to acquire more film work.

Who do you look ugly to in the entertainment industry?

Crazy story. I don’t usually get starstruck, but the other day Brandon and I saw Quentin Tarantino at the movie theater. I’ve never been so nervous in my life. It took us a while to man up and approach him.

Do you think that entertainers and writers can change the world or our perspective on it?

Absolutely! Politics is such a turn off to the majority of people, but what do most people do? Watch movies and television. I believe entertainment is one of those most immediate forms of influence. A impactful piece of cinema SHOULD change your perspective on life.

For those who are getting to know you, tell me three fun facts about you.

I don’t know if these are fun facts, but maybe these are interesting to women – um, people. I’m a Sagitarrius. My favorite store is H&M. And my current favorite music artist is Ed Sheeran and JC Cooper.

Final question, What keeps you going to do what you do from event producing to now film producing? What inspires YOU?

I want to make movies, so I can use the platform for social good. My goal is to one day launch foundations and charities that truly change lives. Being in the arts, of course, art programs would be one of them. I want to see other careers launch thanks to what we do.

Follow Erman on social media:


3 Ways to Make a Spectacular First Impression—Every Single Time

Written by Salina Jivani

We all know first impressions count—a lot. Whether you’re meeting a coworker for the first time, interviewing with your future manager, finally chatting up that hottie you’ve been eyeing in the Starbucks line, or simply speaking with a friendly stranger in the bread aisle of your local grocer—your first impression will be a lasting one. So how do you make it impactful? Here are three tips to get you started.


Know what you do—and be able to explain it

One of the most common questions you’ll get when you first meet someone is: So, what do you do? And we’ve all spoken to someone who tries to answer this question only for you to hear crickets chirping at the end. Remember that while your occupation and job responsibilities are clear to you, they likely won’t be to a stranger. So be able to articulate—in Layman’s and simplistic terms—what it is you do, and try to keep it high level.


Mind your body language

Sometimes we’re so focused on verbal cues that we forget all about the non-verbal ones. Your body language says a lot about you and how you’re processing a conversation. Don’t cross your arms or put your hands in your pockets. These postures often relay a lack of confidence or communicate a defensive stance. Instead, put your hands by your sides, keep your back straight and shoulders wide, and remain relaxed to show that you’re confident and interested in the conversation at hand.


Be a fabulous listener

Listen more than you talk. While a two way dialogue is integral in any conversation, showing someone that you’re listening, interested in and respectful of what they’re saying is sure to set a strong impression of you—because when you listen to someone, you make them feel important. And who doesn’t love feeling important?


In short, your facial expressions, tone, and body language all matter in your first encounter. So pay attention to them and leave a positive mark—the very first time, every time!


Emojis at Work: To Use or Not to Use?

Written by Salina Jivani

You’re pounding out a terse email to your team, but you don’t want to sound too leave on a dry note, so what do you do? Lighten the mood by trying to include a pleasant closing, and maybe perhaps you even throw in a smiley face for good measure. And that’s exactly why emojis exist—to add a warmer, more accurate feeling to a correspondence than what can sometimes be communicated through words.

But is it okay to use them at work? And if so, the more salient question is when is it okay to do so?

What the stats say

According to a study called The Dark Side of a Smiley: Effects of Smiling Emoticons on Virtual First Impressions, emoticons do not—contrary to popular belief—increase your chances of coming across as warm. Instead, they make people perceive you as less competent, making them question your opinions and ability.

So why use or even have emojis?

When a smiley is—and isn’t—okay

We know it’s tempting to insert those cute little faces right into your emails sometimes, but here are instances you should veer away from those tempting, bright icons:

– With someone you haven’t built a rapport or work relationship with
-With your manager or superiors
-In messages that are unclear or vague
-With clients
-In a formal work environment
-When relaying bad news or making an uncomfortable request

The silver lining is that there are instances when it’s perfectly acceptable to use emojis at work. For example, if you’re emailing your BFF who also happens to have landed a job at your company, smiley face away. Or if you’re working in a laid back team environment (usually techy places), it’s usually acceptable to use emoticons. Instant messenger-like platforms are also places where the use of emoticons are okay.

So while you’re out trying to be friendly and make light of the daily grind, don’t rule those smileys out of your work life forever, but it won’t hurt to pause and make sure that including those little boogers on your next email won’t harm your impeccable rep or work against you!

This 24 Hour Radio Station Caters to Independent Music Artist

Interview by Abner Jackson III

Founder and CEO Robert Greene also known on the radio airwaves as The Greene Machine created the media brand entitled Situations Media Entertainment in 2013, with a goal of bridging the gap between the independent music artist and the signed mainstream artist to help them reach their goals. This brand includes a 24 hour online radio station, a series of planned events, and even a YouTube channel. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA to a family of successful entrepreneurs and radio personalities that he has watched throughout his life in the prime of their respective careers. This translated into a concept for a 24 hour radio station that is getting popular at a fast pace along with a brand that is making headway in ATL’s entertainment industry, even for himself. How is he able to keep up? What inspires him to be a man of many hats?

Tell readers about your Situations radio station and how did the idea come to start it?
102.6 The Situation is a radio station that is all mobile meaning that all of the personalities have the ability to work from home or anywhere with a good Wi-Fi Connection. The goal of our radio station is to give people who are aspiring to do music or become a radio personality the opportunity. There are too many talented people out here who do not get a chance to show their stuff or get their music played because the industry is pushing people that pay them X amount of dollars to play the songs out whether you like it or not. This is their outlet to shine. The idea came about when I  noticed a lot of people were not getting the love that they deserved because they were not signed by a major record label therefore getting pushed to the side by people who are already in the game. So I wanted this 24 hour radio station to be the catalyst for artists and aspiring radio personalities to get the experience that they need and not even need to leave home.

How can readers listen to it and what is it about?
Our radio station is about the community and is online radio for everyone. We can be accessed online via our mobile app which is available on Google Play and The App Store, the Tune In mobile and television apps, as well as other outlets such as XBOX One, Playstation 3 and 4 Consoles, Roku, as well as some car stereos.

What do you feel separates your radio station from others?
The radio station is a much different concept than most traditional mainstream stations in our local areas. Not only are we an international station via the internet, but also we have the ability through modern technology to be able to broadcast a show without the use of expensive studio equipment and sound just as great over the airwaves. At the same token we are independent artist first which means that those artists who put in the blood, sweat and tears to record a song or album just as much as the major artists, we mix them in together to ensure that all artists get the same treatment and airplay.

Tell readers about your Comedy, Curves and Couture event coming up in October and how they can find out more information about it.
Yes. The Comedy, Curves, and Couture event coming up in late October is a show similar to Rip the Runway, but with a comedic flare to the show. It is going to be an amazing event as we have Comedians T Ray Sanders from BET Comicview and Bounce TV’s Off The Chain headlining along with HerShe The Entertainer, Shall-I?, and SillyMee on the ticket with my good friends comedian John Mason and model Jenne’ Matilda hosting this awesome event. We will also have music performances from Tameka Travon and Spoken Word Poet Martin Pounds from Charlotte, NC and Bigg Badd Smalls. For now you can get more information from our Comedy, Curves, and Couture on our Facebook event page with more outlets to come soon.

What is your biggest accomplishment in this field of work?
So far my biggest accomplishment in this field of work and just my brand in general is the fact that I have recently been nominated for the ATL’s Hottest Online Radio Personality, which is one of the most prestigious entertainment awards in the area. This milestone marks the first time that any division of my brand Situations Media Entertainment has been nominated for any award and it was done right here in the ATL. It is an amazing and humbling experience to be placed in that category with the heaviest of hitters in the entertainment industry.

What advice would you give someone trying to start a independent radio show?
The best advice that I have to give to a person who aspires to start their own radio show or even station for that matter is to always be a CEO when it comes to elevating yourself. Being a CEO is not just a Chief Executive Officer, but a person who Chases Every Opportunity to make your show or station better whether that be from networking, promotion, or just enhancing the on-air product. Stay in your own lane and do things your way, but while doing that do not allow for someone to change your goal to benefit them. You are your best advocate.

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
Five years from now I see my brand becoming a household name as well as traveling to do events in other cities such as comedy shows, independent artist concerts, etc. To raise awareness of my brand and what it is about. My radio station becomes the new mainstream station and even with a possibility of simulcasting over the air in some markets. I will have made enough to leave my full-time job to run my company the right way in an even better fashion than before. Situations Media Entertainment will be able to host events with a mix of a mainstream artist and a independent artist to help bridge the gap.

Please let everyone know how you can be reached ( twitter, IG, FB, websites, etc)?

Situations Media Entertainment can be found on Facebook and Instagram under situations_host. Our radio station 102.6 The Situation can be found on Facebook and Instagram @1026thesituation. Readers can listen to us on various outlets via the Tune In App on your mobile device or smart TV, Roku, PlayStation 3 and 4, XBOX One, and more. Feel free to follow us as we embark on more history.

Women Who Dominate- This Woman Makes a Living Bringing Old Pictures to Life

Interview by Maria Rochelle
 I’m so excited today to share with you an interview
 with Marina Amaral who specializes in photo
colorization. She combines two of my favorite things:
 history and photography. She takes a black and white
photo which has usually has some historic interest
and puts her special touch and transforms the picture
 to color. She also goes in detail of who is in the
picture and gives you some information on them.
Read more about her in this interview.
How long have you’ve been restoring and colorizing
black and white photos?
I started two years ago, in 2015.
What is the first one you ever did?
I think it was a portrait of a Confederate soldier of
the American Civil War. Now I look at it and I think
it’s terrible, but I felt really proud when I managed
to finish it.
What do you love about colorizing black and white
I love to look at a photo in color for the first time
and feel that I’m giving myself and the viewer the
opportunity to see that particular event or person in
color for the first time ever. It’s almost a magical
With all your pictures,they all seem to be tied to
history.I’ve enjoyed looking at many of them. I see
them and I think “it’s now” instead of say 1925 when
the actual photo was taken. How does it make you feel
as an artist to show the photos in a different light,
 which colors can do to any photograph and do you see
yourself as an artist? I think you are and that you
create beautiful magic with your skills.
Thank you! This practice of colorization of black and
white photos involves lots of different things –
research, historical knowledge, ability to use the
software, but it also involves and requires an
artistic sensibility, which is something that makes
all the difference, in my opinion. I had never seen
myself as an artist before, but now I realize that
not everything depends on the technique. You need to
have this sensibility to be able to look at the black
and white photo and create in your mind the image
that you want to reproduce. So when I look at the
photo for the first time, I immediately begin to
visualize the lightning, the atmosphere that I’d like
to create, the details and the colors that I want to
Your first book is called “Colour of Time,” which you
collaborated with bestselling historian Dan Jones on.
I actually read about you through Dan Jones’ twitter
feed and became fascinated with your work through
him. How did you and Dan come up with the idea and
how did you decide to pick which photographs?
Dan and I met and he invited me to develop this
project a little over a year ago. He already had the
concept on his mind, which was something that I loved
since the beginning. We are trying to tell a story
not only through the texts, but also through the
photographs. So they are not being randomly chosen.
What can the readers expect to see with the book?
We’re going to talk about the history of every nation
of the world from 1850s to 1950s, which means that we
 are covering a hundred years of world history on this
first book. We are talking not only about events that
have taken place in Europe and the United States, but
are also exploring facts that are little known but
which are highly important in the history of places
such as China, Japan, Canada, Mexico, etc. We have
200 exclusive colorized photos and Dan’s narrative
anchoring each image in its chronological context.
It’s a format that has never been explored before. We
have high expectations, and hopefully, people will
appreciate the effort that we’re putting on it. I can
guarantee it will be a fantastic book!
Do you have a favorite period in history?
I love the medieval era.
Is there a photograph that you would like to restore
and colorize that you haven’t had a chance to do?
I’d like to do something with the photographs of the
Brazilian Expeditionary Force in World War II, but
unfortunately it is very hard to have access to them
in high resolution.
Do you have a favorite one and if so why?
My favorite is the one of Czeslawa Kwoka, the young
girl that was murdered in Auschwitz, for a number of
reasons. I wanted to give her the chance to present
herself, to “say” her name and to tell her story.
Judging by the messages that I receive almost every
day, I think I managed to do that and I feel very
glad and proud of it.
Tell me three fun facts about you.
 I can tell you three random facts about me.
I was hit by a truck when I was 12.
I’m self-taught and I don’t get along very well
when I need to take regular classes
I’ve never watched Titanic.
I share motivational quotes and inspiring quotes with
my readers. Do yo have one you can share?
The greatest failure is not to try.
If you could change one thing in history, what would
that be?
The Holocaust

Signs You’re Financially Ready to Cut the Strings From Your 9-5

Written by Salina Jivani

Early morning alarms, traffic, office politics—these are just some of the reasons why people don’t like going in to work. Add to that the fact that you’re spending most of your life working for someone else and at their terms, and suddenly going in to the office seems like a life sentence for a crime you never committed.

The luckier ones break free from the daily grind by venturing into entrepreneurship, you’ll probably at some point venture into thoughts of quitting your day job and starting your own business. And that’s great. Here are three things to keep in mind before you jump in head first.


You’ve got enough dough for a rainy day (or ten)

Businesses are like roller coasters: they experience their fair shares of ups and downs—often when you least expect. To carry you through the troughs and peaks, a good general rule of thumb to follow is to keep enough money in your account to carry you through at least six months of zero income.


You’ve got your debt under control

Student loans, medical debt, credit card debt…debt, debt, debt! One of the nice things about a 9-5 is that you can depend on a consistent amount to pop up in your account once payday comes rolling around. With a business, you might not always hit that magical number, which means managing your debt can become difficult. Make sure before you quit your day job, you’re confident you can handle chopping away at your debts consistently and constantly!


You understand how to curb your expenses

If you’re notoriously known for having a free hand when it comes to spending, you’re going to have to rein yourself in. Depending on a business to cover your expenses means being able to resist temptation and getting by with the bare necessities when necessary.


If you’ve bagged these three basics, we’d say you’ve got a strong foundation, at least, for being able to break away from your 9-5 ball and chain with confidence.


Why Socializing at Work Makes You Cognitively Sharper

Written by Salina Jivani

Remember in elementary school when you were always in trouble for talking too much? Turns out when you enter the workplace, those early childhood rules of staying focused on work and limiting conversation don’t apply, because chatter isn’t so bad after all—especially when it’s happening at the water cooler or even as you’re swinging by a colleague’s desk.


According to researchers at the University of Michigan, based on a study, small talk can actually make you better at your job. Before you spout that tid bit of information out to your manager, let’s talk about how these researchers came to this conclusion.


In the study, the researchers separated the study participants into different research groups:


One group was asked to spend 10 minutes conversing with one other to get to know the other participants, and then after those 10 minutes were up, they were given several cognitive tests to finish.


The second group was asked to engage in competition-based talk with one another for the first 10 minutes, and once that time was up, they were handed the same cognitive tests as the first group.


The third group, or the control group, was given the cognitive tests to complete as soon as they arrived, without being offered the opportunity to converse.


Of these groups, the first group performed significantly better on the tests, indicating their brain’s superior performance in executive functions, or mental processes that control focus, organization, prioritization, and planning.


So what does that mean in layman’s terms? It means that having some healthy chatter at the office can actually help you perform better at many aspects your job.


Take that for break room discussion!


3 LinkedIn Features You Should Know and Use

Written by Salina Jivani

Remember the days when you’d actually be able to stroll into a place and apply for a job on the spot? And then—yaay!—the internet arrived, and everyone was thrilled about posting for jobs in their PJs, happy to forgo the laborious process of going door to door with a stack of resumes.


Luckily, LinkedIn has transformed the job-hunting process, creating a social platform for professionals in the job market and getting talent in touch with opportunities like never before. But to reap the maximum benefit from this platform, make sure you’re using of a few of its key features that can improve your job search experience.


Preset congratulatory messages

LinkedIn keeps you up to speed on your connections’ anniversaries and work accomplishments and even has preset messages you can click on to quickly congratulate someone—all it takes are a few clicks and less than two seconds. Wishing your connections during milestone occasions will help you better remain connected with them so when it comes time to ask for a job-related favor, you’re not embarrassed about popping in randomly after a long period of radio silence.


Open Candidate Status

If you’re wary about putting it out in the universe that you’re actively looking for a job (because heaven forbid your manager gets word!), worry not. Go to MeàSettings & PrivacyàPrivacyàJob Seeking, and invisibly “raise your hand” to recruiters to let them know you’re interested in openings by turning on “Let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities.” No one on the front end who is visiting your profile will be able to see that you’ve selected this option.


Commenting and Liking

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to connect with people and meet new ones to add to your network is by commenting on and liking posts. Doing so gets you favorable exposure and also makes you appear friendly—a great way to get your foot in the door with recruiters and other authoritative connections.


Like with any other social media, the more you use LinkedIn, the better versed you’ll become with its features and benefits. So make sure you’re active on the platform and are exploring the many other features the app has to offer.

3 Sneaky Downsides of Working From Home

Written By Salina Jivani

You’re sitting in your PJs, snuggled under the covers and sipping coffee from your favorite smiley face mug. Oh, and you’re getting paid to do it—because you work from home. Sounds blissful, huh?

Working from home (or WFM, as it’s more famously known in acronym lingo) has its perks, but don’t be fooled. It doesn’t come without downfalls.

Here are three reasons why trading in the luxury of the workplace for your PJs can be not so great.

Your best friends are the four walls around you

Working remote means you don’t get to mingle around the watercooler with your best buds or get caught up on the latest office gossip. It also means you’ll go from being a social butterfly to being socially isolated, which can be a huge adjustment…and a huge downside.

People think you have all the time in the world

Research shows people who work from home are more productive than those who work in the office. Ironically, people who work from home are often thought to have all the time in the world. So don’t be surprised to pull a 12-hour shift only to have your friends and family think you’ve done nothing more than twiddle your thumbs all day.

You bring work home…and take home to work

When you work out of an office, you’re able to physically step from one realm of your life to another, making it easier to separate work from home, but when you’re working from home, you lose the advantage of that barrier. All of a sudden, you’re juggling laundry while taking on a crucial meeting while cooking lunch. Pretty soon, the lines between work and home blur and it feels like you’re in a constant state of movement, trying to get it all done—which can get exhausting.

Working from home can be great, but if you do have the opportunity to do so, make sure you take frequent breaks to grab a breath of fresh air, set an office space to help create a barrier between your personal space and works space, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Take these simple steps and your sanity will thank you later.