Angela Yee Is Helping Side Hustlers Turn Their Dreams Into Reality

Entrepreneur and The Breakfast Club co-host Angela Yee is teaming up with AMP Energy Organic for the “Ultimate Side Hustlers” nationwide contest.

The Juices for Life co-owner will give contest finalists the chance to showcase their unique side hustles live at Power 105.1’s Powerhouse NYC 2018 this October. “When you want something bad enough you need to put in the work and keep going until you make it happen,” Angela Yee stated. “I’m excited to hear from people who are getting home from work and turning around to put the same amount of energy into their passion project. It’s also why I’m excited to partner with AMP ENERGY® Organic, which gives me a boost of energy with only five simple, organic ingredients, to help show how the hustle pays off.”

“Everyone wants to get more out of life, but few are willing to go the extra mile. AMP ENERGY Organic respects the hustle and knows that sometimes you just need an extra boost to stay unstoppable. We’re looking for the afterhours moguls and on-the-side creatives who are doing whatever it takes to turn their dreams into reality. We know these unsung entrepreneurs are out there and we can’t wait to help share their stories,” said Justin Schwarz, Marketing Director, Flavors and Energy.

The contest will kick off August 27th-September 16th, 2018, with a national call for entries in the categories of food, fashion, beauty, art, or music. Online submissions will be evaluated by the AMP ENERGY Organic team and Angela Yee. 

For more information about the contest visit

Can Bozoma Saint John Lead Papa John’s In a New Direction?

Written By Aysha Chaudhry

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, the once-beloved pizza franchise, Papa John’s, has had several large social equality missteps, to put it lightly. The company’s founder and namesake, John Schnatter, was pushed out of the company following allegations of him using racist language during company meetings. The company has been scrambling to recover its image, and it may have found the right person to do it: Bozoma Saint John.

Saint John has had an impressive career over the course of the years, with executive management roles at Beats, Apple, and Uber all on her resumé. Now she is heading Endeavor, who Papa John’s onboarded as its new agency of record during its time of crisis.

While I’m rather skeptical of Papa John’s sincerity to their commitment to diversity and racial sensitivity, Saint John seems to think different. “This is a really pivotal moment not just for Papa John’s, but for all corporate businesses and all brands that service a larger group of people,” she told Adweek.


What do you think? Do you believe this is a step in the right direction for the pizza company, or are they just using this as a ploy to win back customers?



Taraji P. Henson Is Dedicated To Bringing Awareness To Mental Health

With mental health being one of the most important aspects of our well being, yet one of the least talked about, we are glad to see more celebrities speaking out and bringing more awareness to it. Taraji P. Henson is doing her part to release the stigma associated with mental health, especially in the African American community. On September 22, the actress will officially launch the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, named after her father who suffered from mental health issues.

She stated “I named the organization after my father because of his complete and unconditional love for me; his unabashed, unashamed ability to tell the truth, even if it hurt; and his strength to push through his own battles with mental health issues. “My dad fought in the Vietnam War for our country, returned broken, and received little to no physical and emotional support. I stand now in his absence, committed to offering support to African Americans who face trauma daily, simply because they are black.”
This raises the question of what role do celebrities have at ending the stigma associated with mental health, not just in the African American community, but in general. How much of a responsibility can we put on them, without pointing the finger at ourselves? I’m sure there are many of us with friends and family suffering from various mental health. How often do we check on them or offer assistance? Something for us all to think about.

This Tuskegee Native and Disc Jockey is Playing His Way To Success

Tuskegee, AL native, Tuskegee University alumni and disc jockey Oscar Austin knows the definition of hard work, staying true to your character, and never forgetting where he comes from. Learn more about him and his passion as this weeks creative spotlight feature

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

To me, entrepreneurship means someone has an idea, vision, mission, and passion​which turn into thriving business. Simply, an entrepreneur has the drive to design and build an empire, with the big picture in the forefront.  ​You may be the only one to see it and are optimistic enough to believe in the dream you have.

What inspired you to get started in your field?

What inspired me to create a disc jockeying and audio visual business is my true love of music. I admire and respect all ​genres of music, composition, medleys, and sounds. The way music speaks to the heart ​can be therapeutic. The art of music is such a universal language. It​ ​crosses all boundaries.

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome so far?

The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome in my career is the pursuit of ​a communication​s studies ​degree from The University of Alabama to advance my career. ​ ​I had to put my passion on ​a brief hold, to obtain​ further knowledge and abilities​ ​to enhance my creative ideas for my business.


The 3 fun facts I want others to know about me are: (​1​)​ I have a strong love for my ​hometown​,​ Tuskegee, A​L ​ and the preservation of ​its rich history​; (2)​ I was the Golden Tigers mascot for Tuskegee University Athletics ​; (3) ​I love having fun​; ​ ​I ​am very spontaneous.

My word of encouragement to future entrepreneurs is keep striving to make your dream happen. ​Honestly, obstacles, naysayers, and dream-crushers will always be there to deter you from accomplishing your goals. “I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has had to overcome while trying to succeed.” Booker T. Washington

3 Reasons to Have a Side Hustle

Written By Tiffany Terrell

Side Hustle. Often many people never pursue their side hustle because they end up talking themselves out of the situation. Telling everyone about their idea of how they will make extra cash to do things they love, or even money to sit aside for a rainy day. It’s great to have feedback from close friends or family. It’s also can be a double edge sword. If the person you’re speaking with has a 9 to 5 mindset they can usually talk you out of a side hustle. Let’s set the record straight. It is nothing wrong with having a job or career. Truth is people don’t become wealthy on someone else clock. Most entrepreneurs often start off with side hustles. Typical an entrepreneur find a niche and turn it into a business.

Time. Everyone has the same 24hrs. If you consider the average person works 8 hours a day. Considering a person has 16 hours left out the day. Sleep. Let’s say you sleep 8 hours. What do you have left 8 hours? Magic. You have 8 hours left. Great. Well some people are parents, have errands after work, and just plan busy. If you take at least 2 hours from your 8 hours you have left, it can change your life significantly.

Blocks. Touching most of the reasons why many give up or don’t go through with the plan. The truth is no one knows if the side hustle will work. Doubt goes through everyone mind. The question is why not? Imagine if every million dollar corporation gave up. Most of them started with ideas, some started with side hustles, and the rest started with no money in their pocket.

3 Reasons Every Person Should Have a Side Hustle:

  1. Multiple Streams of Income. You can never make too much money, there’s no such thing. Having multiple streams of income is important. No one thing is secure. Imagine losing a job that pays you over $50,000 a yr. You have no other source of income. Once you lose the position how exactly will you survive? Savings. Awesome. How much did you save? Was it enough to suffice for a year? The average person absolutely not. This is why side hustles are important. Most don’t call it side hustle. Can be just extra income. Great. Let go from the 8 hours a day. Now you’re free to pursue even more. Being that you built the side hustle. It makes it easier to make more money.
  2. The Internet is a great tool. The internet has made it easier to have a side hustle. You can operate a business off of an IPhone or Smart phone. WOW. You don’t have to have any sort of PC to operate a side hustle. Even social media is at your fingertips. Giving you free will to connect with over millions of individuals to gain customers for the side hustle.
  3. Lead to bigger opportunities. “The side hustle can lead to bigger opportunities”, the bigger picture for people is the hustle will eventually lead to “financial freedom”. The easy part is starting. The hard part is staying consistent. Consistency is key when it comes to the “Hustle”. While picking which side hustle is suitable be sure to pick one that you’re passionate about.

10 Tips For Real Estate Investing


1. Don’t Speculate – A lot of beginner investors watch shows like HGTV and think that it is as easy as buying a property for $80,000, putting $30,000 and somehow they will sell it for $300k and make a $189k profit. The key for you to be a successful investor is to set a reasonable expectation from the beginning. You need to know what properties in excellent condition within a 0.5-1 mile radius of your target investment property are selling for. We call these COMPS. You also need to know what properties with the same bedroom/bathroom as your investment property are renting for if you intend on renting.

Invest based on real numbers that you can actually see, not based on what you “want” them to be. Also, when it comes to renovating homes always be conservative with your repair estimates. Get bids from licensed contractors and add a 10-20% contingency for unexpected expenses to that estimate. If you do these things – you will sleep better at night when investing in real estate.

2. Not All Agents Understand Investors – Real Estate Agents are great to have on your team, however a lot of them don’t understand the real financials that go behind actually investing in real estate. Most of them come from a traditional retail background and don’t actually invest in real estate themselves. So it is important to work with experienced real estate professionals who can educate you on the market and professionals that understand key metrics such as cap rate, vacancy rates, return on investments, holding costs, cash on cash returns, net income, cash flow and some of the other financial metrics that investors need to know.

Ask the agent and professional what types of returns have they been able to get their investors? Do they even have experience working with investors? What type of investors do they usually work with? These are 3 simple questions you can ask to qualify your agents before ever deciding to do business with them.

3. BUY GOOD DEALS! – Don’t Pay Retail for an Investment Property – You make your money when you “buy” – this is an age old saying in the real estate investing industry. It is important as an investor that you focus on buying “good deals” because this increases your overall return on investment. Good deals can be defined as any investment in which you are acquiring the property at steep discount to retail.

Typically most of our investors look for 65-70% “all-in” discounts off the retail price. all in means the purchase price + renovation costs added together can not equal more than 65-70% of the actual retail value of the home. Regardless of whether you aim to be a landlord or a rehabber, this rule of thumb will keep you in business longer and leave you with a lot of equity in your investments.

This rule works mainly for single family residential acquisitions but for commercial acquisitions the key to understanding if it is a good deal is to pay attention to the net cash flow of the investment and look at the expenses / debt service. To determine the value and overall returns for those types of investments. At ATLCO, we specialize in finding this types of opportunities for our investors and educate our clients on a lot of these key financial metrics to make sure that they understand the profitability of each investment. The key here is to be patient and not jumping on the first opportunity you get just because you really want to do a deal.

4. Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork – Don’t try to do it all by yourself. The most successful investors have a team of people around them that work together to help them accomplish their real estate investment goals. Who is your real estate attorney? Your licensed agent? Real estate investment advisor? Your contractor? Insurance agent? Your asset manager?

The key to being a successful investor is to focus on your own strengths while letting the real estate professionals around you focus on their strengths. When you have a great team working with you then you will be able to accomplish your real estate goals in a much more efficient and prudent manner. Since its inception, ATLCO has spent a lot of time building relationships with key resources that our investors would need in order to be successful; all in house.

5. Learn Your Market. – It is also good to be proactive and educate yourself. Don’t just rely on the information other people give you. The real estate market is cyclical. It goes up and it goes down. Pay attention to which market cycle you are in. Educating yourself about the market is key when you first decide to invest in real estate so learn what areas are hot, what areas to stay away from, and where the market is trending.

Pay attention to where corporations are moving into in your market, where there are a lot of cash sales going on, where there is a lot of construction activity and positive percentage of population growth, where the schools are great, and upcoming plans by the city to create new developments, commercial centers, in the area. Those are some key indicators to notice when trying to educate yourself about your market and trying to decide what areas to invest in.

6. Don’t Get Emotional – It can be very easy to fall in love with a project that you are a part of however this is where most beginning investors start to lose their money. Focus on your numbers when investing and your key financial metrics that must be met for you to generate the most profit and most net return on your investment. Basically, don’t take on a project like it is a house that you will be living in. Instead, know what amenities other retail homes which have recently sold in your area have. There is no need to reinvent the wheel or try to be “super extravagant” when it comes to flipping / renovating homes, because it can cost you money and increase your project costs.

Don’t ever fall in “love” with a deal, just because you really like the house, or love the area . Make sure that numbers actually work first before deciding to move forward with any prospective real estate investment. Don’t OVER-RENOVATE your projects. its okay to save money by going with mid-grade appliances or fixtures if it means you will get to keep some cash

in your pocket. Always remember, it is better to pass on a deal because it doesn’t fit your required return on investment than to OVERPAY and buy a bad deal.

7. Have A Realistic Plan – It is important for beginning investors to set realistic expectations for what they can accomplish in a given period of time. Have a good understanding of your current financial situation, your monthly income, monthly expenses, and what you can realistically afford to invest into real estate investment projects. Real Estate Investing, like other investment strategies, involve risks and is not for everybody. One of the things I enjoy the most at ATLCO is being able to sit down with each investor, learn about their story, their background, discussing their financial goals, and putting together a practical and executable real estate investment plan that can help them accomplish their financial goals.

8. Define Your Key Strategy – There are many ways to make money in real estate such as wholesaling houses, buying tax sales, renovating houses, buying rentals for cash flow, developing new construction, acquiring commercial properties to lease or flip, etc. These are just a few of the ways that investors we work with at ATLCO tend to invest. The key tip here is to make sure that you have a focus and a niche.

Don’t try to be a jack of all trades in the beginning of your investing career. You will be better off picking a specific investment strategy and surrounding yourself with the resources needed to be as successful as you can in that investment strategy. There is a lot of money to be made in all those niches I mentioned above. When first starting out, pick a strategy and give 110% to be successful at that strategy, then move on to newer strategies if you desire to do so.

9. Be Flexible – Yes, I may have said having a “defined” strategy is important, which it is, however something that is also equally as important is to be flexible. What will you do if your primary strategy is flipping and you decide to invest in an area that is more suitable for is more suitable for buying & holding properties? Will you give up or will you look for an alternative?

The correct answer is to look for an alternative, such as considering another market that may be more suitable for that strategy, or consider implementing a new strategy such as buying & holding. The key here is to not think small and limit yourself to just one place or one market and consider expanding your horizons (and working with people who are local experts in those new horizons in which you are considering).

10. DON’T OVER LEVERAGE YOURSELF – Did you hear about the slaughter that happened in the 2008 housing crisis? If you did, you are not alone. Many investors lost everything, their entire net worth, cash flow, and wealth were wiped out during the housing crash. A lot of the investors who were wiped out over-leveraged and speculated, believing the market was going to keep rising (speculation / counting on appreciation). Instead of over-leveraging, try to maintain a good mix of properties in which you have financed and work towards adding a few free and clear acquisitions to your portfolio as well. That way in the event of another financial crisis you won’t lose “everything” because you can still count on the monthly cash flow from your free and clear investments, especially if they have a low vacancy rate.

This New Mobile App Allows Users To Win An Instant Cash Jackpot

A new concept in mobile game apps was just recently released: Three years in development, the explosive 33 Numbers is a totally free app that allows users to win an actual cash jackpot instantly. While there are other game apps out there promising prizes, most if not all of them are either sponsored gift certificates or a nominal cash prize of a few dollars. 33 Numbers, however, boasts a growing jackpot in the thousands. As of the writing of this release, the cash jackpot is just over ten thousand dollars.

The app avoids gambling restrictions in most locations by making the game totally free to play. There are no in-app purchases and there is no paid-version available. The jackpot is supported by advertising revenue in the form of industry-standard banner and page ads unobtrusively displayed during the game. A play for fun version is available for a few certain states where playing any game for a monetary prize might be considered gambling. The app checks the users’ location services on download and formats the game for that location.

The game itself is easy to learn, fun to play and somewhat addicting. The object is to fill in a game board of 33 spaces with numbers between one and one thousand in ascending numerical order.

“The most often asked questions we get are, ‘Is this real?’ ‘Is it actual money?’ and, ‘where does the money come from?'”, said David Mintz, managing partner of 33 Numbers, LLC. “This reinforces the idea that our concept is so new that the market is struggling a bit to understand and accept it. Actually, it’s a very common business model, similar to say TV game shows where revenues from advertisers help support a prize for winners. We’ve just applied it to smartphone gaming. It’s not gambling because it’s totally free to play. And the more players we have, the bigger the jackpot grows.”

33 Numbers is available for download on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and directly from their website at

Veteran Files: PTSD and Entrepreneurship

Written by Antwan Hamilton

PTSD( post traumatic stress disorder) is a mental health problem that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening event, like combat, a natural disaster, a car accident, or sexual assault.

Im going to give you a first hand account on my personal experiences and journey of being an entrepreneur with ptsd.

I’m a United States Navy veteran and spent eight years on active duty during the height of our last war in Iraq and Afghanistan. After my final enlistment I decided to go back to college to pursue my art career. During my sophomore year I started an art company entitled“Artificer. The company was an art design consulting company for private and commercial entities. I would eventually gain management and interns as well as a global list of clients within the first year the company was established in 2010.

During that initial year as I was trying to grow the business I was dealing with PTSD. I never told anyone. I tried my best to keep it under control and remain efficient in my studies. After returning home from deployment,“I never came off watch .”I would constantly remain on high alert scanning my surroundings and living like I was still overseas.

I would eventually stop attending my own art shows and other events the company was associated with. I would just hire someone to represent myself for the evening. I didn’t want to be around anyone. The only thing I wanted to do was grow the company, graduate, and cope with my problem however I saw fit to do so.

This next event that happened to me was not only almost fatal it was the final blow for me to realize that I needed help outside of my self.

It was January 2011 and I became involved in a shooting incident during my last semester before graduating. As a result, I had been shot twice. Thankfully the wounds were non-life threatening and I was released from the hospital the following morning. I was beyond thrilled that I was still alive, but personally knew my problem was just beginning.

A few months later after my incident, I was struggling just to keep my sanity and graduate. I had lost a majority of my interns and the company’s sells were declining fast. The prior three years I had poured all of my energy, time, and finances into this company only to see it dwindle away in less than six months. The only thing I had left was an over abundance of was final exams, bills and a ton of questions to answer from clients, friends, and family.

We know that entrepreneurs take risk, and for some of us battling PTSD that risk is doubled. Your’e not only responsible for yourself but for employees, as well as clients. You cannot deliver on your product or service and tell your client your’e battling ptsd.

I would love to end this article telling you how I ordered some magical french fries, ate one and brought the business back in a week with sales going through the roof! That never happened. I even debated on writing this article but after thinking more about it, I knew I had a duty to do so. According to The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs National Center for PTSD studies show that suicide risk is higher in persons with PTSD. Many veterans have very disturbing thoughts and extreme guilt about actions taken during times of war. These thoughts can often overwhelm the veteran and make it hard for him or her to deal with the intense feelings.

I’ve always had a competitive mindset and an exquisite taste for winning. I didn’t know how I would come back but I knew I would. I managed to graduate college and five years later I’m finally picking up the pieces and starting over again. I changed the business name to“Artifiseur”and re-established the entity in Atlanta, GA. I published a book in 2016 entitled“Artifiseur”about my experiences. That was a healing point for me because even though I had nothing tangible to show for the company I could at least record what happened. Someone else can now pick up the read and develop a zero tolerance attitude for quitting while they are on their business journey.

We all have hurdles to jump over dealing with life and some hurdles are bigger than others. You can fall down as many times as it takes to get back up and finish the race. You cant depend on doctors, information, or people. You have to take care of yourself and protect the only intellectual property you have which is your mind. Keep a plan (a few of them), activate, and move on it.

Apple’s Inclusive Campaign Expands with New Disabilities Emojis

Photo from

Written By Aysha Chaudhry

Since the introduction of emojis into the Apple keyboard in 2011, the tech company has been expanding its selection, especially in ways to make the images more inclusive. This time, Apple submitted a request to Unicode Consortium, the organization that approves new emojis, thirteen emoji options that help represent people with disabilities. Some of the possible new emojis include a prosthetic arm, a person in a wheelchair, as well as a guide dog. Not since the 2015 update, when Apple introduced the ability to select different skin tones, has there been such an overhaul in the name of representation to the emoji keyboard.

Smart Strategies to Make You Richer in 2018

Written by Benjamin Roussey

Prudent financial planning can ensure that you are richer by the end of the year than you are now. Here are some strategies that can help you achieve this:

Track Your Credit Reports

Make it a habit to monitor your credit reports periodically. This can help you spot any mistakes or fraudulent transactions instantly. TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian are some leading credit reporting organizations that can provide you with free credit reports each year. And free means free here unlike so called free health care which is never free because taxes are higher in this case so free health care actually is an oxymoron.

Be Prompt With Bills

Your credit score stays healthy when you pay bills immediately without being penalized for late payments. Also, if you pay off all such dues immediately after payday, it’ll be easier to steer clear of unnecessary spending.

Create an Emergency Fund

We live in uncertain times and it helps to have a nest egg stashed away in case of an emergency. The cash that you save can come in handy if there is a medical emergency or if you are unemployed at any time. It is suggested that you should have enough saved to meet at least three to six months of living expenses. Gradually you can build this up to a year’s expenses or more.

Budget is Key

Drawing up a monthly budget can keep you on track as far as income and spending go. Begin with a list of recurring expenses like rent or EMIs, utility bills, etc. Make your list so that the important expenses figure at the top with the least important making it to the bottom. This way you can simply start making expenditure cuts from the bottom up if your spending exceeds monthly income.

Reduce Your Credit Card Debt

Set some targets for paying off part of your credit card debt this year. For instance, you could start with 15% of current debt and work towards it by paying off the ones that charge the highest interest.

Increase Your Income

Look for ways in which you can boost your monthly income (don’t eat out so much and don’t waste time with ridiculous Star Wars movies, Thor III, Neighbors 2, Inglorious Bastards, and so on). Securing a pay hike or a promotion might help you achieve this goal. Or you might want to seek a change of jobs and look for one that pays better even if it involves moving out of your comfort zone.