CreationZ From A Dove Host Suicide Awareness Event


On Friday September 25th, 2015 ,CreationZ From A Dove hosted its first suicide awareness event. Suicide is one of those taboo topics that many deal with, but are afraid to talk about because of fear of being judged. The event featured various speakers, who either had suicidal thoughts, or dealt with suicide within their friends or family,  who each took the mic to tell their story of dealing with such a heavy issue. Many people dealt with depression, judgement, domestic violence, sexual abuse, low self-esteem, and other issues, that initially caused them to get to such a low point, but thankfully with the help of God, they overcame their issues.

Event Host- Moshua Loriel of the “Molo in the City” podcast show_MG_4571

They will never forget what they went through, as they are using their story to help inspire others, but they are putting the past behind them to move towards a better life. The event also featured performances from various local artist, along with vendors set up selling products. Guests left empowered and inspired by the stories of these individuals and new connections that can be used for future projects.


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LinkedIn Settles $13 Million Email Lawsuit


Most business professionals either have an account with, or are familiar with the social media website LinkedIn. You may also be familiar with the numerous amount of emails you receive from them regarding connection request, which can sometimes be annoying. Well, the site has just settled a $13 million lawsuit over the “Add Connections” feature on its site, where it would automatically send email request to people on your behalf, based on the people on your email contact list.

LinkedIn sent out an email this past Friday, informing its users of the class action settlement, which will affect members who used the sites “Add Connections” feature between September 2011 and October 2014. Users were saying that unwanted emails were sent on their behalf. As of now, all affected parties who filed a claim can receive up to $1,500 each, but the actual amount still needs to calculated based on how many people filed claims against the site.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you feel the Add Connections feature is annoying?

Patsie Girl on Tour!


On October 25th, 2015, Patsie Girl will be hosting its 3 year business anniversary celebration, along with the official Atlanta product launch for its brand. Patsie Girl is a company that specializes in natural products for women of color, and is going on tour to launch its products to various cities around the country.

For more information about this event and to do your RSVP, please visit:


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