Samsung to pay Apple over half a billion dollars for patent infringement

image.jpgIn a case that opened nearly 5 years ago against Samsung by Apple, they were found guilty of copying certain aspects of the iPhone and iPad without permission , including the patent for it’s famous pinch to zoom feature on both the iPhone and iPad devices.  Apple was initially awarded $1 billion from the South Korean tech giant in the long trial, but Samsung has agreed to pay $548 million to settle the dispute, according to court filings. To compete the transaction, Apple must submit an invoice for the amount before the weekend arrives in South Korea. Even with the large settlement, the long battle between the 2 companies is still not quite over. A report states that Samsung says that it reserves the right to ask for its half billion back in the event that any future court findings change the judgment.


What are your thoughts on this? What are you doing to protect your business from copycats?

T.I and Mayor Kasim Reed Host Turkey Giveaway in Atlanta

On Wednesday November 25th, Mayor Kasim Reed, Atlanta City Councelmember C.T, and rapper and actor T.I hosted the annual Turkey Giveaway in the city of Atlanta. This event took place at the Adamsville Recreation Center, and through their group efforts, were able to distribute 500 turkeys to deserving Atlanta families. Other partners of the event included  A Center for Hope, and Celebs Give Back, who focused on collecting canned goods, and other food items for the event.



This year the focus of the event was on the senior citizens of Atlanta, along with other families, who were not able to provides meals on their own. Before the turkeys were distributed,  T.I. arrived with some of his family members and addressed the crowd, along with Mayor Kasim Reed, his wife and daughter. All parties involved did a phenomenal job at giving back, while ensuring that the senior citizens, and other families felt welcomed and able to have a great Thanksgiving holiday. image


The VEU Magazine team had the pleasure of being apart of this event which also featured a photo booth, DJ, performances, and brought other notable Atlanta figures out including : Robin Dyke ( who partnered with Celebs Give Backs in helping to bring in donations and organize the event), Priyanka Banks, Gynesis Losa, Amber Bryant, Michael Majesty, Lillie Young and more.



All Stressed Out


All Stressed OUT!! Healthy eating combined with natural supplements can help reduce stress. 70% of Americans are on some type of prescription drug for stress. We have to look for more natural ways to cope with stressors in our lives.  A healthy diet, exercise, coping skills and natural supplements are a huge way to reprogram your body to deal with those outside stressors. Studies have shown that eating a healthy diet filled with protein and complex carbohydrates, like whole grains, such as oatmeal, quinoa and whole grain cereals, can help you keep a healthy blood glucose level. This will help you not feel that drop in energy throughout the day. Drinking  plenty of water and eating lots of fruits and vegetables will also help maintain an even chemical balance and mood. The key is a balance of healthy foods that help you feel full longer and provide the body with a usable source of protein and nutrition. Confianza will allow you to trade your traditional anti-depressant for a more natural approach. This is made  with adaptogenic herbs to improve mental focus and concentration and help the body cope with physical stress. Along with healthy eating and exercise, this will help to restore and maintain the bodies balance.

Written by – Robin Courtney WrapGirl01-IG Healthy Robin Wellness Group- FB

Benefits of Alkaline and PH Balanced Body


Benefits of an Alkaline & PH balanced body: If your body is not alkaline or at a healthy PH level then it is imbalanced and begins to suffer from chronic diseases. What we eat and drink has a direct impact on your bodies balance. The symptoms can be from runny nose, fatigue, a skin breakout, or a slight case of irritable bowel syndrome. Alkaline foods range from almonds, avacados, blueberry, coconut oil, collard greens, coffee, kale, sweet potato & tofu just to name a few. One way to combine all of the nutrients of these fruits and veggies and alkaline water is Greens from It Works. Each packet or scoop provide 8 powerful servings of Fruits and Vegetables and 38 Key Herbs, and it will Alkaline and balance your bodies PH and prepares your body to lose weight and make healthy changes! 10 Benefits of Having a Balanced Body PH include: more elastic skin, youthfulness, less arthritis, suffer from fewer colds, less headaches and flu viruses, deeper more restful sleep, mental alertness, abundant physical energy, and good digestion.

Written By: Robin Courtney

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Michael Majesty Host Beauty and the Boss Event


On Sunday October 25th, Michael Majesty hosted his first Beauty and the Boss Empowerment Workshop. This event took place in the elegant Amelie’s French Bakery located in Atlanta, Ga. Beauty and the Boss was an excellent networking workshop for both aspiring and current entrepreneurs alike to come and get valuable knowledge from other business owners that are seasoned in their industry. This event was co-hosted by Lex Branch, and featured an all-star panel of men and women including: Beautii J from WE TV’s own “Cutting It In The Atl”, Gocha Hawkins, celebrity nail stylist Terrance Terry, 2x breast cancer survivor Niya Brown Matthews, Priyanka Banks from VH1’s own “Sorority Sisters”, Youtube blogger China Renee, R & B singer and song writer Kelsey Nykole, Mimi Carpenter, Robin Dyke of Bravo’s own “Mother Funders”, Yvette Ramirez, traveling hair stylist Gynesis Lo, Porsha Ferguson, Tamarah Jones, Shante Lashy, and dancer/ choreography Sakinah Lestage.


Throughout  this event guest were treated to brunch featuring a delicious dessert bar by Atlanta business owner Minisins, mimosas, and recieved the ultimate red carpet treatment. Topics of discussion included branding, marketing, business start-up, letting go of fear, getting your foot in the door in your field of business, and much more.  Branding and Marketing specialist Mimi Carpenter dropped some wonderful knowledge on having sustainability in your business. “Keeping yourself professional, keeping yourself authentic, and keeping yourself original is what will sustain you in this business” she said. The audience was also also allowed to ask the panel questions as well, and left with some very valuable knowledge on business and expanding their brand. Overall The Beauty and the Boss event was a great success. Part 2 is scheduled to take place early 2016. Stay tuned!


Beauty and the Boss Event

From Homeless Man To Business Owner


When you are down to the worst point in your life, what do you do? Do you stay down and complain about your situation, or figure out what it takes to get out of your situation and make it better? That’s exactly what 28 year old restaurant owner Darnell Ferguson did. About 3 years ago Darnell Ferguson, who earned the title “Superchef” while in culinary school at Sullivan University, was at once just a young man with no direction in his life. Although he was making a name for himself in the culinary world, that still wasn’t enough to keep him from sleeping in his car, and feeling alone. His one-of-a-kind breakfast creations include red velvet pancakes filled with whipped cream, roasted red pepper grits, beignets, granola encrusted French toast, homemade candied sausage, peanut butter and jelly oatmeal and more. By 2008, he was able to add the the title of “Olympic Chef” to his resume, when he was chosen to cook for the Olympic team in China. Darnell was blessed to be featured in Louisville’s most prestigious kitchens, including Proof on Main and Napa River Grill, which is how SuperChef became his identity. Even with all these things going on, he was still having brushes with the law, and knew he was headed in the wrong direction.

After he  graduated from college, earning his associates degree,  he continued selling drugs ( which he started while in school to cover expenses,) instead of pursing a career as a chef , until his luck had finally run out. Ferguson was arrested eight times in a three-month period, which caused him to lose everything including being evicted by his landlord, leaving him homeless. While Ferguson was living out of his car, his mom suggested he go back to church, which is something he had done as a kid. He decided to attend Southeast Christian Church, because of the large size. “I knew I wouldn’t stand out there. I didn’t want to go to some small church where visitors stand up and everybody looks at you. I wanted to hide somewhere.” he said . In 2011, the church hosted a fall retreat that he decided to sign up for an attend. It was at this very retreat that his life took a turn for the better. Not only was he hungry for the cooking, but for the Lord, and a new beginning on his life.


While sitting in a McDonalds, he was approached by an acquaintance who owned the Chicago Gyros across the street, about renting the kitchen for breakfast. Ferguson knew it was a great opportunity to rebuild.
In the spring of 2012, he opened SuperChef’s Breakfast Restaurant with partner Ryan Bryson, a friend from junior high school. More recently he opened up a more permanent storefront on July 9th of this year located in Louisville, Kentucky. His favorite bible verse is Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

His story of triumph just goes to show that anyone has the power to change their situation. It all starts with a thought and the will to move forward.

Events By CCM Host BYB Expo

On Saturday October 17th, Events By CCM hosted its second BYB ( Build Your Brand) expo, which took place at the Renaissance Concourse Hotel in Atlanta, Ga. The BYB Expo ,which was a huge success, is a newly branded event that gives small business owners the opportunity to network with each other, along with showcasing their products to consumers. There were various business types setup including: coffee, handmade jewelry, handmade body products, desserts, branding company, chiropractor services and more.

image image

Upon initially coming into the event, guests were greeted by Chynna, the owner of Event By CCM and creator of the BYB Expo, and given the opportunity to enter into a raffle. Raffle items consisted of various items including a laptop, books, and other items contributed by business owners. We had a great time at this event, and was able to make some great connections with other business owners.

To learn more about Events by CCM follow her on Instagram @eventsbyccm or feel free to email her at Check out a few more pictures from the event below .






Stone Mountain Georgia Will Add MLK Tribute


Stone Mountain in Georgia was once known as a site that hosted KKK cross burnings, and even to this day remains the home of confederate tributes. In addition to these Confederate tributes, which received much debate from the NAACP this past summer, there will also be a tower added in honor of the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. The tower is stated to feature a replica of the Liberty Bell and give literal representation to a line of Dr. King’s famous “I Have A Dream Speech.” According to The Stone Mountain Association, the authority in charge of maintaining the mountain and surrounding Stone Mountain Park, they said in a recent statement that “The King Monument Bell” will facilitate a more complete telling of the mountains history and an expansion of the park’s educational offerings.”

They also stated that in addition to the tower, there will also be a permanent museum exhibit to recognize the contributions of African American soldiers in both the Union and Confederate armies. No formal action has been taken on this proposal, but Bill Stephens,  the Stone Mountain Association CEO, stated that the King tribute is ” a great addition to the historical offerings we have here.”


Stone Mountain is located within a predominately African American community just outside of Atlanta, and is a popular gathering spot for both residents and visitors alike. The park receives more than 4 million visitors a year, which makes it one of Georgia’s most popular tourist locations. There has recently been much controversy over the removal of the Confederate history from the park. Back in July of this year, the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP fought for the removal of all traces of Confederate symbols from Stone Mountain Park, which includes various family entertainment attractions. A state representative also called for a boycott over the Confererate symbols.

What at are your thoughts and views on this issue?

Michael Jordan Sues Grocery Store Chain Over Ad


Michael Jordan is suing another grocery store brand over the unofficial use of his name in an ad. Back in 2009, the  Jewel-Osco and Dominicks grocery chain stores both ran ads in a special edition issue of Sports Illustrated Magazine. The ads were both used to congratulate Jordan for making the Hall of Fame. Back in August, he was awarded $8.9 million by a Chicago jury, because Dominick’s used his image without permission. Not only did the ad congratulate him, but also featured a steak coupon below.

Jewel-Osco now has a December trial date set for their ad the the same Sports Illustrated magazine, where their ad called Jordan a “shoe in” , displayed his #23 shoes, along with the Jewel Osco logo. The Federal appeals court decided that the store chain was not protected by their First Amendment rights, because the speech was commercial.


In the world of business, this serves as a valuable lesson for others, and your rights in protecting your brand. Although the stores weren’t harming anyone with the ads, the name “Michael Jordan” is still considered a brand, which must be used with proper consent.

What are your thoughts on this news?

3D Girls Inc. Host 3rd Annual Shoe Showcase Charity Fashion Show

On Saturday October 3rd, 2015, 3D Girls Inc. hosted its 3rd annual shoe showcase charity fashion show. This event consisted of workshops, guest speakers, pampering, and a finale fashion show at the end. The goal of this event was to help restore communication, reduce expectations to build trust, and limit stereotypes of mothers and daughters in urban communities within young girls aged 12-17. These young girls and their moms were also provided complimentary pampering services, which included getting their nails, hair, and makeup done, along with clothing and accessories for the fashion show provided by local businesses.



IMG_5566They succeeded in this goal by providing various workshops and classes including: a social media forum, learning how to love your natural self,a modeling demonstration and more.   The show concluded with a fashion show where the young girls and their moms ripped the runway together.

The event also featured cast members of the Bravo TV show Mother Funders, with Amber Bryant serving as runway ambassador and Robin Dyke as the host for the fashion show.





What is 3D Girls Inc.?

3D Girls, Incorporated is a non-profit organization that mentors teenage girls ages 12-17 from urban/low-income metro-Atlanta communities. Our Academic & Cultural Enrichment Program strives to expose participants to new and exciting academic, cultural, and social experiences that are not readily accessible to them.

What they do?

Their goal is to provide the following free services: Academic Support & Tutoring

  • College Preparation
  • Mentoring & Counseling
  • Fun Field Trips
  • Community Service Learning
  • Personal, Professional, and Developmental Workshops

For more information about this organization, please visit