Getting to Know: The Fight Win Survive Movement

Interview by Abner Jackson III



Steven VanDyke had a vision one night while sleeping. Three words caught his attention, those words were Fight, Win, Survive.  Steven was able to turn those words into an encouragement merchandiser and ministry outreach providing visual, emotional, and spiritual support.  Through his ministry outreach, his goal is to touch the lives of those who need encouragement and peace of mind.


Tell Readers about your Fight…Win…Survive outreach and how long ago did you start it?


Fight…Win…Survive was started in August 2012 through a vision that came to me in my sleep. I was facing personal anxiety issues and those three words brought about a calm that soothed my racing mind.  I channeled my experience into reaching out to individuals who were dealing with their own life circumstances and situations. People think that we are a nonprofit and I actually considered going nonprofit before pulling back. I didn’t feel comfortable with it for some reason even though I have personally given away thousands of dollars in merchandise. My outreach became more about touching, impacting and saving lives than personally making money.

Through our strongest vehicle (social media) our goal is to positively touch at least on life every day with something uplifting, encouraging or thought provoking.



What has surprised you the most about your company?


I am surprised the most about the power of the three small individual words that makes one powerful statement. To give someone a $.50 wristband and see their reaction as if it was a $100 gift means a lot.


What challenges in the world, do you think affects people the most?


LIFE. People have so much going on in their life that for many just getting out of bed is a challenge. Illnesses, job, finances, relationships, kids, safety and a piece of mind are all challenges that we all face. Life comes at us fast and from all directions. That’s where the Fight…Win…Survive message looms large because it is about mindset.  No matter what ones challenges may be, it’s their mindset that gets them over and through whatever their “it” is.


How important is it to have a good support system, when dealing with life obstacles.


It is very important to have a good support system when dealing with life’s obstacles, circumstances and situations.  There is nothing like someone being there with you. Many and including myself have not understood the challenges of individuals that I have stood in the gap for.  There is something powerful about just being there or just making a phone call to check on them. That’s the support that many desire and our God-given love for one another should provide.


What is your goal for Fight…Win…Survive

It’s simple as I stated earlier, to positively touch at least one person’s life each day. That positive touch can come in the form of personal direct contact/communication, a phone call/text or through our social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or our free app that brings them all together in one place.



Tell readers about the three things you need in your life that I saw on your Instagram page. You put Victory, Guidance and Prosperity. In what ways can your life change with those three attributes?


The three attributes of Victory, Guidance and Prosperity when put under a microscope is what we all want, need and desire. You want to overcome life’s circumstances, situations or challenges. You need guidance in everything that you do because no man is an island, and at the end of the day we would like all of our hard work to bear the fruit of our labor. When you have experienced Victory, Guidance and Prosperity you have Fought, Won and Survived.


What are your thoughts on the current racial/social issues and the Black Lives Matter movement?


There is a major problem in the country right now. When something so basic as a traffic stop or what should be a basic interaction/interrogation turns violent and/or deadly, but I can understand the fear of some of the officers. Black Lives Matter but I too fear that wayward person in our race who has no respect or regard for life or property. I profile blacks that look suspicious to me and I watch them closely. Do I want to be that way? No I do not, but when my car was broken into who was the perpetrator? I didn’t see who, but I have a very good idea of who.

Now, in saying all of that it is still each of our responsibility to try and reach those who are lost and confused and I have extended myself in that regard. I have spoken to boys mentoring programs, supported programs and Fight…Win…Survive after Ferguson released a song titled “United We Stand” about the violence and unrest that was going on at that time. Unfortunately, that song keeps replaying itself as these issues with law enforcement continue to arise.

As far as the Black Lives Matter movement, there needs to be a defined plan and leader. We have too many cells and there is no central message. It’s like you’re hungry and there’s no food to eat so whatever someone gives you take and are satisfied with it while another person with the same hunger is settling for another meal and you both end up taking whatever you personally feel that you want.

I have analyzed what is needed for us to see change for our people and it starts with like a band, a drum major. One person who directs all of the moving parts. At this point I believe that individual to be President Obama when he leaves office because he can “manage” what I call the “Five Areas of Influence.” Everyone in the United States is influenced by individuals in one or more of these categories 1. Sports (LeBron James, etc.), 2. Entertainment (Beyoncé, etc.), 3. Business (Oprah, etc.), 4. Religion (T.D. Jakes or ones pastor, etc.) or 5). Education (ones favorite teacher, etc.). If you think about it, you are personally influenced by one or more of those categories and you will listen to someone in that category.

I believe if we create that “one band, one sound” with those individuals/categories we can rightfully move forward because the drum major keeps the “band” moving in perfect synchronization and that would allow us to present a single front and a single message.



What’s a typical day like for Steven VanDyke?

A Steven VanDyke typical day begins with prayer, meditation and reading my Bible. From that many days it leads me to do a morning inspirational post. From there my day is about checking email and social media for communication from individuals who reach out to me for one on one interactions or through my post responses. People are hurting, feeling helpless and are hungry for someone to let them know that things are going to be alright. That someone cares and someone who will respond.  My day concludes with closing out any communication and a blanket prayer for those whose life I had the opportunity to touch. After that I pray for the individuals who will come in the next day that I might be a positive light that will shine on their negative circumstances or situations.


What is an interesting story about someone you helped with your Fight…Win…Survive?


I had a lady reach out to me several years ago by email and she put in the subject line “wristband.” I read the email and the lady told me that she was unemployed, lost her car and she was in an abusive marriage but she asked me for one of our wristbands and for prayer. I was floored because I personally saw each of those items as something big and as I was reading that email I already had in my mind that she was going to ask for money thinking we did that.

I got her address and sent her a wristband. A few days later she emailed back and said she received the wristband and thanked me. At that moment I knew that I was on the right path with my company and God was truly with me and it.

Where would you like for your company to be at in the next five years?


In the next five years I would like to see Fight…Win…Survive become a household name. I would love to walk down the street and see many people wearing our t-shirts, wearing our wristbands and on posts with people who are experiencing a life situation or circumstance to see #FightWinSurvive to encourage that person. I’ve learned a few years back that the success of this company and ministry is not in money but in impact and I will take impact over money any day.

3 Ways to Make Your Sure Your Relationship Stays Rock Solid

Written By: Salina Jivani of “The Great Word Nerd Blog”


Relationships are like caring for a baby. They take time to nurture and grow and require a ton of effort to maintain. We live in times when people are intolerant of imperfections, have limited patience, and are quick to walk away without a backward glance. Realistically speaking, every person is flawed, so expecting perfection from a union of two flawed creatures is not only foolish but can also set a relationship up for failure from the onset. 


If you’re willing to accept your partner’s shortcomings and want to work toward deepening your connection with each other as a couple, then you’re already one giant step ahead of many others. And because it’s important you succeed, here are three (yes, only three!) basic fundamentals that must be maintained to create that rock-solid love you’re looking for.



This is by far the most obvious and one of the greatest factors in establishing the framework for a successful relationship. I grew up with parents who would completely shut each other out when they got angry. Days, weeks and even months would pass without a single exchange, as they sought opportunities to demonstrate just how upset they were through cold shoulders, altered sleeping arrangements, and messages conveyed vengefully through me and my brother, which would serve their purpose by further infuriating the offended party and leading to another more vicious round of revenge.


When I got married at the age of 22, I practiced the same behavior with my husband. There were times he would do something that bothered me and instead of trying to talk to him, I’d give him the silent treatment, expecting him to read my mind. The first time, he didn’t understand my silent treatment and refusal to speak with him. The second time, he finally caught on and sat me down. What he said to me totally changed my outlook on what a solid relationship really means. “If you stop talking to me every time you’re upset, how will I ever know what I did wrong or understand how to correct it?” And, I realized begrudgingly, he was right. The next time I felt upset, I took heed to his advice and forced myself to swallow my pride and actually communicate (but only after he picked up on my anger signals and asked me what was wrong. I’ve got a little bit of pride to maintain, after all!). And the difference was pleasing. We actually carried on a level-headed conversation that lasted hours. And I found that I’d bottled up so much over time that a lot of my frustration had been stuck inside me, just waiting to be released. Which of course is completely unhealthy and not at all fun. 


Don’t get me wrong. It’s natural that right after a blow up, the last thing you want to do sometimes is redirect your frustration into calm collected communication, so it’s not a bad idea to walk away and give yourself a moment to clear your head. But once the fog has lifted, you most definitely should approach your significant other and have some calm, composed dialogue.


Think about what it is that angered you, how the situation could have been handled differently and what changes could be made for the future. Be sure that you give your significant other the same courtesy you respect as they share their feelings and thoughts. Lift all barriers, judgements and prejudices from your mind to make sure you’re practicing effective communication and really trying to comprehend and empathize with the feelings of your significant other.

If you’re used to giving the silent treatment, just remember that the first time will be difficult in putting your precious ego aside and actually taking that first step toward opening the lines of communication, but as is with most things, practice will make perfect and you’ll find it easier to make candid communication a natural part of your relationship.



Go to bed mad

No, that’s not a typo—you read it right. I’ve heard it a million times—I’m sure you have too. But the phrase “Never go to bed angry” makes me want to tear my hair out one by one every single time I hear it at wedding toasts, bridal showers and even in casual conversation. In my personal relationship, I’ve always found that the later my husband and I are up trying to sort out our disagreements, the more challenging it is to understand each another and the more exhausting it is to keep trying. Why? Because after a certain point, you burn out and just need to cool down your mind.


And I promise once you wake up in the morning, it’s a whole other ballgame, rendering the argument from the night before insignificant, even silly (on the occasions you even remember what it is you were fighting about!).

So take that pesky saying and dare those who preach it to try this new alternative and I promise you’ll be deemed a relationship guru. Getting a good night’s sleep and giving your mind a reprieve from the tiff will buy you time to cool off, and (I bet you my entire tub of Double Chocolate Chunk) that once you wake up, you’ll be more willing, and even eager, to move past the temporary road bump in your bliss, come to an understanding, and put it all behind you like the mature adults you are.


Be honest

A home’s foundation is its most integral component. In the same way, the most important part of a relationship is trust. Without trust and truth your relationship’s foundation is as reliable as quicksand. It doesn’t matter if you’re the envy of every man or woman because your sig-fig always remembers your anniversary, showers you with praise, hangs on your every word and treasures you in front of the world.  Without trust, all of those attributes mean nothing. Think of it as similar to garnishing a pile of rubble with beautiful shutters, paint and stone—what’s the point of the lovely add-ons if the slab of concrete that’s to hold up the house itself is diminished? 


And let’s just quickly clarify that when we’re talking about being honest, we’re not talking about that occasional white lie that sneaks past everyone’s lips—because let’s face it, we all lie sometimes. However, excessive lying is a concern and certainly not okay.    


The truth can sometimes be difficult to tell, but it’s more than likely that admitting the truth will result in a temporary fight whereas a lie, if later detected, will create a permanent fissure in your relationship. So be wise and be true.




In the end, nearly every defect in a relationship (aside from abuse and dishonesty) is mendable—and no matter which couple you admire, don’t fool yourself into thinking that their relationship is any less imperfect than anyone else’s. Instead of focusing on which couple you wish you could be most like, focus on practicing positive habits and cultivating your relationship to be the very best it can be. Trust me when I say: the grass really isn’t greener on the other side (it’s just that your kitchen window needs cleaning!).

3 Free Apps That Will Keep you Organized (and sane)

Written By Salina Jivani of “The Great Word Nerd” blog

phone picture

If you’re like most people, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of all the moving parts of your life: paying bills, juggling appointments and making time for the people you love. But worry not, in this digital age where “there’s an app for that,” you can rest assured there are plenty of tools out there to help you remain organized and stress-free of ever losing track of another appointment or event. So whip out your cell phones and get ready to change your lives for the better with these apps, which promise you’ll never skip another beat in the mumbo jumbo of daily life.


Remember Everything—that’s Evernote’s tagline. And it’s exactly what this tool helps you do. For the longest time, I’d heard so much hype around this app, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I actually downloaded it and realized, heck, I don’t know how I’d ever lived without it! If you’re the type of person who is constantly thinking of things that quickly need to be jotted down before they’re forgotten, this app was designed for you.

So exactly what is Evernote? It’s an app that can be used on multiple devices (desktop, cell phone, tablet) and enables you to stay organized by allowing you to save articles and images from your browser, create to-do lists, (which can be check marked once completed), manage notebooks, set reminders and even share notes or projects with others. The best part? Storage space is absolutely UNLIMITED!

As a mom, entrepreneur and writer, my mind is constantly swimming with ideas that I forget within the span of time it takes for me to twist my grocery cart from one aisle of Publix to the next. Evernote makes it possible for me to whisk out my phone, punch in whatever idea or inspiration is floating through my brain and carry on with my grocery trip without later being on the verge of rupturing a brain nerve trying to recall whatever it was that was oh so direly important.

If you get super addicted and desire added features like being able to access your notes without an internet connection, having the luxury of an online support staff, or synching your notes across multiple devices, you could consider upgrading to the Plus, Premium or Business plans.


Don’t you just hate it when your significant other completely forgets about dinner reservations? Ever find yourself wondering whether your daughter really told you about soccer practice two weeks ago? Things really start to get complicated when you’re trying to manage multiple people’s schedules around your own. If you’ve got grown kids and a spouse to keep track of and are looking for a family-friendly app that can help your entire household stay on point, make friends with Cozi. This app allows family members to sync calendars, making it easy to keep track of everyone’s appointments, rehearsals, practices and endless commitments. Need to file away a recipe or jot a grocery list? Cozi’s perfect for those as well.


Forgetful? Wish you had a personal assistant who could juggle it all and cost not a penny? Wish granted. 24me is an all-in-one, one-stop shop tool that holds your notes, to-do lists, payment due dates and calendar. Plus, it integrates with other apps like Facebook to automatically send birthday wishes to your friends on their special days (not like you’d ever forget, right?).


So let’s see. Between these three brilliant apps, we’ve got you organized with grocery lists, recipes, bill payments, to-do lists, projects, family schedules and even birthdays. What’s left? Well…maybe one day some genius will create an app to tackle dinner and the laundry? Until then, upload these monkeys to your phone and enjoy being the beast of organization and order!

Fast food: The Death Culprit

Written By Salina Jivani of “The Great Word Nerd” blog


Calories have become all the rave. After McDonald’s made news on multiple occasions for its unhealthy, obesity-inducing meals, and Jared from Subway stepped out, dwarfed by his old fat jeans, claiming that “eating fresh” had helped him lose weight equivalent to that of a grown adult, it’s as though a cyclone of frenzy seized the fast food industry and calorie counts started popping up on drive through menus and nutritional fact sheets everywhere. But don’t be fooled. Although many restaurants are more calorie conscious and aim to make meals more calorie friendly, that doesn’t mean the foods they offer are any healthier for you to consume. In fact, excessive calories are just one thin layer among many others of why you should avoid fast foods like the plague.


High Sodium– If you know anything about eating healthy, you know that keeping the salt shaker at bay is a good thing. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), about nine out of every 10 adults consume too much sodium, of which the AHA recommends no more than 1500 milligrams per day. Eat a single meal at a fast food restaurant of your choice and you’re likely to deplete your entire day’s worth of recommended sodium. One serving of Taco Bell’s volcano nachos (1650 milligrams) or a single serving of McDonald’s Big Breakfast with hotcakes (2260 milligrams) and you’re already over the recommended amount. Keeping that level of consumption up with even the slightest bit of regularity and you’ll make yourself infinitely more prone to fatal health concerns, including stroke, headaches, high blood pressure, kidney disease, stomach cancer, and heart failure, to name a few.



Fake ingredients- When you eat, you want to make sure you’re nourishing your body and consuming something that is healthful. After all, your body will work hard for you as long as you give it the means to do so. But many fast food restaurants don’t have the prized nutrients or vitamins your body craves. In fact, the beef used by many restaurants is not 100% real meat–nowhere even close to that percentage. According to one study, approximately 50% of beef patties are composed of water and only between 2.1%-14.8% of the entire patty is actually real. The remaining 35%-48% is composed of chemical fillers and preservatives, which basically means that on a more favorable scale, 15% of what you ingest is real, nutritional food. The remaining 85%? Fake, lab-tested chemicals. Which brings us to our next point.


Low nutrition value–  Of course if you’re not eating real food, you can’t expect your body to extract real nutrients from those foods. And if you’re like the majority of Americans who depend on fast food restaurants for at least half their meals during the week, you’re doing more harm than good by depriving your body of vitamins and minerals that are essential to good health and longevity. The ratio of calories to nutrient density in fast foods is baffling. In other words, eating a fast food meal pretty much means that all you’re feeding your body are harmful chemicals and a ton of extra calories with no true nutritional value to sweeten the deal.



Food safety-  You wouldn’t ever entertain the thought of eating silly putty for lunch, would you? Opt for chicken nuggets from most fast food restaurants, and it’s likely that you’ll be getting a good dose of dimethylpolysiloxane—the exact chemical found in putty. In fact, according to several studies, the chicken contained in nuggets are not really even meat, but made from a sticky substance created from ground carcass and processed chicken bones. Not scared? Consider this: the chicken nuggets at many restaurants contain a chemical preservative called tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), which safeguards foods from discoloration. The downside is that while your food will appear fresh, fatal effects of TBHQ in rats include tumors and death.


So the next time you decide you’re too lazy to pack a good ol’ homemade brown-bag lunch, think about what you’re sacrificing at the cost of convenience. Although an occasional meal here and there at a local joint likely won’t harm you, it’s always a good idea to prepare home cooked meals in advance so that you’re not left tempted to turn that occasional fast food visit into a regular habit. Besides, who doesn’t want to save some money and avoid a ton of unnecessary calories?

Broadcasting Beauty Host The Sisterhood Brunch

brunch 1

The Sisterhood Brunch Recap.

Atlanta,Georgia- July 11th 2016- On Sunday, July 10th 2016, Broadcasting Beauty and A Daily Diva hosted an intimate and thought provoking conversation filled brunch. Guests had the opportunity to experience a professional networking environment while also enjoying a brunch buffet with a complimentary serving of unlimited mimosas. The official dessert sponsor was “Taste Buds ATL”.“The Sisterhood Brunch” was set at Flirt Lounge, from 1pm-4pm and featured special guests such as: Fearless Discussion’s ‘Arian Simone’, WE TV’s Cutting it in the ATL’s  ‘Maja Sly’, Creator of Go and Glow ‘Natasha Cole’, event planner and Philanthropist ‘Charessa Sawyer’, Fashion Designer and owner of CreationZ From A Dove ‘Adrena Martin-Tolbert, BroadCasting Beauty Founder Jelisa Raquel, hosted by Michael Majesty and Streetz 101.’s Mia Banks. During the brunch guests were able to hear these professionals speak candidly about sisterhood and business while also enjoying a private dining experience.


This event was organized by Broadcasting Beauty PR and A Daily Diva LLC. The boutique public relations firm has had the opportunity to service numerous socialites and entrepreneurs utilizing skills in media and press. A Daily Diva provides her fierce clientele with exclusive luxury designer finds and consignment pieces. Owner Monique Nelms was in attendance and also a featured speaker, discussing her story and how she became a successful, multifaceted business woman. Benefits from the event will be donated to the “Reading Matters Literacy program”, in an effort to help educate youth in developing literacy skills. Blogging Beauties Tour has already reached over 100 students in the last 2 workshops held in Charlotte and Atlanta. With the supporting benefits from “The Sisterhood Brunch”, the broadcasting beauty team plans to travel to five other cities to host educational workshops in hopes to expand their outreach to help mentor children in Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, and more Businesses interested in sponsoring the occasion are welcome for consultation.




If you wish to learn more about the event, please contact Broadcasting Beauty at For more information on A Daily Diva please contact Jauntel Taffe at Special thanks to our official media sponsors, “BE Magazine”, “Girl Power Hour Radio“, “Rollingout Magazine” & “Sheen Magazine”, for your contributions.

Evolving Beauty ATL Tour Recap

panel 2On Tuesday May 2, 2016 Beauty Culturalist  and  Author, Phylencia “PT” Taylor co-hosted the Evolving Beauty New Age Beauty Book Tour–Atlanta Edition. Guests enjoyed beauty industry insight from the panel discussion session.
Panelists included: Beauty Blogger Kiwi The Beauty, CEO of Foot Kandy Judy “Jae” Nash, CEO of Myavana Candace Mitchell and CEO of Honey Pot, Beatrice Nixon. The panel was moderated by Balanced Not Busy Founder, Ciji Tatum and hosted by Master Stylist of She Salon + Lifestyle Event Guru Barry Reynolds.

The New Age Beauty Book Tour–Atlanta Edition, was held at Bar Taco, guests were treated to specialty “Evolving Beauty” cocktails and gourmet tacos.

The Evolving Beauty Atlanta tour stop celebrated Phylencia Taylor’s debut business book, “Evolving Beauty: The Business of Beauty In A New Age”.  The book was inspired by her passion for the billion-dollar beauty industry as a former Corporate Beauty Executive: Carol’s Daughter, Wella Corporation and Johnson Products. Today, she’s Chief Consultant/Principle of Shine Beauty Culture Consultancy, and Content Curator + InterCultural Strategist for Dollar General’s Beauty Cents Magazine.

The event was sponsored by  Sheen Magazine, Beautiful Textures, Curls Understood, Balanced Not Busy and She Salon Atlanta

Kiwi and Jae



Q and A with Author, Phylencia “PT” Taylor

Tell us a little about you

I AM A…Woman, a Mom, a Beauty Culturalist, Consultant, an Adjunct Professor and Multi-Media Content Curator. I wear many hats, my life is busy and complex, like most women aspiring to continually evolve. But, I strive daily to keep what’s most important top of mind–my family and tribe of friends.
How did you get started in the beauty industry?
I’ve always loved the beauty industry–the way beauty

products uplift a woman’s spirits and on the contrary how beauty shapes the world we live in. I started in beauty as a Brand Manager for Johnson Products, I re-staged the 20th year anniversary of Gentle Treatment, the first no-lye relaxer. Johnson had just been acquired by Wella Corporation and it was my training ground for the Beauty Industry.  I went on to manage national beauty campaigns Bailey’s Beauty Shop and Crown Royal Barber Shop.  I’ve also worked at Carol’s Daughter as Sr. Brand Manager as well.

 How has your experience working in  corporate America impacted your career as an author, beauty culturalist and consultant? 

My corporate career created vital experiences and knowledge.

Some of it was training and learning the job and industry, but about 60% is understanding the interactions and way of workings.

A bit like going to an HBUC–the encounters and events can’t fully be explained without experiencing them first hand. As a Beauty Culturalist the opportunity to study intercultural beauty influences was enhanced because in Corporate America there are great budgets for beauty industry benchmark research data–IRI, Nielson, Mintel and EuroMonitor to name a few. The baseline research that I believe will be partially replaced in the future by social research from Beauty Influencers.  And lastly, my corporate background is a bit different from most.  I’ve worked on the Corporate and Agency sides of the business, always working to get closer to the consumer mindset and create campaigns to increase awareness and sales.  As a consultant, the Corporate experiences were paramount in understanding what my now clients want and need. My corporate experience shaped my business acumen like no other position.  Though the Corporate promotional ladders and politics are heavily layered.  It’s a bigger, different perspective that is required to understand the Beauty industry on many levels.


 What are 3 tips you can give to having longevity in the beauty industry 

Three tips for longevity in the beauty industry:
  • Develop a business plan,budget and a projected P&L
  • Research, Research, Research.  Get to know the industry;  past, present and projected future–industry icons, trends, patterns and influencers and consumers.
  • Create partnerships with more established people and brands that can help you learn and navigate the business.
  • Know they Self – Get to know  your brand, brand personality and brand profile. Knowing this will allow you to stay true to yourself.
What upcoming projects are you working on? 
  • I am a Consultant & Content Curator for a new Beauty Magazine, so I ‘m looking forward to helping them build their brand.
  • I’m also working on some Multi-Media beauty platforms for
    client/consumers based operations.

    The 2017 calendar is already evolving.



The Weekend Show

weekend show


What are you doing this weekend?
Journalist Phil Brazille has exclusively produced “The Weekend Show Atlanta,” which is now on its 2nd season! The shows goal is to give young entrepreneurs and professionals a platform and voice to speak on topics and issues not only within Atlanta, but worldwide. Phil describes the show as “a labor of love for upcoming artist.” The show touches topics ranging from fashion,  reality TV, down to man weaves! You name it they’ll talk about it. Last month I received an invite to the show and I kindly accepted. Cast members Phil Brazile, and  Shiovan Williams, welcomed me with open arms as their guest co-host as I filled in for Michael Majesty. The show was extremely enjoyable, full of laughter, and knowledge. Phil stated that his overall goal for this show “is to create a foot print in the Atlanta media scene one show at a time.” You can tune in each and every Saturday and join the fun on Comcast’s People TV at 10AM. What are you doing this weekend?

Photos by Hill Greene

weekend 2
Written by- Rashad Sherman

Get Ready for the 2nd Annual Georgia Peach Fashion Week


peach fashion weekApril 5,2015 – ATLANTA, GA – The 2nd annual Georgia Peach Fashion Week: Building Fashion Forward, the most anticipated and elite fashion event in the Southeast, is less than 3 days away with a host of media, celebrities, buyers, and fashionistas set to attend.  Georgia Peach Fashion Week will be held at the esteemed Infinite Energy Center at the Forum (Gwinnett Center), 6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy. Duluth, GA 30096 from April 6th-9th.  See below for full updated schedule.

April 5th: Opening Reception at Boogalou Restaurant & Lounge, 239 Ponce de Leon Ave., Atlanta, GA 30308 from 7pm-10pm.

April 6th: Youth Day Community Event benefiting Twin of a Kind Foundation from 10am-5pmsponsored by Walmart Store #1314 and SkinnyPop Popcorn featuring a Pretty Girl Retreat, Man Cave, and Mommy/Daddy & Me Walk-off hosted by Tony “T-Rep” Button. Performances by Dai Time, Prissy Hoody, and Bamzy Baby with guest speakers Robin Dyke (Bravo’s Mother Funders), Mrs. Georgia – Nova Kopp, Twany Harris, Officer D. Phillips of Lawrenceville Police Department, and Kimmani Kouture. Red carpet hosted by Olivia Lynch, Ms. Georgia, and Joe Dyke and media partner Wild Child Magazine. Designers include Kimanni Kouture, Neriah Hairen Collection, B&B Threads, Hill Knight, and Geek Junky. Vendors include Chick-fil-A Sugarloaf Corporate Center, Atlanta Technical Institute, Candice Hines Scarves, Wade Walker Park YMCA Stone Mountain, A Lady Name Pearl, LLC, HOTT Theatre for Children, Kimanni Kouture, Jump with Jahkiyla Foundation, B&B Threads, SkinnyPop Popcorn, Twin of a Kind Foundation, SugarSpice, Allstate Insurance: Quincy Hudson in Flowery Branch, GA, Je’Quita Johnson the author, and more.

April 7th: La’Curve Couture, fashion show for the curvy women, presented by Nelson PR Productions from 6pm-11pm hosted by actor, dancer, and choreographer Darrin Henson (Soul Food, Stomp the Yard) and Tunisha Brown (EIC of Impact Magazine, Cocktails & Conversations).  Performances by Stan Jay and R&B sensation Mardy Price.  Designers include So Anxious Clothing, Rieces Pieces, Kami Shade, and Drip Swimwear.  Vendors include Loudé Cosmetics, WEN by Chaz Dean, Natural Goddess/Natural Adonis, Twin of a Kind, KGX, SkinnyPop, and more.

April 8th: Runway fashion show benefitting the Alma G. Davis Foundation from 6pm-11pmhosted by Ramona Rizzo (VH1’s Mob Wives) and Patricia Thompson (WE Tv’s Cutting it in the ATL) with guest speaker socialite and philanthropist Bo Talley and performances by Ms. Proper and Robin S.  Designers include Yoro Creations, NP the Clothing, G3 Concepts, Karlie Redd, Perfect Panache, Dana Lynn Couture, and Alexander Pezo.  Vendors include Lash Brat, Belles & Beaux, WEN by Chaz Dean, Natural Goddess/Natural Adonis, KGX, SkinnyPop, Twin of a Kind, Karlie Redd, and more.

April 9th: Closing night runway fashion show event from 6pm-11pm hosted by Towanda Braxton (Braxton Family Values) with special guest models Evelyn “Ms. E” Braxton (Braxton Family Values, Tamar & Vince) and Bo Talley.  Performances by Kalliope Ray and Grammy-nominated artist Anthony David.  Designers include Allure Kids Kouture, Featured RAW Designers, and Norahs Khan Designs. Vendors include Karins Uniq Kreations & Gifts, Dejah Group, LLC, Belles & Beaux, Karlie Redd, WEN by Chaz Dean, Natural Goddess/Natural Adonis, KGX, SkinnyPop, Twin of a Kind, and more.

April 9th: After Party to immediately follow at Bar Chix, 3547 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Duluth, GA 30096

GPFW would like to give a special thanks to their sponsors; WEN Hair & Body Care by Chaz Dean, Natural Hair Goddess/ Natural Adonis, Walmart, Selfie Cookies,  SkinnyPop Popcorn, BAi, Makeup by Neece, Crown Brush, Aesthetica, Paul Mitchell the school Atlanta, and Dr. Kelvin Hamner M.D. of Phoenix Medial Office at College Park.

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Ardre Orie Host The Beautiful Mile in Atlanta

On Saturday, March 26th, at the Historic Old 4th Ward Park, the Atlanta community gathered to redefine beauty during the inaugural 2k walk – The Beautiful Mile. Attendees shopped with over 30 vendors, enjoyed musical and dance performances, engaged in a panel discussion featuring top thought leaders, applauded local leadership and proudly strolled in unison to display their definition of beauty.

The Beautiful Mile was the first-ever walk benefiting and empowering women to define their own standards of beauty beyond images portrayed in mass media. Attendees were encouraged to find their inner beauty through self-esteem building, higher education, financial acumen and building meaningful connections.

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Ardre Orie, Founder and Spokeswoman, has the goal of taking the walk nationally. “I wanted to start in Atlanta, the place where I grew so much in my career and with my family. Our next stop is Chicago,” stated Orie, “I want women to confidently display the best version of themselves without fear, shame or doubt – that is what The Beautiful Mile is all about.

Continue the conversation on social media with @TheBeautifulMile @IamArdreOrie and #TheBeautifulMile

Ambassadors: Porsha Ferguson. Navia Robinson. Tyanna Jones. Roshawnna Novellus. A. Lekay.

Awardees: Jasmine Crowe. Chanita Foster. Hannah Cassiere. Natalie Hall. Alecia Reese. Tyanna Jones. Kysha Cameron. Tami Reed. Gwynnis Mosby.

Media Contact: Jamillah Rahmaad,

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William Hollis- From Homeless Man to Motivational Speaker

william 21) Tell us a little bit about your background and where you are from?

I grew up in Pontiac, Michigan. My mother was a heroin addict and my father was a member of the bloods . I grew up with ever odd against me, including poverty, family addiction, crime in my family, and a learning disability that left me unable to read until I was 16. Football saved my life and is where I put all my energy into. I played for five division two colleges amid arena football with the determination to play in the NFL. At the beginning of my senior year of college my daughter was born. I had to leave college due to my child’s maternal grandmother getting into a car accident upon leaving the hospital. My child’s mother had to take custody of her siblings and care for my newborn daughter.
2) What effect did your  mother being on drugs have on your social, and personal childhood life?

She fought hard. She was a kid when she had us. She also struggled with past demons, and  the biggest effect was basically never being able to really be a kid. My whole life was dedicated to getting my queen out of Pontiac, Michigan, and showing her the finer things in life, just making her happy and making her smile. I literally felt like I was chasing a clock to save her life. I sacrificed a lot of things to just fight to save her. My life was dedicated to her. I remember sending refund checks to her in college that was supposed to be used for rent. She would call me while I was  in college before games and tell me it’s cold in the house because there was no heat. She would call and tell me she was hungry and these things hurt me a lot, but I had no choice but to continue to play and fight for our life through the game of football.

3) How important was football to your life as an adult? How did it help save your life ?

Football gave me a chance to learn what being a man was all about. It gave me an opportunity to escape the poverty and crime of Pontiac, Michigan. It taught me how to be a man and how to persevere through anything life throws at you. Most importantly it gave me a family and a brotherhood that was everything to me, and it gave me a purpose.


4) What is the biggest lesson you have learned throughout your life, and each trying situation ?

I’ve learned to work for my purpose and not the money. I realized that God leaves your gifts at the bottom of the stairs and its up to you to walk up those stairs and show the world that gift. It’s also up to you  to appreciate life everyday, because it’s people out here that’s not making it They are dying before they are even men or women, so cherish the people you have on this earth that loves you.
5) What steps did you take to go from being a homeless man, to a paid motivational speaker?

All I did was volunteer and after that I realized that as I spoke, it would start to heal my soul. Eventually I would get asked how much I charged then I was doing like four assembly’s a day. Two weeks later, I was in Saint Joseph hospital speaking to oncology nurses, then to businesses. It was basically God, he turned my pain into my biggest blessing. the feeling I got from seeing people smile and believe was absolutely beautiful I just walked into my season that God had delivered for me.
6) What do you enjoy most about being a speaker, and sharing your story with others?

I love making people believe. I love how I can feel the heart beats in the room. A lot of times in this day and age, people bring speakers in front of people and the people can’t relate. For instance, if you have a kid that grew up in a city like Detroit and you bring a speaker in from Beverly Hills, California, that speaker can’t say anything to those kids from Detroit, but when they tell me I can’t read, my mothers struggling on drugs, or my father is gone, I can relate. When they see me, they see themselves. I enjoy saving the people that are dying inside, because it was a time in my life I was doing the same.

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7) What advice can you give to other young men who have been through, or going through a similar situation as yourself?

To never stop fighting and to never stop believing in the impossible. To know that  coming from where we are from we are going to have to be extraordinary  in everything we do because they don’t expect us to be nothing more then criminals. I tell kids all the time, don’t look down look to the sky, because your dreams live there. They have to live inside their heads just like men do in the penitentiary. It’s sad to say, but some projects are no different other then the fact that they can go outside. Find something you love to do and put your heart and souls into it. Fight for it because your life depend on it.

8) What upcoming projects/ events are you working on now? 

I’m working on my book and also a tour in Atlanta, Georgia with a few big brother programs. I am also working on a new program that I created called”What Does My Mother Mean to Me,” where I speak to the mothers and children at the same time.  I’ll be teaching them the importance of a mother and having them tell me what does there mother mean to them. I’m also speaking at a network marketing party with all the donations going to the Bethany children’s home and a local youth football team called the Reading Raptors, which I am the teams motivational speaker.