5 Things Entrepreneurs Have To Stop Being Afraid Of

Written By Aysha Chaudhry

We all know so many people who don’t enjoy working their 9 to 5. We know so many people who say that one day they want to work for themselves and have their own business. But then why isn’t it that we see more people actually walking the walk and being self-employed?

The answer? They’re fearful. Fearful of what, you may ask? 

There are quite a few reasons people are afraid to take the leap from corporate to entrepreneurship. Here are some of the biggest reasons below:

1)They’re afraid of taking a risk.

Corporate life is seen as being more secure because more is guaranteed. You have a set salary, health benefits, etc. and not all of those things are set in stone with owning your own business. The average person likes things to be dictated to them rather than having to figure out how to make all those things work for themselves.

2 )They’re afraid they’re not smart (or knowledgeable) enough.

​What if I make a mistake with recording my income and expenses? How do I take care of self-employment tasks? Who would be the best partners or employees for my business? Again, having to figure things out is an essential part of entrepreneurship. The best way to succeed is to know a little bit about everything, but most people are used to being specialized in one skill, because that’s what corporate life teaches us we should do. 

3 )They’re afraid to change their lifestyle.

We perceive big changes as intimidating, when many changes can be very good for us. You won’t know unless you do something different.

 4 )They’re afraid of selling.

Running a business means constant promotion and constantly making connections. You need to be able to say why your product or service is worth spending money on and why it’s better than other competitors. The sales aspect turns a lot of people off, because they’re afraid of coming off as pushy or aggressive.

5)They’re afraid of letting others down.

This is especially true if you have a family that’s dependent on you. Many people wishing to have their own business are afraid of not being able to provide for their spouse, children, or anyone else that may depend on their income and benefits. 

Regardless of the reason you may be afraid, while some may have merit in certain situations, many of these fears are exaggerated or just downright wrong. For many people, becoming an entrepreneur is the best decision they ever made.

Tyler Perry Pays For Walmart Customer Layaways This Holiday Season

Written By Aysha Chaudhry

Tyler Perry upholds his reputation as a notable philanthropist with his latest act of generosity. The entertainment star announced on his Instagram on Thursday that he had paid for all of the items that customers had on layaway at two different Walmart locations in Atlanta, Georgia. 

In the Instagram video, Perry said, “I know it’s hard times and a lot of people are struggling, I’m just really really grateful to be able to be in a situation to do this. So God bless you. Go get your stuff.” It was reported that Perry covered layaway balances for approximately 1,500 people, totaling $434,000. 

In such trying times, it’s great to see those we look up to making a difference, especially during the holiday season.

Actor Darrick Watkins Joins The Cast Of Boomerang- Executive Produced by Halle Berry and Lena Waithe

Interviewed by Tianna Sheree

VEU: How did you start your journey in acting?

Okay so when I first had the idea of becoming an actor I was younger, I believe in middle school. I actually talked my self out of doing it because I felt that it was an unreachable goal. I was like “nobody is going to be the next Denzel ” so I let it go. After I experienced more of life, I had a new perspective of it. I told my self that I could do anything that I wanted to do. So a little over a year ago I told myself that I’m going to go into acting. It was a crash course of learning what’s what, where to study, getting signed, etc. After creating, working on my craft, working on different projects, and just learning from other good actors I’ve built a pretty solid foundation to start off my career. Within my first year of acting I found myself signed, on TV shows, commercials, and other films. It’s a great feeling to achieve or progress at something you love and all I can say is that I’m blessed and cant wait to see what happens next in my career.

VEU: What character will you be playing in this new edition of the classic Boomerang on BET?

In the new show Boomerang I will be playing the role of Devonte Jenkins. He is pretty much the guy your mom warned you about.

VEU: Do you relate to your character?

Devonte is a character that I am becoming very familiar with. In real life I’m not a Devonte, but in the acting world a lot of my roles have been a version of him. Devonte is what you call a “F Boy” far from who I am, but always fun to play.

VEU: What is it like working with Executives Producers Hallie Berry and Lena Waithe

Just to be on a project with both of those names attached is amazing. I’m such a fan of Lena and the shows she creates, so I know the audience is going to love the show. Halle Berry was an original cast member of the film and just having her on it gives it a special feel. Like c’mon its Halle Berry.

VEU: What is your favorite part about the original?

Eddie Murphy was for sure. His character was just so cool to me. I watched the movie a couple of years ago and enjoyed the film and Marcus’s journey from start to finish. After that I went on an Eddie Murphy binge spree on Netflix.

VEU: What actor do you admire?

WILL SMITH. I can talk about Will all day. Everyone that knows me, knows Will is my favorite. The way that he grabs your attention and makes you feel everything he’s going through. I’ve probably cried on way more Will Smith movies than I should have haha. One day I hope I can touch an audience the way Will does. LEGEND.

VEU: It is often said that creating is healing. How does being an actor heal your spirit?

Acting and creating gives me freedom. Freedom to express my thoughts or feelings anyway I want and when you can take that freedom and turn it into something powerful. No better feeling.

VEU: What encouraging words do you have for inspiring actors?

Just do it. Every actor that I spoke to when trying to find my way all said the same thing, just do it. You are only capable of what you see in your mind. Dont limit yourself. “You dont need validation to say that you are an actor, live as one and that you will be”, words from my friend Sam Adegoke. His words helped a lot and I hope it will help the next person. Who knows you might be the next person answering questions about your acting and giving advice to other aspiring actors. Always Believe.

VEU: What else can we look forward for you?

The new show on BET starts in February, keep an eye out for Devonte. I also have some pretty big projects of my own coming 2019. Directing Debut, a feature film and more. Dont want to speak to much on everything just yet but 2019 will be big.

VEU: Where can we learn more about you ?

You can find me on Instagram and all other social media @DarrickWatkinsJr

VEU: Anything else you would like the world to know?

I am currently making my parents proud.

Bank of America Texas ATM Accidentally Spits out $100 Dollar Bills

Can you imagine going to the ATM expecting to withdraw one amount of money, but leave with a completely higher amount? This is exactly what recently happened in Houston, Texas.
An ATM was temporarily shut down Sunday night and guarded by law officers, after mistakenly dispensing $100 bills instead of $10s. In this new era of social media, of course the word spread like crazy.
Bank of America issued the following statement: “This was an incident at a single ATM in Houston caused when a vendor incorrectly loaded $100 bills in place of $10 bills. We have resolved the matter. Customers will be able to keep the additional money dispensed.”

Michelle Obama’s Book Sells 1.4 Million Copies in Seven Days

The former First Lady Michelle Obama is still winning even after her tenure with her husband at the White House . Crown Publishing told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Michelle Obama’s memoir “Becoming” has sold more than 1.4 million copies in print and digital formats in the U.S. and Canada in the seven days since it was released Nov. 13.

Her book sold more than 725,000 copies on its first day, making it one of 2018 biggest debuts. Crown also stated that “Becoming” is currently the No. 1 adult nonfiction title in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Denmark and Finland. 200,000 copies have been sold in Germany, prompting a second printing of 100,000 copies.

Salute to Mrs.Obama and congratulations to all of her current and future success.

7.5 Million in Cash Found, What Would You Do?

Dan Dotson wasn’t prepared for what he was about to hear from a woman at a charity event. The A&E reality show “Storage Wars” star was standing at an event in Indio on Nov. 1 when a woman approached him. The story she was about to tell him would shock anyone.
She told him about her friend who recently bought a storage unit from him the month before in Southern California. Inside that unit was $7.5 million in cash. “It was an amazing story,” Dotson told The Desert Sun as he recalled the exchange. “She said, ‘I just gotta tell you this story, my husband works for a guy that bought a unit from you and there was a safe in there.’”
Once the original owners of the storage unit found out that their storage was sold,  Dotson said they had their attorney contact the new owner to negotiate a deal to reclaim the money. The attorney originally offered the new unit owner $600,000 of the $7.5 million, but they eventually agreed to keep $1.2 million and return the rest. Due to privacy concerns, Dotson declined to share the woman’s name, the city the unit was sold in or the name of the new owner of the unit. The auction was also not recorded for the A&E series Storage Wars show.
Tell us, what would you have done? 

Rap Snacks Founder James Lindsay Covers the Nov/Dec 2018 Issue of VEU Magazine

Many are familiar with the snacks, but not the man behind the brand. We had the opportunity to speak with business mogul, and serial entrepreneur James Lindsay, on the beginning stages and growth of his multi million dollar Rap Snacks empire.  “It is important to really build a team and have those good people around you as much as possible, especially when you are in the initial stages of starting your company,” he stated.

In this issue, we also feature articles on Health and wellness by Roots Juice and Pops, business, fashion, and more.


CLICK HERE to Read More of his story in the Nov/ Dec 2018 Issue of VEU Magazine. 

Healthy Eating For Healthy Mental with Chef Patrick

I chose this dish for the omega-3 fish oil that is in the salmon that is good for mental health and docosahexaenoic acid which are well known for their heart health and skin benefits. However, fish oil also has an incredible impact on the brain, especially when it comes to mild memory loss and depression. When we consume whole grain and beans and green vegetable such as a black kale is good to improve mental health and memory.
Heirloom tomato and avocado multigrain toast
1 slice multigrain bread
1 heirloom tomato
1 avocado
Candid Walnut
Fresh basil
Salt and pepper
Brush the multigrain bread with a little bit of olive oil sprinkle salt and pepper. Put it in your oven or toaster to toast just a little bit, once plated then put your crushed avocado on the toast, dice the heirloom tomato and put it on top of avocado, not too much salt and pepper, then and candied walnut along with two fresh basil leaves and enjoy.
Jerk salmon
8 ounce portion salmon (skin on)
Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste
1 ounce walkerswood jerk seasoning
1 ounce olive oil
Marinate your salmon with salt and pepper and olive oil. Then rub the jerk seasoning all over the salmon put inside a refrigerator to marinate for 1 hour, remove from refrigerator and put on your grill at medium 3 minutes on both sides until cook medium. if you don’t have a grill do it in the skillet on your stove and cook medium on both sides.
Black eyed peas and kale
1 lb. black eyed peas (dry)
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 onion
3 cloves garlic
1/2 bunch celery
1 tsp oregano
1/2 Tbsp smoked paprika
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
Freshly cracked pepper
1 bay leaf
6 cups vegetable broth
12 oz. black kale
The night before, place the black eyed peas in a large bowl or container and fill with cool water (there should be at least three times as much water as peas). Allow the peas to soak overnight in the refrigerator.
When you’re ready to begin cooking, add the olive oil to a large pot. Dice the onion, mince the garlic, and slice the celery. Add the onion, garlic, and celery to the pot and sauté over medium heat until the onions are transparent. Drain the soaked peas in a colander and rinse them with cool water. Add the rinsed peas to the pot with the vegetables. Also add the oregano, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, some freshly cracked pepper (about 20 cranks of a pepper mill), bay leaf, and vegetable broth. Stir to combine. Add a lid to the pot, turn the heat up to high, and bring the pot to a boil. Once it reaches a boil, turn the heat down to low, and allow it to simmer for 1 hour. After one hour of simmering, the black eyed peas should be tender. Add the greens to the pot and stir them in until wilted. Smash some of the peas against the side of the pot as you stir to help thicken the liquid. Turn the heat up to medium to bring the pot back up to a simmer, and allow the peas and greens to simmer for 30 minutes more, without a lid. After simmering for 30 minutes, the greens should be tender and the peas should have broken down further and thickened the liquid even more. Taste the peas and add salt to your liking (I added about 3/4 tsp, but the amount needed will depend on the salt content of your vegetable broth).

About Chef Patrick
Chef Wenford Patrick Simpson is notorious for his flavorful fusion of Caribbean spices and American Southern cooking with a unique flair. The Jamaican born culinary talent kick started his professional career as a high school intern at Club Caribbean hotel where he was offered a job immediately after graduating and soon after he worked in kitchens all over the island, predominantly at resorts. Since then, he has relocated to the United States and has been affiliated with upscale hotspots BB King’s in New York City, Highline Ballroom Blue Note, as well as Sony Hall, and has cooked for some very famous names including former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Chef Patrick faced many struggles related to food scarcity as a youth, and this time in his life led to a great appreciation for spices in general and inspired him to make a line of cooking flavorings and other accessories. As a brand ambassador for Walkerswood Caribbean Foods, the chef has had the opportunity to travel and network. Not only can he throw down in the kitchen, Chef Patrick also specializes in ice sculpture carving, culinary writing, and in the spotlight as host of TEMPO network’s Cook-Up with Chef Patrick. His expanding empire includes a world-renowned motivational tour to schools, colleges, and career institutes to speak to the youth and students of all ages, plus plans for a culinary school to launch in Jamaica in February 2019.

How This Entrepreneur Switched Degrees to Fulfill a Need In The African-American Beauty Industry

Having a lack of representation in the African American community, there was one thing this entrepreneur did to change things for the community and the makeup world around her.

Originally going to school for pharmacy, she turned her sights to something she felt would make an impact in the world she lives in.

Her name is Florence Adepoju, but known as Flo and she was going to school on a medical track, looking to work in the world of pharmaceuticals when she had a change of pace, an idea to be an entrepreneur with a jetsetting start on the world.


Looking into the world of cosmetics since 2013, she has a brand known as MDMFlow. Working on the side with a cosmetics company and loving every minute of it she realized that she could make a living doing something she loved and not just making a living to get by. When women came in and wanted something that went with their darker skin tones, the line just didn’t cater to that side of things, so she would have to nicely let them down telling them they just didn’t carry those shades.


Realizing that this was something she could work towards and put her full potential into, she developed a cosmetic line that actually caters to these darker skin tones and really makes them stand out. After spending time abroad and changing her major to Cosmetic Science, she realized that so many other brands were facing the same troubles as the first.

As a woman in the field, one of color, she decided to brand herself and her own skin tone. With different shades that fit different women, as well as marketing that was meant for women of color, she was able to grab the market by storm.

Starting the business in her parent’s backyard shed, she created a line that so many women currently know and love.


Women Running in the Elections for 2018

Written by Samantha Skinner

As we embark on this journey of change and hope in our world, we also embark on the many changes that might take place when it comes to voting season. The time for voting is now and when it comes to who you’re going to choose, you might not know about all of the candidates that are on the list.

There are actually quite a few strong women on the line up, many more than you would see in recent years, making it a year of change in many different ways and more way than one. Meet some of the women that are going to be running for the elections.

According to the New York Times, this is the most diverse the political pool has been ever. There is an increase in women and different minorities, as well as others coming into the mix and putting their names out there. It is sure to be one different type of election, a very interesting one, to say the least.

There are currently 260 women that are listed on the directory for the Center for American Women and Politics. With this number being so high, it is expected that it is going to continue to climb even further. Additionally, 60 of these women are currently running for senate or house during the elections. Some have owned their own businesses, others have backgrounds in political sciences and some are well known top of the line people at big businesses.

These women are all U.S. congressional nominees that are running during the elections, keep an eye out for their names – Chrissy Houlahan, Lena Epstein, Lea Marquez Peterson, Kimberlin Brown Pelzer, Dee Thorton, Elaine G. Luria and Jane Raybould amongst others.

These women get out there and inspire other women to do the same. As the world changes, it is important to note that as women, we can do anything we set our minds too and get to where we want to be.