What do you get when you mix the words creative, business savvy, fashionable, entrepreneurs, and compassionate all together? You get a group of diverse individuals that have come together for something greater than themselves. A group of individuals who desire to not only make life better for themselves, but others as well. Working together, these individuals make up VEU magazine. VEU magazine, which stands for Visionaries and Entrepreneurs United, was created by Adrena Martin-Tolbert. As a small business owner herself, she enjoys and understands the importance of networking for your brand. The idea of VEU magazine was conceived on this  very concept of networking, and helping other individuals be successful.

VEU Magazine is a new age positive lifestyle magazine focused on uniting both visionaries and entrepreneurs alike, and giving a voice to those that need to be heard. We want to highlight  and talk about those people and topics that want and need to be heard, but don’t have an outlet to do so. Our goal is to be a positive media outlet, and always keep you updated on the latest news in entrepreneurship, community issues, health, fashion, fitness, food, and more. It is also our goal to inspire and motivate readers as well,  and let you know that no matter what you are going through, YOU CAN and WILL overcome it.  ​VEU Magazine is more than just a magazine, but a movement. Stay tuned for all of our upcoming endeavors.