How to deal with the highly sensitive employees in a workspace

Sensitive employees in a workspace

How to deal with the highly sensitive employees in a workspace

The term “extremely sensitive” has come to be associated with a negative connotation in our culture. We discuss people being overly sensitive and taking things too seriously (or personally). No one wants to be labeled as an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) when they hear about it. Every day, as an employer, you deal with a wide range of employee types. But to deal with the highly sensitive employees in a workspace may be a source of concern because you don’t want to overload them.

You may get out of this messy situation by learning more about your highly sensitive employees and understanding what motivates them and keeps them calm and productive.

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Tips for Dealing with Sensitive Employees in a workspace:

Managers can take the following tips to create a healthy work environment for susceptible employees in a workspace. Whether you’re in charge of someone who asks the same questions repeatedly, requires continual reassurance, or has a hard time taking criticism.

The best way to fix the problem is to confront it head-on. To discover how to deal with highly sensitive employees in the workspace, follow these four tips.

Tip 1:

Find out the talents of your sensitive employee’s and how he approaches his work. Recognize what motivates him to work and how you might help him feel more at ease and productive.  Because the highly sensitive employee in a workspace is generally conscientious, he will strive to meet his goals.

Tip 2:

Recognize the triggers of your highly sensitive employee. Have an open conversation with your employee and find out what is causing her stress or exhaustion.

Tip 3:

Allow time each morning for your sensitive employee to organize his desk and prepare for the day. Allow your employee to settle into his desk and go over his schedule before greeting him, or ask him to come up to you when he’s ready. He will value the consideration and quiet time to reflect on his daily routine and mood.

Tip 4:

Pay attention to the employee’s worries about the workplace. His intensity and perception provide him with insight into others around him. As a result, he works as a barometer for his environment, allowing him to spot concerns that others cannot.

Encourage him to develop constructive suggestions for ways to assist his coworker in achieving her objectives, which will benefit him.


Sensitive employees in a workspace may not appear to be excellent employees at first glance, but dig a bit deeper, and you will immediately notice their benefits. Sure, the highly sensitive employee’s mind might be inconvenient at times, but it can also be amazing in the right atmosphere.

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