The Entrepreneur Helps Create Business Systems and Automations for Business Owners

The Entrepreneur Helps Create Business Systems and Automations for Business Owners

Business systems and automations is something that a lot of entrepreneurs take for granted, but don’t realize how important they are to the overall success of the business. Automations specialist Tuella Sowu has made it her business to help other entrepreneurs create business systems that allow you to be more productive, and take your time back. Learn more about Tuella below and her company below.

Tell us a little about your business journey and what led you to entrepreneurship

My journey is a bit unconventional. I was a teen mom and didn’t want my son to spend most of his day in daycare. So I decided I was going to find a way to make money without having to put my son in daycare. I eventually became a personal assistant to a few entrepreneurs. That was 14 years ago.

Looking back, that was a key foundation to my business now. I still help entrepreneurs, but after 14 years of being an entrepreneur and serving them in one capacity or another, I’ve been able to identify a few places where I provide relief for entrepreneurs. 

I focus on aiding entrepreneurs in streamlining their processes so they can reach their income goals by creating processes, implementing processes, and configuring automations in their business. 

What are some of the pain points you’ve recognized a lot of businesses have with their business systems and workflows?

You would be surprised how many small businesses do not have a system or process in place. I find that most of the customers I serve have really just been creating a new process for every client. This leads to overwhelm and burn out. By the time they get to me, it’s TuElla just fix it, please. Having a system in place does a few things.. It allows you to provide the same level of service to customers as well as knowing what you are to do each step of the way. 

What are some of the main benefits of someone hiring an Online Business Manager?

Having an Online Business Manager is key to any business that is growing or scaling. An online business manager keeps an eye on the business day to day activities, manages projects, operations, and the team, as well as consult on product development, strategic alliances, and annual and quarterly business planning.

Online Business Managers oversee that systems are running smoothly and efficiently while fostering the growth of your business. 

You are also an online course creator as well. Many people may think they have to be an expert in a set amount of fields in order to create a course or share their experience. What are your thoughts on that?

Nope, You do not need to be an expert to have a course. If you can teach people how to create one thing you can have a course. If you have transformed yourself you can build a course on that transformation. I say if you have a desire to build a course you should. 

What advice do you have for anyone on the fence about creating their first online course ?

My advice is to just do it. Stop overthinking it and start doing it. Often times people think that they have to be #1 in the world to have a course or be a millionaire to have a course. When in reality you just have to be able to take people from where they are to where you are. 

Courses focus on transformation. The question you should ask yourself is  can you provide a transformation for someone?

About Tuella Sowu

Tuella is a serial entrepreneur  and Automation Consultant with 10 years of experience in her field. She reviews your current systems and processes and match you with the right apps and software, which eliminates unnecessary steps in your operations and giving you back your time.  

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