Day: July 29, 2020

How Entrepreneurs Can Combat Depression and Anxiety

Entrepreneurs are also susceptible to depression and anxiety. According to a 1997 Canadian Study, self-employed people are more susceptible to mental health issues when compared to traditionally employed people. Depression and anxiety are rising with time. If you ignore anxiety and depression, then it will escalate to serious conditions that can affect your health. Every entrepreneur should give importance to their mental health. You need to effectively deal with depression and anxiety. In this article, we are going to share some tips that will help entrepreneurs in addressing these issues.

1. Give importance to mental health 

Many people still think that mental illness is some kind of weakness. This stigma can cause a lot of damage to your mental health. For example, you might not seek out medical care if you think that mental illness is a weakness. You won’t talk to other people about your depression. However, this stigma is fading away with time. People can talk with each other on social media without sharing their identities. 

Mental health is very important for entrepreneurs. If you think that you are not in a state of good health mentally, then you should immediately seek medical care. It is important to be proactive when it comes to mental health issues.

2. Understand the cause of depression and anxiety 

Most entrepreneurs are surrounded by some environmental factors which make it harder for them to practice good mental health habits. You need to work for long hours and need to deal with poor nutrition and sleep deprivation. We take too much caffeine every day for boosting our efficiency. Thus, entrepreneurs are more susceptible to higher mental health risks. 

3. Recognize the risks 

If you want to boost your company productivity, then you should first ensure that the mental health of your employees is good. However, this becomes more important when the boss is struggling with mental health issues. For example, the most dangerous persons for your business are narcissistic perfectionists. They are considered to be toxic and can decrease the productivity of your team. If you are suffering from anxiety, then you might be creating a toxic environment for your employees. You can lose the best talent that is working for your company. Also, it will be very difficult to find replacements.

4. Acknowledge depression 

Depression has become the most common mental health condition that is faced by entrepreneurs. If you are in depression, then it will affect your focus and decision-making ability. You might experience an overwhelming sense of guilt. Sometimes you will also experience a change in your appetite. You might overeat which will affect your physical health. Depression symptoms also include headaches, muscle cramps, aches, and sleep habits. If you are feeling sad for some reason, then you might be suffering from depression. It is different from chronic depression. However, you should still seek medical help. Regular counseling sessions can help you in beating depression. 

5. Know your options 

If you are suffering from anxiety or depression, then you should seek medical help. Most people will first go for traditional counseling. You can also go for online counseling options like BetterHelp, Breakthrough, and Talkspace. Make sure that you are giving importance to nutrition and exercise as it will help you in maintaining your mental health. You should try to recognize symptoms and try to restore balance in your life. 

Abner Jackson III Releases New Book About His Journey with Sickle Cell Anemia

Abner Jackson III was born and raised in Sanford, Florida. He is a proud graduate of UCF (University of Central Florida) with a BA degree in Sociology and AA degree in Journalism. He moved to the Atlanta area, 12 days before his 31st birthday for better Sickle Cell care. While on a family trip in Atlanta, Abner became sick and with the treatment facility there, he would eventually move to the Atlanta area to be treated at that same hospital. He started writing more once he got there and recently started his own website. He has appeared on Oxygen Snapped, other movies and TV shows as an actor or background talent. Go on a journey with him and what he went through to become healthier. Moving to Atlanta was the best decision he ever made and God placed him somewhere with better doctors. God saved him, made him healthier in a new city for his mental well-being

How has having Sickle Cell affected your everyday life?

It can change my plans or me missing work at times. I have missed trips, gotten sick on trips, and it took me about seven years to graduate from college. I just try to live like everyday is my last and I don’t take life for granted. It has made me one of the toughest people on earth.

How do you stay so motivated as a person?

My goals in life that I still want to accomplish and my never give up attitude. I published my first book last month, so that was another milestone in my life. That and graduating from UCF are my two biggest accomplishments in life.

Words of Encouragement for others who may be going through the same thing 

Don’t give up, you never know the outcome of your story and life. I moved to Atlanta for better healthcare in 2011. I expected to go see the Hawks, Falcons, Braves or Dream every now and then and other events. I never thought I would go from writing 30-35 articles once I moved here to over 400 articles since I moved here. I started doing background talent and I currently have four IMDb credits. I started my website in 2018 and I get to cover events as media and meet celebrities all the time. None of that wouldn’t have happen if I didn’t take a leap of faith to move here. God opened other doors for me.

Tell us about your media company AJ3 Report

I started my website back in March of 2018. I had been the lead Sportswriter at Stacks Magazine and a Media Correspondent with VEU Magazine. VEU didn’t cover sports and sports was my passion. I started it and eventually got to cover sporting events. I have a Shout Out Sunday and Working Woman Wednesday section, where I have interviewed chefs, musicians, athletes, business owners, reality TV people, authors, actors/actresses, wrestlers, etc. On my Abners Angels section, I interview models and I have an Abners Good Eats and Sneakerhead Saturday section. Good Eats section is a paragraph about a restaurant I ate that I enjoyed, and Sneakerhead Saturday is a paragraph about upcoming shoes coming out. You can follow it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @aj3report.

What are some other projects you are working on?

Not much as of now, due to most stuff being closed. I have a second book I plan on releasing within the next month. A book about getting more traffic and growing your business online. I’m just promoting my book as of now and sharing old content that I covered as media. Would like to write another Sickle Cell book eventually, not about me. Something for kids, a children’s book. I will accomplish it one day. Thanks for opportunity and platform to share my story.