Day: July 23, 2020

Seven Reasons Why Leadership Development Programs Fail

Leadership development programs are the ways to expand the capacity of people working in an organization to perform in various leadership roles. These programs include mentoring and coaching, and they result in a boosting of employee morale and transform any company for merely a workplace to a great place to work. These leadership development programs reinforce a company’s vision, missions, and values by defining out examples. 

But sometimes these leadership development programs also fail. The top 7 reasons for the failure of these programs are stated below:

1. Failure to communicate:

Today’s organizations are complex. These complex levels require thorough communication among all the levels and tiers of the organization. But during the Leadership development training programs, when there is a lack of communication from the leader’s ends to the employee end, then chances of failure increase. A leadership training suggests that the boss or the team lead must have an individual level connection with all its employees to promote a sense of “we” rather than “I.”

2. Lack of accountability:

Tracking of results and keep all the processes accountable in any organization is very important to let the leadership development programs be a success. The organizational development track must be recorded, and every individual must be self-disciplined and focused.

3. Fear of firing:

A team lead must not have a fear of firing an employee just because he has been working with the company for so long that you know their family now. When someone isn’t performing well and needs a rest, then he must get it to keep the organization afloat and all the development programs working successfully.

4. Lack of alignment:

You might have read in many books on leadership that it’s the leaders who keep the whole organization and its key players aligned. When your key players are not all on the same page, then leadership development programs are destined to fail. Sure, disagreements can happen, but a leader solves them all to keep everyone united.

5. Lack of clear vision:

Organizational leadership stands firm on a strong vision. You can not move ahead and grow as a company if you don’t have a clear and compelling vision for your company, then you are moving to nowhere. It’s like aiming an arrow in a foggy forest. As a leader, you need to build a strong vision that keeps the fire in your employees’ ablaze. This will help the organization to keep moving in a single intended direction. 

 6. Poor execution:

When leaders don’t follow their plans, fail to keep a score of what’s important, and they don’t assign the right jobs to the right people, then they make the perfect formula for leadership development programs fail. But if these three puzzle pieces are put together perfectly, then any company can be put on a winning track.

7. A company culture by default:

Company culture is consciously thought and designed and not just brought into being on its own. By doing so, your company culture will be an advantageous competitive thing that will attract top talents and will drive success. 

Leadership skills aren’t always learned from birth. They can be learned and can help any organization to turn itself into a thriving one. Team leadership can take the sails of any company and move it upstream with the help of some of the company’s aligning points stated above.

How to Create a Unique Brand Identity

Consumers are becoming more powerful in the modern business landscape. The market is already saturated and consumers are bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages. Thus, even small businesses are now working on their brand identity. In this article, we are going to share some simple tips that will help you in creating a unique brand identity. 

Definition of Brand Identity:

Branding is a communication strategy that will help your consumers in identifying your brand. It is the most important thing in competitive markets. If you have created a unique brand identity, then your customers will automatically recognize your brand. It will help you in increasing both your sales and customer retention rate. You should focus on creating a unique brand identity as it will help you in becoming an industry leader.

1. Be Different 

You should look for a key selling point that only you can offer to your customers. Make sure that you are pushing these qualities forward to your ideal customer base. This will help you in convincing your customers. There are thousands of businesses in every sector. You need a unique selling point for attracting customers towards your brand. Coca-cola is the best example of this point. They have become famous due to their unique taste and unique bottle packaging. Coca-cola is branding its drinks as refreshing drinks that you can have after working hard in the office. Thus, they have successfully associated their brand with happiness, freedom, and celebration. 

2. Consistent Visual Expression 

Visual elements can help you in creating a unique brand identity. Your customers can identify your brand by your brand name and logo. The logo is the most important visual element. Your customers will always notice your brand logo first. For example, you can easily recognize the apple brand by its logo. 

3. Give a voice to your brand 

You can make your brand identity unique by personifying your entire brand. The visual elements will help you in creating your brand personality. However, your brand voice is also important for your business. You should first research about your target consumers. Make sure that you are using a specific tone that will help you in attracting these customers. You can associate your brand with various different personalities. For example, deodorant brands mostly associate themselves with a playful personality. Make sure that the voice of your brand is an actual representation of your entire brand. Also, your brand’s visual expression and voice should match. They should always remain consistent. You can’t use colorful visuals with a professional tone. If you want to send a strong brand message, then you should ensure that your brand voice and visual expression are matching with each other.

4. Create an amazing brand experience 

You can’t attract new customers just by relying on aesthetics. It is important to create an amazing brand experience for your consumers. Customers will go for the brands that have similar values. If consumers can associate themselves with your brand, then they will definitely buy your product. This will also help you in building a loyal customer base. The brand experience should help you in creating a unique connection with your customers. You can use visual expressions and your brand voice for creating a unique brand experience. However, make sure that your customers are directly interacting with your brand. You should always try to provide a good customer experience. This will help you in increasing your customer retention rate.


These are some simple tips that you can use for creating a unique brand identity. Branding has become the most important thing for modern businesses. Even small businesses can succeed by creating a unique brand identity.