Five Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Live Longer Than Employees

One of the mysteries of life is that entrepreneurs live almost six years longer compared to their fellow employees. The question remains why does it happen so yet we live in the same world? Even though entrepreneurship is a risky field, entrepreneurs find joy and comfort in it. They take it as part of their life, and that is one of the reasons why they live longer. The idea is that entrepreneurs work and live at the same moment. Other reasons for entrepreneurs’ longer life span include the following:

1. Better Stress management

Entrepreneurs have their life attached to their work. They take every day as it comes and getsprepared for challenges in advance. Employees face a significant problem in managing workplace stress, and that is why every retired worker has health issues. Entrepreneur’s love for their work gives them joy, even in difficulties. 

2. Optimism

Entrepreneurs are considered to be optimistic. Therefore, they live on the positive side of life while minding less of the negative side. Consequently, positive lifestyle has a positive impact on health. As compared to employed people, entrepreneurs have recorded fewer incidents of psychological disorders since they have their life in order.

3. Freedom

The freedom experienced by entrepreneurs positively impacts their lives. An entrepreneur has choices and decisions as per his or her wish. Self-drawn schedules give flexibility at work and provide more job satisfaction as compared to routine programs presented by employers. Entrepreneurs have time for their families, and this results in stronger family bonds that give life comfort.

4. Better living standards

Nothing is as uneasy as waiting for end month payments. Employees have to stick on the calendar to quench their needs at the payment period agreed. On the other hand, entrepreneurs have their pay any time. They can quickly attend to emergencies of life. This is what makes the difference in the lives of ordinary employees and entrepreneurs. 

5. Work-life integration

Most people start living at the end of their employment period. The reason is tight schedules at work and depression presented by the working environment. However, it is not the case with entrepreneurs. They live and work at the same time. Every entrepreneur finds the meaning of life at their work.

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