” Actor George Lott (Little) develops Romantic Comedy “F-BOY FREE” based on MSM card game created by Bestselling Author Derrick Jaxn.

Interview by Tianna Sheree

George Lott- I’m extremely excited about this project. It’s a feature film that I wrote titled ” FBOY FREE”. Inspired by Derrick Jaxn’s MSM Card game.

“Young and successful friends Jada, Robbi & Bria appear to have it all…but they share one common downfall…MEN. After experiencing nasty breakups, The three besties plot revenge on the city’s biggest “F Boys” for the sake of all women-kind, but things get complicated as they learn, life is like chess, one wrong move could cost you everything.”

I was at Derrick Jaxn’s office one day, and I came across the “F Boy Flash cards” and I was really intrigued with the game, and thought it would be dope to see it come to life on the big screen.

How did you choose the title “F-Boy Free”?

The title was inspired by Derrick Jaxn’s MSM card game titled “F BOY Flash Cards” so I can’t take credit. lol I also was familiar with the phrase prior to, when you play the game..it all makes sense.

How was it working with Derrick Jaxn?

1st off, Derrick Jaxn is a multi best selling author, with millions of supporters worldwide. Nerve racking lol Seriously, it was an honor to get his permission to move forward with this project Inspired by his work. He even took time out of his busy schedule to be hands on, he attended every table read.

The story is about women going through a break up. What advice would you give women in that same situation? 

To allow yourself to heal. Accept what was, let go of any and ever thing that no longer serves you, so you can fully embrace what could be.

What made you want to tell this story of three women?

It sort of just happed that way..the movie basically wrote itself.

Give us a small sneak peek into your characters. Will women relate to them?

Jada is a successful hairstylist,  Robbi is a top clothing designer/ stylist, and Bria is highly sought after Makeup artist. These three besties are at the top of their game in Atlanta, they’re the epitome of Black excellence. They’re just dealing with extreme relationship problems. I definitely think all women can relate.

Tell us about some of your leads?

I can’t give too much away but I’m excited about the possibilities. 

Do you believe women can be F-girls?

Yes!!! LoL ….the question is how long? This comes up in the movie and it’s fun to see how well or not women can be at not giving a F.

What do you want women to take away from this story?

There are so many lessons within the film…I want each person to take what they get from it. This story will speak differently to each viewer based on their own personal life journey.

I have been told that some men are good men but can still have fuck boy actions. They just have to grow. Do you believe this is true?   

I think we ALL are capable of having those tendencies when we want to be “Petty,” growth and maturity is key.

When can we look forward to seeing your story for ourselves?

I cant say at the moment but I’m praying sooner than later.

What other upcoming project should we expect from you?

I am currently in the studio working on new music to release, so that will be fun. And I’m also working on spin off from the movie as well with 2 male characters.

How can actors audition to work with you?

Via Actors access for the film, but in general, tag me in videos,  I like discovering new talent. 

Tell everyone again where they can follow your journey.

@GeorgeLott on and IG and Twitter #GeorgeLott

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