How Comedian Desi Banks Used Social Media To Build His Brand

Desi Banks, Atlanta native is an actor, comedian and digital influencer with 2.8 million followers on Instagram and over 3 million followers total on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter combined. He recently rose to the Top 3 of the ​The Hollywood Reporter’​s Top 10 most popular comedians joining Kevin Hart. Desi recently landed a role in the upcoming Will Packer Production film, ​Little​ starring Regina Hall and Issa Rae and created ​Desi Banks Production​ in which he curates digital content, short films, and creates opportunities for writers and actors. We had the chance to speak with him and take a look inside his world to learn more about him.

1) Tell us how you got started in your field
I started my career on social media back in 2012. I started on the Vine platform where we could come up with some of the most creative funny videos in only 6 seconds. I was able to go viral not only once but multiple times, which helped me in building a following where 100k plus people were able to watch.
I switched over to Instagram in 2015 after my college years and that’s when things got serious for me. 15 second comedy clips took me to different stages. I focused so hard and found my purpose in acting and comedy and it has opened up so many doors for me! The doors that opened for me, allowed me to be able to share my gifts and talents not just on social media but also on television live stages.

2) Talk to us about the initial startup stages with your career
In the beginning stages of my career, I started taking acting classes with with Atlanta coach Dwayne Boyd. Through those classes it taught me the professin of acting outside of social media; from scene study, breaking down scripts, improv, to how to navigate in-person auditions.
The biggest thing acting taught me was to find who I was an actor.
I also started stand up comedy, and in the beginning the stages were a little tough LOL! As far as stand up the more you stay on stage, the better you get. It took me time and I’m still learning to this day what jokes work and what jokes don’t work, the process is different from social media because with stand up its only one chance live and that’s it lol. I had to learn to be confident and know the gifts and talents I have are good enough as long I believe they are.

3) What is the most rewarding part for you about what you do?
The most rewarding thing about what I do is seeing how happy people are when I share my gifts and talents with them. To be able to inspire others to tap into their purpose makes it so rewarding!

Desi Banks

4) What has been the biggest lesson about overcoming obstacles and failure that you have learned throughout your business journey?The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that every time you fail its not a failure it’s a learning step. What don’t kill you make you stronger.

5) Tell us about upcoming projects you are working on

The Purpose comedy tour featuring Desi Banks Banks + Friends. I am also starting the audition process for the Desi Banks Web series coming very soon! I’m auditioning, touing and launching a series of merchandise.

6) Leave us with some words of advice you can offer to aspiring and current entrepreneurs/entertainers
Find God, find your purpose and you will be happy and free!

7) What are 3 fun facts most people don’t know about you
I don’t hold back, what you see is what you get. I am very calm at times, not always joking LOL. I love GOD!

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