Black Superhero Dangerman Visits Detroit, Toledo and Chicago With “Books Not Bullets” School Tour!

America’s Black Superhero, the Real Life Urban Superhero,DangerMan, is known for his many heroic feats, and inspiring and motivating kids is one of them. Beginning May 5, 2019 through to May 10, DangerMan will be embarking on his “Books Not Bullets” national school tour, visiting schools in Detroit, Toledo and Chicago! Delivering a message of hope and
aspirations for success, the “Books Not Bullets” tour will serve to
empower children to choose books, reading and life, over guns, bullets and violence! The tour is generously sponsored by U.S. Bank.  DangerMan was created by actor, producer, recording artist, mentor and philanthropist 
Roger I. Tinsley, the founder of the DangerMan Urban Superhero brand and CEO/President of the DangerMan Education Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The action hero recently celebrated a 20-year anniversary and has steadily evolved into the fastest growing superhero brand in the world, giving back with many philanthropic activities, all
centered around helping to make the world a better place. “While most Superheroes are fighting monsters from other planets, DangerMan is fighting the villains right here in our community, who victimize and prey on
the children and seniors in our cities daily,” cites Tinsley.  “DangerMan
encourages children to live their best life through education and by living a healthy lifestyle, staying in school, working hard, dreaming bigger and never giving up! DangerMan is excited to spread his message nationally
and is particularly looking forward to visiting Detroit, his hometown.” 

Tinsley first introduced DangerMan to America in 1998 after being emotionally impacted by the death of a four-year-old. The young toddler was riding in the car with her parents to a birthday party in her new blue dress, when a stray bullet from a gang member gun crashed through back window.  Tinsley felt compelled to create a real-life super hero who could
serve as a role model for school age children in underserved communities while addressing issues that specifically affected them. Using his own money and resources he created DangerMan, the Urban Superhero. The “Books Not Bullets” tour includes the following stops: 
Detroit, MIMay 6 / Girl Scout Troop Southfield Library             
Greenfield Union Elementary & Middle School  

May 7 / Focus Hope – Center for Children
             Jefferson Elementary School
             Detroit Innovation Academy

Toledo, Ohio

May 8 / Martin Luther King Jr. Academy for Boys  

Chicago, Il

May 10 / St. Sabina Academy

DangerMan can be hired for speaking opportunities Also DangerMan’s new single, “I’m DangerMan, the Black Superhero Man” can be live streamed  on every
music platform. 

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