5 Things Entrepreneurs Have To Stop Being Afraid Of

Written By Aysha Chaudhry

We all know so many people who don’t enjoy working their 9 to 5. We know so many people who say that one day they want to work for themselves and have their own business. But then why isn’t it that we see more people actually walking the walk and being self-employed?

The answer? They’re fearful. Fearful of what, you may ask? 

There are quite a few reasons people are afraid to take the leap from corporate to entrepreneurship. Here are some of the biggest reasons below:

1)They’re afraid of taking a risk.

Corporate life is seen as being more secure because more is guaranteed. You have a set salary, health benefits, etc. and not all of those things are set in stone with owning your own business. The average person likes things to be dictated to them rather than having to figure out how to make all those things work for themselves.

2 )They’re afraid they’re not smart (or knowledgeable) enough.

​What if I make a mistake with recording my income and expenses? How do I take care of self-employment tasks? Who would be the best partners or employees for my business? Again, having to figure things out is an essential part of entrepreneurship. The best way to succeed is to know a little bit about everything, but most people are used to being specialized in one skill, because that’s what corporate life teaches us we should do. 

3 )They’re afraid to change their lifestyle.

We perceive big changes as intimidating, when many changes can be very good for us. You won’t know unless you do something different.

 4 )They’re afraid of selling.

Running a business means constant promotion and constantly making connections. You need to be able to say why your product or service is worth spending money on and why it’s better than other competitors. The sales aspect turns a lot of people off, because they’re afraid of coming off as pushy or aggressive.

5)They’re afraid of letting others down.

This is especially true if you have a family that’s dependent on you. Many people wishing to have their own business are afraid of not being able to provide for their spouse, children, or anyone else that may depend on their income and benefits. 

Regardless of the reason you may be afraid, while some may have merit in certain situations, many of these fears are exaggerated or just downright wrong. For many people, becoming an entrepreneur is the best decision they ever made.

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