Actor Darrick Watkins Joins The Cast Of Boomerang- Executive Produced by Halle Berry and Lena Waithe

Interviewed by Tianna Sheree

VEU: How did you start your journey in acting?

Okay so when I first had the idea of becoming an actor I was younger, I believe in middle school. I actually talked my self out of doing it because I felt that it was an unreachable goal. I was like “nobody is going to be the next Denzel ” so I let it go. After I experienced more of life, I had a new perspective of it. I told my self that I could do anything that I wanted to do. So a little over a year ago I told myself that I’m going to go into acting. It was a crash course of learning what’s what, where to study, getting signed, etc. After creating, working on my craft, working on different projects, and just learning from other good actors I’ve built a pretty solid foundation to start off my career. Within my first year of acting I found myself signed, on TV shows, commercials, and other films. It’s a great feeling to achieve or progress at something you love and all I can say is that I’m blessed and cant wait to see what happens next in my career.

VEU: What character will you be playing in this new edition of the classic Boomerang on BET?

In the new show Boomerang I will be playing the role of Devonte Jenkins. He is pretty much the guy your mom warned you about.

VEU: Do you relate to your character?

Devonte is a character that I am becoming very familiar with. In real life I’m not a Devonte, but in the acting world a lot of my roles have been a version of him. Devonte is what you call a “F Boy” far from who I am, but always fun to play.

VEU: What is it like working with Executives Producers Hallie Berry and Lena Waithe

Just to be on a project with both of those names attached is amazing. I’m such a fan of Lena and the shows she creates, so I know the audience is going to love the show. Halle Berry was an original cast member of the film and just having her on it gives it a special feel. Like c’mon its Halle Berry.

VEU: What is your favorite part about the original?

Eddie Murphy was for sure. His character was just so cool to me. I watched the movie a couple of years ago and enjoyed the film and Marcus’s journey from start to finish. After that I went on an Eddie Murphy binge spree on Netflix.

VEU: What actor do you admire?

WILL SMITH. I can talk about Will all day. Everyone that knows me, knows Will is my favorite. The way that he grabs your attention and makes you feel everything he’s going through. I’ve probably cried on way more Will Smith movies than I should have haha. One day I hope I can touch an audience the way Will does. LEGEND.

VEU: It is often said that creating is healing. How does being an actor heal your spirit?

Acting and creating gives me freedom. Freedom to express my thoughts or feelings anyway I want and when you can take that freedom and turn it into something powerful. No better feeling.

VEU: What encouraging words do you have for inspiring actors?

Just do it. Every actor that I spoke to when trying to find my way all said the same thing, just do it. You are only capable of what you see in your mind. Dont limit yourself. “You dont need validation to say that you are an actor, live as one and that you will be”, words from my friend Sam Adegoke. His words helped a lot and I hope it will help the next person. Who knows you might be the next person answering questions about your acting and giving advice to other aspiring actors. Always Believe.

VEU: What else can we look forward for you?

The new show on BET starts in February, keep an eye out for Devonte. I also have some pretty big projects of my own coming 2019. Directing Debut, a feature film and more. Dont want to speak to much on everything just yet but 2019 will be big.

VEU: Where can we learn more about you ?

You can find me on Instagram and all other social media @DarrickWatkinsJr

VEU: Anything else you would like the world to know?

I am currently making my parents proud.

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