7.5 Million in Cash Found, What Would You Do?

Dan Dotson wasn’t prepared for what he was about to hear from a woman at a charity event. The A&E reality show “Storage Wars” star was standing at an event in Indio on Nov. 1 when a woman approached him. The story she was about to tell him would shock anyone.
She told him about her friend who recently bought a storage unit from him the month before in Southern California. Inside that unit was $7.5 million in cash. “It was an amazing story,” Dotson told The Desert Sun as he recalled the exchange. “She said, ‘I just gotta tell you this story, my husband works for a guy that bought a unit from you and there was a safe in there.’”
Once the original owners of the storage unit found out that their storage was sold,  Dotson said they had their attorney contact the new owner to negotiate a deal to reclaim the money. The attorney originally offered the new unit owner $600,000 of the $7.5 million, but they eventually agreed to keep $1.2 million and return the rest. Due to privacy concerns, Dotson declined to share the woman’s name, the city the unit was sold in or the name of the new owner of the unit. The auction was also not recorded for the A&E series Storage Wars show.
Tell us, what would you have done? 

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