Understanding Financial Literacy with Jean Paul

“I am a man of numbers & a man that stands up for human rights” —Jean Paul

Financial literacy is having the skills and knowledge needed to make educated and informed decisions based on ones income and assets. It has become popular in the developed world over the last fifteen years within countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.  Financial literacy is essential to both businesses and individuals alike in order to obtain monetary security and additionally have the means to achieve both long and short term goals.

Many educational programs in which financial literacy is taught can be found throughout the developed world and some are offered by the governments of these countries.  I personally recommend taking these courses and remaining financially informed in order to make the correct financial decisions for your future. Furthermore, I would conclude by saying when one is financially literate you can bridge the gap between middle class and upper class.

By educating yourself piece by piece on the importance of finacial literacy , and how to manage your own money  you are creating a limitless life of opportunity & service

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