Stella McCartney Is Back At It and Right Back to Her Roots

Written by Samantha Skinner

Presenting her first runway show of the year after having complete control of her design house, she is back being who she is and what she is known for. This is all very good for the fashion world, or those that don’t mind going fur-free.

After buying out 50 percent of the stake that was once held by the luxury giant, Kering, she is now the only owner of her design house and label and is ready to make a change in the world of fashion, runway by runway.

Going back to her roots and sparking her independence as a designer, she has been showing off those moves that were once being held back. She can now freely let everyone know how she feels and one of the biggest issues on the table currently is the use of animal hides and furs in fashion.

She feels like they are so close and so many designers have banned with her on this. However, not everyone has taken the full leap and this is where she is going to come in and hopefully change their minds and make them move forward.

As the runway was bold, fresh and washed away those colors that might have been dragging everyone else down, she was able to make a change in the way that she strutted those models down.

Being able to be a designer is something that empowers her. Now that she has complete control over everything that is done in the powerhouse of the company. Being able to make decisions, but also getting other designers to go along with her can prove to be one of the best moves she has done.

Everyone is interested to see where this designer house is going to go. Off or on label, the activists for animal rights are happy to have her onboard.

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