Relationships Don’t Take Depression/Anxiety Away – Part 3

Written by Dominique Bancey

This may be the last part in the series. As I said in part 1, this hits hard, so I have a whole lot to say on this topic, not just from personal experiences but from multiple observations.

Let me just say this… People are not charity cases.

Too many times I notice individuals who are oh so happy to be in relationships or be friends with persons who have some form of mental illness because they want to ‘save’ them. It’s not fair to the individual for you to see them as someone you can save. You’re going to go to them with these fake promises to give them all this love and affection when in truth and in fact, you just want to try and fix them.

Then, when you realize you actually can’t fix them, you just leave.

That, breaks their heart, but you won’t care about that because all you cared about was trying to fix them as though they were some form of patient and you’re the mad scientist running all the tests. Having a mental illness isn’t something to play around with. People are already going through enough by just having one, they don’t need an individual coming around only to make them feel worse about themselves.

Some persons even have the nerve to blame these individuals for being ‘unfixable’. They’ll leave and blame them. How do you think this is going to affect how they think about themselves now?

If you genuinely want to help them, then do so, but don’t rush them. You can’t say you care and you’re willing to help, yet when things are getting bad for them again, you want to get frustrated and blame them for it.

Don’t blame them for something they can’t control. Stop seeing them as charity cases.

Until next time.

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