Breast Cancer Awareness: In Light of October, a New Vaccine is Being Tested

  • Written by Samantha Skinner

A new vaccine is currently in the works and being tested on those that sign up for the task at hand. Hoping that the vaccine targets an aggressive form of breast cancer, it is a cure that so many are hoping and waiting for.

Receiving a grant of $11 million, they are now starting the process and the acceptance of something that might change the fate of so many that are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Those that are going to be able to get this vaccine are patients with the HER2-positive breast cancer because the vaccine hits these specific spots.

There was previously not a way to cut back on these cancer-causing cells, but this new vaccine is not only bringing hope to those patients with this cancer-type, but those patients that are worried about the future of breast cancer.

If this vaccine works, it is going to be one of the biggest breakthroughs that cancer has ever seen and one that is going to bring happiness to a lot of people, especially those that have been developing the vaccine.

The best part is that when the patient is cancer-free, the vaccine is going to work to block the cancer cells from coming back again. The vaccine should work by stimulating the immune systems T-cells so that it can create a strong response overall to the vaccine that is going to be given.

Those that are going to be getting this vaccine are going to be going through a trail run where they test out the effectiveness of the vaccine, but also the long-term symptoms or side effects that might come with it.

As for right now, the world waits, hoping that they found a vaccine that can work to fight cancer causing cells. If this works, then many are hoping it works for other types of cancers.

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